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You know so many guys out there are so. afraid to do this and yeah when they. hear about you and other guys that went. over and came back alive and successful. them and I hope maybe this isn’t just a. big scam maybe this is only it is not a. scam it definitely is matters is I mean. you could always find women that might. play games and we dealing with real. people right so you know right you might. run into something like that but you. know for the most part it’s just people. trying to meet each other and what. happens happens that’s what I found . exactly. you. our only women with profiles at. events where are there women who don’t. have profiles you know you’ll find the. majority of women do have profiles. that’s how we contact them we wouldn’t. have any way of contacting them. otherwise but you know what somebody.

Comes in July to a social event she has. a great time we call her up when we say. hey do you remember the social in July. sure I do did you have a good time sure. I had a great time while we’re doing. another one in November would you like. to come by again. absolutely in fact I told my friend or. my sister or my colleague could they. also come well we’ll ask would they like. to join our agency because they have to. be single available and interested in. meeting men for marriage and dating and. that kind of thing and if all of that is. green like go that well sure absolutely. but tell her to be prepared to give us a. profile and probably should bring your. passport that kind of thing and we’ll. take a registration from somebody at the. desk on the way into the social there. will be poppy I don’t know 10% may be.

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Sent to us other women who will be at. the social event who are just friends. and referrals of the women who have been. to our socials before and we’re. attending again so there will be a. handful of them that you can meet out. who don’t have profiles yet the majority. within other profiles will have. established profiles. you. hi my name is Kyle burn fire Charlotte. North Carolina 39 year old single guy. that’s the most awesome time I’ve ever. had in my life. I’ve never been across the pond the US. shows a big deal for me to get on a. plane and fly over here and the flight. was a little long but it was when you. get here and you meet all these. wonderful women and how kind of sweet. how how genuine and just the smiles. themselves your heart is a mountain lion. is melted many times I haven’t found the. great one yeah I definitely had a dog.

Good meetings and just really enjoyed. the beautiful smiles and the people here. and the hospitality at the hotels and. just the stay here is just awesome. you. they help you out they give you some. guidance they really show you the way. around and how to kind of meet some of. the girls after the socials and we had a. tour nanny Sara that just really helped. us out tremendously she just really. guided us and led us so that we would. know how it went who dug up a busy P on. the first trip for me I don’t know what. I’m doing so it was just extremely. awesome. you. guys if you want to come out here and. meet some great ladies here’s a southern. boy from North Carolina that just you. know I for me to try to do this on my. own and I did I just got on a plane and. flew up here I’ve never done anything. like this before in my life so you know.

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