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The smart local according to the. myersbriggs Type Indicator assessment. people fall into 16 different. personality types based on four. preferences either II extroverted or. introverted s sensing or an intuitive T. thinking or F feeling and J judging or P. perceiving it is said that there are. some personality types that are really. compatible where some are challenging. opposites we decide to challenge this. notion by putting it to the test were. sending one guy on three dates with. three girls with different MBTI. personality one will be the most. compatible one a potential complement. and one a challenging opposite will he. pick the girl who supposedly is the best. match to his personality hi my name is. Valen Chan and then in seven years over. this year I’m ugly that’s my logo so my. friends will think of me as a very.

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Outspoken person and always that dream I. do a lot of decisionmaking based mostly. on emotion I guess in this case is very. good because love is illogical I’m about. 65% of us I’m literally not really. really bad. my name is Jamie I’m turning 24 this. year I can see like quite observant like. detailoriented and also probably. empathetic I’m Kai realistically I’m. quite practical I like do benta with. people like you you don’t have any. expectations just have fun yeah I’m Rena. and I’m call me anyone this year oh say. I’m adventurous adaptable and. independent the only thing I’m outgoing. but I’m actually very shy I think it. might be awkward because I’m a very. awkward person. hi my name’s Ella I turn the big thing. like last year my friends would say I’m. the loved one in the group and like the. Energizer you know I’ve always liked.

Very impromptu and things like that I. never dated before hisses hope he’s tall. tall guys like shorten girls stop guys. like short girls like bogos get the kids. hi my hands boiling Jamie hi I heard. that you choose this place yeah I did I. guess you’re kind of like lobster oh. yeah I like seafood yeah I think she is. very wellspoken she smiles a lot very. confident and protective present betcha. seems easy Joey I mean he wasn’t nervous. but you were still a good person. yes Hawaiian 2687 oh yeah. Kenny’s heaven I guess you are don’t. need to around there thankful what is it. do you prefer guys yeah my shoulder to. belie maturities my button so that. passes younger but it wasn’t that much. more but it doesn’t mean that you’re. older than your momager. yeah like that although she is three. years younger than me I thought it we.

Are you know at the same age because. maturity level is actually quite it’s. there I’m new in TSL I know that YouTube. producer why do you know I was spirited. uni I did it happen so I recently like. TN wait so nobody’s yeah oh so you are. gonna say on as managing my fault. I think forgive us with gentleman Randy. he’s been outside very soft and buttery. so before I can do anything. let me choose a question from the. question job okay. is there something that your dream of. doing for a long time why haven’t you. done it I guess I could say my SPF thing. because it was like how a mission to. happiness. I mean for so I really respect people. that fall through their dreams and take. very heavy consideration of their. passion take one for you I love that I. can I just oh my god Wow if you can only. eat one dish for the rest of my life.

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Well we what fish with broccoli you. preserve life yes because you see there. will be times where I eat a lot many. times I have to die a lot but if I have. to choose one my search is that I wanna. so I will always be healthier my will be. happy lot you guys is it rational. rational how about you I love my my cups. just gay right sangmoo dos Brendan right. I wouldn’t say we are entirely. compatible some other casanetti sites. are like mine few parts where we are a. bit different. he was awkward I like Cassie he kept. like being my questions about his little. movements and white voices but I guess. along the way got more comfortable it. was already I was alright. my name is Bolin arena. I’m Vinnie seven this year how are you. I’m telling you on this year so you prep. some questions maybe you want to take. one Oh. what is your first and I thought nervous.

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But no more. I’m very awkward I would say is quite. different for me I’m not sure if it’s. the itch gap he seems to be a little bit. more outgoing or me I like to stay at. home and I’m off like a shy person what. is your first impression it was pretty. awkward a stud but I think things just. went smoothly afterwards. is there something yet that you have. dreamed of doing for a long time I. actually want to be a pilot all those. cars aren’t that good so I couldn’t make. it through aerospace engineering yeah. so therefore I decided to pursue another. going like. what would constitute a perfect vacation. for you anything adventurous and nature. oh hi Peter I prefer adventure stuff but. I really really like fun fact I studied. in Taiwan for one year for one year and. she mention about Taipei the next woman. I just told it in fact I’m actually I.

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Have actually studied in in Taiwan in. what for one year so I’m I’m kind of. happy because this is a similar topic. that we can talk about because she loves. Taiwan and I love time I thought I think. we kind of can click a little bit maybe. it’d be better if we get low each other. more as we get to know each other more. the personality difference doesn’t. really matter much then we can kind of. click well it just we just need more. time so definitely we go up we go again. I’m bullying bullying are you look like. a bullies huh oh you know I look like a. bully I don’t know it was my thing. yeah have you been on a date look at I. have been in your whole life. I mean okay technically I didn’t even. know what a day I thought I wasn’t up. for anything. yeah what me home you know after that yo. se but I mean you know this is a date.

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Right yeah. I’m gonna hit any one on me being like. my first timer I thought it would be. very awkward I like that he can continue. a position that can keep up my god thing. she’s very chill she’s very direct it’s. very easy to click with someone there’s. that has this kind of personality for me. producers so right now I’m gonna pick. one who can take this oh please you’re. not putting do this. describe your perfect vacation going to. Japan anything like sushi every day I. think going to Tokyo Disneyland is easy. and after that usj I go into all the. people she might be a very easygoing. person to travel with because she’s not. really very picky she’s very easy to. handle it looks good. if you can only eat one dish for the. rest of our life what would it be. let me get yours sushi no sashimi Oh. like this yeah yeah your friend does.

Broke up with his or her partner what. will you do to help her or he’ll get. over it. like now what do you not it can be done. listen listen oh yeah I’m the guy that. lets say if I lie about close female. friend then a boyfriend cheated on him. broke up I will intervene I will go over. to the guy and really like say I don’t. do it violence but how about you I also. listen I don’t want to talk too much cuz. they they are validated to feel that way. when they come down then I will start to. like tell them you know and then our. life yeah let’s go find some diamond. like will you really seriously goodbye. kinds of kidding did we have a mutual. friend. the mutual framework our the song. downside of having very very similar. personalities I think if we also see me. like we are so emotional right they will. end in a very bad way if we fight right.

Nobody’s gonna give it nobody’s gonna. stop I definitely see him more as like. abroad at night it’s definitely like. super platonic we will definitely meet. again and go out again but I am pretty. sure she or view me as a friend I can. talk for a long time rather than someone. who’d eat. to be honest is really quite a tough. decision to make because each of them. has their own good and I won’t say bad. like pros and cons in terms of. representative matching was oh my god. Lisa so well I didn’t choose please okay. please notify me okay I think my choice. is Jamie she can talk she’s not as quiet. and she loves a certain sense of. maturity passion and dream that can we. can talk about and we can click quite. well I think Jamie is the potential. complement I think I would say in terms. of percentage of the best match.

Okay potentially which means the mill. Agrella. okay that means I’m solve right now but. the moment where we started having. conversations together I can start to. feel a little bit that she might be the. eventual compatible line he is actually. your potential company. yes I can get to know him better bus as. a friend and hang out and in from there. see hockey school yeah does personality. matter yes it does but I truly believe. that it really depends on what you have. been through the person but it can click. whether you have similar dreams similar. things to say I think do not just judge. solely on personality I think if you. truly want the relationship to do have. fruit I think it is definitely very. possible. thank guys so much for watching this. video if you like this video do comment. down below and women to like share.

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