Scorpio And Dating

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Hey y’all welcome back to my channel for. another video if you’re brand new here I. am Brooke I’m so happy that you found. this video first of all before I jump. into this I just want to say thank you. guys for 2000 subscribers I am so. eternally grateful and I appreciate. every single one of you that comment. like subscribe share my videos put them. on your Instagram stories y’all don’t. know how much that means to me it. literally brings me to tears that. anybody even gives a crap about what I’m. talking about on the Internet so thank. you guys so much I literally thought. that I wasn’t going to hit 2,000. probably until the end of December and. it’s not even the end of September so. thank you guys so much I am kind of. losing my voice but for this video I’m. going to be doing five things that you. should know about dating a Scorpio if.

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You are dating a Scorpio and you just. don’t know don’t know that much about. them you want to date a Scorpio you are. just kind of interested in a Scorpio and. you want to know the things to look out. for or you know the pros of dating one. this is for you like I’ve said this in. my other videos before this particular. series is all about the Sun signs so. Scorpio Sun sign that’s probably what. most of you guys if you’re not familiar. with with astrology or moon signs or. ascendant arriving signs your Sun Sign. is the one that you know the most about. like if you know you’re a Scorpio it’s. that’s your Sun Sign I’m not trying to. generalize signs in these videos at all. you never know truly anything about a. person’s actual astrological chart until. you see all of their signs and all their. planets and houses and everything this.

Is just for Scorpio Suns it’s just five. things that I’ve noticed about them as. people and I want to share that. knowledge with you in this video I’m. going to begin five things that you. should know about dating a Scorpio Sun. so the first thing you should know about. dating a Scorpio Sun is they are super. freakin. nosey they want to know everything they. always want an answer to everything even. if you don’t have an answer. they don’t care they’ll keep asking. questions like out loud even if no one. is around them to have the knowledge to. inform them of what they want to know. they literally just want to know the. answer to everything. they like knowing everything about a. situation even if it doesn’t have. anything to do with them they are born. strategists they always have like a. hidden agenda and I don’t mean that in a.

Bad way but like they like to know the. details of everything if they’re. planning something out they are going to. be meticulous about it they don’t want. any surprises they want everything to go. as planned. Scorpio Suns are very much knowit-alls. in my opinion they love to have all the. information they love to be the person. to speak up when someone else asks a. question they just love being like that. goto for information and knowledge they. like being a source of whatever whether. it be like comfort or a place to go to. someone to keep your secrets or someone. just ask questions instead of looking it. up on Wikipedia that’s then they love. being your goto person when it comes to. pretty much anything that you want to. learn about number two Scorpio Suns are. very very suspicious of other people. which is ironic because they are the.

Most secretive signs this goes. handin-hand with them being nosy as. hell. they absolutely despise not being in the. know and if they think that you are up. to something behind their back they. think you’re cheating on them they think. you’re talking to other men or women. behind their back they will snoop. they might look through your phone they. might look through your Instagram. messages they might look through your. personal belongings they might talk to. your friends they might follow you they. might just you do whatever they can to. get the inside scoop about whatever it. is that you’re doing. and they are just very paranoid in that. aspect they always kind of think that. someone’s out to do them a little bit. dirty. as do all of the water signs honestly. they’re also really good at if they. don’t if they’re not the type of person.

To go through your stuff and violate. your privacy like that which is great. they will hint at the topic and get you. to tell them to their face they would. much rather someone verbally admit what. they’ve been doing behind their back. then violate their privacy and go. through their things they would much. rather be the one that’s like like hints. at it until the boyfriend and girlfriend. admits to what they’ve done and then the. Scorpio can stand there and just be like. I trusted you really like I gave you my. everything look at what you did you lost. a beautiful angel baby flower cupcake. like you should be ashamed they can. smell a lie or a sketchy situation from. miles away. so if you’re gonna be with a Scorpio you. cannot beat the lying cheating scheming. type they don’t do it they don’t mess. with it they’re not interested they’re.

