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Hi and welcome to Redmon’s reviews on. Chris garlic and I’m joined with Michael. Redmond nine down professional hi. Michael hello I am in Washington DC. Michael is in Japan this is a bit of a. first for us even though we did the. adult commentaries last year was their. first time doing this kind of broadcast. so bear with us it looks like that we’re. gonna have some fun we’re gonna be. taking a look at some master games later. on but we want to start with a game that. was just played a few days ago in the. European professional championship that. Michael found a sort of somesome master. dollish looking moves I think you’d say. right well almost yeah there’s actually. more human because they’ve been around. for several years but they there are. sort of the spirit of what people are. getting into with when they’re emulating.

Master in professional games nowadays so. why don’t we talk a little bit about the. the two players one is out centre dinner. stain who of course I know well and the. other I believes another Russian player. Artem yeah both professionals in Europe. of course dinner stein was he was at a. professional in Korea before them and a. fairly familial player he was he beat. some top professionals in the world. tournaments when he was in Korea and. then now he’s back in Europe probably. doing a lot of teaching but he’s also. playing in the tournament the. professional tournaments there and this. is a tournament last week it was the. second annual European professional. championship six there’s either six or. eight of the professionals in Europe. which is great they’ve got that many. professionals sort of that parent so.

Very exciting stuff over two days I. believe it was so why don’t we take a. look in jump right into your analysis. yeah well. it’s pretty obvious that it’s not the. normal openings from the start but this. is actually it is not a move that. alphago or a master played because this. was a move that became famous when Cho. who started playing it he’s one of the. top Japanese players and he’s from. Taiwan and so it’s cooled by some of the. Cho opening or the Cho lupus icky and he. played it almost pretty constantly for. I’d say several months or maybe about a. year and this was this was about two or. three years ago I think okay and of. course. aleksander nurse team he likes to play. this kind of thing also he likes to play. something that’s unexpected and he likes. experiment with the opening so he. doesn’t really need alphago to start.

Doing this kind of stuff but there is. this one move that is actually a move. that master played and it’s and I think. it was about three of its 60 games and. this peep on the outside of White’s one. space jump here is generally considered. to be a bad move it has been played in. professional games locally it’s taking a. loss and so I’ll go on some some some. variations to show how it can be taking. a loss like usually white Jessica necks. here and when this happens Black has. pretty much lost the opportunity to jump. into the three three point later even. though it’s when black does do that the. the peep that black has displayed has. become a terrible move and I should. mention just folks to know we’ll be. releasing Michael’s sgf commentary of. this game as well so we won’t be going. into all the variations we’ll just be.

Covering the main variations so actually. we’ll try and release it before release. the video so you can actually follow. along at home. sure so we can see in this position that. blacks peep on the outside has become a. terrible move. exchanging for this move which white. really wants to play anyway and the. corner is not alive yet so this is a. variation that black just has to. disregard and and just completely avoid. the idea of jumping into the three three. point also it also makes a difference. when black plays something like this. because at any point white can play here. and if this marks exchange was not on. the board. then White’s corner would still be open. for invasion. but with this exchange on the board it’s. a solid territory so again when black is. trying to attack the upper left corner. the peep the marked exchange here is.

Very bad for black you would just see an. example of a GK or where you just sort. of remove a lot of possibilities in a. position it would be called dodgy kasi. yeah and the same meaning of course and. so now to get to the the good parts when. black plays this exchange it makes the. difference in the fighting on the left. side okay for instance if let’s just go. into the game variation if white plays. something like this on the left side. it’s relatively easy for black to play. on the top and surround white on the web. side. naturally White’s gonna live on the left. side but black is this works well with. blacks general idea because black is. trying to make something in the center. usually when black plays high moves like. this so it works well that black can. sort of win the fight on the left side. giving white some territory but getting.

The center and squeezing white a little. bit on the website so this is what black. wants to do and in this variation black. basically really needs this exchange but. this work this mark stone here is. working to help black curl around white. on the top and so that’s a case where it. works well and when black is played this. high opening with stones way up a way. from the corners black really wants to. have that option of surrounding the. center and at least the side. and usually black is planning to give. the corners to white especially if white. really tries to take them losing uh for. instance at this point like if white. wanted to take the lower left corner. white would play something like this. maybe and after that it’s not so. efficient for black to be playing. something from this side because then. this this stone on the fifth line this.

Stone here would be sort of strange it. would it wouldn’t be helpfully. surrounding the left side so this would. not be so good and it wouldn’t really. work with all those stones on the right. side of the board so what black wants to. do it’s just a problem and I just want. to point out to the looking at that move. in that sequence is also an example of. what folks call tiwari which is sort of. looking at if you roll it back I did a. normal situation would you play that way. yeah I’m basically the tiwari idea is. that you take a position that would. could happen else and otherwise and then. you can get rid of a stone that you. think might not be good that would be. the marked stone in this position which. would be it would be better for black to. have it somewhere around here on the. side right so that would be the the tre.

