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Jeremiah. hey buddy jim oh hey bud. jeremiah what are you doing. huh what are you what are you oh hey oh. no. they know what is you is that moose. um. it’s a generic real game. why are you putting that on i just. because just in case what are we getting. ready for bud. happy day it’s gonna be an epic day hold. on it’s getting my in mind. are you excited for the date yeah. blind date like the mtv show well no i i. showed you a picture of her remember. yeah but it’s not a blind date i just i. like to have fun. should i put more no no no i i don’t. think the rogaine is going to do. anything you know what it is it’s a long. time you know what it is. there you go i guess gentlemen. girls like gentlemen they like a guy. who’s chivalrous and who uh. is classic i’m classic is dripping. though i think you should. are you nervous are you okay um.

Hopefully i hopefully i make. uh her drip you know i’m just kidding no. oh yeah. jeremiah i’ve been really clear man like. we want to get you like. comfortable with women and just you know. kind of normal. i’m not a normie so of course i don’t. kobe or wait i shouldn’t say that yeah. okay i just think. i just think you should know that you. know. illuminati. or should it be more like yeah. i don’t think you should do anything. like that i don’t think you should just. say hey what’s up. okay hey what’s up i’m jeremiah i’ll. just do what you want to do. my ideas are bad i think the whole. gentleman. like i respect you thing is something. you don’t need to say to them. be you you know you don’t need to tell. them how chivalrous you are. what are you doing i’m gonna say all. these cards. and i choose you you know what i’m.

Saying i don’t. know that’ll be good because you can see. if she likes anime pokemon’s my favorite. just ask her say hey i’m into anime are. you you like anime. she’s gonna like me it’s gonna be it’s. gonna go good. oh i’ll bring my elbow. no okay yeah i don’t i just bought tesla. stocks i could bring that up. and this is hopefully my stocks get. updated. because the stocks tesla stocks if they. if the elon musk stocks get upduded. enough. we make more money for our potential. future family too soon don’t bring it up. yeah don’t bring up family that’s like. jumping a lot i think you should just. get to know her you know should i shave. i don’t uh do you want to shave yeah. michigan. okay uh jeremiah why don’t you have. shaving cream. why don’t you have shaving cream on the. other parts of your face oh i don’t want. to shave right here because it’s.

Where my beard is hashtag beard gang. but what’s the point of shaving there. it’s uh subliminal if she smells uh. my my aftershave and my shaving cream. she’s gonna think of her father. and she’s gonna think of me as don’t say. that though. don’t bring that up this guy doesn’t. know what he’s talking about it’s. biological it’s biology so. okay i think you should shave the. mustache too right or is that. not your thing i’ve been growing this. out for months are you kidding me i. think. no shave november’s coming up but i. gotta get a head start so. did we screen her with questions to see. if she’s similar to me. what are you doing i don’t eat that it’s. the best a man can get july. wait oh it’s not july oops. i wonder if she likes jazz i wonder what. her favorite subs are. favorite like sandwich subreddit that’s. good.

That’s good that’s good if she asked me. what my favorite subs are uh. i’m gonna say like jared phone oh no i. shouldn’t bring up jared no. yeah he molested kids. looking good are you gonna are you gonna. take that look classic. are you gonna take the hat off i feel. like maybe i’ll tip it. but i won’t take it off all right let’s. go okay. wait wait what let’s just say uh. i hope we’re good match. much um it wasn’t supposed to go. out yet but it’s like. you know can i can i be real with you. man huh you don’t need to be. like funny for the vlog just be yourself. you’re a likable dude what if she says. if she says she likes r slash funny then. i’ll be as funny as i want to make more. sense. here we go yeah you ready to go yeah. let’s go zoom zoom in my room room. you know what i’m saying in my car i’m. gonna burn out just kidding.

I do like fast five fast six all the. all all of the five or six fast and the. furious with vin we’re taking your. parents car though right. well yeah. exactly uh do you think she listens to. uh. like chiptune music what’s that maybe i. could like roll up and be like bumping. like. hiphop i don’t know did you find out. what what music she likes i can be like. all this stuff you’ll find out when you. meet her man i like. i don’t think you need to like set stuff. up i think it’s just if we could look at. her post history on reddit we would i’d. be able to just nail it on so many. things. jeremiah i don’t know i’m sorry just try. and be yourself. okay what’s your name her name’s. brittany she’s a good friend i’ll be. i’ll roll up playing britney spears. it’s brittany i’ll do that that’s. good it’s also it’s not it’s also like.

I’ve done that like a hundred times i. don’t think that’s gonna be a good thing. what if she’s like really huge and like. she like like. just yeets me out of existence. like one of those war videos you’ve seen. i’ve shown you war where the women are. massive and. the man is small i’m sure she’ll be. normal size like a regular human. i’m not gonna lie it’s one of my. fantasies anyway let’s see to be with a. giant. a giant they’re called it’s called the. giant tess. it’s a giant test now the giant is male. uh not a giant because a giant is a male. giant test is a female. okay so hopefully yeah hopefully i don’t. get heated or maybe. maybe i do want that i’m going to say. jay i’m going to say 100. she’s not gonna be a giant test i i know. i know that okay you still want to go. yeah i’m just thinking about what what. uh movie we should pop in when we get.

