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What seniors need to know about online. dating online dating lost its social. stigma long ago and today’s rushed and. digital world it serves a vital function. one write out a list of the perfect. person you’re looking for before you go. online and hold out for what you’re. looking for be realistic too first and. foremost you must be prepared for. rejection you may like them but they may. not like you back everyone goes online. with a fantasy in his or her head keep. your profile to about 100 words on. average once you get to know the person. you could divulge more but in the. beginning keep it brief for use up be. words and appear friendly and not phony. wonderful smart sorry a good friend. dependable good talented witty but don’t. use negative words be sincere and speak. from your heart when you speak from your.

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Heart and say the words your soul has. only did to whisper that’s what miracles. happen don’t appear needy space your. responses to every other day you know. basically don’t be a girl that needs a. man be a girl that man needs and same. thing for the men be a man a woman needs. don’t be a man that needs a woman be a. man a woman needs use a quality. photograph referred to as a headshot. look at these photos nice sharp clear. not fuzzy very nice pictures ladies. smile and show some skin night your dork. children grandchildren family or your ex. men show some teeth when you smile dress. well look alert and friendly especially. as we get older is more important than. ever to have your eyes twinkle like the. died inside name plenty of fish says in. its title there are plenty of fish be. picking who you agreed to meet for a.

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Date many on like data size say they are. free but most aren’t their only free to. look but if you want to like someone oh. you must subscribe to message them so be. careful how to avoid scams look out for. grammar and spelling errors that should. make you suspicious you know some of. these services the scam artist user they. might be in a Nigeria for you know and. they using translators to put up the. profiles they say they can’t meet in. person i want you to communicate off the. data site avoiding the privacy and the. protection that the web sites offer. don’t trust the photos their age or. resumes they may all be phony professing. love too quickly sight unseen that. should give you a red flag immediately. if the person requests financial health. don’t walk away I’m sorry if the person. requests financial help don’t run don’t.

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