Polyamory Dating

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I have been on a lot of dates I don’t. know how many but a lot maybe like 100. and I would say I wouldn’t say it’s got. easy although it has because I’ve got. more experience with going on dating and. like all the little idiosyncrasies that. come with dating like dating is just I. just find it really stupid like if I’m. honest like you just it’s kind of like. this game and like you have to play and. you can’t be like a lot of the time you. can’t be honest with each other in many. ways because just for so many reasons. and you know I played around with that. over the years and I’ve tried being. honest I’ve tried like saying things. real revealing things about myself and. you know some things you reveal work out. well and other things down sometimes. you’re just not compatible and that’s. how it is but I think I would say dating.

As a polyamorous person is more. difficult because for one thing it’s. harder to find people who are polyamory. or polyamorous and and for another thing. it’s difficult to navigate the space of. polyamory because it’s kind of like not. really accepted so it’s kind of I had I. struggle a lot with and talking about. polyamory with new people because people. react in such different ways you know. I’ve had everything I’ve had people. basically freak out and tell me that I’m. a complete bastard or you know like. acting like I’ve done something. drastically wrong I’ve had that right. through to people being like oh that’s. great like you know. it’s so nice to meet somebody else it’s. got these ideas but it’s kind of like. having to navigate that space is is. really difficult because you’re dealing. with somebody who you have no idea what.

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