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Questions To Ask On Dating Sites but this

Hi guys. welcome back to my channel thank you for. coming back if you’re a returning. subscriber. thank you for the support but if you’re. new here if it is your first time. here please don’t leave this channel. without subscribing. and when you subscribe remember to click. the notification bell. so that you get notified whenever i. upload a new video. and today’s video guys i’m going to be. sharing with you. the most important questions to ask a. guy. while online dating question number one. you should ask a guy. online is his marital status. you’re going to tell me bella but i’ve. read this guy’s profile. it says he is single i tell you it does. not matter. ask him again because some men will. write on their profiles on the sides. that they are single but when you start. chatting to them. they will tell you that i accept.

Polygamy. meaning he was the second wife or. some guy will just tell you i am. separated. but still living with their wives you. know but their profile says. they are single and being separated. doesn’t mean this guy is divorced. those are two different things you. should really. understand what kind of a relationship. you’re going to put yourself. into there is this an example that i. want to give you. of the girl that i know who was chatting. with a guy online for some time. but this guy used to disappear during. the weekend. she told me about it and i told her you. know what. this guy might be married be careful she. told me okay. i’ll be careful about that so they. reached at the point where that whereby. they wanted to meet. and the guy was ready to invite the girl. so they started the paperwork and. one day this guy called the girl and.

Told her you know what. i’ve gone to the immigration office and. they told me they wanted. my bank statement i cannot give my bank. statement. because we share the bank with my. exwife and i’m still living with my. exwife we just separated so i am sorry. i cannot invite you. anymore and i think our relationship is. going to be very complicated one. i am sorry it is over you know. so that is what happened this is why. i am telling you it is better to ask. a guy to be sincere to you to tell you. his marital status. if he is married if he is separated. if he is divorced or single. so that you know what kind of. relationship you. are starting and guys before i start. question 2. the man that i’m talking about is the. man that. seems very serious to you. very interested in you and. wanting to know you more not those guys.

That i told you. in my last video where i talked of. how to save time online dating not those. ones. who doesn’t have profile photos not. those ones. who stay half naked on their profiles. not at all i’m talking about of a guy. who seems serious who seems decent. these are the questions that you need to. ask question. two you should ask this guy. where does he live and whom does he live. with it will help you know the location. of this guy. and it will also help you if your. relationship goes further. if you go to the embassy they will ask. you. about that particular country you’re. going to if you know something about it. so it is better to know the country the. location. so that you start researching about it. and. know it more and about the location. some men live in the mountains some men. live in the forest some men live near.

The sea. some men live in the city some men live. in the country side so it’s you. to ask the guy so that you see if you. like living in the countryside. if you like living in the mountains if. you like living. in the forest first life then you decide. number two why you should ask whom does. he live. with it’s because some men live with. their mothers. some men live with their friends i’ve. seen. a case whereby a girl was chatting with. a guy online. and the guy invited a girl a girl came. and when she arrived she found. five guys living with his boyfriend. she was very disappointed she was. she was saying that i am not free i. cannot dress as i want with my man. i cannot even kiss my guy you know these. guys are here. looking at me how will we live i cannot. even cook the food that i want to cook. to my mind. due to these people who are here.

And she was also blaming the boyfriend. that why didn’t he tell me. that he was living with his friends. but it wasn’t the matter of blaming the. guy. she should blame herself too she should. have. asked a guy before who do you live. with it’s so important you need to know. if you’re a girl who wants to live with. only your man. then this relationship will not work or. you’ll tell this guy. before we start our relationship or. before i come to this to you. i want you to live alone i want you to. stay alone because i cannot stand. living with a lot of people in the house. so. ask this it’s so important question. number three. now we’ve been chatting with this guy. and everything is going very. smoothly ask this guy to show you his. house. his home even if it is one bedroom. house but make sure that he shows you. his house if he accepts then you know.

That this guy. is pure he has got nothing to hide. and not only once you can ask it again. maybe after two or three weeks so that. you see. if it is the same location or not. this will help you a lot as you remember. guys i told you. photos backgrounds tells a lot but. a man’s house will tell you a lot. some men who are liars you know if a. person is a liar they tend to forget. so he might forget something that will. tell you. a lot so ask that. question number four that you need to. ask a guy online. i imagine everything is going very well. you’re so in love with each other. this guy loves you so much and you love. him so much. there is chemistry you connect when you. chat when you talk. you see this guy has everything all. boxes tick tick tick tick now we have. been chatting with this guy. for quite some time let us take an.

