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Okay carmelia the gen zers are always. coming up with clever names for things i. bet new dating trends. are no exception so please shed some. light for. us what are we in for this summer well. this summer there are some new buzzwords. buzzing around and they are vulturing. you. turning and one of my faves is sneeding. hold up okay what is sneading i just. like saying that and vulturing we need. more info on this so. let’s start with sneading all right well. sneeding. is basically going on a date for a free. meal so you are sneak. eating that is sneeding you’re going on. a date for. your dinner stop sneeding everyone or. maybe you shouldn’t. okay what about vulturing what’s that. vulturing has been happening for a very. long time. it’s when you are waiting around for. that dying relationship. that vulnerable single is there and.

You’re gonna swoop right in and claim. them as yours. oh that’s sneaky okay what about. you turning what does that mean. uturning. also happens a lot so it basically. implies that you go hot. and heavy love bomb and think she. or he is the one and then all of a. sudden you realize. they are not the ones so you make a. massive uturn. oh that’s interesting and i think that. happens a lot i think we’ve all had sort. of a couple of those so in your opinion. what trends are we going to see be. seeing a lot of this summer camellia. well one big trend that’s happening. right now is labeled hardballing. so hardballing is dating like a ceo. now so many singles that i work with are. ceos entrepreneurs they’re busy. professionals they don’t have. time to waste with people that are not. on the same page. so if you’re gonna hardball like you do.

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At work you do the same. in your dating life you ask direct. questions you don’t waste time. and you set strong boundaries so this is. hard balling in 2021. very interesting so you’re showing up at. that date and you’ve got a checklist or. like an application you’re going through. the things. so and you say you are going through. going through the things carmelia you. say not only is hard. balling going to be major but something. called slow dating will be big which. sounds good to me so. can you elaborate more on that one yes. actually since the pandemic slow dating. has become. the way people are dating previous to. the pandemic you could swipe left. right and you will likely meet at a bar. that night. now people are very cautious they. realize. that relationships are crucial so. they’re spending more time in meaningful.

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Conversation. in fact a lot of dating apps are seeing. an increase. in messaging and video dating and longer. time. speaking to one another so even my. clients. they prefer to date one at a time. instead of multidating. especially in the pandemic you want to. be clear on who’s in your bubble. so people are really taking it slow now. i kind of like that that makes total. sense tell me about this new trend. called. new dawn daters who are they. oh boy well as you know in the pandemic. some relationships did not survive. the new dawn daters are those people. that have come out out of longterm. relationships. and like the new dawn they’re eager to. start over. so they have a really you know exciting. time thinking about what’s next for them. oh that’s kind of nice. all right okay this last one sounds kind. of fun what is astro love.

Oh my goodness so bumble put out a. report. that when people put their astrological. sign and they matched. they got 60 more matches just by. matching based on. astrological compatibility so i’m an. aries. if i were wanting to match with my match. i’d be looking for a compatible fire. sign. now i did some research you are a. capricorn so you would be best suited. with a. taurus or a scorpio did you know that. i didn’t know the scorpio part i didn’t. know i’d be. well with the scorpio i knew for sure a. taurus. uh tracy p is like my taurus love match. but she’s my friend. capricorns are also great with. capricorns and aries are great with. aries. i was surprised about that because i. could be a lot to deal with. yeah i don’t know about capricorn and. capricorn either like i don’t need any. more of me. happening in my life right but i’m.

Actually with. an aries so is an aries of fireside. is aries fire aries is a fire sign but. you know where you can use that. compatibility. is really looking at your interest and. your personality traits and figuring out. how you can work well together. it makes sense so my son is a taurus. we’re the same sort of temperament. my husband is a fire my daughter is a. leo she’s a fire and they’re like. you can see the fireworks in those two. so very interesting before i let you go. i want to ask you one thing about. hardballing because i know people need. to get. the job done and they don’t have time to. waste yes. is there a wrong way to do hard balling. though like if you show up. and you’re like bang bang bang bang bang. can you give folks the right way to do. it versus the wrong way because you. don’t want to alienate people either.

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Yes i mean heartballing as much as it’s. a hard term it’s really important that. people date with intention. so so long as you’re asking the. important questions it’s in your. tonality. and it shouldn’t feel like you’re. interviewing. so when it’s peppered into organic. conversation. and you find a way that asks questions. that are nice versus how much money do. you make. instead of doing that you would say so. what are the things that you enjoy. doing in your free time what kind of. vacations do you like to go to. so there’s an implication that you get. an idea of their finances as an example. but you know singles need to be mindful. that dating takes time. so i think as long as your tone and. you’re not firing off and it should feel. like a ping pong conversation you should. not be firing off. question after question and not allowing.

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