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Hi everyone today we are doing something. really special i’m actually here with my. sister say hi it was actually her. birthday recently and every single year. for her birthday she asked me to take. her to eat food. so i figured i might as well just take. you guys along with me to eat all this. amazing food with us and give you guys. some recommendations and show you guys. all my favorite spots as well we’re. actually going to be eating most things. in the car luckily we have my. handydandy car table if you guys don’t. have this and you eat in the car. sometimes we definitely recommend and. yeah without further ado we have a whole. day of eating ahead of us so let’s just. go ahead and go to the first stop ah. yeah. all right so we just stopped by santo. market in japan town san jose and they. sell a lot of different like hawaiian.

Food and they have like local moco and. garlic shrimp which i feel like next. time i come i’m definitely gonna try. that so we went ahead and got a pokeball. and their poke is special because it’s. kind of more like hawaiian style there. are a lot of pokey places in the bay. area but they’re usually like the build. your own bowl kind of places but if. you’ve ever been to hawaii and you’ve. had the poke there you know that they. usually sell it like by the pound or. they just put it over some rice and they. eat it just like that without all the. different kind of toppings so here we. got the half and half it comes with half. spicy and half shoyu and then there’s. like a bed of rice with some furikake on. top i’m gonna try some of the shoyu. first grab it with some rice. wow it’s really really flavorful it goes. so well with the rice the tuna is like.

Buttery smooth it’s so soft this. literally takes me back to eating pokey. in hawaii. very good like well marinated very nice. all right let’s try the spicy flavor. i personally love spicy food so i do. like the kick on this one they do. marinate it in a lot of that spicy mayo. like look how much spicy mayo is on this. one piece not too mayobi actually it. just looks like a lot right it’s quite. spicy yeah yeah that it kind of like. that one balances. okay so just like a block or two down. there’s a place that sells really cute. handmade mochi they’re actually called a. manju shop but most of the things that. they sell are like mochi and we love. mochi and just look at this cute little. box i think this would be such a good. like gift for anyone they of course have. like bigger trays so you can get like. six eight twelve we got four just as a.

Little sampler for today so we went. ahead and got the green tea this one has. azuki bean filling which is basically. red bean. you definitely get like a subtle green. tea flavor the red bean paste is. actually so smooth a lot of time is like. kind of lumpy but this is really smooth. and then we got the kanako which is like. a soybean powder. it’s so soft. wow good amount of filling i don’t know. if i’ve ever had lima bean filling it’s. a little sweet it doesn’t have a super. like pungent flavor or anything and then. this one is the butter mochi. oh whoa. it has this nice like sweetness to it. it’s so soft chewy coconutty wow. it’s really good and then this is called. the chichi dongo and it’s a raspberry. flavor. oh this is really nice it’s like a. raspberry candy pillow. weird description but. i don’t know how to describe it wow so.

Good maybe we should buy something for. mom. she’s gonna watch us eat it and be like. excuse me. okay you guys already know we had to go. to urban ritual to get the feed me ube. drink which is my collaboration drink. with them my sister has been asking me. when i’m gonna take her to get some so. we definitely needed to stop by. of course we have our feed mate boba. straw actually i want to talk about this. because a lot of you guys have been. messaging me that it’s sold out and we. are working on it we don’t have a. definitive date of when it will be back. yet but i will definitely let you guys. know once i hear back from them oh it’s. beautiful. perfect amount of sweetness so good. oh mom’s jealous right now i can feel it. oh my gosh we went to ca bake house and. this place is only open friday saturday. sunday from 12 to four so we felt we.

Needed to make sure that the trip was. worth it it smells so good. right. i just wanna keep these in my car so my. car just smells like it okay you know. they need like an air freshener that’s. an asian bakery smell. so we got portuguese egg carts and we. also got two kaya portuguese egg tarts. which i’ve never had a flavored. portuguese egg try before so i’m really. excited about that we also got a guava. filled mochi cake and then we got a lot. of different kinds of. and we got black sesame ube kaya and. hojicha flavors we basically got one of. each flavor except the durian because we. all know how i reacted to durian last. time. and then we got their croissants they’re. jumbo they’re huge look at this so we. have one ube croissant and one kaya. croissant i’m so excited. look at that cross section. surprisingly. it’s not too sweet.

It sounds like it’d be really sweet but. it’s actually not it’s very like. custardy i wouldn’t say the cara flavor. is like super super strong i feel like. you’re gonna taste a little bit but not. like super distinguishable yeah oh my. goodness oh whoa okay i tried to break. in half but you can see that black. sesame filling inside. definitely get the black sesame yeah. it’s really strong black sesame is one. of those flavors that’s like when it’s. in there you can definitely tell you. know not too sweet usually the asian mom. compliment. for a dessert is like not too sweet. except our mom likes really sweet stuff. so she doesn’t really fall under that oh. my goodness oh look at that filling. boom. so strong. i’ve had a lot of hojicha stuff and a. lot of the time it actually is not. strong enough for me but this is really.

