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I just want to save you the heartache. and not have sex and do not dress. provocatively how much a mistake makes. me cringe hi friends it’s me April. welcome back to my channel kimchi. warrior princess I’m all about style. personal development being chic and. classy be ready for a super fun video. where I have 5 tips for dating apps on. being chic and classy and also five of. my own craziest bumble date stories. first only I’ve been off of these apps. for the past few years however I think. that although the technology changes. that these tips will still be applicable. and also stay tuned at the very end I. may or may not have a bonus date or two. that I want to share with you all ok so. starting with rule number one that is. Sina have sex and do not dress. provocatively and by saying do not have. sex I mean you do not want to be the.

Woman who has sex and then asks where is. this relationship building to be the. other way around. you’ll save yourself so much heartache. I’ve seen this happen to so many of my. friends so just seriously avoid it don’t. do it it’s like throwing diamonds into. the dumpster okay and then for dressing. provocatively on dates you want to dress. pretty much you want to dress classy and. if you don’t know what that means or how. to do that without looking like you’re. trying too hard. I think I’ll actually probably making a. video on that soon if you do want to see. that drop a comment below so step number. two this one’s actually quite simple. it’s don’t pay and know your worth so. your time and presence is payment enough. the man should be able to cover a date. if not you shouldn’t be on the dating. app if you know that he’s in a career.

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Which is quite lowpaying then it’s. perfectly acceptable to meet somewhere. cheap a cup of coffee which is actually. even more ideal early on you want to. keep it short and sweet. so I’ve had friends ask how to always. have the guy pay for a day and it’s. actually very simple. do not offer. so when the bill comes I completely. ignore it and they will always take care. of it if the waitress happens to bring. it when he stepped away I’ll simply just. ask the waitress to return it when he. returns or I’ll move it over to his side. of the table so I’m quite traditional. when it comes to dating I know this is a. very personal choice so you don’t have. to agree with me here but the man should. be a gentleman for date number one okay. so for tip number three and no crap I. mean an unknown equals an O so by that. what I mean is say that you and the.

Bullet matched and have been speaking. since Tuesday so it’s a it is Tuesday. and you’ve agreed to meet Thursday. evening and then Thursday morning rolls. around you haven’t heard any details of. exactly where and what time you’re. meeting and then now it’s there say. lunchtime and you still haven’t heard. anything and this is quite common by. this point you should have 100%. completely dumped him in your brain do. not even think about him make other. plans for Thursday night because he is. not respected your time or anything. about you at this point do not reach out. to him don’t go and delete or block or. do anything just leave it completely. like don’t act like it doesn’t even. exist bother you or anything at that. point the only exception to this rule is. that he reaches out first at least a. couple hours before your agreed upon.


Range in time with a complete apology of. why x y&z prevented him from talking to. you sooner giving you the details that. you needed and it can’t just be like a. hey like a casual conversation starter. it needs to be like hey I’m so sorry my. boss called me in and I’ve been working. nonstop for the past eight hours and I. really wanted to text you but I didn’t. have a chance and this is my first. opportunity will you please meet me for. steak dinner at Mastro’s tonight at 8:00. so that would be ideal unfortunately. this never happens but at this point I. want you to know that your worth is so. much higher than somebody who doesn’t. take your time seriously so tip number. two is be open to your nonnegotiables. and to be authentic and these are pretty. selfexplanatory and by non-negotiable I. don’t mean your major beliefs those are.

Definitely acceptable but I’m talking. about physical and aesthetic. requirements that you may have in real. life you may fall for someone who is not. quite sixfoot but you got to north know. them organically and you fell in love. like them and etc etc but when it’s. online you may have limited yourself by. swiping one way or the other based upon. some sort of shallow aesthetic in our. betrayer requirement that you’ve made up. in your own minds additionally you want. to be authentic. don’t pretend you love whatever bad. sports anything just because it’s not. going to benefit you in the end I. actually asked my male friends what they. would like or not like a woman to do on. a date and they all said that women on. dates that are on their phones are. incredibly annoying and I agree because. I actually was on to Bumble dates where.

I caught my date swiping on the app. while we were still on our dates and. it’s amazing how incredibly unaware and. insensitive people can be so this brings. us to the fun part okay so we’ll start. with guy number five and that’s the. family guy and by the family guy I mean. there was one night where I was bowling. with my entire family at Naval Air. Station Coronado in San Diego and I. happen to match with the guy and he. happened to just park his plane from. flying that day and he asked if I wanted. a tour and I said yeah but I’m here with. my entire family bullying and there was. like my mom brother sisterin-law and. the dog etc so uh so you said that’s. fine just bring them all over for it to. her so anyway we all went on a tour of. his. playing his hangar and my brother and my. sisterin-law they were in on it like.

