Online Dating Mistakes Women Make

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What’s going on you guys welcome to the. single back channel my name is Lloyd. so lately in my programs I’ve been going. over a lot of guys’s dating profiles and. helping them out with the online dating. stuff so in this video I thought I’d. kind of talk a little bit about the. three mistakes that I see most commonly. happen with guys over the online dating. okay so if you want more information. about this I’m actually gonna be doing a. free webinar this Saturday on it so I. would highly recommend that you attend. that if you feel like it would be useful. for you so I’m gonna give you a couple. sneak peeks of kind of what’s gonna be. included in that webinar some of the. stuff that I talk about with my various. clients and yeah let’s just get started. okay thing one I would say probably the. first thing that I noticed that what a.

Lot of guys do is they pick the wrong. dating app first of all all the dating. apps exists because there’s different. niches there’s different types of women. that are going to be using that dating. app some dating apps are better for. certain things some dating apps are. terrible for certain things you know but. I see generically people will usually. just download tinder or maybe Bumble or. something like that and they try that. and they think okay yeah online dating. doesn’t work for me because tinder and. Bumble don’t work for them tinder and. Bumble are pretty aggressive like hookup. apps not hookup apps there’s definitely. people dating on them but there’s way. more men than there are on tinder than. there are women I think it’s like 70. percent men so obviously tinder might. not be the best place for you if you’re.

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Looking for a girlfriend say maybe. coffee meets bagel or or another dating. app would be really good I myself don’t. do crazy well on tinder so I don’t use. it that much I use other apps that work. better for me you know it’s not that I. don’t get matches off there I get plenty. matches but it’s just not really the. kinds of girls that I’m always looking. for so you should pick the app that is. gonna work the best for you. okay think they don’t respond quickly. enough I see this happen all the time. with clients where they have their. dating profile created they get a match. and then for whatever reason they don’t. message the girl back very quickly or. they try and look cool and wait a while. or maybe they forget about it or. something like that and then they do you. know message them later you should. message as quickly as you can and I’m.

Not saying like break your back to. answer a message but like the way women. are online. it’s kind of like the way some men are. is they are only honor for a short. amount of time usually the girls on it. for like you know two weeks or a month. or something like that you know that’s. that’s a pretty long time for a woman to. be on it and then she kind of gets burnt. out and then she doesn’t really use it. that much anymore maybe she meets a guy. sleeps to them or doesn’t it doesn’t go. that well and whatever it is usually. they’re on it for a short period of time. and there’s gonna be a bunch of other. guys that are messaging her too you know. women even if she’s like an average. looking or aboveaverage looking woman. she’s getting a lot of matches if you. know she’s if she’s swiping so keep that. in mind when you’re messaging a girl.

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There’s a girl that you potentially. might like you know make sure you get. back so we’re there a reasonable amount. of time otherwise you’re leaving a lot. of opportunities on the table okay thing. three the final thing is they don’t. really spend a whole lot of time on. their pictures so I’ve seen some. profiles I’ve seen not some I’ve seen. many many profiles and I would say the. majority of guys the photos they put on. there are pretty terrible so if you’re a. guy who’s like just slap together a few. photos maybe they have selfies and are. like the Lighting’s not good don’t. expect to get very many matches and. don’t think that okay well I’ve tried. online dating and it doesn’t work for me. because I’ve seen so many guys say this. and I look at their profile and it’s. like dude like are you even trying to. attract a woman with this like you know.

Boggles my mind so I understand that for. a lot of guys they don’t really like. taking pictures I think it’s kind of. superficial and so that’s kind of some. limiting beliefs that I have to distill. and you know look I was like that to. guys you know I was a guy who came into. this dating business pretty much wanting. to people the only talk in person like. that was one of the things that I set. out to do when I began to realize is. that as the modern world develops. especially with this quarantine lockdown. situation that we have you know your. digital profile is gonna be a lot more. important as time goes on so I would. recommend that you not neglect it. obviously your digital profile is only. one aspect of you as a person that. they’re gonna decide whether they like. you or not or sleep with you or date you.

Whatever it is so but having not having. it there you’re missing out for the. other people that do take the time to do. it and that’s what I teach a lot of my. clients a lot of times is how to take. good pictures how to make sure they’re. showing the best sides of themselves and. attract the kind of women that they’re. looking for you know if they’re looking. for just a hookup you know or whatever. if they’re looking for. girl they’re gonna date the type of girl. that they want to sleep with or a date. those types of things are the things. that I’m really thinking about when you. know I’m helping them create their. profiles and everything so that I would. say like a lot of guys could put a lot. more work into their pictures and don’t. think okay well I put these pictures on. online dating doesn’t work for me no you.

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Know try those photos out if they don’t. work try some more photos take some more. photos by yourself and see what see what. you can come up with I mean it’s not. just like you try out online dating and. it doesn’t work for you like you can get. better at just the same way that you can. get better as socializing and talking to. women you know your profile can improve. over time as you get better photos you. get better at expressing yourself. through that medium yes it is a small. window but learning how to express. yourself better is the skill just like. anything else and that’s something that. I’m really gonna be talking about a lot. on this webinar this Saturday so if. you’re interested to learn more I would. recommend that you sign up for the. mailing list down below again it’s free. and I’m gonna be picking three guys.

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