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Tell them how i am huh i’m doing a day. in the life of a plus size influencer oh. my god a psychopath please strap in. just come on in have a seat thank you. what’s up it’s your girl danny dmc. welcome to the channel or welcome back. if you’re a part of the confidence crew. what’s up you guys i have a crazy day. today and last minute i just decided why. not film a day in the life of a. plussize influencer in la i have face. wash all over my face right now i feel. like we’re always meeting like this in. videos like this. but recently i did a day in the life of. a plussize model in la and you guys. loved it and like i said today’s gonna. be. i got a crazy schedule today okay so i. thought it’d be the perfect day to try. and bring you around the madness. so right now the reason you’re always. seeing me like this in the beginning of.

These videos is this is the start to my. day i need a solid selfcare routine to. make sure that i am. feeling good in my skin i am moisturized. my skin is on one thou owl so i have a. bomb canvas which i talked about in my. last video so before i get into today’s. crazy schedule if you are not a part of. the confidence crew you surely will be. by the end of this video but i want you. to hit that big juicy red button. screaming subscribe you below i want you. to be confident that decision if you are. not confident fully confident watch this. entire video and i guarantee you by the. end of it you’ll be running to hit that. subscribe button okay. so today’s schedule is wild so right now. it’s about 9 a.m i’m getting up i’m. doing my skincare i’m doing my body care. and then i’m going to start on my makeup. i’m doing light makeup this morning.

Because i am filming with my best friend. javi we are filming a uh best friend. rates bikini haul for cupchi which is. actually who i modeled for in my last. video that i did like this um and then i. am shooting savage so i’m shooting. pictures for them and i’m shooting. um stories for them. then sammy is going to scoop me up and. we are going to go to a pretty little. thing event with covid how their events. work now is like you kind of just pop in. um so they have time slots so it’s 11 am. to 5 p.m i think we’re gonna go between. like two and three. um and so i’ll take you guys to that. and then you’d think it’d be over after. that but it’s not tonight i got invited. to. the launch of or the opening grand. opening of savage’s um. second brick and mortar and it’s in. culver city by the time you guys are. seeing this video this day has long.

Passed it is currently super bowl. weekend so there is a lot going on and a. lot of events going on. um but it’s going to be a crazy day so i. thought today would be the perfect day. to just show you what a jampacked day. of the life of plussized influencer in. la looks like this is a very typical day. especially precoveted events were like. all the time and you would shoot and. work go to a day event go to a night. event it was very common and it’s kind. of starting to pick back up especially. with like a big you know high activity. weekend like this one. so i feel like it’s the perfect time i. need to go get this face wash off. because it’s starting to sink into my. skin. but you guys are. on the journey now you are along for a. good ride today is going to be a good. day i’ll hop back on here when i’m. shooting my savage stuff and give you a.

Little bts of that and bts of me and. javi filming and just get ready for a. good day and i’m excited to show you. like the ins and outs of being an. influencer in la being a plussize. influencer in la and all the goodies the. good the bad the in between that come. with that so let’s get into it okay you. guys just finished my skincare routine. and oiling down my body also look at my. man’s body. tbell for the super bowl is working. with nike and jordan doing some. installations so. he’s gone pretty much this whole weekend. but i wanted him to get his shot and. babe tell them so i’m filming a day in. the life of a plussize influencer only. you truly know how hard i work because. we live together you’re dating like a. real bad actually. how hard do i work babe. is this lifestyle for everybody you work. as hard as armadillo you know what i’m.

Saying trying to defend himself off from. getting hating or something you feel you. hard body you know what i’m saying. you go crazy i ain’t gonna lie like i. really from the outside looking in and. thought it was way more sweet sweet yeah. i think a lot of people do like it’s a. lot of work a lot of work a lot of long. days long hours it’s really a 24 7 job. yeah 24 8 24 8. all right y’all i’m. about to do some light makeup like i. said because later today i’m gonna have. to take it all off to like really beat. my face for the savage event so stay. tuned okay you guys so this is where. stuff gets critical javi’s already on. her way so i’m actually gonna probably. shoot savage after we’re done shooting. cup she these are all the items we have. to shoot i like to lay everything out i. usually don’t open stuff previously.

