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I think middle class today it’s a little.

Philadelphia W4m point of getting

bit more of a struggle than what I grew. up with there’s a great inequity between. middle class and the next level up so I. would define the term middle class as. people that get up every day go to work. support their families middle class is. very hard to define because i think it’s. an unrealistic definition because. statistically if you make it a certain. salary you’re supposed to be in that. group however that Sally does not. complement your lifestyle or the reality. of today’s economy in france is austin. and i live in winfield which is in the. west part of Philadelphia when I first. got here was mostly Caucasian families. of all different cultures that was the. second black to move on this particular. street and I made a point of getting to. know some of the core leaders the.

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Community needed a sustaining.

Philadelphia W4m very hard to define because

organization to keep us together so with. full residents association really was. the glue my name is Tom Longo i’m the. owner of metro men’s clothing at 1600. east passyunk ave it’s a great mix of. restaurants bars a lot of new retail. that has opened up there’s still some. old retail that’s still here that has. some great products also the great part. about East Passyunk Avenue is we all. belong to the bid they create functions. that happen on the avenue that bring a. lot of people from other parts of the. city into this area we are definitely. neighbor on the precipice like we could. go you know either way when you look at. mayfair and you see the way some other. neighborhoods have gone under I believe. that our neighborhood it has held up. over the years when I was raised here on.

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