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What ruined religion for you. going to a mega church they received. over one mill in donations every weekend. and spent it on elaborate props and. videos rather than helping the community. in any meaningful way. when i was six years old the pastor gave. a letter to my aunt to give to my mom. saying that we were not donating enough. money to the church. so we stopped going and i have never. been to church since. religious people. being told that being sexually abused as. a child was a good thing as god needed. to teach me a lesson on hubris and ego. i should accept it as a lesson and be. better so i wouldn’t fall into the. clutches of the devil. i was seven apparently i was asking for. it. the nonanswers to all my questions as a. kid you just have to have faith as a. dumb way to respond to an inquisitive. mind. i worked at a restaurant near a church.

On sundays rudest bunch of people ever. edit thank you for the likes and awards. religious leaders ruined religion for me. when the pastor started ranting about. the evils of women saying that satan. walks among us in the body of every. female and men must take measures. against them. it was later enforced in my mind when i. met his very timid granddaughter in high. school. she fully believed she was cursed from. birth and showed serious signs of abuse. it didn’t make me think all christians. are evil but it showed me how easily a. religion led by humans can be warped. that theme has been shown to me too many. times now to get behind the idea of any. formal religion. eta wow i have never had this many. comments on a post trying to read. everything but the main things i’m. seeing the granddaughter ended up. happily married she started getting.

Rebellious in high school but nothing. crazy i forget if she had been. homeschooled or was at a local. christian school but i do know that at. that time all students went to the same. high school. late 1990s i think her getting exposed. to outside attitudes and influences. helped her sew the world in a whole new. way. i swear the term among us was used. before the game lol i haven’t played the. game but now i’m picturing the red. character i’ve seen from it at a pulpit. yelling about original sin and evil. women and i can’t help laughing. it was a baptist church that hasn’t been. active for years again i don’t think. everyone in the baptist faith is like. that but it was the one moment that. ruined religion for me especially seeing. his wife react to the sermon with such. support of the message. it was one of those defining moments in.

My life a very negative one and i’m. sorry to see so many others who have had. this kind of experience themselves. my mother she instilled some serious. shame into me under the guise of god. something she said not allowed to. believe in santa because that takes. credit away from god. santa was actually a hand of satan. trying to corrupt me not allowed to. believe in the easter bunny because it. was also a hand of satan trying to. corrupt me away from jesus. i wasn’t allowed to feel pride in my. accomplishments because it’s a sin. i was a because my dad got me. fully vaccinated as a child and that is. against god’s plan. hollywood is operated by satan so i. wasn’t allowed to watch movies or shows. especially disney. harry potter was an absolute no because. witchcraft is an affront to god. scientists should not be trusted under.

Any circumstances my rare genetic. condition was part of god’s plan and i’d. understand someday. not allowed to say damn because it’s an. affront to god etc that combined with. irregular not religious abuse has left. me struggling a lot with my religiosity. it quickly became evident that many. people who call themselves religious. only do so to feel morally superior to. others around them and then use that. superiority to try to control everything. they can. people using it to justify their hate. i was 15. my father had been diagnosed. with als i had gone to a youth group. thing with a christian friend of mine. and they had a circle of teenagers going. around talking about things going on in. their lives and relating it to god. when it was my turn i shared that my. father was dying and i didn’t understand. why him.

I was angry and i said something along. the lines of i doubted there was a god. if this was happening. basically a normal thing to say when. you’re young and you have a sick. relative. i got chewed out for even questioning. god and the rest of the kids refused to. talk to me the rest of the night. including my friend. you would think i had killed someone it. was that strong of a reaction. also my brother became a huge bornagain. christian later on in life and tried to. push his beliefs on us hard. we got told we were going to hell and my. then boyfriend now husband and i got. chewed out for living in sin. editing this because i didn’t expect. this comment to get much attention. but thank you everyone for all of the. supportive comments a few things to add. because i keep seeing them below and. will do my best to try to answer.

But youth group happened close to 20. years ago i was actually brought up. catholic and went to church weekly i. stopped going when my dad got sick and. he couldn’t go anymore so that my mom. could continue to go she needed the hour. so break and i wanted some oneon-one. time with my dad. we took care of him at home for the. majority of his illness. church also meant more to her than it. did to me but towards the end she. stopped going too i was drawn to youth. group because i was curious what. christianity was like and my friend had. painted it as a supportive place. we didn’t have youth groups at my church. i also thought questioning god was more. or less normal i wasn’t a jerk about it. either i was very introverted and hated. confrontation. i just wanted some kind of conversation. and these kids seemed like they were.

Strong in their faith. looking back i guess i wished i could. find comfort in religion. my brother became born again after my. grandmother passed in 2012.. the majority of his jerkishness happened. over the next three to four years until. he switched to a different church. he mellowed out a bit and weeped me my. mother and my other brother finally came. to an understanding that if we wanted a. relationship we wouldn’t discuss his. religion. i get the occasional you should come to. my church but that’s nothing compared to. what he used to say. i also tolerate it for my mom because. all she has left is us i’m not going to. start arguments or refuse to go to. holidays. she’s been through enough i also know. that my brother is not a bad person he. just goes 100 into whatever he’s. currently into and religion wasn’t any.