Unless it’s a fashion haul and i want to. try stuff on so this is savage this is. cup she. we have this is my manfrotto tripod. my use my canon m50 for um shooting. hauls and then this what i’m using right. now is the sony zv1 which i love and. then i also have two of these tripods. i’m filming some behind the scenes on my. phone and then i have another one of. these this screws off and i will screw. this camera. onto that. so you guys can get a shot of. the bts as well. um i we’re shooting in my bedroom today. there’s a lot of different places i. shoot all over my house where night it’s. nice that we have a three bed uh three. floor townhouse there’s a lot of. different variety and where you can. shoot but i’ve been really enjoying this. setup i have here and if i need. additional light i have a ring light. that i will turn on because it is a.

Little shadowy today. um so i’m going to show you guys all of. that also with savage i need to look up. so basically what happens with savage a. lot of times is they. you have two posts per month right. um an instagram story in feed post and. then a story post. and basically how it works is a lot of. times you post one in the beginning of. the month and one at the end of the. month. and a lot of times they’ll have a drop. in the middle of the month so like those. items you can’t post for your first. round it has to be in your second round. and it is valentine’s month so i know. for sure i remember her telling me. that there are specifics. um so i’m looking through our emails now. because the worst thing you could do is. shoot something and it can’t go live. because. um it hasn’t dropped yet online and i’m. very. particular about.

My work i like to double triple check. things because i’m one that does not. like to go back i’m a perfectionist i. want to do it right the first time. so i will always do that. i’m also vlogging we got a lot going on. today i know. this is how i am tell them how i am huh. i’m doing a day in the life of a plus. size influencer oh my god a psychopath. please strap in. she was like. i was on my way here and she was like. are you almost here should i shoot. savage first. you look beautiful this is cute right. wait wait wait it’s puff sheet. i’m gonna show you guys because i’m. gonna put it in the hall look at us in. our silky like we always match without. intentionally doing it i know we’re so. late okay cute okay so we’re gonna get. started you guys are gonna see some bts. we are gonna be filming bestie rates my. valentine’s day bikini.

One camera. two cameras three cameras four tripod. with a ring light oh my god and clothes. and a director’s chair because i am the. director today. okay. ready for the intro. yes. let’s do it. okay. what’s up it’s your girl danny dmc. welcome to my channel welcome back if. you are part of the confidence crew if. you’re part of the crew you already know. who this baddie to my left is what’s up. everybody my name is hobby it is la. javiera in the building. you ready. let’s get into these looks baby. and that is. one take shot yes okay you can there’s. something on there it’s from your. damn brother tyler bell. okay we’re shooting the thumbnail we. have one bikini left. and um. this is how thumbnails go so. um i want you to just be blown away by. my beauty. lord have mercy okay. obviously that was not it oh. no. my battery just died wow this is real.

Life live action this is live what. happens day in the life but luckily. we got it she is always over prepared. never under prepared. oh it’s over never under oh he’s over. now she is a. one mississippi two mississippi three. mississippi four minutes. it would have been way faster than that. i dropped. okay you know what she’s a dancer okay. it would have been one count of eight if. i didn’t drop a battery well it seemed. like you were not prepared. see why you are under permit. are you zoomed in yeah what. what’s happening what’s up. okay. definitely got it hella flies in my. mouth i. left it open. okay. you forgot about ticktock didn’t you no. i didn’t. never forget about the tutorial. okay you guys so we just finished. filming a real a tick tock and youtube. video now i’m going to shoot my savage. so there’s stories and pictures and.

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Javi’s going to chill for a second then. i’m going to take pictures of her in. this bomb outfit she has on so. let’s get into it yeah. no breaks around here right into the. next. what’s up my confidence crew it is your. favorite savage x fenty ambassador back. again to bring you that drip and that. confidence okay so before we get into. these fire looks which you can already. partially see. don’t forget you get 50 off when you. sign up to be an extra vip member now. with my link okay and you can get two. bras or bra lights for 29 so make sure. you guys. do what you need to do you’re gonna do. it once i show you okay so. this. is a vibe so these are panties that come. with a ribbon and yes it is plus size. friendly okay the ribbon is so long as. you can see i’ve done it three times i. could even go around one more time and.

