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No no. why no okay hey Barbies welcome or. welcome back to my channel and in. today’s video as you guys can see by the. title I’ll be doing a blind date so I’m. gonna be putting two people on a blind. date. without this gold so y’all already know. y’all already seen the last video it’s. basically going to be the same process. we’re gonna be in a car instead and. let’s get straight to it. foreign. okay Shane so are you dtb yes that’s a. big fact yeah I know that okay so you. know what you’re here for today yeah. blind date all right so I’m gonna be. putting you on a blind date with this. pretty ass girl right so how you feel. about that. uh for me I just want to see what you. have in store for me okay when was your. last relationship. summertime okay so that’s like last year. so you’re good you’re single right yeah.

I so what you expect her to look like. I don’t know I I kind of hope she light. skin sure okay okay that’s that’s what’s. up so is there anything that you’re. expecting besides how she looks like. what do you like in a female personality. wise uh female that’s loyal honest. and can match my freak that’s it okay. that’s what’s up so I’m about to go get. the girl right now I don’t want to make. this intro too long and y’all about to. just get it popping you ready I see that. all right put on your mask. and we lit let’s go get the girl hey hey. so who am I here with today Jasmine. okay so you know what you’re here for. today a blind date okay so what’s your. type in relationships or are you dtb or. dtn dtn it’s a lifestyle okay so I’m. gonna be putting you on a blind date. with this boy he seems pretty cool I. already interviewed him and we’re just.

About to get straight into the video but. first i’m gonna ask you a few questions. right okay what’s your type in. relationships like what does the boy. what’s your type my type in. relationships like I like Adventure I. like to have fun with people like you. know like get to know each other but. like. they basically they help me with things. um yeah I like support in the. relationship and I just like want them. to be there for me be loyal. and yeah funny they have to be funny so. are you a relationship person or like. are you a city girl both. my . all right that’s what’s up I don’t want. to make this too long like I said we. about to just get straight into it so. I’m gonna call a boy in here put on your. blindfold oh this because I had to tell. him to leave okay to interview you okay. okay. hey guys hey. hey. all right so y’all be starting the video.

Right now right so y’all both know what. we’re here for today right yeah a blind. date so what y’all expect each other to. look like. um. I don’t know. okay. okay so you like pretty girls right you. like cute dudes right yes okay all right. that’s what’s up so in a couple I’m. gonna have y’all reveal yourself. standing and what’s your name. all right so are y’all ready or y’all. want to ask each other questions first. questions first all right First Rate her. voice on a scale of one to ten. totally in. hi hey hey. all right write his voice on a scale of. one two times. so it’s a nine nine why why is it a nine. because this. I don’t know it’s like it’s soothing to. here I guess. and why is Subway to eat. I’m not crying y’all but like she can’t. see because she having a hood over her. eyes and he got on the blindfold so.

Y’all want to ask each other anything. before yes y’all all right so go ahead. before y’all reveal yourself. what is something that you look forward. to doing in the future. I have a career yeah. you do yeah I like animals and in. the ocean like that. wow I never heard of boy like into . like that. so you want to ask her what she wanted. Ryan don’t be boring get to know me. that’s all right what you want to do in. the future. um I think so I wanted to make music you. know just in case I’m trash. the job would be like. I don’t want you. I don’t know if you know about it but. you know how to flip houses like you. need to decorations yeah real estate or. if not I want to be an entertainment. basically a lawyer for like celebrities. okay yeah oh um. make money. oh I like that answer. um that and I like to um. I do um I entertain social media so you.

Were influencer yeah like um what I mean. is like all right so I’d be Tick Tock so. basically I’m ticked out famous one two. times how much followers you got almost. 23. I never made it six times before. it’s okay. so y’all getting to know each other. y’all ready to reveal. um. I’m not gonna lie I think don’t want to. why I’m nervous you’re nervous yeah why. don’t be nervous. you gotta show me my camera. on my cameras. um. I’m pretty selffulfilled myself. but so Shane you gotta be ready but if. you have any other questions I could. still answer them hey what should we go. to. um. nah don’t say that don’t sit on camera. I’m not gonna say what school I go to I. want people to know that okay I go to. Eagle oh I live right by you that’s. crazy you live in Flatbush yeah. how old are you Shane 17. oh okay okay. okay okay we reveal is there anything.

