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Hello guys welcome back to another. dating tip episode. so today before we start i want to take. some time. to say thank you for those of you who. have been watching. and supporting my videos whether you. just found my videos through youtube. recently or you’ve been following along. for a while i want to thank you for. spending your time with me. when i was reviewing the other day i. realized that today’s video. is actually my 30th dating video that i. made in the past year. and because i saw more interest and. feedback when i was making my. dating videos that’s why later i started. making more and because of that this. year i started my facebook dating group. that is a platform and community where i. connect people on a deeper level. and we can exchange ideas and questions. about dating so feel free to check it. out if you want to be part of it i will.

Include the link under this video i feel. so empowered. when i connected with people who who are. going through the same struggles that i. had when i was dating and i really. appreciate everyone. who gave me different ideas and. perspectives that i have never thought. about before. i’m very happy now to have this. community to help people figuring out. their dating situations and solve their. problems. and hopefully i can help more people to. find the right partner for themselves. if you want to be part of this community. feel free to leave your comments. your dating questions in a comment area. for me to answer. okay and let’s get started for today’s. video if you have been using dating apps. for a while. you might encounter some people on the. apps that make you feel like. yep sometimes i just cannot figure out. why some people just don’t know some.

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Basic. gestures or some taboo questions that. you should not ask your dates. if you’re like uh so what is it. at this point you might be one of them. in today’s video i want to share. 6 dating etiquette tips that you should. know. if you want to get more likes or dates. on dating apps. are you interested in that if yes all. you need to do is just keep on watching. dating etiquette tip number one don’t. ask your day if they are chatting or. dating other people. at a early stage this is the same. dilemma that i had when i was dating. we know it’s normal and acceptable for. people to chat with multiple people in. the beginning just to be more efficient. about dating but you might encounter. some people who just cannot wait to ask. you. if you are also chatting or dating other. people in the meantime. which leaves you awkward not knowing.

What to say do you say. yes just to be honest or do you prefer. to tell a white lie saying no so you. don’t need to deal with the awkwardness. with the person. the answer could be either based on who. you are but i want to take this. opportunity to encourage people. to not ask this question to your day. especially. if you guys just started chatting for. less than one or two months. in my opinion that is not a proper. question to ask. at all i believe that if this person is. serious looking for a partner. he or she will be smart enough to focus. on one. that they want to when they feel ready. and when they want to be exclusive with. this person. since everyone has different timeline in. the feeling each other outstaged. it’s better to let your day take his or. her time. to figure out if this is what they want. instead of putting pressure on them.

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And make them feel uncomfortable as long. as this feeling each other out period. is not too long to make you feel anxious. you should respect the time that they. need. before you both are ready to move to the. next stage. my second reason that you should not ask. this question is that. if unfortunately you are dating a player. who just doesn’t want to be honest with. you. in that case they will not be honest. with you no matter what. so why bother asking that question in my. dating etiquette tip number two. date more than one person only if you. can handle it. it’s totally normal if you want to chat. with more than one person in the. beginning just to be efficient. but please do so based on your. capability and don’t mix your dates. with other people because that is very. rude. i’m sure a lot of people can relate to.

This one either you are chatting with. too many people at the same time. or you are going out with too many. people in one week and then you get. confused. and you forget about their names and who. they are this is just a waste of time if. you overdo it. and you make your day feel disrespected. when you mix him. or her with others there’s no way to. reverse it when you make a mistake like. that and it’s not worth it. if you can handle three people at one. time then don’t go over three no matter. what. make a rule for yourself and then come. into it in my dating etiquette tip. number three. don’t spend your dates text with. meaningless questions every day. even if you want to show some love or. get some attention. we know not just girls but guys can be. chatty sometimes too. there’s nothing wrong with being chatty. but you should be smart enough to.

Observe your date. and see if he or she is happy. interacting with you. some girlfriends of mine complained to. me that some of their dates. takes them every day asking what they. ate. and what they were doing and they feel. bad giving boring and the same answers. because their work. and life during the week is just the. same every day if. you want to chat with your day every day. and you don’t want to bore the person. maybe try to come up with some new. topics instead of the same greetings. every day. like i mentioned in my previous dating. videos that it’s such an. art to nail the dating dance you watch. other people‘s reactions. and then you give them the right dose of. attention and care that they need. otherwise the care and attention that. you invest. will be a waste or a burden for someone. else. if you are a needy person who likes to.

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Constantly chat with people. then maybe share different stories facts. or news with your date so you can have. interesting conversations if you sense. any impatience. short or too many delay replies maybe. those are the signs that your date. is not too excited about chatting with. you and my dating etiquette tip number. four. don’t ask sensitive or personal. questions at an early stage. if you don’t feel comfortable answering. them either as we date someone longer we. want to know more things about this. person and get to know who they are. questions like their previous. relationships or about their family. members. or even some topics about money are. common sensitive questions when dating. it is important to know these things. about your day as you spend more time. together. but be compassionate and smart about. when.

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And how to ask only ask these questions. when number one. you are okay to share your own stories. too and number two. when you are confident that your date. will feel okay instead of feeling. offended when you pop this question to. him or her when you touch. sensitive questions like these show your. respect. and maybe you can share your own stories. first before you throw this. question to them and then they will feel. more engaged and comfortable. sharing their stories with you in return. and my dating etiquette tip number five. gestures about the first date here are. some tips i want to share. before you have a first date with. someone when deciding a spot for your. first day. don’t pick a location that’s closer to. you you can pick a spot in the middle. or be a thoughtful person choosing a. spot that’s closer to your day.

Make sure you check your day’s diet. restrictions before you brainstorm. locations. remember don’t be late on your first day. and don’t cancel or ask your day out. last minute. those are not nice to do and my dating. etiquette tip number six. don’t be a whiner or share too many. negative things about your ex with your. date have you dated someone who have so. many negative things to say about their. ex. or other dates it is a good thing when. you briefly share. your past and your previous relationship. with your date so they can know you. better. and then see if you both have the same. expectations about relationships but you. don’t want to overdo it by criticizing. your ex. or your previous relationships too much. which only shows that you’re emotional. and not forgiving. let the past be the past so you can move. on and start something new with a new.

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