There’s ribbon ties on the bra i’m just. obsessed with this bra and these bottoms. they are beautiful and they’re giving. what they need to give i’m gonna show. you a full corset bodysuit version of. this as well so stay tuned. so all these stories have to be sent in. for approval. so i take them but then i send them in. um i don’t post them right away. so i’m going to take pictures in this. put the other outfit on and finish the. the um. story. okay being the overachiever that i am. we’re shooting more savage. i’d love to just get my stuff done you. know. hey you guys we’re going to the. stairwell. javi’s going to help me shoot some of. these pictures hobby and i shoot a lot. together which is nice. i like my room light out here. i will say though for any of my like. wannabe influencers. um i shoot about 95 of my own photos.

So. you need to know that it’s great to get. like i showed you guys that remote lens. buddy is a great app. um. any other tip top hob is also a self. shooter. absolutely just assuming my position as. director once again. yeah this is this is perfect okay let’s. just go right here okay. so i want to i really want to get like a. good shot of the back okay. kiwi. cheeky eye. yeah these are fire. okay we definitely got it you’re the. best you see how he hides me up too. words of information. how get you a friend that does that. okay now. it is about hob so we’re gonna go shoot. her dress and. um do a ticky talk. talk first. sheesh. that’s a big body daddy right there. sneak peek. the lighting is so harsh you guys i’m so. sorry. wow. guys we are going to go shoot javi’s. outfit and then it’s a lunch break it is. a true lunch break it’s 104 we’ve been.

Going since like 10 a.m. and um. then sammy is to come scoop me up. javia’s other work to do what are you. going to go do um more tick tocks forty. dogs um and. sammy’s gonna come scoop me up we’re. gonna go to plt. the day has just begun you gotta have a. blt. except i don’t eat bacon hold the bee. all right now i’m really hungry all. right so i’ll catch up with you guys. when i am headed to plt. say bye. bye love you guys okay so finished lunch. javi just left we had lunch together. now i’m getting dressed for the event. sammy is on her way and so i’m going to. show you guys the outfit i am putting. together. right now. let me set you up. it was nice to have a little reset from. lunch this morning was super chaotic. obviously attending events is not as. chaotic yeah attending events is not as. chaotic it’s definitely like we are.

Trying to do a lot of influence or. content creation work at once it can be. a lot but this morning we got. so much done we shot a youtube video a. real a tick tock. two sets of savage stories and photos. and then a tick tock for javi and photos. for avi so we did a lot. i’m probably gonna get a photo in this. outfit too because it’s super cute i’m. gonna show you guys all the details now. um but like i said savings about to pick. me up so this is a bodysuit it’s from. boohoo i’m actually not wearing any plt. but it’s okay uh jeans are from fashion. elbow let me put you down a little so. you can get the whole yet egg. okay so jeans are from fashion nova. they’re like kind of boot cut e. and then i am wearing my um. a laylee may i think that’s how you say. her name laylee mai. i’m probably butcher again but i love.

Her i’m obsessed with her um i follow. her instagram i get a lot of fashion. insult from her these are her jordan. ones i love these shoes so much and i’m. going for a blue and green look as you. can see. so i’m going to throw these babies on. look how beautiful they are i just want. to give you guys like. an up close. when i go to events especially daytime. events. um it’s really important for me to be as. fashionable as possible. um. because being a plussized woman i. always want to show that we can be show. stoppers and i like to make heads turn. in rooms i want people to know who i am. i want them to feel my presence my. confidence. so i always want to have a look on and. then at night time it’s that times 10. like the event tonight still not 100 on. what i’m wearing i have some options but. i definitely like. put up or shut up show up or show out.

