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So maybe you’ve visited sarasota in the. wintertime and you thought it was. gorgeous and wonderful but you’re. wondering how could someone live there. in the summer when you know it’s. brutally hot well this video is for you. hey everyone mariah italia farrow with. premier sotheby’s check out all of our. other videos because we’re doing videos. every week about what it’s like to live. here this video is about summertime in. sarasota it is brutally hot here there. is no denying that it gets up to 95. degrees with the humidity it sometimes. feels like it’s 150 that’s kind of. sarcasm but it’s really hot. but we love it anyway because there’s so. many activities to do even in the. summertime so let’s kind of run through. those so the prime times to really be. outside would be anytime before 9 a.m or. after 6 p.m that time in between is.

Going to be a little tough so don’t. expect to do any yard work you can run. errands as long as you have your air. conditioning on full blast um you know. doing anything outside can be a little. bit challenging unless you’re doing. activities that are close to the water. on the water or something a little bit. more active so favorite activities that. a lot of my friends and i enjoy would be. boating so anytime you’re out on the. water it’s 75 degrees in the water it. feels so fresh and perfect so boating is. a great activity to do or any type of. water sport. the beautiful delicious breeze that. comes off the bay is just amazing so. when you find yourself downtown or on. any of the barrier islands it actually. feels a lot cooler than if you’re away. from the water like out east so going. back to those water activities those.

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Really would be like kayaking. foiling being on the water on a boat or. on a jet ski. snorkeling scuba diving a lot of other. you know things that you can do on the. water but people also love to go to the. beach and there’s good reason for that. you get a lot of great sun with that sea. breeze it feels really nice and the. beaches are really popular in the summer. i personally like to really stay inside. and i love to go to the museums because. they’re air conditioned they’re. beautiful and it’s a great activity to. do so we have many different museums. between the ringling museum the sarasota. modern museum and others so that’s a. great activity to do or even go to selby. gardens because it’s quite shaded and. you again get that great breeze. we also have a theater downtown that has. seven dollar movie tickets so those are.

Matinee performances too. a lot of other people like to do sunset. picnics on the bay front park celery. fields out east or any of the other. parks on the water. another activity that a lot of people. like to do are bar crawls. some of the top bars that people like to. go to would be brewsters o’leary’s cask. and ale eevees tavern just to name a. couple and you can really end at. o’leary’s which is the best spot to. watch the sunset another activity would. be going to watch the sunset on the. rooftops either at art ovation sage. downtown or the western sarasota. so summertime can be peak time for the. sun but it’s not necessarily the case. for the tourists which is really nice so. traffic is low getting into restaurants. is really easy the beach isn’t super. crowded so a lot of the locals really. love sarasota in the summertime because.

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