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Did y’all did ya got dude everyone knows. that dating is hard but could you. imagine a place where dating is harder. than everywhere else. Oh God is sweeter oh yeah sweets have. always been known for doing things in. their own special way and them dating is. no exception you would imagine that in a. country with hunks like Alexander. Skarsgard and goddesses like Elsa hosk. dating will be super easy but boy were. you wrong so we’ve had a few people ask. us how they actually get a Swedish women. the thing is the Swedish woman is kind. of very complex we thought we would show. you a few scenarios you can expect to. happen when gaming and pursuing the. Swedish woman you won’t let you go ahead. Amy don’t approach a girl on the street. she will most likely freak out in Sweden. or all of Scandinavia there is a thing. called the Scandinavian reserve which.

Means we are very introvert and tend not. to let like to talk to people we do not. know the easiest way is to meet the girl. at a nightclub or at a mutual friend’s. party where the pressures oh yeah like. he gave me his number and I am I found. me babe what okay um like it was it was. really nice though I teach a community. so what what the what the [ __ ]. that’s floated with you while at the. nightclub you can’t just walk up through. there either so here if you think you. could do suddenly let her know that her. fashion sense is very on point wait up. topical and popular news headings women. is Sweden are very intelligent and they. love to let you know if you’re on the. dance floor don’t go around wooing or. with crazy dance moves Swedish women. prefer stale and non aggressive moves. make sure the fist goes up and not.

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Towards her so never ask a girl out for. dinner and your safest bag will probably. be to go to the cinema or maybe go for. Sica taking a girl out for dinner can. usually be associated with stereotypical. gender roles and Swedish women are. completely against equality equality. it’s very important that you get along. with the girls friends these are the. friends you will hang out with a fika. and kresteva at midsummer christmas. Melodifestivalen Kamiel boola dog an. international book day the seventh day. authors Day Father’s Day Halloween New. Year waffle day International Women’s. Day pancake day Maine bald a pizza day. trivia day the gist of it is basically. get along with her friends or you’re out. never call a Swedish woman always text. Swedish women like feeling in control if. you call them they feel like there’s.

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Very big risk that they might lose. control the conversation if you text her. then she has to control to decide when. to reply what to reply and how to reply. so just don’t call her don’t go good. doctor in the land of tall Vikings and. same competition you need to look your. best in order to get a Swedish girl you. need to be wellgroomed tall slim or. muscular have a man bond and just you. know have the confidence that radiates. from your beautiful body. keep in mind salsa is one of the fashion. capitals of the world. so people will expect you to look on. point. always. if you do manage to get her out for. dinner. or just go to beat gap never pay for her. this can be considered highly offensive. since Sweden is a very equality forward. country where women like to feel equal. to men if you pay for her that can make.

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Her feel just like you were being. patronizing to her so make sure you do. not pay split the bill or even let her. split the bill will slip the. relationship if you make it through all. of these steps and even get to the point. where you’re having a longterm. relationship everything is going great. and you’re about to pop the question if. she says yes don’t expect it to be a. marriage straight away or even in the. nearby future in Sweden it’s very common. to stay engaged for several years. some people even end up dying unmarried. because it Sweden there’s the thing. called Samba which means you are. partners living together and most people. say that way yeah for a long long time. it’s the Swedish spring so if you do not. feel threatened by this and actually. enjoy a bit of a challenge then by all. means come to Sweden.

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