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Other Craigslist Type Websites pretty simple straightforward one

You’re listening to the ask a droning. podcast you asked we answer your drone. questions whether you’re here to turn. your passion into profit and you simply. fly for fun we’re a community of. learners and teachers who aspire to. achieve greatness. we are hey everyone and welcome to. another thoughtprovoking episode of ask. a drone you my name is Paul and my name. is Rob and this is episode number 851. thank you for joining us we have 851 no. no no 615 echo booths was fast you’re. killing it what’s funny is our producer. wrote down episode 409 so we’re all over. the map today but it is an exciting day. because we get to give away membership. we do get to do that it’s actually very. interesting that we’re doing that we. like to help people out we like to give. away so we would say a scholarship to. drone yeah but also today’s episode is.

Very interesting and there’s a new. company that’s come out a quoteunquote. certifying used drones and people have. asked the question before and today’s. question was even about you know buying. used drones what to look for and we’ve. kind of hit different points on that. before but we’ve got a new element to. add to this discussion which we’ll talk. about today but before we get there I. just want to say this episode is. actually supported by drone you today. we’ve got a new class coming up and I’m. actually going to be filming the promo. video for it it’s a subject tracking. class it will be a live inperson class. we are only going to accept ten students. to that class in this class it is. subject tracking we’re going to be out. on the lake for three days and we’re. going to be taking students through a. systematic process of drills and.

Exercises to hone their skills to fly. lower and closer and get really killer. cinematic shots while subject tracking. now this would be good for you if you’re. trying to get into boat commercials. you’re trying to get into car. commercials you’re trying to get into. jetski commercials a TV commercial some. sports action sports dirt bike racing. snow. or during all of that if you want to get. into that this class is for you because. by the end of this class you’re not only. going to learn how to fly but we’re. gonna go over some editing techniques. and how to put together little videos. for you to market yourself in this. industry so if you like to get into. those types of commercials you love. action sports or maybe you just want to. be better at flying your kids while you. guys are wake surfing around the lake.

This is definitely going to be the class. for you now the information is not on. the site yet I’m just giving you a. teaser it will be up probably by the end. of the week so check out the drone you. comm probably by Friday of this week or. whenever this show comes out you might. even it might even yeah hopefully by the. time this show airs it’ll be there. awesome anyway it is limited to ten so. if if it’s up by the time this show airs. check it out quick because I’m not. letting more than ten people come. because I don’t think that we can. provide value past that point we will. have multiple instructors myself and. Peter will be there so very excited to. be good it’s gonna be real good so I’m. there I’m stoked beyond stoked I mean. what yeah what better way to go learn. and because you’re gonna have a ton of. fun I don’t if I were out there I’d be.

Going oh you will be going anyway guys . that is uh who’s sponsoring our question. for today drone u subject tracking class. in Phoenix Arizona in October so make. sure to check that out Raavan I should. go ahead and play that question before I. ramble on anymore and tear off someone’s. ears as they’re as they’re driving. hey guys is Rob from Clearwater Florida. love the site love drone you the. podcasts are awesome my question is. pretty simple straightforward one what. is your feeling about buying DJI drones. used off of say craigslist or offer up. etc would you and if not why thank you. Thank You Rob this is actually a. question that we get quite a bit either. emails to the support email or actually. into the podcast obviously people can. save a little money if not a lot of. money buying used and they’re. apprehensive as they should be they.

Should be so I don’t what do you think. is it something that you would do we’ve. talked about it but it’s been a while. well and we have one member who’s doing. it right now Kyle I’m pricing his name. wrong Kyle reeked out of Minnesota he. has do you know the name of his store I. would love to just give him a plug I. would too and I don’t know the good a. scam in the community right now to see. if we can get it a response from him. before we’re done with the show but. anyway there are a lot of things that. you should be worried about and unless. you’re very good at reading code then. you’re probably going to need someone to. really certify that the drone is good. and in all honesty there are a lot of. things that can go wrong from batteries. that haven’t been taken care of to. batteries that were in stored properly.

To batteries that have been charged. while they’re hot to my micro fractures. and the in the drone mmhmm to you what. if the there’s solder cracked on the. board of the flight controller and all. of a sudden you lose an ESC midflight. because someone already crashed your. drone yeah I mean there is a lot that. can go wrong and there’s a new company. and I’ve asked them to come on the show. there’s a new company out of Florida. that’s saying that they’re essentially. like Carfax and they will quote unquote. certified drones now it’s really. interesting because they say they’ll. certify drones with an FAA aircraft. mechanic technician an FAA certified. mechanic is essentially what that is and. their big marketing spiel is that. they’re the only ones that actually have. an FAA certified aircraft mechanic as of. right now though there is no.