Back. you think uh should i start at a big. mama’s house too or do you think she. doesn’t remember the first one enough. hey whatever let’s go. it’s cool that your parents let you use. the car yep. it is epic you feeling okay. uh yeah yeah fine. um what’s going on man i’ll try not to. end up on r slash idiots in cars. yeah don’t crash the car is that. oh i think i feel sick i think. something’s wrong that’s you’re just. nervous it’s normal when you’re on a. date. you know when you’re going to the date. you just feel this is good for you to. get this experience man. like yeah you need this yeah um this is. going to help you grow. oh i’m fine okay don’t worry so much you. know. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. we’re gonna uh we said we get um ice. cream. good that’s a great day um. i don’t i think i’m you look sick i’m. lactose intolerant.

Why would you pick that don’t get it. don’t eat it okay. uh well i don’t want to think i’m weird. so i’m just gonna eat it no. you’re gonna be sick okay if she likes. minecraft. then we gotta go to friday because i’m. gonna need some depends because she. likes. uh minecraft i’m probably gonna my. pants i’m just gonna say it right now. i’m just gonna say it right now you. might your pants if you eat ice. cream anyways. i know actually that is kind of i was. trying to find an excuse to go get some. depends because. if i do eat the ice cream we will have a. we will have an evacuation situation. just don’t eat it thanks oh don’t eat. the ice cream. it would be a big oof if i in front. right in front of her. that would be a yikes moment hashtag big. oof. i’m not trying to have that in front of. her yeah. dude let’s go ah.

I’m fine we should i could i have so. many girls that are like friends that. are just friends maybe we could just be. friends. no dude this is your chance what is that. thing it’s my mask. what’s on it uh it’s. from a it’s a hentai it’s a handtied. thing. don’t wear that man why are you wearing. hentai stuff that’s all i have sorry got. no choice. let’s go on. you don’t need the upvote. i thought you were bailing on me no no. i’m a hundred percent confident. good gotta we don’t have to do this. what if rosie star gets mad who. rosie star she’s in. what is that she lives in the stable. next to me the stable. i don’t think you should bring up. whatever you’re telling me about. don’t tip your hat to brittany okay. what why because it’s just it’s classic. she comes off. like very thirsty to tell you the truth. i’m parched oh she’s right there it’s.

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Her. that’s her that’s britney. i i’m pretty sure i’m sick no go talk to. her man you’re not i okay no i didn’t. want to tell you this i didn’t want to. tell you this but i think i’m. getting like coveted symptoms no you’re. not you just got tested yesterday i’m. like. but i’m like lightheaded like i feel. like a heaviness. i feel like a heaviness in my stomach. not my chest but it’s like down here it. feels. weird you gotta talk to her she’s. she’s waiting for you she’s been here. for like 10 minutes okay okay. all right okay. hey. um jeremiah. covey just kidding i’m fine i’m. completely fine. uh are you smiling i can’t because the. mask oh there she is. okay uh um. fancy seeing you here or i knew. i’m jeremiah you wanna guess. uh ice cream yeah. hey brittany how’s it going what’s up. how’s your brother good he’s good he’s.

Literally having a baby yeah nice nice. to meet you. play pool huh play it cool um. so we’re here what shall we do. what’s your favorite subreddit. um i don’t really have one. i got a lot to show you i got a whole i. can show. you the world i’ll show you a whole it’s. the front page of the internet you’re. gonna. you’re gonna like it a lot oh please uh. that’s how you do it. um. do you want a cone or a cup yes. what the does that mean huh what. does that mean. oh it means i like both. jared i don’t think you jer jer. don’t eat it jer stop don’t eat that. huh don’t eat remember don’t eat it why. what’s wrong nevermind. oh my god this is such a win i’m so glad. we did this. i thought you were trying to oh right. like cheers. cheers gum now right. so uh what do you do for a living i’m a. graphic designer. oh yeah i know what that is.

What do you do for a living well. i have two million karma points. two million what karma points just went. i i went to. uh college in miami oh i’m going to. miami. so how was your day uh it was good i got. in trouble. actually i got into a little trouble i’m. it’s hard it’s a lot to explain but i’m. crate training right now. you have a dog. you have a puppy i have a dog for sona. i’m part of i’m part of i’m part of an. online community. called bronies uhhuh what’s that. and i’m also part of an online community. of something called furries. sorry so you have a puppy sorry i’m just. like confused. but i’m a level three silver wolf. and basically i’m part of a litter and. i’m i have to. get to certain achievements so that i. can leave the litter and i can go off. and be in my own and i can be. a little alpha dog eventually one day.

