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Hey guys it’s Coco welcome back to my. channel so today I’m going to be. recording several outfits in this video. cuz I have a day off and I thought I. would make a bunch of content for you. guys so if you see my upcoming videos. and I’m wearing the same thing that’s. why I know you guys won’t mind but for. some reason I felt the need to point. that out so anyway no point so today I’m. going to be talking about what to do if. you always text first when I give you. guys some tips on how to get out of it. so there are several reasons for someone. to never text you first or never take. the initiative to text so that could be. because they’re not interested. blatantly if someone is not interested. in you they’re not going to show. initiative and text you first. but what if you always text first but. always get a reply and always when you.

See each other in real life they’re. super enthusiastic and they always reply. super enthusiastic to you for still for. some reason they don’t text first which. is kind of weird and counterintuitive. then what can be going on it could be. that they don’t know you’re interested. maybe they don’t want to be the one to. take that leap and start texting you. because they don’t want to be Glo enough. so that could be a reason or also it. could be because they are actually. playing a game and they’re trying to be. hard to get and some of these tips I’m. going to give you are going to involve. that too so maybe they’re actually. applying these tips right now my number. one tip to get out of this is to start. talking in real life I think texting is. so indirect it’s just it’s a mess it’s. really no way to have contact with.

Someone but of course sometimes you. don’t have that much opportunities to. see each other in real life. and in that case if you really like each. other and you do want to stay in touch. then texting might be your only option. but I would like to say my number one. tip is to just start interacting in real. life because it’s so much different you. have such a different vibe with someone. if you can look them in the eyes and. talk to them you can feel tension that. you can’t feel over text give me each. other or laughs in a way that you could. never over text so I would 100%. recommend that first of all okay let’s. get into the rest of the tips number one. stop stop texting them first so just. decide not to for a. two days and if you don’t hear anything. for like if you for example stop for. week you don’t text them you don’t hear.

Anything for a week. they don’t text you back and that’s a. sign right so then just never text them. again but if you don’t ask them for a. few days after few days it text you that. you can be like okay they’re taking a. little bit of initiative then still take. it slow don’t overdo it but just start. texting a few guys later. I know it’s really ridiculous to live in. a society where you would have to think. about how fast you can reply cuz me I’m. like texting you 50 texts in a row. because that’s just the kind of person. that I am and if you don’t like me like. that then you best just don’t like me at. all but if you want to resolve this. issue and you feel like it’s because of. someone playing games or whatever really. got then just stop texting and spread. them out and see what happens number two. don’t start to over post on other social.

Media sites because this is something. that we tend to do if someone’s not. replying to us on text we start to post. a lot on other social medias to try and. get a reaction from them so we like. start to post a bunch of snapchats about. or you’re doing like a lot of them and. it’s not effective I can say from. experience guys that don’t do a lot of. social media posting all day like what. they’re doing I actually find more. intriguing that a guy that I could. follow all day because if you open some. on snapchat and there’s like 20 snaps. loading and you’re like overwhelming. clicking off but then someone doesn’t. post anything for a week and then post. something suddenly then that’s so much. more interesting so try to avoid over. posting on other channels because. they’re not replying to your text just. post how you would regularly post.

Because people can notice and it doesn’t. actually work to make you any more. interesting however what you can do is. just show that you’re having fun still. post a really great picture of yourself. post that you’re doing something with. friends and just show that you’re being. distracted or you’re not thinking about. that that can be intriguing but posting. pictures of yourself in your bed trying. to be pretty even though you’re probably. super pretty I’m not trying to say that. or posing for a guy posting a photo in. the mirror flexing even though you might. have a hot bod does not make you any. more interesting because it actually. makes you feel it’s not injury and. other tip is to only text someone when. you have something actually important or. a subject to talk about because what can. get very tiring is to talk in loops and.

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That could be something that’s going on. so for example you ask them everyday hey. how was your day after three days that’s. boring and people will stop replying to. you because they’re gonna know they’re. gonna know that every time they’re gonna. reply to you they’re gonna get stuck in. the same texting circle that they’ve. been in for a lot of days already so try. to only text and you have actually. something to say actually something you. want to discuss or talk about it’s a new. topic it’s something you’ve not talked. about like a billion times before. because it gets boring to get into the. same routine and have to reply to the. same thing and talk about the same thing. even though every day is different but. if someone asks you how’s your day every. single day after a while it just gets. boring and then they might lose any.

Interest to text you because they’re. afraid of getting stuck in it again so. yeah try to make sure you don’t just. text hey whenever and you don’t even. really know what you want to talk about. you just want to talk that’s like that. can get a little bit annoying and lastly. don’t reply too fast to people and. sometimes don’t reply at all if this. depends because for me in the. Netherlands we don’t really use texting. a lot we use whatsapp I know it’s. different in the US and stuff I know in. the u.s. you guys use iMessage and kick. more than you do whatsapp but anyway on. whatsapp you can have either you can see. that someone has read your message or. you can turn it off so for me for. example people cannot see if I read. their message and vice versa so. sometimes I just don’t reply because oh. my mom is calling okay I’m back.

I just oh yeah how do you help my mom. pick something out but what was I saying. again. let me see oh yeah so sometimes I just. don’t reply and it’s it’s a really great. way because then that shows people that. you really are selective about talking. to them or anyone and of course if. someone asks you a direct question and. you don’t reply then that’s like really. shitty a you shouldn’t do that but if. they say something that you shouldn’t. have to necessarily reply so you try. just not you and to just leave it in. there the ball in their Court. because sometimes a conversation kind of. reaches an end and then you can say. something new to keep it going but you. can also decide just to not and. sometimes that’s me better off so those. are my tips on what to do if you always. text first but first and foremost you.

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