Example of. three months it’s time to put things. into action ask this guy. when can you meet where and how. these questions are so important guys. because this will tell you how serious. this guy. was some guys stay online just to. fantasize guys. they just fantasize they will tell you. all of the beautiful words. that you want to hear but in real sense. they don’t mean it they are just. fantasizing. they just they are just sick in the head. guys. so ask him when can you meet and how. you cannot charge forever you need to. meet. i want to give you two examples one. example. there was a girl who was chatting with a. guy online. for six months this was a very big. mistake she did. never chat with a guy for six months. without asking him. when can you meet maximum three months. guys. if he is not ready for you to meet just.

Cancel this guy don’t waste your time. so this girl was chatting with this guy. for six months. and they started talking about inviting. each other so the guy told her. i will invite you and the girl was so. happy that. she was she was going to be invited but. in the end when they started the. paperwork. this guy told her that i’m not going to. send you the invitation letter. do everything on your own i’m going to. pay for a ticket. can you imagine this means this old time. this guy was just fantasizing. because these guys who stay online. looking for love let us take an example. looking for a girl in. africa it means that they know. everything they know all. of the processes for the visa they know. them. there is no sense of this guy telling. the girl that i’m inviting you but i’m. not going to send you. an invitation letter then how can this.

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Girl. meet this guy nothing was serious so she. got very disappointed. but it was a mistake to chat with a guy. for. all that time without talking about how. can you meet. when and where number two example. is of a girl who was chatting with a guy. this guy was so romantic. guys he was too good to be true this guy. could send flowers. from austria where he was leaving. to africa to this girl and this guy was. so happy. sometimes sometimes this guy could pay. for his per day. for this girl she could go for massage. pedicure manicure and this guy could pay. he was so romantic. it reached at a point whereby they were. talking about. meeting and this girl told me i told you. guys. i like advising people so this girl. reached out to me to tell me about this. guy and she was like oh my god. i’ve got the one this is mr right i told.

Her this. is good let us keep on seeing this guy. i told her have you asked him when to. meet. she told me yes we’ve talked about it. but. he told me that i should choose two. countries. one dubai second zanzibar. to meet i told her why dubai and why. zanzibar. why can’t this guy invite you to his. country. then she told me no i asked him and he. told me that. it’s because dubai is very beautiful and. he wants to go for. safari desert and also zanzibar is. beautiful i told her. yes but can you visit those countries. after meeting like let him invite you to. his country. for i told her as far as i know. vienna austria is a very beautiful city. a city of love. how can this guy wants to take you to. dubai. to zanzibar there is no need insist that. you want to see vienna because you’ve. heard vienna is so beautiful i would.

Like to see. this beautiful city and meet this guy in. his country. in his city insist insist insist. so she told this guy that i want to come. to vienna i’ve had. the the city is so beautiful. guys this guy. changed completely he was no longer. romantic. he started to become very aggressive on. the phone. he told he told her you’re so stupid i. did not know you are this stupid. you cannot tell me what to do you cannot. tell me where to go. i want to go to dubai you choose if it. is dubai or zanzibar if. not it’s over. can you imagine guys what was this guy. hiding what was he hiding in vienna. why couldn’t he invite the girl to. vienna. why it means there was something this. guy was. hiding it’s so clear because if this guy. really really loved this girl. he could not even say it’s over question. number five. this is super important guys never.

Ignore this question. to ask a guy if he is ready to have. children. in the future never ignore this. because some men don’t want to have. children. in their life never they don’t think of. that. and they don’t want it’s normal because. that is the way he has chosen to live. his life. so it’s better for you to know if you. want children and the guy. don’t want children then it means your. relationship will not work. so this means you will have to end the. relationship. in the early stage i’ve seen the case. whereby these people are chatting online. and they met when they met the girl. brought a question of children in the. future. and the guy told the girl that you know. what i have one baby. i’m not planning to have another baby in. my life. never i cannot promise you maybe i’ll. change my mind after three months. or after a year no this is permanent.

