Patron Saint Of Depression

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Can you tell us about how you felt with. your relationship with God when you’re. in depression I had a very good friend. we started we started on the same day at. the clinic she was a wife of a. Presbyterian elder and a very good. practicing a Presbyterian and she had. exactly the same exactly the same. problem you just sort of feel as though. somehow God’s not listening or something. why is everything going wrong why do I. feel so bad about everything and we. we’ve staff considered sort of sit and. talk together why do you feel so bad. everything as my faith gone so my faith. completely gone and if we talk to each. other we said no it hasn’t really it’s. just just you feel so overwhelmingly bad. I don’t think I don’t think people could. ever understand what how bad a. depressive illness feels unless they’ve. had a take about of it themselves a.

Dating A Depressed Man

Taste of it themselves because lots of. people will say oh we we all get. depressed a bit sometimes we all get. depressed sometimes pull yourself out of. it. but sometimes it’s not so easily done. you you need that sort of encouragement. the the sort of the backing to say there. are things I might have to change only. last year I went for a retreat up in. Auckland and the nice little priest who. gave the retreat there I said something. that never struck me before and I. thought it has a great bearing on. attitude to ourselves this priest was. saying you know we all say God God loves. us in spite of our faults doesn’t he God. love us he said shouldn’t we be saying. God loves me because of my faults my. faults are part of my makeup God wants. me to be the way I am handing those. faults the best I can because our makeup.

Dating While Depressed

Is our own makeup it’s our our. personality our gifts our physique it’s. every bit of us every bit of our Father. that’s in us we think of some awful. natural tendencies you know if only I. only I was more patient if any I wasn’t. so naturally bad Dean but if only I. wasn’t this is only I wasn’t that would. not be lovely. but if I didn’t have the makeup the. temperament I’ve got now I wouldn’t be. me would I you’re the way you are. because that’s the way God wanted you’ve. got that particular makeup you’ve got to. handle it but remember every time you. handle it will. and every time you repent when you. didn’t handle it well you’re doing what. God wants you to do you’re trying to. cope with the way he made you you try to. be the way he made you and and there’s. nothing that he likes better how did you. face did you ask.

I I don’t think your face will get you. out and eat it I think you’ve got to. have you’ve got to be able to talk to. someone because the problem with. depression is often often people say you. know this all goes wrong and that all. goes wrong they’re not looking at I’m. not coping with it the thing is how can. I cope how can I accept it the some. things go wrong but it’s no good just. trying to die trying to put a smile on. it and say oh yes I accept all these. horrible things that are happening there. are times also when you have to defend. yourself when you have to take sensible. sensible ways of protecting yourself. there are times when people have to. break off relationships because you. simply cannot you can’t change other. people but you can change yourself and. there’s some things you can learn to. accept.

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