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Hello darlings happy valentine’s day it. is i michael knowles the daily wires. love guru. the producers have been perusing reddit. the deep bowels of the internet. for the myriad romantic dilemmas that. people are facing today so that i can. pontificate and give you my expert. advice i call him. the love guru we have. five files here. five very difficult. thorny romantic cases. huh. we will be going through them one by one. without further ado let’s get started on. case. number. one she canceled our date. because of my zodiac sign. well you know actually on second thought. here’s the advice. according to. the people of it astrology is just. racism for women. true. uh she’s obviously cancer oh. come on that’s pretty funny uh that’s. such a virgo thing to do you’re telling. me. uh well i mean you are an aries. all right let’s see this guy’s full.

Issue i’m a bit thrown off by this but i. was canceled on due to my zodiac sign. throughout the week before work i visit. a coffee shop i go practically every. weekday and i’ve been seeing the same. barista there every morning we seemed to. click well with our small conversations. and after chatting with her for a few. weeks i decided to offer my number since. she was on the clock. she declined to take my number but gave. me her snapchat. okay. we chatted a bit on snapchat and agreed. to go on a date friday about an hour. after that she said she wouldn’t be able. to go out with me because she saw on my. snap profile that i was in aries she. said she doesn’t date aries but it was. nice meeting me is this something that. is common in the dating world i’ve never. been rejected over my zodiac sign. before so it kind of surprised me okay i.

Have a few different layers of advice. here. first of all. if a woman. is making these big sorts of decisions. potentially lifechanging decisions. based on astrology. run. not merely because she’s very probably. an idiot but also because she might be a. witch we’ll find the witch may we burn. uh see the issue with astrology in the. bible when they say don’t you know. consult astrologers and things is not. because astrologers are charlatans. although very often they are charlatans. but also because astrology is obviously. real and can compromise your free will. so don’t do that you know so sometimes. it’s real engine so you don’t want to do. that that’s a very very bad thing she. sounds a little bit kooky so probably. that would give you a pretty terrible. life and then the i’d say the deepest. layer of advice here is it might just be.

An excuse because she doesn’t like you. that much after you chatted so i hate to. give you the really hard advice here but. it’s probably just an excuse like oh no. i’m i’m busy i’ve got yeah i’ve got to. study for an exam oh yeah my grandma. died oh my other grandma died oh my. third grandma died. it’s not you it’s me i don’t think that. works so it’s okay buddy there’s more. fish in the sea number two pretty sure. this girl i’m seeing has an only fans oh. uh how do i find the evidence. uh you go to is that easy. uh the first response is don’t push your. misogynistic white male bs on her if you. can’t handle it leave no need to try to. prevent her from living her best life. yeah if you don’t love me when i’m a. prostitute you can’t have me when i. remain a prostitute because i refuse to. give it up for a better life um no no.

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That’s not great advice tiny hands 25. says i guess it just really depends on. how hot she is. a kid is already tough but maybe she’s. enough of a smoke show to get over that. and only fans i guess maybe she’s a. child too and she could be making bank. so that that advice is not only do you. need to respect the only fans thing but. hey you can also make some money on it. you can be a pimp you can be what you. always wanted to be a pimp okay. what’s the full problem here my friend. let’s not get into the ins and outs of. why i think this girl hasn’t only fans. all right calm down here with the. graphic descriptions. she has kids and she financially carries. them. and her legit universally unattractive. female friend who babysits for her. she does side hustles some that i know. about and she doesn’t live like a super.

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Boss high roller but to me there’s no. way her life adds up she says she. doesn’t get help from baby daddies or. family she seemed from the start to have. suspiciously really good game at sending. me captioned spicy photos over the phone. that i didn’t request or instigate. there are a few other reasons but i will. not get into them since they are a bit. more personal in nature i’m 90 sure she. has this going on she claims that she’s. not doing it and has never done anything. like that i don’t believe her the bottom. line is my position is as a man with. resources i’m doing what i’m doing. anyway because i have to do to do my due. diligence it’s not a choice it’s really. more about moral due diligence i can’t. seriously be with a person who would do. something like that and lie about it to. me if she wants to involve me in her.

Life she already has strikes against her. and it’s amazing i’m still seeing her. knowing she already has kids and. everything. i’m starting to like the girl a lot more. than i like you i think you’re. you might be the baddie here guy if this. is your attitude uh how do i find out. that she has an only fans how do i. discover it we’ve already had. conversations where she knows a. surprising amount of information about. how that works for girls she knows about. geoblocking how do i find the evidence i. think i can handle it if i just 100 have. the evidence you sound like a freaking. psycho this woman should run from you as. fast as she possibly can there should be. uh this womanshaped hole in the door. she runs so fast out of the room because. you’re pursuing her how charitable that. you would even entertain the possibility.