I don’t want children i have one it’s. enough. the girl started crying she started. saying that. why didn’t you tell me before that you. don’t want children but she did not ask. how could he tell her she did not ask. this question. so the relationship ended guys just. because of that. it’s important ask the guy. if he plans to have children in the. future. or not it’s so important guys. question number six that you need to ask. a guy online. is his hobbies don’t tell me bella. i’ve seen you in his profile the hobbies. no. ask him again this will help you a lot. to know what does this guy do on his. free time. during the weekend all the day when. this guy does not work what does he do. or if you share the same hobbies. or not and some men. some men guys have got strange. hobbies. and they will tell you because it’s. their hobbies.

They will tell you openly but if you. don’t ask. it will hit you as a surprise when you. start your relationship. and you’ll be like oh my god what have i. got myself. into you know. so it’s better to know men on the part. of sex life which is very sensitive guys. they like a very strange strange. games and it’s their hobbies when doing. sex it’s so sensitive i don’t want to go. deep into that. but this is to give you an idea. of some strange hobbies so be careful. ask about it ask don’t ignore it please. and we’re talking of the serious guy. question number seven don’t click off. please it is the last one. ask a guy what job does he do. this is not to know the financial status. of the guy. not at all this will help you to know. if the guy is lying or not because. some men will tell you i’m an engineer. i’m an architecture i am a pilot.

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I work at the bank just. to keep you chatting with him but in. real sense. it’s not true yes. because some men online if i tell this. girl. the true job that i do maybe she’s going. to run. so it’s better i lied to her and we. don’t want. men who lie we want to charge to real. men men who tell the truth. and in love financial status does not. matter at. all that comes last fast. you should find love then the financial. status. lutima in italiano they say lutima the. last one. so ask the guy what kind of job does he. do. i want to give you another example. but after this example i want you to. tell me if this guy was telling the. truth. or not in the comments below. tell me please so there was this girl. who was chatting with a guy. and this guy told her that he has been. working for 10 years as an. engineer but he lives in one bedroom.

Apartment. with a friend but his salary. is 10 000 per month. when he started chatting with this girl. he told her that. i want to invite you and when you come. next month i will start planning to look. for a more bigger house. for us but what got me. so surprised is the salary of this guy. but he is living with a friend. in one bedroom apartment. really i don’t know. but to end this story they continued. chatting with this girl. and i told this girl ask this ask this. ask this question ask. this in the end. you know what happened to mr engineer he. disappeared. he started bringing stories blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah you know i. heard. this situation has happened this that. then. he disappeared mr engineer. so tell me in the comments below if mr. engineer was. telling the truth or not. but guys please ask. these men you meet online what kind of a.

Job. they do and tell them to be. open tell them to be sincere. and tell the truth. my advice to you who is online looking. for love. you will find love because among all. those. men who are sick who fantasize. who lie exist good men exist men. who are truly looking for true love. but you should also keep it in mind that. online dating is not all that safe. so you should be very careful exist. seek people who like to see people. suffer. and don’t allow people to waste your. time. online if you see something that is not. adding up. to your sense please delete this person. leave him don’t allow him to torture you. because. some people are sick like i said they. say behind the camera they chat with you. and they like to see you suffer they. like to see you. crying for them and tell themselves that. this is so stupid. how could she believe that i loved her.

You know. how could she believe i even existed it. would be. very careful extra extra. careful don’t allow people to waste your. time don’t allow. people to use you like i said. in that video of don’t allow people. waste your time save your time. online and don’t take it very serious. if a guy disappoints you online don’t. take it. to the heart not at all it is just. online dating you know. you’re just having fun if you find true. loving that’s okay if you don’t find. again that’s okay maybe you’ll find a. guy. out from the side not in the side. so don’t take it very serious don’t keep. it at heart. i’ve seen a case whereby a guy this time. was a guy. who killed himself because he was. planning to meet a girl and all the time. this girl was. just disappointing him they planned the. girl to go for the birthday of the guy.

She did not go they planned for the girl. to go for. christmas nothing she did not appear. in the end the guy took his life. but do you know what was the shocking. news. in the end this girl never existed. it was just another person who was on. the computer. just typing just chatting with this guy. trying to make him crazy and he was. enjoying doing. this to this guy so don’t take it. serious. for me i said if i was this guy. first time we plan to meet and you do. not come. then i give you the second chance you do. not come. then i can’t sell you i delete you i. don’t give you another chance. and i don’t give you even the time to. take. my life not at all. that person does not deserve that love. the person who loves you. love the person who cares about you if a. person can do that to you it means. he does not care why should you cry.

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