Else y’all want to say y’all about to. reveal yourself on the count of three. one. and come more in this thing wait. oh wait. so right on the scale of one to ten ten. I’m a tent to you yes. your attention you’re cute you’re cute. she’s cute he’s cute I’m not gonna lie. not ugly I wasn’t talking about ugina. was like. but yeah you cute. you’re welcome I like your braids don’t. cut your hair I like Boogie bags I don’t. really like my braided my [ __ ]. looks crazy because it’s. you know what okay not a braid yeah you. got to bring my shirt I braid my own. hair. and I put on my own wigs this is right. now it looked bad right now but it’s. okay. oh girl it looked bad right now trust me. it’s a sewon like in the back it’s. sewed in see but we’re not seeing your. bag it looked bad right now it’s all. right though because I got a new one in.

The house y’all I’m about to. I was supposed to wear that exciting but. I couldn’t get my package. until like eight but yeah I feel like it. was a success you wasn’t you put me on. like you’ve been good shape. okay okay. all right so ask each other questions. like. talk to each other. um are you a relationship type of person. or like you just like to Vibe with. people. honestly. you don’t do relationships no I do but. like right now I’ll just be vibing with. people right now if you’re a leg like no. no I’m not gonna lie now right now I’m. late. is your leg right now right now cause. I’m single. yeah I’m Gonna Keep it a bug would you. change that for her yeah if she willing. to do the same. damn I’m a smooth dude I mean I’m not a. leg so I can’t relate. I don’t talk to I can’t talk to multiple. people because I’ll be getting smacked.

And it’d be confused in fact I’m not. gonna lie. yeah I don’t text back I’m not a text. back person. just being with you. right without texting is a dog. period so I’m gonna have y’all keep. speaking to each other I’m gonna ask. y’all a few questions each and we gonna. spice this video up and on top of that. we’re gonna have a little spin wheel. contest or like a little game or. something and we’re gonna spin the wheel. and whatever I say to do y’all gotta do. it okay okay you ready you over here you. should be the man you should be a boy. what’s up you ready you ready too. I’m not weak for no reason. okay Shane. all right y’all so right now I’m gonna. ask y’all some questions are we rolling. yes I can’t even see. so. number one y’all ready. spicy bye yo how did your last. relationship end. oh my god bye. um let me start I basically it ended.

People Dating know if you

Because he had a girlfriend before me. and he just made me his little second. team so then I found out because. um basically his his girlfriend’s best. friend texting me at four in the morning. and she was like you talk to soand-so I. was like yeah and then she was like oh. well whatever y’all got going on is. Daddy because that’s my uh and. then I texted him I put him in a good. call with my friends is it and then yeah. he was basically crying because he. didn’t he didn’t really want her he. wanted me but since I found out yeah so. then I just did it I just did him that’s. it done everything it does go how did. the last relationship end my last one is. I felt like she was always around my. option like I don’t like that for. me so she was always around my eyes I. felt like she was just being sneaky so I. just went and with somebody else.

Oh she the type of girl that’d be around. bear yes I don’t like that. I hear that I hate that okay I think. we’re done with that question okay so. now we’re about to get spicy. so y’all gotta ask each other. what’s your body count zero you lying. why you always lying. oh my God. I’m serious. I don’t even remember like. what you mean huh. so you basically put your dick in more. than one . yeah okay. that’s not a good look but I’m glad you. were honest it was filming a lot I mean. I said I’m glad you were honest but like. damn so you think it’s like is it on the. three. victory. okay now I hope they’re not the same age. as you cause that’s gonna be wrong. um okay like next question all right. yeah next question right because so now. we’re about to make this way spicy right. yeah sir all right bro we don’t all. right all right.

Give me okay okay. yeah because no. what type of drink. yo you could get me a Snapple how much. kids do you want. two and how much you want. to a boy and a girl oh. how much friends do y’all have do y’all. consider yourself a goofy. not really like I only hang out with. limited people I hang out with people. that got clothes in life okay what’s. your ideal date. different people considered different. things all right so you go first maybe. that’ll help him or give him ideas. um my date will be like I don’t know. like eating out. in the restaurant is it but do tell me. about the movies or the movies yesterday. but that’s a basic date like I feel like. any boy that take me to a movie want to. do something in a movie like but we just. watch them. um. I never really nah tones. I don’t think I’ve ever really been on a. date if movies don’t count but tones.

Okay remember when we went out to eat. for Alia birthday and we was where you. know who sidetracked that or not yeah. that’s a. dick all right so pictures I’ve been on. one day. bye. I’ve been on one that’s not even really. a date but one day. okay. so now we’re about to get into the spicy. games are y’all ready oh. yeah I think y’all ready you ready yeah. okay okay so like y’all seen in the last. blind date we’re gonna be spinning the. wheel once again so let’s just get. straight into it. so I’m gonna spin it. oh my God. it’s a spinner. oh we was trying to do have the last. person your blind date talk to yeah try. it again we tried that but. things didn’t work out so next. your toes and shut up oh. my God. no wait let me see oh yeah oh my God. someone’s pull up. first You Gotta Give it. know how to do that I don’t you gotta.