Not gonna have it only they are allowed. to be secretive only they are allowed to. be extra private they’re really. possessive over their significant others. and their friends honestly they get. super jealous really really easily and. they don’t really like to share what. they have so they don’t really like to. share their friends they don’t want. their friends going off and hanging out. without them and they don’t like to. share the significant other with other. people who might be trying to infiltrate. the relationship which like I can’t. blame them on that but they will go to. extraordinary measures to find out if. their significant other is being a sneak. nasty doodoo bum hole scum scrub there’s. a lot of words number three Scorpio Suns. will go above and beyond for the people. that they love their biggest issue.

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Though is not fully understanding that. not everyone has the same love language. they. don’t halfass anything it is all or. nothing or they want nothing just do it. think I said they have issues. understanding that not everybody loves. the way that they love so don’t be. surprised if a Scorpio throws you a. massive birthday party and then in. return for their birthday you don’t make. a huge grand gesture and they end up mad. and hurt and upset and they think that. maybe you don’t care about them as much. as they care about you they very very. very very very much are the type of. person who is like I do so much for. everyone else and then I just get left. behind I just get kicked aside my heart. is way too big no one can handle me no. one I’m too much for people I’m not. enough for people don’t want to Scorpios. Twitter timeline I guarantee there’s.

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Gonna be like one or two of those tweets. I guarantee it number four Scorpio Suns. are really giving and loyal people so. whether that your friend or their. girlfriend their your girlfriend or they. are your boyfriend. they are extremely loyal and kind people. at heart I’m not gonna sit here and try. and tell you guys that Scorpios will. never cheat on you and stuff like that. any sign is capable of anything at any. time but a Scorpio remembers the. kindnesses that others have shown them. and they try their best to pay people. back in that aspect if you are doing. everything in your power to make your. Scorpio happy it’s not going to go. unnoticed they crave the same kind of. loyalty and love and devotion in a. partner that they are so willing to give. themselves and it is really rare that a. Scorpio will settle in any kind of.

Romantic partnership because they know. how much they’re willing to give and. they fully believe that another person. out there is capable of returning that. love to them another thing their temper. just like won’t allow them to stay in. situations where they’re not fully. satisfied and fulfilled a Scorpio is. only gonna stick around but for so long. in an unsatisfying relationship or. situation until they call it quits and. they just move on and find someone who. worships the ground that they walk on. because that is like their ideal number. five if you want to attract the scorpio. you should be really well grounded and. wellversed in whatever it is that. you’re super passionate about because. that really really turns a scorpio on. and makes them extremely interested in. you and very very attracted to you as a.

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Person they love being around people who. are devoted to their art or their. writing or their music or whatever it’s. like they enjoy kind of going up against. your hobby like vying for your attention. with your hobby they like like that kind. of passionate competition they can see. that if you are giving up time to spend. on something that you’re super. passionate about to be with them to them. that is a sign that you truly do care. about them and you want to spend time. with them if you’re chasing a Scorpio. the best gift that you can give them is. the gift of your undivided time and. attention share your secrets with them. make them feel special in ways that they. know you’ve never made other people feel. special and I guarantee you they’re. gonna go back to their friends and. they’re gonna brag about it so if you’re.

Gonna be with a Scorpio you need to. learn to let if you have a temper you. need to learn to let your temper take. the back seat because Scorpios have. enough temper and their bodies for the. both of you. David if a Scorpio you’re interested in. is not the yelling screaming like. swinging footstomping Scorpio I promise. you they have enough hotheaded tension. and anger in them during an argument to. literally self combust so you need to. just understand that the way that they. argue and the way that you argue are. probably never going to be on the same. page or one in the same and you’re gonna. have to compromise and that aspect if. you want to get over hurdles and get. past obstacles that will arise in your. relationship also side note. Scorpio Suns are really sensual. individuals who know their way around. the bedroom if you know what I mean so.

If you are not willing to keep up with. that maybe it’s not the best match you. know maybe maybe not so much just a. thought just keep that in mind. all right you guys that is all for this. video five things that you should know. about dating a Scorpio I hope that you. enjoyed it and you learned something. from it if you’re a Scorpio down below. Scorpio Sun Moon or ascendant please. comment and let me know I love reading. your comments. I love reading your opinions I love when. what I say clicks with one of you and. you think that you’ve been dragged to. filth I love hearing from you guys don’t. forget to give this video a thumbs up. down below subscribe to the channel I am. posting currently every Thursday. consistently and I’m kind of messing. around with like Sundays and Tuesdays. not sure what’s going on with that yet.

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