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San Francisco Dating get plenty of downs

When I moved here to San Francisco at the end of last year people told me. contradictory things about this city. On one hand they said oh it’s so expensive. but on the other hand they said I was gonna have no problem finding a great. paying job they told me oh it aren’t the streets disgusting. but they also said it was the most beautiful place in the world they said. things like well you can always come back if it doesn’t work out but they. also said I was going to want to stay here for the rest of my life so was San. Francisco gonna turn out to be this beautiful amazing place where I found a. magical new life or was it going to be an overpriced disgusting sh*twhole? Which was. true? I’ve lived here for about a year now and I think I have a pretty good. idea. San Francisco is a city of contradictions where depending on where.

You are in the city it can be a sunny day. or a really foggy one!. It’s both beautiful. and disgusting. it’s Italian. Chinese africanamerican, latin-american. Vietnamese. Filipino, Japanese. San Francisco is a sanctuary city but we’re not above making a buck by selling. you a jailthemed vacation. oh and let’s talk about money for a second in any other part of the country. having a million dollars means you’re rich. Here it’ll get you one single. bedroom. but we’re building lots of new places to live! as long as you’ve got money and you. don’t mind living above a leasing Center or a Panera Bread or parking garage. In. San Francisco we practically invented working remotely. but we’ll sit in traffic for hours. we’re always making upward progress but we also get plenty of downs in San. Francisco nudity is technically illegal but the cops just looked the other way.

And we’re down on Market Street every day people are struggling to get by. meanwhile on the same streets one man owns two multibillion dollar companies. right next to each other and the nice thing about that is it’s a really short. ride in the helicopter. Where for even though Starbucks has wiped out most other. coffee shops in the country in San Francisco we love our Peet’s where we’re. coming up with brand new ways to move through the world but still celebrate. the old ways of getting around. we are experts at driving change in the world. but most of us just want to fit in. where we can make the world a better place for everyone. as long as you’ve got a smartphone with a good data plan. where we’re always on the move but we’ll wait in a really long line for. something to eat. and where you can find any kind of food in the world.

Except for a decent slice of New York style pizza. so after a year of living in San Francisco what the city really like? Let. me show youto be honest it’s great! And it can really suck a big one sometimes. it can be really pricey and it can be a really good value. It can draw you in. with its charm and its beauty. And it can make you want to leave with it. pretentiousness and its filth. San Francisco is all of these things and. more. The main thing that determines the experience that you have is what you put. into it. If you decide to stick to the same routine do the same things that. everyone else is doing you’re gonna have the same experience as somebody else. So. regardless of what people tell you about San Franciscoand this is really true. for anywherethe fact is if you really want to understand a place you have to.

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