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Man man man i ain’t supposed to be. spilling the tea but since i’m up and. you ask nicely i got you so there’s some. red flags and dudes all right. all right so the first one and i’m. pretty sure a lot of you ladies can. relate to this one is biased like he. don’t got no money acting like he don’t. got money to take you out on no date buy. you flowers or do nothing like that but. he always got money for weed be acting. like he broke but he always with his. homies smoking or doing something to. that matter always going out all right. he lying to you he really just don’t. want to spend his money on you all right. next. he be calling every girl his sister or. his cousin or something like that i know. like it’s not even like that like she’s. like a sister to me for real. i understand like if he got one friend. that he cool with and he’d be like.

That’s his sister for real then okay but. if he do that with mad different girls. then nah. he’s lying next one they swear they. always busy but they got nothing to show. for it. like hey if you got yourself a hard. working man and he really busy or maybe. he on his grind with school or he. athlete and he working out okay that’s. good you know what i’m saying you should. respect that but if a dude acting like. they always busy they got nothing to. show for like okay you acting like you. busy but you failing your classes you. acting like you’re busy but you don’t. got no money so it’s not like you was. working or anything then like what was. you really busy doing he giving you the. red flags and guys that us ladies look. out for hi hello it’s anne ladies let me. know guys pay attention let’s go one. it’s when he doesn’t try to get along.

With our family or friends two it’s when. he makes you feel bad about yourself. like you could be wearing an amazing. outfit and he’s kind of like. maybe you shouldn’t be wearing that. and three he downplays your. accomplishments like instead of. celebrating with you he makes it all. about him ladies let me know. let’s play game of flags red flags if. they’re constantly criticizing their ex. that you’ve never met before but it’s. just like yo they were trash they sucked. blah blah that’s actually a huge red. flag means he has narcissistic. tendencies and he’s probably not gonna. care about you either he don’t want to. talk about it. because guess what it’s not important if. he doesn’t talk through issues with you. red flag he’d say some. communication rules a nation papa you. need to understand if he is not. consistent with his communication and he.

Ain’t on point he don’t care that’s a. red flag. are they constantly testing your. boundaries yo call out to work sick i. want to see you no don’t go hang out. with your friends hang out with me. instead red flag and most of all. if he’s not making the plans with you. he’s not following up and securing the. bag. he don’t want it straight up. i don’t know if y’all want to call these. red flags or signs when i’m about to. give them to y’all cuz y’all need them. if he has not contacted you all day. that’s a red flag period if he don’t. contact you during or after the club. that’s a doug he don’t like you if he. take his phone to the bathroom to pieces. you ain’t it if he always leaving you to. wonder where y’all stand he don’t like. you if he got a girl best friend he. won’t cut that hoe off even though she. mad disrespectful to you.

You ain’t it don’t get confused by him. talking to you certain times of the day. that he like you because he don’t cause. let’s be honest people have a phone in. their hands all the time so if you. accept him texting you sometimes that’s. on you because men be knowing exactly. what they doing and they gonna do it as. long as you let them. ladies these are some red flags you need. to look for him in. it’s out of the power let’s get it. number one if he ain’t taking you out on. a real date. like if he just want to ride around town. and and just come back to the house. i’m gonna tell you this one time and one. time only get the hell out of there babe. like for real you’re definitely a side. piece get you a real man who wants to. show you off to the world. number two is when he tries to control. what you wear out in public.

Red flag. you’re a grown ass woman you can wear. whatever the hell you want to out in. public baby girl. show off that fancy dress. number three is when he has anger issues. and he punches holes in walls and . like for real sweetheart get the hell. out of there before he ends up beating. your ass we don’t do that we don’t mess. around with none of that that’s. that domestic you heard. number four is when you’re always. looking fine as hell and he’s never. complimenting you. baby that’s a red flag he’s supposed to. be hyping you up he’s supposed to be. your number one fan. like come on bro you know better than. that. and number five is when he don’t own a. truck or a car like what you look. like chauver and his little ass around. oh soft ass tell him to get a job and go. get him a vehicle get your together. biggest red flag in a guy.

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They call their exgirlfriend to tycho. if any man ever says this to me on a. first date i’m leaving i am getting out. of my chair and i’m getting in my car. and i’m driving home. these are red flags to look out for in. relationships part one what’s up y’all. to boy timothy spokes don’t forget to. applaud us to your life in. consistency i can’t stress this enough. if a person makes you feel loved one day. and then the next day makes you feel. like nothing there is a problem there. there should never be a time where your. partner makes you feel like you don’t. matter the more consistently your. partner shows that they love and care. about you illustrates that it’s gonna be. a good relationship trust. hey y’all my mouth is a little messed up. from surgery so i’m basically going to. be doing my reflection man because.

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I did a video like this a long time ago. about my turnoffs but this one’s going. to be red flags. so number one is when the jersey is hung. up on the wall if you got the jerseys on. the wall you need to run away right now. he got the thumbtacks and they stuck to. the wall run any football or a. basketball player especially if they d1. d2. even d3 even if they’re not going. nowhere even if they’re not going. nowhere red flags t j or c names anybody. name would start with any of them. letters. run. if they had taurus or a cancer that’s. selfexplanatory the taurus men and. cancer men are just not it talks about. his ex way too much if you’re talking. about your ex way too much you’re not. even over her. if someone says you got all the money. what you mean. you ain’t got none. or like if they fight too much you in. the streets too much you’re gonna put.

