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Okay if you know what you’re looking for. you know what you’re looking for. let us help you find it hey welcome to. online for love your number one resource. for dating by the numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top five sites for hookups. before we jump into this video though. you should go check out our free online. dating app quiz. this quiz will pair you with your. perfect online dating app it’s free and. it’s really fun. the link to get there is in the. description of this video and i’m really. curious to know. if your results are actually going to be. listed in this video so go take the quiz. and come on back here and comment below. what you got while you’re at it make. sure to check out our deals page because. we here online for love we’re always. getting all sorts of different deals for. different dating apps and dating sites.

So why spend more money if you don’t. have to. click the link in the description to. save money so let’s get started with. number one on our list which is ashley. madison let’s go ahead and dive into its. demographics first. the most amount of users on ashley. madison come from the united states at. 60.41 percent the next most popular. country for this. site is brazil with 11.43 of users. coming from there. then canada at 10.59 then the uk. with 2.28 and then australia with 2.20. as far as the social networks facebook. users lead the way with 32.43. then youtube with 25.17 then read it. with 14.56. when it comes to the age distribution. and age range on this site. a majority of the users both male and. female fall between the ages of 25 to 44. although there is a significant amount. of people on the side especially men who.

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Are 55 and up so who is this site for. well initially ashley madison was used. as a as a cheating site to be frank. but it has evolved from that many people. like ashley madison for its secrecy and. its discretion. so you can block or blur rather your. profile photos on the app. privacy is of top concern and a lot of. people use the app for casual encounters. for different types of relationships. that they might not be. open to sharing with others maybe they. are looking for a sugar baby sugar daddy. type of relationship or. maybe there are couples looking to meet. up with other couples but they don’t. want. their information to be seen on public. dating sites that’s why they choose. ashley madison. so one of the avenues on there is um. just hookups i mean this is a. site devoted to casual relationships so. finding a hookup on the site might be a.

Great place to go. the layout of this site is really well. done as well it looks classier than. maybe a subject matter so as far as ease. of use. one of the reasons that ashley madison. is among the top 10 hookup apps. is because of its user friendly and. intuitive interface people don’t like. being confused with an overly wordy or. complicated. layout when it comes to dating sites or. apps so ashley madison definitely make. sure to avoid this. it’s very simple and quick to make a. profile because you do not have to write. tons of information. and your identity is or can be very much. hidden by blurring your pictures but. it is still recommended to go ahead and. write a solid amount of info on your. profiles. because sometimes it is so discreet on. the site that it can be hard to. know who you’re matching with because.

You have no idea who they are so we. definitely. would recommend writing a full profile. overall ashley madison offers a. wellrounded. arsenal of features and it’s very. successful for finding hookups to be. plain about it so. it’s number one on the list if you’re. enjoying this video so far please make. sure to give it a big thumbs up. and subscribe so it really helps our. channel when you actually. give a thumbs up on the video because it. shows youtube that people are enjoying. our content. so youtube pushes our content out for. more people to see so we’d really. appreciate your thumbs up and your. subscriptions but now let’s dive into. the second. site on this list which is victoria. milan hookup site let’s dive into this. site’s demographics first. so denmark is the country with the. greatest number of visitors and it takes.

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First place with 24.12 percent of users. the second one is brazil with 9.81. of the users followed by the us with. 9.29. then spain with 5.91 percent and finally. the netherlands with 5.82 percent after. the age range it tends to skew on the. younger side for this site although. there are a lot of couples looking to. spice up their marriage. who are 35 and up so victoria milan. there’s no other way to put it it is. specifically a cheating site. and you can really tell the difference. between a site like victoria milan. and ashley madison whereas ashley. madison has sort of moved away from its. infamous past. and it’s becoming more open to different. types of relationships like polyamory. open marriage and other things that. don’t hurt people. whereas victoria milan is very much a. cheating infidelity site. and it’s got some reprehensible content.

On there to be sure. so even though you could find a hookup. on there if you’re already dating. somebody else. there are many other sites to use for. hookups although this is a major one. although morally again i cannot. recommend it but we can talk about it. because it is popular. this site continually tries to justify. cheating and hurting people’s. significant others ruining families and. there are other ways to go about casual. relationships and i would recommend that. if you are in a marriage. and you want to have flings with other. people talk to your person about that. maybe they’ll want to open up their. relationship or maybe you can. save a lot of hurt by doing it with. without doing it behind their back. so this site does have an easy. straightforward registration process. it is pretty sleek in its um design.