You know what i’m saying show out or. don’t show up that’s what i meant okay. so it’s super hot today so this is. pretty much my look i’m wearing this. cute bag from zara that goes along with. our green and blue look now i do love a. layered moment and it could be chilly. inside so i am gonna bring this jacket. it’s definitely a bit warm for today but. i just feel like it does complement the. look. um so maybe like i’ll walk in with it. type of thing and then take it off i’ll. see how i’m feeling i might leave it in. the car it just depends on how truly. warm it is outside and what i’m feeling. for the look but i love this look i feel. very confident um i’m definitely going. to show stop turn some heads and be like. dang she’s swaggy i need to talk to her. and that is the vibe we’re always trying. to give off and my ride has arrived.

Sammy baby. hi you look so beautiful. look at my baby look at my body down. yeah okay body yachty wow i’m obsessed. with this outfit and why are we both. look at me we’re playing with all my. friends literally. wow. obsessed okay so i’m filming a day in. the life of a plussize influencer love. that so this morning javi and i filmed. this video for cup she we did like reels. tic tocs yeah it’s crazy morning. and then i told them how. we’re going to the plt event tonight. and then i have to be careful because i. do have no let’s put your seatbelt on oh. my god. see she. my mom. okay seat belts on safety first so yeah. now we’re going to the plt event. then i’ll have like couple hours down. time have to. redo my face and get ready for the. savage event tonight. which i wish samuel was going to with me. but it’s okay at least we have one event.

Today together and you guys will be able. to see the behind the scenes so right. now we’re going to the plt showroom this. showroom is closed to the public it is. only for influencers celebrities content. creators. alist celebrities like ourselves. um so i’m excited i’ll get to show you. guys inside a little bts. so um we’ll see when we get there. your lashes look so good. also i wanted to let you guys know i. forgot i was going to tell you that. um. while i was waiting for sammy i don’t do. idle time baby okay so i filmed a tick. tock. and it’s super cute and i’ll show it to. you. okay you guys so we just arrived nobody. has masks. i know i said that they’re gonna stop. everyone stops for danny dmc. okay. so we’re walking up to plt now we just. took some pics before we came in. so cute such a vibe we’re waiting for.

Security to let us in. bye. we’re multitaskers as well so we. understand. are you jesse. sorry who are you all sitting. you have an appointment. um well we’re here for the event cat i. see cab and i see roo oh okay here we go. perfect just come on in have a seat. okay you guys so this is the inside of. the plt showroom. usually when you come you get to pick. out two to three items. um i don’t always pick out items because. they don’t always have the best plus. size selection here but usually they. usually they. come after and uh we’ll send you stuff. okay you guys i’m introducing you to the. one the only cat okay hi guys she is my. point of contact at blt and she’s just. so bomb you guys need to follow on. instagram what is your instagram my. instagram is kathleen jean jay yeah i’ll. put it in the description box below.

Because she’s just bomb and she just. gives what she needs she does her bits. be on a point okay. coming from this one stop no. so i’m saying if i say it if i give you. you know what you’re right right no it’s. real this is a fact so make sure you. guys check out her instagram and i’m. gonna give you a tour of the plt. showroom now let’s get into it. okay so this is the infamous telephone. booth this is at every single plt event. it is the spot to get a picture. and we got clothes a little backdrop if. you want to take photos they always have. this like. cherry blossom. oh what do i want i got some cute stuff. there is a bar. it’s recording yeah oh yeah it is it is. okay perfect okay so first i’m gonna. have to um take a video and you don’t. have to do anything just like hold it. still because i like to pan in on my.

Videos so just like almost like you’re. taking a picture i just started so just. stand hold on yes like straight okay i’m. sorry. okay we just left plt i’m exhausted you. guys it’s already been a full day and. it’s like i don’t get to go home and. sleep right now i have to. have a two hour break and then back and. hair and makeup boom boom bing bang boom. bop gotta go life of an influencer um. but so at plt like i said you can leave. us some goodies so we did if i could get. this bag up oh my god how many things. did i take oh jesus. we did leave with stuff um i got a pair. of black leather pants i got this brown. jogger set and then this really cute. like. vest. um sweater vest that is a vibe we had a. good time. it was nothing crazy just like kind of. like a shop and vibe type of thing they. didn’t even have a bartender normally.