Strong mmhmm again not too sweet i. think i like this one better than the. black sesame actually i also think the. cream in this one is like more like. creamy the other one’s a little bit. rainier grainier yeah very um solid all. right let’s see what this is all about. come watch the magic. i just mean pay attention. the croissant on the inside is purple. too like the actual oh really cool it’s. like not just cream. well it’s like nice and buttery and. flaky i love the crunchy. on the outside like yeah it’s. again not too sweet i might wish there. might be a little more flavor in it it. could be definitely stronger the creamy. like goes well with the croissant yeah. the crispy flaky yeah like texturally. right you’re really good at food. reviewing oh i learned from this no i. think because you watched a lot of food.

Network they have been watching you a. lot we grew up watching food network. together remember as mom would say give. to bird yeah. all right so we just went to one of me. and bird’s favorite pizza places in the. south bay which is a slice of new york. we got a small but this is actually. pretty big i think they’re small as a 14. inch let’s go ahead and open this. oh my gosh we ended up getting a. margarita which is one of me and bird’s. favorite to get just opening the box you. can smell it like it’s so fragrant that. fresh basil the garlic the crushed. tomato. it smells amazing. you got the chunks of garlic the fresh. tomato and the basil i love basil. so good and eating it fresh is like. unbeatable that crust is really really. good. it’s like a thin crust but it still has. a nice like chewiness to it and. crispiness on the bottom the balance.

Between the toppings and the crust works. on point very good. so we just went to moto and we also went. to tahoe and we got them both at the. same time because they’re literally. right across the street from each other. we are gonna eat these moto donuts first. because they’re like fresh and hot also. quick shout out to the kind worker there. she gifted us these donuts we were. totally gonna pay but she insisted so. thank you so much. the flavors that we got are lilikoi. which is passion fruit pandan strawberry. and black sesame oh my gosh you guys. look at that texture oh it’s spidey. look at that oh my gosh ah it’s so. stretchy. oh dude the light crispiness on the. outside. the chewiness on the inside wow i always. go there knowing it’s good but then when. i actually eat it i’m like wow it’s even. better than i remember you know.

Strawberry. oh yeah the strawberry is nice not like. that artificial. strawberry taste it does taste fresh and. i love just breaking them apart it’s so. satisfying yeah. i think the black sesame is the best. like their icing is so creamy and it’s. just like the perfect amount of black. sesame definitely strong but not like. overpowering the donut or anything and. then. i think i pronounced it decently okay. let me know in the comments you guys. will let me know it is like a vietnamese. rice roll kind of like chung fun like. the dim sum shrimp rice rolls it’s kind. of like that so this one is rolled up. with some ground pork i believe there’s. also wood ear mushroom in there as well. and then it comes with some vietnamese. ham some yam tempura and then also bean. sprouts and like fresh veggies and then. fish sauce this is definitely like an.

Underrated vietnamese dish at least in. my opinion because i never even heard of. it until even like in college or. something like definitely like later in. my life but it’s really really good and. if you guys get the chance to try it i. highly recommend i’m gonna dip some in. fish sauce right ready yes. it’s so thin. and delicate it’s really nice you can. see through it. with the wooder mushroom you get a. little crunch and then the flavorful. pork oh man very good i don’t even know. if this is like the proper way to eat it. this is just how i eat it and this is. mom’s personal favorite like if she. could she would probably eat it every. day. not even kidding. okay so we just got takeout from pikes. noodle and this place is really good for. their jojang man it’s also really. affordable this is a regular size and it.

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Was like 8.99 as you can see they. separate the noodles from the sauce so. that you can mix it when you’re ready to. eat it which is such a good idea so up. here there’s the noodles and also some. slices of cucumber on the bottom has. like pork and cabbage it’s black bean. sauce and then it comes with a little. thing of yellow radish add the noodles. plop then we’re gonna give it a good mix. gotta get all that sauce up in the. noodles. whoa. look at that it looks so good. so chewy so flavorful you can taste like. that wok hey like the taste of the wok. the wok. oh okay cabbage crunchy oh so flavorful. solid bowl of noodles i wonder if. there’s enough sauce to like make for. another serving i think there is yeah. you guys this is so good. nice. okay so now we are at a mommy sushi and. originally we were going to order to go.

But they said that to go would take like. an hour and a half and if we dined in it. would be like immediate so since there’s. actually not that many people in the. restaurant right now since we’re here. right at opening we decided to just dine. in also if you guys can see i have a. sushi phone case it’s from case defy not. sponsored but if they want to sponsor me. i’m down. this is the omakase this is what. everyone when they come here that’s what. they order it comes with 10 pieces and. look how thick and long those slices are. let’s dig in i don’t even know where to. start on this thing i’m gonna take this. one. oh my god it had kind of like a truffle. taste so it hit me at first and i was. very shocked i’ve never had truffle on. sushi but it was very good and i’m not. even a truffle fan i mean like i’ll eat. it but you know some people they see.

Truffle and they have to get it i’m not. one of those people i’m excited to eat. more. wow mine had like a little zing like a. citrus kind of thing. delicious it looks kind of like a baby. lobster. the lobster is really good it tastes. very fresh and to have such a nice big. chunk of lobster like that oh very nice. very nice salmon okay. it’s so like soft but then on mine it. was like torched on top so you really. get that like smoky flavor very good. okay bye. okay so we actually we’re gonna get. dessert but it’s super super busy and we. are not gonna wait in that line but this. place is a mango dessert shop from hong. kong so if you guys want to check that. place out it’s really really good but. yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this full. day of eating and let me know in the. comments if you guys know any of these. places or if there’s any other spots.

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