Different i’m 34. female i don’t go to. church i’m not religious married a guy. who leans towards being an atheist this. all happened a while ago and again i. really appreciate all the supportive. comments and messages you guys are good. humans. seeing how people use religion as an. excuse to be shitty people around the. world. so many people just bend their. interpretation of a religion to fit. whatever they want. i was like 15 and playing an instrument. in the worship band for the most popular. youth group in the area which is a very. christian area. at one point the pastor dude was praying. and the musicians were behind him. waiting to play when he was done. the whole room 200 plus had their heads. bowed as dude was praying. then his prayer went into the hole. here’s what you pray if you want to. become a christian right now yada yada.

Yada. then at the end he says okay everyone. keep your heads bowed eyes closed now if. you just prayed that prayer with me i. want you to look up everyone else keep. your heads bowed but if you just now. gave your life to jesus look up at me or. raise your hand so i can see you. i’m behind him and facing the crowd who. have their eyes closed so i decide it’s. safe to take a peek. i discreetly look up and notice that. exactly zero people in the crowd are. looking up at him. every single person still has their head. bowed eyes closed which is fine i mean. maybe they were all already christians. however as i’m looking at nobody. responding mr pastor starts saying okay. i see you there oh i see another over. there amen and you back there praise god. yes i see you over there a men come find. me afterwards it was perplexing to see.

Him lie to so many people like that. and this wasn’t some nobody youth pastor. he was like quite legit having written. books and being mentioned in national. articles and stuff. tldr an acclaimed youth pastor tried to. make it seem like his prayer had. converted several people. when i could clearly see it had not. the fact that if you’re not in my. religion you’re kind of in the. afterlife. i didn’t choose my religion so what. makes me so special. so many things but the final straw for. me was my church asking a homeless man. to leave and not come back. he would sit and listen to the sermons. never bothered anyone and always sat in. the very back i confronted my youth. group leader and she defended the. preacher. seeing a whole congregation of people. perform an exorcism on a fiveyear-old. boy. i was a teen youth leader at a southern.

Baptist church i had been involved with. for several years. during sunday morning service one day. one of the deacons came from the. children’s church building next door and. interrupted the preacher to whisper. something in his ear. they both left immediately and when they. returned were dragging a four or. fiveyear-old boy down the aisle who was. screaming like a banshee. they ended up taking him in front of the. church holding him down and reciting all. sorts of about demonic. possession asking the churchgoers to. come up to him and help banish the demon. from the child. kinda ruined god for me. when i was sexually assaulted by another. boy and i spoke to my pastor because i. was afraid to tell my family. he asked me what i did to make the other. kid have impure thoughts and tried to. make it out to be my fault.

That was the exact moment i lost what. little faith i had to begin with. there was never an answer i wanted to. believe desperately i wanted to and i. begged god to allow me to be doubtless. i tried and tried and tried to make it. work to make it fit i asked questions i. wondered i pondered i just got to a. point where there were no more answers. no one had an answer that made sense. nothing that the next person couldn’t. alter or contradict nothing that was set. or fixed it was all up in the air and i. just needed more faith. i tried i really did but my mind just. won’t allow it anymore. how agonisingly long and tedious mass. was as a roman catholic kid. stand up sing sit down then kneel then. stand again sing again sit down stand up. kneel and pray then 30 minutes of. droning from the robed guy at the front. then stand up and sing sit down stand up.

Wtf please make this end when i was 12. my father pulled me aside and said son. you are old enough to decide about. religion i wanted to give you a chance. to experience religion if you want to. keep going to church you can but it’s. also okay if you don’t want to go. anymore. i said okay i don’t want to go anymore. my father said okay me too and that was. that. while being from northern ireland i have. more than the average number of reasons. i guess it’s a tossup between learning. that the clergy on both sides had been. diddling kids. including selling access to them to rich. pedophiles learning that the catholic. church ran women’s homes where they. kidnapped babies. sold the ones that didn’t die and used. their mothers as forced labor. or the classic that we had a civil war. that was largely delineated on religious.

Lines so people spent 40 years telling their children that the other half were basically scary aliens that meant us harm oh yeah and i liked dinosaurs and the church people kept telling me they weren’t real so that sermons alternated between asking for money telling us lgbt people were bad or telling us we were all worthless sinners without god left church every sunday feeling like one week i just decided i’m not going back i don’t miss it this 13year-old kid got exposed for being gay and was bullied into suicide by his family for it i remember during summers they would send him to a special camp to cure his gayness i was really good friends with his little sister and she would always say how embarrassing it was to have a gay brother and would hope he would become straight he ended up hanging himself at 13 or 14.

