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Retired Dating been called ugly

Here okay right here perfect oh what a. day what a day. glad to see all of you made it I am. originally called a press conference to. make an announcement about something and. out of the hundreds that I invited I got. one person so that’s that’s a sign. you’re doing well in life when you get. one person to show up one person is. better than none and then I have all of. you out in the universe so that’s great. um today I have something to announce as. I’ve already stated and it’s not gonna. be easy for all of you to hear it’s not. easy for me to admit but officially as. of today I am retiring from dating I. know go ahead and girls millions of you. girls go ahead and cry go ahead I’ll. usually talk it over it’s fine go ahead. that was actually fairly quick I didn’t. expect you guys to get over that quickly. but all right Bravo.

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Great job um normally at a press. conference you have questions that. people ask you after this but we have. one person and he may or may not be very. prepared for this luckily for us I did. post questions on my facebook page at. wedge Stephens Facebook or you can. contact me at wedge Stephens at. or Webb Stevens at wedge. Stevens com. that’s a new thing the first question I. have it comes from Jeremy usher who says. what made you decide to retire from. dating Jeremy that’s a great question. I’m not gonna answer it the answers are. in this right here. Cupid hates me the true dating tales of. the selfproclaimed sexy ogre I’m cuter. attract I think um written by yours. truly Wedge Stevens. it is 414 pages of wonderful stories at. least I think they’re wonderful. starting with my grandmother because you. learn love from those who show it to you.

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And ending and a bunch of bonus features. that is commonly. and DVD thing where all the stuff that I. was told to delete and get rid of I. threw in the back of the book for you. for fun so it’s a lot of fun I’ve had. people read it some people enjoyed it. when exgirlfriends read it and she said. it was really fun to read a little easy. and she also understands why we never. worked out so there’s that apparently. there’s something wrong but the book is. amazing please read it it’s been. reviewed by several people including one. lady on Amazon who I don’t remember. dating but obviously I did because she. was really brutal whoever you are let’s. go on a date one time fair enough huh. number two what made you decide to write. the book from Halle Halle Hayley oh. dunsky if I butchered your name I’m very. sorry um what made me decide to write.

The book is that it’s twofold one I have. great stories to tell from the people. that I told them to they say this is a. great stories and number two is because. I’m kind of fund future projects and. this seemed like a good vehicle the. future projects we’ll get into in a. minute but ya just wanna make people. laugh make people have a good time give. us some easy reading material when. they’re bored or whatever there you go. I’m bored read this it’ll make it so. feel a little better. does it serve some kind of good purpose. Timmy Morrison writes in the good. purpose is yes it does it’s meant to. make you laugh and smile and have a good. time it’s also meant to fund my charity. based reality dating shows projects and. other things that I want to do including. a couple of webseries called love. stories where we talk to people and also.

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Maybe write some more books cupid hates. the rest of you stories from everybody. else you know I think this could. actually end up being like the Chicken. Soup for the Soul the dating world so. there you go. book one of like 400 coming up what does. the future hold from you Eric Bentley I. just answered that. how silly I’m gonna try and get these. projects going and hopefully we can make. things happen how can I purchase it with. money preferably. we don’t take children or books or. donkeys don’t do any of that horses no. money oh you meant like oh okay my. publisher I universe if you go to their. website you can purchase it through them. I’m greedy they give me half of whatever. they sell so that’s helpful you can buy. it Amazon Barnes & Noble and all the. other stuff get the free shipping but. then I make like 3% or whatever they.

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Sell so I universe calm when Stevens. Cupid hates me that’s the way to do it. did you have to be drunk to write this. really had to be drunk to live through. it like I’m just kidding I don’t. actually drink so there’s that chad. thompson writes and says any bad date. since you wrote the book many bad dates. since i wrote the book is the answer um. most notably i got dumped on. Independence Day for who I voted for let. that sink in for a second the irony. should not be lost on you you got dumped. on the day that we are supposed to. celebrate the right we have to pick. whoever we want as our leader I can’t. help but that I felt like I was the best. choice for the job that’s not my fault. that we elect me I’ll put it two. buffoons the fact that I feel like I. could do better why do I get dumped for. that that’s terrible.

Bad decisionmaking um oh god the last. question what are you gonna do for sex. Thank You Devin Worthington for that. that’s awesome and actually I’m kind of. relieved because being as big as I am. and maybe not as attractive because I’ve. been called ugly four times in two weeks. on different dating sites maybe I’m not. attractive maybe this being naked is not. a good thing for everybody so hallelujah. I don’t have to show it to anyone in. Halle you don’t have to look at it so. sex is now just a threeletter word I. don’t have to use any more it’s like. cussing in church or something so that’s. all the questions I have from the people. around the world if you want more. information and need anything else. please don’t hesitate to. you know when Stevens at wedge. Stevens at Facebook or wedge Stevens at.

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