Online Dating Horror Stories

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Any of you given that bumble apple go. i know it seems massively. counterintuitive to download an app. which requires the girl to make the. first move. when they’re notoriously not the ones to. make the first move. but i can assure you it’s definitely. worth it. but at the same time i think the single. worst thing that happened to me in 2020. took place just as a result of a bumble. date. so it all started when i matched with a. welsh girl named lima. after a day or two of talking we agreed. to meet at a little cafe for a few. coffees. we hit it off talking about this and. that and before you know it. we’re chatting like we’ve known each. other for years one hour turned to two. two to three and still neither of us was. ready to call time on the date. neither of us drank alcohol that evening. her for. religious reasons me because i’m.

Something of a fitness freak. but while she was drinking mocktails i. was on the coffee. and i was on it big time there came a. point where. i needed a wheeze so badly that i was. practically doing the entire river dance. routine waiting for the oneperson. toilet to become available. this happens every half an hour without. fail almost all night. i have to interrupt her apologize and. leg it off to the little bathroom to. relieve myself. i felt like an absolute idiot having to. nip off to the lab so often. but every time i emerged she’d look up. and smile. waving away my apologies with some light. mockery of how i. have the bladder of a fouryear-old but. one time. i emerged from the toilets to see that. she’s no longer sitting alone. and that someone is sitting in my seat. at first i thought she just. bumped into a guy she knew she certainly.

Looked quite comfortable talking to him. but. it turned out to be the complete. opposite. i walked up behind him playfully put my. hands on his shoulders and say. i think he might be in my seat there. mate it wasn’t confrontational or. aggressive just. pure banter i expected the eye to jump. up. maybe warmly apologize maybe give a. little introduction something like that. but he didn’t. he looked back at me with this look on. his face that said get your effing hands. off of me. and as he’s staring up at me lima shoots. me this look as if to say. help only then am i like. wait do you two know each other. turns out this bloke had been sitting. alone enjoying some food and wine. and had been making eyes at lima every. so often. then when i gone off for a wii he taken. his opportunity. sat in my seat and began to as lima put.

It. flirt so outrageously forward that i. thought i was going to puke up my nohito. now i actually had to ask this guy to. leave us alone before. he got up and finally gave me my chair. back not before he tried to stare me out. i had a few inches on him that’s in. height you oversized children. and i could tell he didn’t put half the. gym time in that i did so. it’s not like i was in the least bit. intimidated it just seemed like he was. trying. really really hard to be some comic book. idea of what women want. and was honestly a little bit pathetic. he looked completely and utterly. harmless. like a chocolate pistol he looks like. he’d melted the first sign of trouble. but as i found out later that night. looks can be. dangerously deceiving so. after the little confrontation at the. table lima and i laugh it off then.

Carry on with our knight now lima can. see over my shoulder and. therefore also see the creepy guy but. all i can see in front of me is. her and one of the cafe’s walls so i. have to rely on her to let me know if. the guy is still there. i honestly expected him to just leave. after such a confrontation. everyone in the cafe was watching it was. pretty mortifying. but he didn’t he stayed put and. continued to make eyes at lima which to. her credit. she just ignored but then when it came. to me walking her home. he gets up and pays his bill too. then yep you guessed it i look over my. shoulder and as we’re passing through. chinatown and. guess who i see tiny mister stare out. still keeping up the intimidation game. by staring out from under his brow. obviously too drunk to realize he looked. far more comical than scary.

Don’t get me wrong i wasn’t exactly. scared at that point but. we were being followed it made for. something of a tense situation. but nothing i thought i couldn’t handle. as we approached her apartment block i. asked lima if she was comfortable going. inside while the guy could. see where she lived she admitted to. being uncomfortable about it but. the block had like 50 to 60 flats in it. and unless he got in the door behind her. there was little chance of him working. out which unit she lived in. but as it turned out lena was way more. concerned about me. and actually invited me inside for a. night cap. i didn’t assume that i was getting lucky. but i wasn’t about to turn her down. so i went inside for a cup of this weird. ginger tea. and the comfort that our little stalker. friend would soon get bored and. wander off i was in her flat for no less.