Give it to me I’ve seen it first one. next one so since you’re such a boy. wait what yes just don’t see it where my. mother can see it. lots of ways to cover up. first yeah. I don’t give hickies. because we know you’re thirsty. bye because moving my light skin like. bro. this car getting hot foggy this . tastes like makeup. it’s perfect. hurry up bye yo. ah why. because. no. oh. that’s geeked up it’s not OD. D like let us see it look you can’t see. it. okay okay. next question spinning the wheel again. because this too there’s too much your. toes I can’t wait for you next one is. calm then what’s the next one pickup. line so you know her what would you say. I’ll be like yo I’m not gonna be like yo. I’m like I can’t get your snap like. what’s up I’m sorry. and then I just get to snap if I don’t. get this knife I’d be like yo why are.

You moving like that why are you acting. like that and they say some I say. some back and I just got to snap. okay so rate that on a scale of one to. ten. I mean usually that’s how it happened so. I guess this is. I just woke up to the person like if. they keep staring at me I’d be like is. like it’s like. I’m available. you available because that’s what I’ll. be saying okay but that’s after time. oh that’s if I’m feeling yeah that’s. timing I like that. okay. so hi oh my God the next one. kiss on the cheek. it’s calm okay come. and YouTube why you got all right do it. too. oh okay. so next. oh we just did that one. if we did that then yeah did y’all talk. about y’all first time first what oh. that’s all for him because I have a. first time. come here. ah first time. did that one we didn’t talk about first. time yeah. okay so get in tune I’m not gonna lie I.

Lost my virginity to a tree I might even. unlock. Ed boy if you don’t get. but. so I met her and my husband means 92. I met her. to me it was two days I met her one day. I was texting her texting her then she. linked me in two days for me I brought. her to the park then my 92 if you go on. like the next block in the buildings. it’s some that you could go down. like I Ali kinda you know what I’m. talking about like that right there. like an alley so I went down in that. it was summertime so I’m not gonna. I was with two of my men’s they got the. video if my phone was a lot my phone was. on I would show y’all for me but it’s a. video I had in the alley for me I was. just just like that that’s how I. lost my virginity. um I don’t know how to feel about that. but switch its own. so I’m spinning the wheel waiting for.

The next one. Bingo okay okay. what y’all gonna do is the Fruit RollUp. challenge all the way until y’all kiss. so let’s get in tune with it. I’m smacked I just smoke. I need some feeds okay you don’t even. smack the music. that’s a snack what am I gonna yeah what. is this sanitizer oh. I have some in my bag. so that’s what I’m saying like we going. all right so right now. with it. here take this end. all right. oh I can’t wait don’t take the whole. thing now. you trying to make it. yeah give me the plastic though all. right and put it in your mouth and put. in your mouth oh my gosh all. right let’s go get in tune with it and. then y’all gotta kiss at the end. no no. no no no no no no. do you wallet. oh my God. foreign. post each other on social media and act. like y’all a couple oh how. much you know you cannot do that you.

Cannot my phone dead actually I got you. right now my phone I don’t remember. I don’t remember. you’re doing too much you get Cloud. you’re doing too much. I get 1K what’s your snap password all. right ready I don’t remember oh no. remember bro all right. what’s your password. wait. wait. because no and leave it for 24 hours. goodbye because that’s not what you’re. supposed to put but you put this the. best relationship I’ve ever done I’m. gonna show y’all and then. you sent it all right ready look Arrow. I posted it oh. yeah let me see look look at my look at. the view. I get 3 000 on a regular but this one. you gotta show me bye the best. relationship I’ve ever been in okay yeah. posted. 24 hours Shane you moving like you got. hoes or something. like you don’t but I’m not gonna lie to. you before I met him I was entertaining.

Somebody yeah. but it is what it is bro at the end of. the day if he stopped he cut me off. that’s his problem. make sure he don’t I’m not. was you talking to someone before this. who me yeah yeah. so we pop swag because we both now in. trouble swag cause I wasn’t on this by. myself all right so since we don’t have. any more and this video about to be. super long I’m gonna need y’all to tune. in make this mad spicy. and y’all gonna tongue kiss for a couple. seconds and y’all got a kiss and then. I’ma hold the camera okay can I just get. it all right. my dick. all right good you want me to just go. over there and take a video of them. you’re dragging it like I don’t even. wanna. y’all see my Whitey whites. but that’s your wife now so let’s get it. oh you’re doing too much. Chris. yo she recorded too she’s a boy oh no oh.

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