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Of having a relationship with her even. though she’s already got all those. strikes against her you know like kids. she didn’t even make the responsible. choice and kill her child when she got. knocked up gosh can you you’re like. mother teresa aren’t you buddy good. grief i don’t maybe she hasn’t only fans. maybe not you obviously you can’t trust. her that’s more a you problem than her. problem. you’re like calling in the nsa and the. fbi to figure out the details of this. woman’s past life good go. seek help see go get a you don’t need a. girlfriend you need a therapist go find. a therapist. all right next question number three. i saw my friend’s fiance on a dating app. i haven’t talked to him in a few years. should i say something to him. oh the current fiance yikes this is the. the answers from people on reddit why.

Assume that the fiance is cheating on. him rather. they could be open or polyamorous. and telling him would just shame their. fun and open lifestyle. just mind your business and don’t force. your radical and closeminded opinion on. him that marriage has a meaning you know. your radical insane opinion. that you shouldn’t just be a hedonistic. sexual degenerate you know that crazy. view. next one. i want to read the name for this second. respondent tilikum was framed. that was the uh sea world killer whale. that that killed that lady great name uh. send him an anonymous email fair enough. champagne or boy the correct thing is to. match her and i’m not gonna read that. word. but. it’s uh naughty and no you should not do. that to her uh none of your business. your friend will never believe you. been there done that. that might be true as well all right.

Let’s get the whole story hi all i was. swiping through bumble last night and i. was surprised to see my friend’s fiancee. pop up on my screen she was verified. through the app so i don’t think it was. a bot her post didn’t mention anything. about her being in an open relationship. or anything like that i just remember my. friend posting something on social media. about her like a week ago about how. lucky he is to have her and how much she. means to him so it kind of threw me for. a loop i checked and the post is still. there and his profile pic is of him and. her his relationship status says they. are engaged they also have a young child. together oh my gosh. the thing is that i’m not close with him. anymore we went to high school together. and then worked for a few years together. at the same job we got along pretty well.

And hung out outside of work but stopped. talking over time i checked my messages. and the last time i talked to him. directly was over two years ago we’ll. interact on each other’s social media. posts every once in a while but that’s. about it my question is should i bring. this to his attention i feel some. obligation since we used to be friends. but at the same time we haven’t talked. in a while so maybe it’s not my place. what is the correct thing to do here. i the thing is i don’t know how dating. apps work. because i. got together i got back together with my. now wife like right as dating apps were. coming out you’ve got mail so it was i. just i missed it so i don’t and the. reason i mention this is. is it possible that this chick is. just still is on the dating apps but. she’s not actively using it. so what did she sign up for it six.

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Months ago and just she’s so people are. still seeing her. and. it’s it’s but she’s not really actively. doing it i don’t know i you know if you. could figure that out that would be. helpful because if she is still. prowling about even though she’s. allegedly engaged to this guy. i would. i would tell him i know the impulse here. is don’t get involved don’t you know. it’s easier to just ignore it but if. this person is in any way still your. friend i do think you probably owe it to. him to just you you don’t need to make. any accusations you don’t need to you. don’t need to really involve yourself. and. swipe her you know and then go on a date. and be like hey lady stop screwing. around on my friend. but you could just. maybe shoot him a note or a text or. whatever and say. hey bro uh this is going to seem kind of. weird i don’t want to butt my nose in.

Where it doesn’t belong. i’m sure it’s just some glitch on the. website or something but. i saw your i was swiping and i saw your. fiance on this thing i just wanted to. give you a heads up no problem the thing. is if as one of the commenters said if. your. friend or former friend reacts in a. really negative way doesn’t matter. because you guys aren’t that close. anymore uh but i i do think it is the. right thing to do so i i would do it i. would i would let him know i think you’d. feel bad if. i mean i guess i was gonna say if they. got married and had kids and but i guess. they already have a kid together which. is. even more craziness to this whole. scenario. but i do think you’d feel worse if they. you know years and years later he finds. out this chickie has been sleeping. around the entire time and it’s just a.

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Naturally it’s michael next up number four. he made me go half on the first date. any reason is a good reason not to. continue dating if you’re not interested. says one person another person all. details aside seeing a total of 115. dollars being spent on a first date is. sickening. because it’s that’s far too little to. impress a woman i don’t know okay always. offer to pay half and always refuse to. pay more than half stick to this at all. costs works for any gender. no what are you like. what what are you uh. are there a lot of words i want to use. right now that are not family friendly. are you a girly man what do you mean. always just every look every gender just. needs to pay half of you should never. hold the door for a woman and you should. do that so i’m i’m a male feminist yeah. okay bro. prob is a hot take.