They knew we’d literally have never met. but my mom asked how we met and I think. I just made up something because I think. if she had found out the truth she would. have been a little bit freaked out so. date number four is the overreacting guy. and this one was a little weird cuz he. was like very sweet but like in the. interesting way so start it off we went. on a first date went well went on a. second date grab coffee real quick and. then um he kept like texting and texting. and I was giving very like lazy short. replies back and he wasn’t picking up. the hint I personally do not appreciate. bingo sit I don’t think anyone does so I. just called him and I said look you’re. awesome but I just don’t see this going. anywhere and then he yelled at me on the. phone well thanks for letting me know. and then he hung up and that was that so.

Date number three is the future coworker. so this one is very odd it showed that. we had mutual friends in common because. it was like leak to your Facebook. accounts so you he wasn’t a complete. stranger anyhow we met for dinner and it. was a good time afterwards I thought it. was going to be a goodbye kiss and ended. up being him like trying to suction off. my mouth with his lips anyway I told him. he should pray stop he apologized for. slobbering all over this so anyway I. never thought of him for like over a. whole year demon crossed my mind. then one day I’m sitting at work and I. turn around and he’s there and I got to. show him around because he was the new. guy so um I never brought it up to him. once he never brought it up and we. actually worked together just perfectly. fine and get along very well kind of.

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Like uh that’s like a vibe of like a. brother. but anyway I wonder if you ever think. about it I don’t know either way the air. force is too small so be careful guys. okay so now we’re at date number two and. that is the neighbor so this one makes. me cringe because I made such a mistake. I match up this doctor and we went to. this coffee and wine place and we had a. good time and then he asked me if I want. to go to his apartment rooftop. afterwards which I said yes that’s. mistake number one. then mistake number two yes if he wants. to drive me and I said yes I could be. dead right now. so you get to his car and super awkward. he drives the exact same car as me so. same color year model and my cars from. 2010 okay be in the car he starts. driving and it’s like we’re going to my. place so I was like I look over at him.

I’m like where do you live and we in the. back at my Argos our apartment complex. so then we go to the rooftop and we have. a decent time it’s like you know I I pay. the amenity fee for this so it’s not. that special to me I saw him months. later like in the elevator with a girl. and he looked happy so I’m happy for him. just don’t do what I did I’m lucky to be. alive. okay so this is number one so this one. is the Pentagon stalker and it’s not. technically a stalker though I would say. because that place is freaking huge. takes a lot of work to stalk someone but. anyway match with this guy he looked. nice cute good job whatever so we meet. at this it’s kind of like a speak he’s a. really cool spot and oh my goodness he’s. been posting photos from like 2006. because I mean or he had very strategic. angles if you know what I mean.

So anyway I’m like okay I see how this. is you. but it doesn’t truly reflects what you. look like right now but I’m trying not. to be shallow so I did get to know them. a little bit and I’ll politeness I had. two drinks and then called it a night. and went my way he went his way and that. was fine also didn’t think about this. guy for like I don’t know six months or. something and then one day I’m at work. and I’m in the hallway like on my phone. or so and I feel like on my shoulder. like a tap tap hey no turn around like. what and it was that guy and I. completely forgot that he worked there I. said oh geez hi hello how are you and. then he’s like doing good and anyway so. I was still there finishing up. conversation or whatever on my phone. maybe 8 9 10 minutes later I feel. another like hey don’t be a stranger.

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I’m like really dude okay thankfully I. never saw him again. and moved on from that position that was. actually a very good job there and I’m. very lucky to have work there so for the. first bonus is the NSYNC. lyre and I’m a huge Backstreet Boy fan. and just all boy band fan period anyway. I went on this date with this very. handsome lawyer and we got along just. great we had tapas whatever and he. mentioned that he met Justin Timberlake. and they partied together and etc and I. said oh my goodness that is so cool. so anyway I showed him a picture of me. and like Backstreet Boys when I met them. and then he texted me the next day and a. conversation was going just fine we were. going to meet up again but then I asked. him for the photo of him and JT and. after that he just completely didn’t. reply or anything and I seriously think.

It’s because he got a little bit buzzed. and he lied to me about meeting NSYNC or. just. Timberlake and I think he was. embarrassed and he couldn’t like go. through with this lie which is such a. shame. um for him really not for me because it. was so unnecessary he so again be. authentic you don’t need a lie and the. very last bonus is the friend so I. matched with this gentleman and he was. also a doctor radiologist and very. charming cute guy but then I asked him a. few of my nonnegotiable question and I. asked what religion he was or what his. beliefs were and I see myself personally. marrying a Christian but I will talk to. anybody and you know I need a mix of. friends I like I’m interested in other. perspectives as well but I just for my. own sake I I do see myself marrying a. Christian and he’s not a Christian a.

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