Your hands on me too one of the reddest. red flags a man can have if he’s a sort. of person to punch a wall because you. angered him he’s not sparing you from a. punch he’s grooming you to accept what. he’ll eventually do to you. be careful let’s talk about another huge. huge red flag a man can have if he’s the. sort of person to say oh you’re not like. other girls he’s not flattering you he’s. admitting that he has a low regard for. your entire gender just because you’re a. woman it’s not a compliment run. now i just want the ladies to beware if. he has any of these red flags it may be. time to. cut him off. red flag number one if he. shows unhealthy signs of aggression like. wall punching and real loud cussing for. no . red flag because he gonna end up. beating your ass that’s a woman being. right there stay away from them type for.

Shelter show. red flag number two if. your boyfriend always say he trapping. but then he only come home with like 37. dollars red [ __ ]. flag you ain’t trapping you. trapped with your cap and ass. red flag number three if. he spent most of his time with his. homies or her boys and he hardly ever. spend any time with you. red flag because that’s. kind of suspect but i ain’t gonna lie. flag number four if he. always too busy for you and never make. time. red flag he don’t like you for real i’ma. just be 100 with you we’ll make time if. we really like you for real and last but. not least red flag number. five if he around here stunned like he. got it like he paid and he lied he ain’t. really got at all. red flag first of all. stop lying to your girl she. probably gonna be the one to help you. out for real for real homies ain’t gonna.

Give you sick and when she see yo ass. she really needs to tell your. ass. red flags and guys that ladies look out. for. ladies let me know guys pay attention. it’s out of the powell let’s get it. number one is when he doesn’t try to get. along with your friends and family like. baby girl if he can’t get along with. them he can’t get along with you. don’t sacrifice friendships over a dude. number two is when he tries to make you. feel bad about yourself like you could. be all dressed up think you all dolled. up and he’s like i don’t think you. should wear that out tonight like look. here little boy if you don’t appreciate. what she’s wearing some other dude will. i know i will with your fine ass. and number three is when he downplays. your accomplishments. like he’ll try to make it all about him. and not celebrate with you.

Like look here little boy it ain’t all. about you. your girl just got her nursing degree go. buy her a bottle of wine and celebrate. with her stay confident ladies i love. you all get your together. what are some weirdly specific things. that you consider to be red flags in men. ooh i’m calling us out let’s do it. if he’s never taken accountability in. anything he’s done in his life he’s not. where he’s at because it’s everyone. else’s faults and not his own. he drives an f150. he can’t twostep if he’s incredibly. gorgeous because i assure you he’s never. worked for anything hard in his life. that includes women they’re throwing. themselves at him so don’t expect him to. be a gentleman. if the dude’s got a body like an early. 90s van damme. if he doesn’t have a headboard. if he’s too good to be true or if he. comes off incredibly strong he’s just.

Trying to get in your pants i’ve made. plenty of videos on that. check check him out. if he says he’s a man of. god i swear to god if he’s got two kids. with two different women. after one date he’s ready to meet your. parents. and last he questions every guy friend. in your life or every boyfriend when did. that happen ladies you’re not gonna like. this one either because y’all love. talking about i want my dude to have one. follower and one pick on instagram and. only like better be his mom but it is 20. 21 but if you’re not on social media or. your social media mad dry and all facets. that’s a red flag i just feel like if. you trying to be that ghost and that low. key you up to some sneaky and you. don’t want nobody in your business or. nobody know who you are and there’s a. reason for that all right so pay. attention to that one y’all probably.

Already know this one but y’all seem to. ignore for some reason and always try to. give dudes the benefit of the doubt but. nah if a do go all day without talking. to you bro just stop just stop messing. with him because you know he on social. media you know he’s you know he has his. phone bro like i don’t care what you do. but i don’t care if you’re at work if. you’re at school like the only excuses. if you dead like at practice or. something or working out or doing some. type of physical activity that you. literally cannot be on your phone but. even then bro like it’s not hard. it’s not hard to send a little text in. between activities like oh my fault i. was doing this i’m about to go do this. so i won’t be able to talk to you for a. while but going a whole day is crazy red. flag it’s over. i have spent my entire lunch break.

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Taking red flag quizzes for girls so. let’s make one for the guys. if wearing jerseys is a fashion. statement for you. if your favorite artist is drake. if you wear crew socks with shorts. if you comment on celebrities instagram. posts. if you have ever dm’d a celebrity. if all your exes look like they could be. sisters. if you think it’s weird to compliment a. man. if you go to clemson university. if you seek validation by talking about. how girls never love you and no one ever. chooses you. if you have ever made a comment about a. girl in her fake eyelashes. it features your favorite artist. if you don’t have a job. if you have black eyes hanging in your. car. if you’ve ever had someone do homework. for you. if you drive a black car. last but not least if your name starts. with jay. weirdly specific red flags and guys part.

Two. if he carries a gallon jug of water with. him at all times. if he takes a picture and puts it on a. story every single time he goes to the. gym or golfing. guys who say sheesh. if he currently plays or has ever played. lacrosse. if he can’t admit that at some point in. his life he has had a crush on a cartoon. character. guys who wear pit vipers. literally guys that go to parties or are. in a frat. guys whose goto character for mario. kart is waluigi. guys who don’t tip. guys who don’t wash their hands after. peeing. and one last one uh guys who vape. just never trust a vapist red flags in. the beginning of a relationship one. if he takes more than 10 hours to. respond consistently i don’t give a . if he if his grandma choked on the pork. chop you better respond fast. everybody has their phone in their hands. okay.

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