But i find that a valid reason to no. longer want to pursue something i. believe whoever initiated the date. should pay letting you split the whole. thing if offered wouldn’t be a turn off. to me but splitting way unevenly. is your argument is euphemism for buy. things for me yeah sort of because men. and women are different okay let’s see. the. full post i 24 year old female met this. guy on hinge 32 year old male and he. invited me out to dinner oh okay he. chose the time and place we made it. there and it was a 30 minute wait so he. suggested getting a drink at a bar. across the street we ended up getting. our appetizer there too since the wait. was a bit long i offered to pay for the. drinks didn’t think he would let me but. he said it’s okay i could pay for the. next dinner i guess. the drinks and appetizer was 45 bucks he.

Paid we made it to dinner and it rounded. up to about 70 i paid oh my gosh this is. extremely unattractive to me only. because it was a first date he knew he. would get me to pay for dinner and. ordered more appetizers and lots of. extras he chose the place and initiated. the date oh my gosh but i ended up. paying outside of this the conversation. was okay honestly the monetary portion. of the date threw me off it was pretty. gross to me i’ve never had that happen. he texted me but i haven’t texted back i. think i’m no longer interested this is a. good reason to cut him off yes it is it. absolutely is i’m not totally opposed to. splitting checks especially now people. go on like a thousand dates every day. because of all the dating apps and you. can especially if you’re in a big city. just always you’re swiping right.

So. i’m not in all cases 100 opposed to. splitting the check i would never do it. i mean i find it personally kind of. repugnant but i understand why some. people do it now especially if they’re. much younger especially if they don’t. have you know any kind of savings or. anything but in oh my gosh to have the. woman. pay for dinner you invite the woman out. you pick the place and then you have the. woman pay for more than half of the bill. that is so. so lame oh my gosh just as a rule this. is a rule in all of life if you invite. someone to dinner. and especially if you pick the place but. just in general if you invite someone to. dinner you are expected to pick up the. bill. now the other person might say here. let’s split it let’s and maybe you know. you can do that little dance and then. you split it oh okay fine but it is.

Man woman child anyone you’re you happen. to be having a meal with if you invite. them out it is expected that you will. pay for it. when did people people don’t learn. manners anymore well the. you get the last laugh i guess because. this jerk doesn’t end up getting a nice. nice girlfriend so haha too bad for him. okay. last relationship problem and then i’ve. got to listen i’ve got other patients. that i’ve got to see i can’t just deal. with reddit all day. he said i have potential. if i lost weight. okay. all right so. the responses it’s code for i will sleep. with you but as soon as i find someone. else i’m gone. you know what will make you perfect. losing the 175 pounds of the this rude. jerk of a guy. says someone else if a man applied this. logic he’d be forever alone sure but men. and women are different so whatever a.

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Girl canceled a date after my confession. that i’m not exactly six feet tall i’m. five eleven oh yeah well it’s like you. know anyone who says i’m six feet tall. is five eleven because if you’re six. feet tall you say you’re a six one. uh okay let’s see the full story i a 23. year old female had a third date with. this guy a 23 year old guy everything. was fine until he mentioned that he. already finds me cute but i would be. perfect if i lost weight. oh my gosh. i’ve always been upfront about the fact. that i’m on the larger side i’m. 175 centimeters and weigh 80 kilograms. and are apparently french or something. why are you using those silly liberal. measurements whatever i don’t know 80 i. don’t know what i don’t know what that. is i’m an american speak american damn. it so it’s not like it was a surprise. for him before we met i asked him why.

Are we even here then he said that he. would find it stupid to stop himself. from dating me which i personally think. that’s weird because it’s clearly an. important thing for him my selfesteem. isn’t at its highest to begin with so. this definitely isn’t helping either so. okay the producers tell me that’s 170. pounds okay so you know a little bit on. the larger side but you’re the guy. whatever i mean people come in all. shapes and sizes that’s fine and the guy. is saying i think you’re attractive but. but you’re not exactly perfect for how i. want you now so you know figure it out. and then then we can be together yeah. you should run screaming from this guy. because it’s it’s not merely that the. guy. finds thinner women more attractive that. that’s not even the problem the problem. is that he thinks that you’re a little.

Love affair i don’t even i don’t really. like the word relationship it’s so. clinical and modern and lame and. millennial world of relationship we’re. in a partnership so you sound like. you’re in an accounting firm or. something. so in your your love affair what what. he’s making the whole thing about is his. tastes. his. fantasies his his. idea and his idol of what. his. beloved will be and so what he’s saying. is you almost kind of fit into that so. i’m going to try to squeeze pardon my. imagery here i’m going to try to squeeze. it and make it all fit into this box. that i’ve created of of the person i. want to be in love with and you’ll sort. of do for now you’re almost there but. that’s not really love right he’s not in. love with you or it doesn’t really seem. to have any care for you at all he loves. this he has an infatuation he has has a.

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