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Than an hour and. by that time each of us was confident. that our new friend had departed. we even checked out of her bathroom. window which looked down to the street. and he was nowhere to be seen so i. thanked her for a good night we had a. little smooch and. i started my walk home with that lighter. than air feeling you get after a. successful date. it’s around that time that i start. thinking something along the lines of. god imagine if that loser was somehow. still following me. which prompts me to look over my. shoulder. lo and behold there’s a single figure. following me. maybe 50 or 60 meters behind with a. remarkably similar silhouette to the lad. who tried following us. i have to admit to being in a state of. disbelief for a moment as i stopped and. studied the figure as they approached. then after passing under a street light.

I got a clear look at the person. it was him you gotta be screwing with me. mate. i said out loud and immediately they. stopped. i knew it was him so him playing it. being a statue didn’t make a blind bit. of difference. i just told him to keep his distance and. there’d be no problems. and just carried on with the 20minute. walk back to my place. every so often i’m checking over my. shoulder and this lad is still behind me. granted he’s some way away but he’s. definitely following me. and the closer we get to my apartment. the more it becomes obvious that he’s. making a considerable. effort to close the distance now. unlike lima the apartment i lived in was. just. one of two in this big old edwardian i. have the top floors while the other. tenant had the ground floor in the. basement. complete with his entrance so if this.

Lad sees what door i go into. he’s got my flat he doesn’t have to. guess which one of the 60 i’m in. he knows where i live obviously i’m not. in the least bit comfortable with that. so i decide on a little. show of force to deter my new follower. i turn around and just march right at. him. then when i’m within about spitting. distance i gave him what for about being. a creep and a loser. promising i’ll kick his head in if he. carries on following me. it seemed to have the desired effect as. he started walking off in the complete. opposite direction. it was really strange but i carry on. walking. checking over my shoulder one more time. and he’s gone. problem solved right well not quite. about a minute or two goes by and i. reached the entrance to a fairly small. park. my flat is literally just on the other. side of it so i’m in this blissful.

Ignorance of thinking that not only had. i. scared the creepy guy off but that i was. so close to home that nothing could. possibly hurt me now. i mean i was on home base right in my. big old backyard. besides i’d had a great night i had. drinks with this gorgeous. anesthesiologist. definitely securing myself a second date. in the process and. i had myself a little tough guy moment. with that absolute. bam everything flash bright for a second. and i felt my knees just buckling under. me almost as if though my brain had. switched off power to them. i honestly don’t know if i was knocked. out for a second or two but. i do know that the next thing i can feel. is this sharp hot pain. in the back left side of my head i knew. that i’d been hit by something. i just didn’t know what or by who. i was so dazed that it didn’t even occur.

To me that it could have been him. i honestly thought i was just being. mugged or something in which case. it wouldn’t have been my first rodeo i’d. been mugged at knifepoint in london back. when i was a student and. i need to just keep my mouth shut hand. over the valuables and get away with. nothing but damage. pride and a lump on my head so. the only thing i do before trying to. find my feet is to toss up my wallet and. phone under the concrete. and just be like just take it and f off. i heard someone wheeze a laugh probably. at how pathetic i looked. but when they spoke i knew exactly who. it was. i thought you were going to kick my head. in now look at you. whack they kicked me so hard in the side. of the head that. i thought my orbital socket might be. broken and in between worrying that i’d. end up losing my eye if they kicked me.

Again. it dawned on me the little toe rag who’d. been following me had. somehow found a way to cut me off and. ambush me. and it became quite obvious that i was. in much much more trouble than i’d first. anticipated. the phone and wallet weren’t going to. cut it i needed to get on my feet. and fast it didn’t matter that i was. taller and stronger maybe even faster. than this guy. he had the upper hand and let me tell. you it was not. a nice feeling the force of the kick set. me off balance. but i tried to use the momentum to find. my feet. if i was drunk i’d have been utterly. screwed but since i was sober. i did actually manage to get both feet. on the ground before trying to bring. myself upright. but nope another kick hits me right in. the corner of the mouth. and i was sent flying backwards again. this time. not only is my mouth filling up with.