That’s very cool that you have a group. of friends that you can. hang with and connect with. i just want to ask how you work because. a lot of females don’t get the respect. that they deserve as queens and i just. want to tell you that. you can tell me how you’re feeling right. now on this date you can give me a. number of one through ten and i will. i’ll do whatever you want i’m here for. you. i’m here to be showing this what can i. do for you. come on puppies hold on one second don’t. you go anywhere. britney okay i’m really sorry if this is. awkward i just. is he for real yeah i’ve. hey jay what’s up okay so i i looked. everywhere there’s. not what i’m looking for in this. neighborhood i was looking for a rose. but. this is aloe vera it’s really good for. your skin and you can actually use this. it’s more about utility roses are.

Actually useless as a tool. um or like as it just just says you know. in botany it’s actually. useless they’re just anyway what i’m. trying to say is will you uh. can i go on a second date with you much. oops she touched it oh that means she. wants to go on a second date. come here huh come here. you gotta chill man it’s you’re you’re. losing it she’s laughing she’s laughing. she’s having a good time no she’s. uncomfortable. just talk about like your likes and. dislikes it’s easy it’s in there what. kind of music do you like. i like to pain a lot okay um. i fell in love with the stripper. wow so those are cool shoes. okay i’m gonna give you one of these. because that was that was i thought that. was so nice what you just said about my. shoes. what is that oh it’s an upvote updo. if you will what. you would like r slash funny if you like.

To laugh. more. i’m giving you uh divine energy right. now thank you. i’m putting a blessing like spell on you. thank you it’s a moon spell. but yeah i only do that like literally. like. once a year if if my if my um. den saw what i just did for you it’d be. best. blake can i talk to you yeah what’s up. one second. well i’ll be right back yeah honestly. he’s kind of amazing what yeah like he’s. just like. wait are you serious yeah like he’s so. oh like i’ve never the guys in la are so. anyway that’s a little bit of a chiptune. my favorite genre. my favorite jean kidding um do you want. to go back. you want to take this party back to my. place hover hands cringe sorry just. kidding. do you want to though. okay what you don’t bring you don’t have. to. you serious. wait we’re for real though you’re you. constantly going to my house.

Kidding frank what the . it’s . um can i just have one moment with him. yeah. what i you. i the ice cream you’re sick yeah the ice. cream. yeah i told you not to eat it okay i. said don’t eat that ice cream you said. why what what do you mean yeah um. danny’s gonna have a little bit of an. explosion. i don’t know what should i do should i. try to get her to go to her house and i. just go home. i don’t want her to come over if you. i don’t want her to cut something bad’s. going to happen. something is going to be pissed about. this whole thing because this didn’t pan. out for me. whoa what do you mean. i like britney you know what pan out. i’ve been panning for gold. and i just met a kind stranger. wait where were we um. hey uh for brittany. like an uber yeah. this is . brittany you don’t have to do this. huh brittany you don’t have to we can.

Just go chill at stephanie’s thing. i think i want to. awkward much sorry about him. this is uh my humble abode yeah actually. you know i really have to use the. bathroom. all right i’m just gonna go in there and. for sure no. i like to stay fresh the gentleman likes. to stay clean. so. brittany what the hell is going on. what why are you still here let’s go to. stephanie’s thing. i don’t know i kind of like like i’m. having fun. what the hell is happening dude you did. the favor. you went on the date with him he’s good. he’ll he’ll be feel better in the future. let’s go i think i’m good what is. happening. i don’t underst i’m back like i’ll be. back but like i’m back you change your. pants. huh what are you talking about shouldn’t. you be holding this. mr stephen spielberg again he doesn’t. hold a camera he’s a director.

So i won’t really want to show you uh. what is on your head huh. did you put more rogaine on i don’t even. use i don’t even know what that. is are you talking about joe rogan joe. rogan no you have rogaine on the top. right of your. right there and i’m going to tip my hat. to you extra hard oh no. there’s literally i’m just getting a. little bit more respectful right now. thanks for my lady. we’re good you want to play a little bit. in the vr have you heard of virtual. reality. oh yeah i’ve heard about it it sounds. fun. let’s try it out i can show. you the world singing that i’m just. showing you’re all. i’m trying to show i’m trying to show. her dude you’re pissing me off why did. you put more rogan on it takes months to. work it’s. putting that foam on is not going to. help right away be a bro. come on man you want to end up on humans.

Being bros or do you want to end up on. humans being jerks. two different subreddits you wouldn’t be. my dog. and then you can end up on uh animals. being bros it just it’s up to you. um okay so oculus rift is so cool. uh let me just set this up for you real. quick apparently i’m having a really. good time. i think that we are a. a real match i’m saying. you’re so funny you like that . it’s funny it’s funny our slash oh punny. where my dog’s at that is so good. this is what i want you to do stand here. real quick okay. and go ahead and uh put this on the old. nugget. you’re gonna give it a little bit okay. brittany last chance you want to come. with me to stephanie’s thing or. no i’m good how are you gonna get home. you need a ride home. you’re gonna ride the karma train come. on teacher about ready i’m gonna teach.

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