They have a bartender cat invited us to. something tomorrow that’s like a proper. event one to five they have a dj and. um drinks. mainly why i go to is this a dead end. can i not get out of here we just drove. down this long ash oh hell no. so um typically i personally like to go. to events like yeah they’re fun and a. lot of people like them for that but me. personally it’s a great time to network. and just show your face again like i. haven’t seen kat in a minute seeing her. again reminded her that she obviously. you know wants to work with me because. why wouldn’t you you know i’m a baddie i. create dope content and i’m putting on. for the plussize community so it’s good. like to get your face out there that is. one big perk of living in la um or any. major city is that people when they see. your face they’re reminded of you and.

It’s good to like give them that. reminder so that’s why i go to events. that’s like my number one reason so i’m. definitely me and sammy both are like a. popin pop-out type of situation some. people will stay at events like. the whole time that will never be me no. ma’am um cause. yeah it’s just not. i don’t enjoy that i it’s it’s work for. me it’s not like leisure so. we came we saw we conquered um next time. you guys see i’m gonna relax now i need. to take a break. work life balance it’s very important so. the next time you guys will see me i. will be getting ready or i will be ready. for the savage event tonight. and i’ll show you what i’m wearing and. i’ll try to show you guys as much of. that as i possibly can stay tuned it’s. going to be crazy day of a day in a life. is wild. see you later what’s up you guys okay so.

I literally had an hour when i came home. to sit down relax. then i had to get into hair and makeup. on myself baby and i just finished my. makeup looks so bomb i’m so happy with. it i have tripods everywhere right here. um i just figured out my outfit it’s. super fly i’m going to show you guys i. need to put some oil on my legs and then. we’re going to be running out of the. house. last minute i found out i can bring a. plus one so javi is coming with me i’m. gonna try and get as much footage as i. can i think it’s more of an open event. than i originally anticipated. um. but there were some big names on the. list like kailani big lotto. um. like pia mia a lot of really cool people. soaked into millions so we’ll see who. actually comes also i just saw that ree. and asap rocky are in la it’s super bowl. sun it’s the super bowl weekend um and.

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She was at the fenty event last night i. don’t know if she’s going to be there. tonight because it’s in a mall but we’ll. see and you’ll see so stay locked i’ll. show you my fit in a second before i. head out okay you guys i have to go. i have to hurry but you know i wouldn’t. leave you emptyhanded so this is the. dress i’m wearing okay i’m obsessed with. this dress. super cute. okay and then it is hot out but i’m. assuming it’s gonna be cold in the mall. so i’m wearing this trench that i love. so much and i feel like it really. complements the colors. and then. i’m wearing. my coach bag that tebow got me for. christmas i feel like it goes with the. fit and then i have two options for. shoes i think i’m just gonna wear these. like baby clear heels. because we’re walking around the mall. like i’m not trying i don’t need to be.

That girl that’s in six inch heels but. these aren’t six inches these are like. four and a half but i do have these. terry cloth i’m gonna bring as well. ultimately i’m gonna let hobby tell me. what to do all right you guys i’m on the. move i will see you when we get to the. event hopefully i get to bring you guys. along with me a lot and show you. everything. oh. sunshine. well. through. we are on our way to the savage event. yes it’s been a day. it sure has a true. day. exhausted i want to set with the sun. however. i feel like this event is going to be. really cool so um i’m excited yeah it’s. gonna be great i’m very excited i feel. like i haven’t gone to an event in so. long i know well. but like a true event like where i’m. like full glam like wearing a heel. um i think it’s gonna be really fun and. i’m gonna sneak my camera in so.

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We’re gonna try and vlog as much as we. can so fingers crossed. we’ll see you guys there. okay you guys you think that after that. event we will be going home and crawling. in bed but we are not we’re going out to. dinner because we’re already cute we’re. hungry we’re starving it’s late we’re. gonna go eat. but this is a true day in the life of a. plussize influencer this was a. jampacked day i’m so glad i was able to. show you everything and i hope that you. felt the chaos like through the video. because that is how chaotic it truly is. like days like this where it’s just. backto-back stuff it’s a lot. and i feel like people don’t understand. physically yeah mentally and physically. and i feel like people don’t understand. like. we do a lot so i’m really glad that i. was able to show you this video now it. is time to hit that big fat juicy red.

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