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You could do it all from your phone you. got heart to heart afternoon delight. brooklyn babes farmers farmers farmers. blunderbutts who’s in my mouth an. orthodox vegans for you. i mean he was a nice guy but in the. morning he texted me a picture of him. with his teddy bear and it said we miss. you. you’d think you could spot those red. flags in the profile but you don’t. always see it so by profile you mean. like online profile like you’re all. online dating yeah of course yeah like. how else do you meet people i i guess. i’m not really meeting anyone lately. i’ve been on a date like forever i think. you’re the only person in new york city. that’s not online dating. got my courage up ready to date on the. internet uh okay. my perfect match someone who is employed. someone who owns a dog. like a corgi he likes to run around in.

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The park and then we go to the park. together and oh i don’t know the sun is. setting and he’s looking into my eyes. runs his fingers through my hair. and pulls me in for this nope let’s go. with about me. 34b. done. oh my god. no no. so uh what do you do for a living. finance. i identify as seamstress seems stress oh. like a slash in the middle so you you. brought your own coffee. i see did you not wanted a drink from. the bar. i love that dress thank you how many. persecuted children of color do you. think work to make that. do uh do girls get like orgasms do girls. get orgasms yeah sometimes. what’s your blood type. i work mostly with a startup and a. couple nonprofits it’s kind of nice it. lets me live kind of independently so. what is she doing here. thanks mommy. i don’t understand. excuse me. hi hi. i couldn’t let you leave without telling.

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