It happened in middle school and i can’t. pretend like i was friends with him. but his story always stuck with me. its followers. when they say god loves us and has a. plan for everyone. then you read about children sold into. slavery or trafficking how can an. allloving god think him my plan for. this child is abuse and torture then. murder. the fact that there are multiple but i. was taught that only one is correct. my mother telling me santa wasn’t real. by saying do you really believe that. there is a magic man that files to all. the houses worldwide in one night on a. sleigh. i had always been skeptical anyways but. that solidified it i then wondered at. what age she would tell me god isn’t. real. the intolerance between different. religions it’s harmful to society. the idea that you’re created by an. omniscient god and they give you free.

Will but with chastise you for using. that exact free will as kind of . the lack of compassion and rejection of. science. being told i was going to rot in hell. every time i made a simple mistake. i wanted to be a pastor i wanted to be. just like my greatgrandfather i was. told in no uncertain terms that the best. i could do was be a pastor’s wife simply. because i don’t have a penis. yeah i’m out that. a couple of friends of mine invited me. to a summer camp when i was in middle. school. the first warning sign i noticed was the. packing list included a bible. but i brushed it off because the camp. brochure had horseback riding. water slides and a bunch of stuff that. seemed cool and then i get there and one. of the first things we had to do was. line up and deposit our money in a camp. account. why so during our twice daily church.

Services we could write donation slips. that would take money out of our account. and give to the camp. you get the idea it was fullon 100. a superconservatist religious christian. summer camp that just happened to have. fun stuff in between the ridiculous. religious nonsense. fun stuff like bands coming in to sing. religious smash hits like my daddy ain’t. a monkey. no i’m not lying that was the name of. the song thank god i was there with. another guy who my friends convinced to. attend camp with us. i eventually confronted them about their. lie and they admitted that had done it. because they knew i wasn’t a believer. and did it to save me i told them that i. didn’t care what their reasons were if. they were my friends they wouldn’t have. lied and if they believed so strongly. about it would they really lie etc left.

Camp bewildered and more than a little. betrayed as the years went on and i. continued to see the complete lack of. integrity and regard for honesty amongst. religious people. i was still disappointed but not. surprised. there’s a short period of time where. most of the religion started. everything prior is mythology and. everything after is a cult hmm how. convenient. really toxic people at my church growing. up seeing people only go to church to. make connections and gossip rather than. actually worship and do good for others. i was raised catholic and i always felt. uneasy about the environment. then i learned i had a great aunt living. in a magdalen laundry. then the priest who buried my father. attacked me two weeks later he came off. the worst of that encounter and i. immediately left that socalled church. what i have learned since about it would.

Curl your liver i’m a volunteer now with. the survivor network. the hypocrisy and irony some religious. people are the most corrupt individual. there is. when i realized the bible wasn’t written. by god jesus and it was written by man. and was written like 200 years after. jesus’s death. like i can’t even 100 trust the word of. a good friend who heard something from. someone else in 2022. let alone some game telephone from 2000. years ago. almost everything like i get the fact. that some people manage to keep their. lives stable practicing it. but then there is a limit to things. which i am always annoyed by. i’m not old enough that i can overrule. adults in my family. i just have to shut up and see the . show take place and i can’t say anything. about it when i know that what’s. happening is so wrong. and then there are the people who make.

Religions superior to science and modern. theories. those people annoy me and people who go. to god for every problem instead of. thinking rationally. or at least trying to think but what can. i say people say i’m not old enough. being told as a child that i couldn’t. become a priest because i was a girl. even as a tenyear-old i realized how. unfair that was and that it’s not. because i’m a girl that i’m less than. all the sexual assault cases being put. under the rug and priests being. protected by the vatican. i started caring about what is actually. true all the contradictions of every. religion melt away when you can simply. acknowledge all religions are manmade. religion is like politics too many. pedophiles. i was gifted a paraphrased bible in. sixth grade by a youth pastor and. decided to actually read the thing.

Looking back on it i probably was not. reading the scripture as it should be. read. but i remember thinking wow none of this. happened. i remember having to listen to a bible. story where god was a dick. people worshipped a false god got. challenged asked for proof of real god. converted when given proof and then god. killed m all for being sinners. kinda just said to myself do i want to. worship a god like that. dot. i went to a catholic high school in. northern illinois in the late 90s. my family never attended church in all. my life mom was lapsed catholic dad was. jewish unitarian undecided for whatever. reasons they felt this was a better. option than the public high schools. we had to do 20 hours of volunteer. service work aka ministry each semester. 40 hours per school year by four years i. did mine at the animal shelter i became.

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Very concerned about animal and human. rights we even founded an animal rights. club at the school i was also an amnesty. international i cannot describe in mere. words how much the experience at the. shelter changed my life during those. formative years. my final semester of senior year my. monstrous religion teacher decreed that. none of the hours i had done since my. first day as a freshman counted. because and these words came directly. from his mouth animals don’t. have souls thank goodness we had some. amazing nuns who stood up for me and i. was able to graduate. you mr lapec love you sister pole. as a kid someone explaining to me that. my dog that just died wouldn’t be in. heaven. i’d never see him again because dogs. can’t accept jesus christ as their. personal savior so he was going to hell. pretty much done with it after that.

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