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Hey y’all it’s alana and welcome back to. my channel so for this video we are. gonna be doing. five. winter dates in portland that you should. be doing right now if you’re new to my. channel hi welcome i post content about. what it’s like to navigate life and. dating in portland so if you’re thinking. about moving to portland or maybe you’re. just single navigating the dating world. wherever the case may be go ahead and. subscribe down below to join the kitten. squad because i think you’ll really like. it here without further ado let’s go. ahead and get into some fun date spots. i have said from time and time again on. this channel that i am a firm believer. in creative dating i love creative dates. it is so much better than just grabbing. coffee or drinks. they are more intimate in my opinion and. they’re just more fun in general and.

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Since i have been in portland for almost. a year now which is insane i’ve. discovered a lot of fun things that. would be great date ideas to do this. winter in portland so let’s get into the. first thing. the portland japanese tea garden is an. excellent date spot i think personally. you could do this during any season. because each season has different things. to offer. with plants in bloom or where there’s. some fall of foliage. and then even in the winter it’s still. really pretty so i definitely recommend. going to the japanese tea garden because. there’s so many things to enjoy and who. doesn’t like admiring nature with. somebody i think this is a great date. spot it is a little bit on the pricier. side tickets are almost 19. per adult i do believe if you have a. membership it is a little bit cheaper so. that is one downside about this date but.

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Once you’re finished walking around the. gardens and you want to get yourself out. of the chilly weather make sure that you. have gotten yourself a reservation at. the umami cafe and that way you and your. partner or your date can go ahead and. share a nice cup of tea together with. some light bites and refreshments this. is a great date spot i think there’s. nothing better than drinking some nice. warm tea on a chilly winter day. the second thing i think you should do. is go to a blazers game i’ve said this. before in one of my old san francisco. videos because i was a huge advocate for. going to a giants game well do this with. a blazers a game i think sporting events. make great dates i wouldn’t recommend it. for a first date but if you’ve been. seeing somebody for a while now it’s a. great date spot. i love sporting events for a date.

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Because i think there’s a really great. balance of socialization and then being. able to also enjoy the actual event even. if you’re not a big sports fan i still. think you would really enjoy this just. because there’s so much going on at a. basketball game along with the blazers. event i mean they always do like fun. things for the crowd it’s always cool if. the big screen catches you on camera and. you can wave to the big camera that’s. always like a fun thing to do plus i. mean you can’t beat stadium food i mean. i love a good stadium soft pretzel i. don’t know about you but this is a. really great thing to do in the winter. since nba basketball typically. is really. popular within the fall in the winter. and then it obviously goes into the. spring but i know like a lot of the. games will happen during the winter so.

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This is a great activity to do during. this time of the year. this is a place that i recently went to. and this is 1927. s’mores company oh my gosh this would. make such a great winter spot because. they have delicious s’mores and they. have amazing hot cocoa. nothing screams winter like hot cocoa to. me i will say. the seating inside is very limited but. if you do have a date in the afternoon. this is the perfect time to go where you. can get those seats by the windows and. be able to share a cup of hot cocoa and. some s’mores with your partner or your. date this place does get really crowded. at night so i definitely recommend this. being a daytime thing if you don’t want. to be standing in line because like i. said the seating is very limited and. also. make sure that. you are prepared because this day can. get a little sticky and messy from the.

S’mores so make sure that you turn your. judgment off because you and your. partner will probably have marshmallow. and chocolate all over your face but. that’s what makes this so fun so this is. a great place that i recommend you check. out it is in southwest portland really. close to the goose hollow neighborhood. and. i definitely recommend that you get. their hot chocolate because there’s so. many fun things that you can do to. decorate it so that is my third. suggestion for you. a great date that i really like if you. are in the mood to grab some alcoholic. beverages with your date is to go to the. goose hollow in in goose hollow so what. i like about goose hollow for a winter. date spot is that they have a decent hot. drinks menu i really like their irish. coffee and i think this is a very cozy. and intimate fun place for a winter date.

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They also have a heated patio if that’s. something you want to try out yourself. and also be able to enjoy some of that. winter chill with some heat along the. way but this is a great spot for a great. winter date and they have a really good. food menu as well it is a little bit. smaller of a selection of food but it’s. still very good the hot drinks are. really good so if you do want a drink. date this is a good place to go and do. it because it just screams a winter date. in my book. and finally what’s a great winter day. without a trip to a place with a fire. pit so. cartopia food truck park is an excellent. spot for a winter day so this is located. in the hawthorne district and what i. like about this is that they have three. different fire pits and they have a. heated tent and plus they have like a. huge selection of food options so that.

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