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Layout and its user interface. however who cares this is not a good. site to use. but again if you were gonna look at one. of these sites to use for. casual dating or hookups or something um. you can just see again just such a big. difference between ashley madison and. this side so i can’t really recommend it. but number three on their list is be. naughty. let’s get into the demographics of this. set the majority of the users on this. side are aged 25 to 34. but there are also many visitors who are. aged 35 to 44 as well as for the. breakdown of divisions by countries the. us leads the way with 30.59 percent of. users coming from there. followed by canada with 12.07 percent of. the users. third place belongs to japan with 7.53. percent of the users. then russia with 4.6 then poland with. 3.91. observing from the perspective of social.

Networks youtube’s contribution is 40.9. percent. facebook is second with 24.39 followed. by twitter with 13. so as far as who this site is for it’s. very straightforward just look at the. name it’s for people who are looking for. very casual um relationships um hookups. um either in person. or through the internet so if you’re. looking for something like that this is. a great place to check out a lot of. people like to go to a site like this so. that they can really. be themselves and express themselves. sexually maybe in a way that they are. not able to in real life or maybe with. people they just haven’t met yet and. would like to meet someone who clicks. with them on that level. as far as the ease of use be naughty is. very simple to understand it’s got a. very userfriendly interface. registration can be completed in just a.

Couple of minutes although the downside. is that because of that many people skip. this step that means that when you’re. looking through people’s profiles they. might not be very informative and it. could be hard to find a solid match. because of that the great thing is that. the site utilizes. profile verification to really help. crack down on the number of. fake users or bots you can go ahead and. set your criteria and preferences. on the site to find exactly what you’re. looking for before we move on to number. four i do have to mention again that we. do have an awesome deals page. which can save you lots of money for all. different apps and dating sites actually. many of the sites i’m mentioning. in this video we actually have discounts. for you for on our deals page. so definitely make sure to click the. link in the description to check out our.

Online for loves deals page where you. can save. lots of money so number four on this. list is flinkster so let’s dive into its. demographics just like the majority of. hookup platforms this one also gathers. people from the age ranges of 25 to 34. but even those above that age can be. found there are more male members to. female members on the site as far as the. countries the us leads the way with. 24.65 percent of users coming from there. then germany at 7.49. then the uk at 6.63 percent india is. fourth with six point forty percent. and russia takes fifth place with four. point twenty seven percent so who is. this for well obviously this is a very. very casual. dating type of site for people who are. looking for flings they have many. different options to communicate. via text via voice or via webcam what’s. really interesting about the site is you.

Actually have the option to use an ai. mask when chatting with somebody so you. can really keep your secrecy and. discretion as high as possible the site. does have this type of atmosphere with. discretion being very important so. people do feel more comfortable to. let loose a little bit as far as the. ease of use this is a very simple. website to navigate and to sign up for. however on the downside because the. registration is so. simple that means a lot of the profiles. are simple as well to the point where. there’s a lot of fakes become a member. there’s no strict procedure. there’s no verification and it’s just. too simple for scammers. on the other hand if you are a real. person using this site then you will be. pretty happy with the level of. intuitiveness. everything is more or less. selfexplanatory and easy to grasp.

Overall the website does look cool and. contemporary but there is no denying the. problem with fake profiles they’ve got. some interesting features as well so it. might be worth checking it out i’ll. remind you one more time to like and. subscribe now let’s move on to our last. site so number five is one night friend. now let’s dive into its demographics. most of the people on this side come. from the us at 56.48. of users coming from there japan is the. second most popular place with 12.52. of the users third place belongs to the. republic of korea with six point ninety. three percent. canada takes fourth place with six point. thirty one percent then australia. with five point eighty six percent the. age distribution of this site is a. little bit different than the others. where it’s mostly 55 plus. so who is this site for well keeping in.

Mind the general age of the people on. the site is for older people who are. looking for new flames the design and. overall layout of this site is very. simple which is really helpful for. seniors. as far as ease of use it only takes a. few minutes to create your profile and. you will need to get verified but once. you do you’ll be able to begin using the. site. however as a basic member you won’t be. able to utilize a lot of the features. and the prices are a bit steep for this. site the amount of people on the site is. significantly lower than the other ones. as well but it is an interesting one to. check out overall though we would say. that ashley madison is the best when it. comes to finding hookups. it doesn’t really beat around the bush. of what it’s for it’s for. all sorts of discreet relationships and. casual.

Things and hookups is just part of that. but that just about wraps up this review. so definitely make sure to check out our. free online dating app quiz which will. pair you with your perfect. online dating app that is popping up. above me and the link in the description. as well. also make sure to check out our deals. page so you can save some money on all. different apps including a lot of the. ones i mentioned in this video. that link is popping up above me as well. and in the description. and also some videos of ours are popping. up on either side of me. definitely check some of those out and. what do you think. about these sites that i mentioned have. you used them or do you have different. sites that you think would work better. for hookups. definitely leave your opinions in the. comments below but thank you so much for.

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