Logic so actually black will not play. that way will probably play just sort of. surround white in the corner like. something like this could happen where. black is getting the outside and of. course now the the lower side and the. right side of the board is looking like. a huge black moil in return White’s. getting a lot of territory in the corner. so it’s very easy for what to take the. territory this way and in that case. black strategy will be to surround the. center and in the side so that’s that’s. why it’s basically very important for. black to start out with the option of. surrounding in the center and the point. I’m trying to make is that that works. well with this stone here sorry that. debt should not be there yeah so the. idea of the black is surrounding the. center is going to work well with this. move and it makes it a possible move in.

This case and so locally black is. playing moves that looks sort of. unreasonable or losing points but in. actuality they work well with the. overall position. so it makes it okay for black to be. doing this so I should have mentioned. that for this first one that we’re doing. it’s actually gonna be fairly short. should be about 15 minutes which means. were about halfway through just a. question for you I mean I think. especially for amateurs this kind of. wide open you know off the charts play. can be kind of scary but as you’re. saying you know professionals have. played it well Joe who played it and it. came as a big supplies a lot of unusual. openings like he plays a lot of openings. that are based on the five three point. which is pretty unusual nowadays but. actually he credited so Yoko gu who is a. player who was born in China and he’s a.

Japanese Pro mm another nine done I. think he’s in mine done he created so. yoko could with this of this opening and. he said that so yo kuku played it a long. time ago when they were studying. together they were both disciplines of. Dinka whole he and so there were their. friends they’ve been friends for a long. time so he credited so he’ll cook with. it and so he’ll cook who actually was. playing this opening a lot at the same. time so chose sort of beat him to the. first game was famous but they were both. playing this opening for about a year I. think and then they both they both. decided that was wasn’t gonna work and. they quit it apparently it’s really. funny because because they were so both. so strong players it was working to a. certain extent and that they had. difficult games but they managed to turn.

Them around usually and so it wasn’t a. complete disaster for them but the. moment they stopped playing this opening. most professionals just just quit at the. same time they decided that diverted had. come and it wasn’t gonna work well what. are the points that you were making what. we were discussing this game earlier is. that there’s there’s certainly no just. that jeez for those first cut no black. blue right so yeah well black is so far. black is sort of playing a game plan up. to this point but black just doesn’t. know where White’s going to play this. move that’s. just showing right now y12 Weis invasion. it this one it was efore but back has to. be careful I’m ready for a number of. white moves that could happen and so. this is a point where it really it. probably goes outside of blacks. experience too when the moment white.

Plays here white could have played a. number whose I just I was showing you. this one it could be it could be here. this is this is a moot that was tried a. lot against this who I could just go for. the star point and these are all moves. that are feasible like this one would be. something like this and why would be. playing something towards the side maybe. like this and again white White’s gonna. get the corner look black is going to. get the side and the difference between. this variation and this variation is. that in this variation both sides have. very solid shapes like white has the. corner and black also has a very good. connection on the outside and a fairly. solid grasp of the lower side in the. because of that whereas in this case oh. sorry that’s not that one this one in. this case both black and white have very.

Loose shapes like white has the weakness. in the corner at the 33 point which. black might be taking advantage off. players like it in fact if black plays. probably would play another move to set. off the side and you could say this. white group is not completely alive yet. so I would be thinking of maybe this. would be a defensive move which would be. not so interesting but this would be one. way Y could handle it so we have just a. couple of minutes before we wrap up this. initial one did you have any sort of. general comments or advice for those of. you out there thinking about trying this. because this was you know as I said I. was a European professional to him think. probably a lot of people you know it’s. broadcast the games certainly on our. website and ads again Michaels. commentary is gonna be available with.

More details on this which is why we’re. not going into a lot of the variations. now but just sort of general comments or. concerns well I do want to go into one. final point then because it’s black 13. is an important move to it’s basically. black has to keep with the strategy of. going from the sides a lot or at least. for the first move. and when white plays something like this. that is an attempt to erase blacks. Center sometimes black will jump into. the corner them so this is what happened. in this game and black was playing a. very flexible strategy like if we just. go a few moves ahead. we can see that pretty quickly black. sort of changes this into a game where. black is taking territory and actually. has a lot of territory if we’re counting. on the lower side black gets mostly the. lower side here this was sort of passed.

Forward but black has a lot of territory. on the lower side and some territory on. the left side and because white has. invested a lot of moves to erase the. center that means that black has got. some territory some extra territory doc. actually has a lead of territory because. the only territories that we can call. White’s or the lower left in the upper. left corners and they’re both relatively. small whereas black has a fairly large. territory on the lower side and at this. point of the game is probably pretty. even white I think white messed up in. the variation after this but I won’t go. into it today but I’ll put it in this DF. file pool but it’s interesting to see. how this because this game starts so far. away from the corners sometimes. sometimes black will switch it around to. take territory like this.

So that’s that’s the interesting part of. that you have to be flexible like this. sometimes so that’s the the lesson of. the day is is a creativity and. flexibility mmhmm yes innovation. you like the elevation yeah all right. well I think that’s gonna do it for this. sort of teaser edition of Redmond. reviews as we’re calling it at the. moment I want to thank you very much. Michael I’m excited about doing these. and I should just mention we hope to be. able to start releasing our full series. Michael’s gonna be looking at the. recently played master games you sort of. picked out a number that he’s. particularly interested in will be. following the same format we’ll be doing. a little bit longer I think we’re. looking for about 30 minutes per game. but also releasing sgf files with more. detailed commentaries so thanks for.

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