Airworthiness certificate for drones. like in if you’re in the suas category. and you’re sub 55 pounds there really is. no airworthiness certificate unless it’s. a homebuilt so that is very interesting. that they’re marketing this and that. they’re saying like well we’re the only. ones that test fly we’re. the only ones that do this and that do. that and it’s it’s just one of those. things that you know I’m just again. really really interested to see what. they’re all about and it’s a good idea. it’s a really good idea it is a good. idea. okay so Kyle’s company is superior. aerial solutions he says I also have the. Facebook page drone repair shop drone. repair shop on Facebook so that’s one of. our friends who’s been a drone you. member since the beginning super awesome. guy actually he’s extremely intelligent. but going back to this company they say.

That they’re gonna systematically go. through the drone they’re gonna test fly. it they’re gonna check all these things. but I want to know what they’re going to. check because they really harp on this. certified guy this mechanic but I think. of people like John McBride in our mus. that just have intricate extremely good. knowledge about the vehicles that they. put out they’re very very honest about. it too in fact we know that some birds. are having specific issues with specific. camera payloads and whereas they’re. being honest and discussing these issues. other companies are just saying like oh. check out this cool new drone that we. have and it works perfect when we turn. it on and in all honesty they’re not. showing it flying check out their. Instagram it’s not flying right so you. guys got to be really careful and I mean.

Yeah I was watching this movie last. night called Death Note on Netflix and. it’s actually a really really good movie. based on an old Japanese myth and. whether it’s a myth or not is actually. up for debate but at the very end of the. movie I’m trying to figure out like what. happens at the end because essentially. what happens if this guy writes your. name in the book you end up dying and. you write how it had ends up happening. and it happens like within 48 hours and. it’s this inspector who’s trying to find. the guy who is writing the Death Note. and they don’t show it at the very end. whether the inspector finally figures. everything out and then writes the guy’s. name in the book or not and they kind of. leave you with that cliffhanger at the. end of the movie and it’s like no but. like it’s those intricate details it’s.

Like looking for okay they’re showing. this on Instagram they’re showing this. on Facebook but let’s take a step back. let’s actually look at that and take the. excitement out of the equation right. and oftentimes in this industry people. get very very excited over little things. and we can lose sight of what’s real and. what’s honest yeah absolutely one of the. things I would wonder about as well is. is there any kind of guarantee behind. the drones that these folks are selling. ooh the depth of the questions just went. deeper that’s actually really. interesting because you know when DJI. put out the Kerr refresh program it’s. yeah it’s kind of unstoppable like. because they’re saying okay now there is. a big problem when we’ve talked about. the whole registration stuff but there’s. no longer registration unless you’re a.

Commercial user but then again you still. have problems but with Kerr refresh if. you break a drone you get a new drone. like next day next day air like boom get. one but I believe there’s a limit on it. I think it’s only one drone but if you. are the pro customer service account. it’s like unlimited and you can have. battery rentals and all that Wow so it’s. interesting to see how they’ll compete. with the DJI program but again love. competition I think it’s a great thing. for the industry and I’m trying to bring. this group on to really dig down deep to. say okay do you go through the code to. see if there’s been an abrupt motor stop. do you go through the code to see if. there’s ever been an ESC failure do you. go through the code to see if there’s. ever been a communication error. midflight do you ever go through the.

Code and look for a compass redundancy. switch failure like what are what. parameters are you looking at yeah I. would think they have a systematic. approach to what they tests particularly. depending on the bird itself because. there are some idiosyncrasies it would. be interesting to know a little bit more. about that I mean some of that is. probably intellectual property as far as. they’re concerned and they might not. share all those details but it would be. interesting just to know how deep they. go he actually just emailed me sweet. yeah so we’ll have that group on later. to talk about what they offer in regards. to service what they guarantee and how. they go through things as I believe you. know buying used drones like drone you. could be a great a great system for. buying used drones because we train. people all the time and the more and.

More inperson trainings that we do it. would be good to have some used drones. well in fact we have four. members a marketplace as one of our. groups right and people buy and sell. stuff in there which is great this is. one more value add that members get as. part of drone you because they they know. each other and they’ve gotten to know. each other generally even if they’re. buying something they’re in Texas and. they’re buying something from somebody. in Florida they’ve gotten to know each. other via the community which is really. really cool when you’re the camaraderie. in this group is insane yeah absolutely. it’s something you just don’t see. anywhere else and that bleeds over into. maybe buying a new drone we just had. somebody list a really nice inspire one. set up XIII and everything for a pretty. ridiculous price didn’t you say you.

Wanted to buy it. yeah I did pretty quick snatch but so as. far as buying from a place like. Craigslist probably not a good idea. right now just in general I don’t know. if you would agree with that but. literally I’d be very hesitant totally. yeah oh yeah not a Craigslist fan at all. there’s like other sites like let it go. and whatnot and more and more times it’s. stolen items that are on those and it. just freaks me out I mean like you. obviously want to think that everyone’s. good and anally good and that’s just. scary dude but anyway on that bombshell. if you’re not a drone you member and you. want to check it out there’s a new. system on the website where you can take. a peek behind the curtains and see what. we’re all about. to see if we’re really full of crap or. if we’re really out to help people and I.

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