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Hi everyone this is debra. this video is in response to a lot of. comments i’m getting especially from. uh. some. guys. who think i hate men no. you all have. pegged me wrong i adore men i love men. uh. yeah. and. i gave 42 years of my life to one man. okay. i haven’t been around the block people. uh uh. and why do some of you think that you. have sex on the second or third date. i don’t have sex until i’m in love with. somebody okay. so i’m not the girl that you think i am. i have to have really really strong. feelings. with a guy. before i commit my body and my heart to. so you all have got some of you got it. wrong about me. so uh. let’s just get that out there right. uh no i haven’t been around the block. how many of you all have given 42 years. to one person very very rare okay. so how can you say i’ve been around the.

Block. i’ve only been in love with two guys. after my marriage and um. that didn’t work out because of. substance abuse not because i’m a user. by no means i’m not. so. yeah so get that out of your head i love. men i’ve always adored men. and i will continue i am not a manhater. not by any means it’s just that. some of the dates i’ve been on is very. funny. and i like to put it out there letting. the girls my age yes we’re old. yes we have wrinkles and guess what one. day. you all will be old if you’re lucky. enough to live as long as i have. uh yeah so i put it out there to the to. the older ladies letting them know it’s. not easy. and i. am not a chronic dater i think i only i. only go out on a date i think i went on. one date last year and one day the year. before and one date recently. and uh. the reason why i don’t want to see him.

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Anymore he asked me if i could cook on. the first date big red flag. yeah so i have learned when you get a. red flag on the first date you don’t. give them a second okay. and um. to me it’s up to the guy if they want to. take me out to dinner or just to. starbucks i don’t care but i only go out. on a date like once or twice a year now. i may go out on two dates in the next. two weeks but guess what people that’s. my business. i just think it is very informative to a. lot of the people out there who are on. those dating sites. just like life is a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re going to get. so yeah. people. i know i don’t have the body that i had. when i was 16 but let me tell you what. it still looks damn good. it does it still looks damn good. so. and yes my boobs are real. i have not had any. major cosmetic surgeries this is the.

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