Blood but i can feel the teeth on the. left hand side of my mouth grinding. together where the kick had. chipped a few of them it sent my skin. crawling as i spat the blood out. i put my hand out and felt something. cold and metallic. a fence on which i was once again trying. to pull myself. up but again right as i was about to. find my feet. the guy attacked only this time it. didn’t strike me. he wrapped one arm around my neck and. held something cold and sharp over my. right eye. i’m not sure if it was a knife or a. piece of glass or whatever. but i think that was the single most. terrifying moment of my life. thinking well i’m going to be blind now. and hoping i’ll be able to buck him off. before he goes for my throat or. something. only he didn’t cut me instead he hissed. something right into my ear let’s just.

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Say. brevity wasn’t his strong suit and i’d. rather not type out the actual exchange. but. it was as gloating vicious and vile as. you can imagine. with plenty of references to the date. i’ve been on that evening. i didn’t beg i didn’t cry i just waited. for whatever was going to happen. but thank god he must have seen sense or. something. he made some comment about me only being. alive the next day because. he’d let me live after that he gave me. one more good punch to the side of the. face. then all i heard was the sound of. trainers hitting concrete as he legged. it. i spent the next few minutes spitting. out blood as i tried to find my phone. i think he’d either stamped on it or i’d. maybe tossed it with a little too much. force because. the screen was smashed into bits but. again. a little bit of divine intervention.

Meant it worked just enough for me to. hammer out a 999 call. after which i dragged myself to the park. skates and. sat there waiting for the ambulance to. turn up. aside from a bit of concussion a lot of. swelling and some chipped teeth. i was pretty much all right there was no. skull fracture. no broken orbital socket nothing like. that. although i’d been lucky to say the least. the doctor said the first wound on the. back of my head looked like it had come. from a brick or a large rock. and if he hit me any harder with it in. that particular spot. there’s a good chance he’d have just. killed me with his first strike. that was the really scary bit thinking. that all the kicks and punches and. threats that came after were like. a weird blessing i was still alive. when in some timelines i would be. checking in for the big sleep.

I was angry about it for a long long. time. and i’d be a liar if i said i didn’t let. that attack change my behavior for the. worse for a while. seeing the guy getting six years for. assault and grievous bodily harm really. helped things. but still that wasn’t enough for me on. some level. and it took me a while to acquiesce. me and lima carried on dating for a few. months which was lovely but. she had to move away for work so. obviously we had to call time on it. and the four trips to the dentist were. terrible as they basically had to file. and cap my. teeth one at a time and that was. definitely the worst part. how five minutes turned into an ordeal. that lasted months of court dates and. dental appointments. that’s my one big takeaway from the. whole thing really how one little. misunderstanding can have terrifyingly.

Farreaching consequences. bumble no offense to anyone who’s had. success on it but. that app is cursed for me now. i went on a date with a guy who looked. like a disney prince who. grew up in a bad neighborhood i swear to. god. it was the most beautiful thing i’d ever. seen and was almost. covered in tattoos i wasn’t even. surprised when he said he’d been in the. county jail for 18 months after some. bs where a guy got stabbed that’s his. quote. i know giant red flag but i didn’t even. care. this guy was so hot and with my logic of. well the justice system in this country. is screwed. i was good to go anyway we met for. drinks. he was nice paid for everything the. perfect gentleman. he seemed particularly interested in me. too lots of guys will. literally only talk about themselves on. a date which is the most annoying thing.

Ever but. this guy was all like what are you into. where did you go to school. blah blah blah eventually i got into. telling him how i play classical guitar. and about the handful of concert. performances i’d taken part of in during. college. i still play an awful lot but it’s more. gypsy jazz these days than. manolo san lucar that being said. i’m still real passionate about flamitsu. my maternal grandmother is from spain so. i think it’s just in my blood anyway. when. he said your passion is captivating or. something like that. i just about melted he seemed really. impressed that i’m a somewhat musical. person. and i’ll be honest when i say i kind of. milk that a little. after that the conversation moved on to. different things. more drinks came and as we gradually got. drunker. the conversation got a little faster and.

Looser. at the end of our date he’s walking me. to my uber and i’m debating whether or. not. to kiss him before i leave when he comes. out with. if i wanted you to always remember me. i’d break your ring fingers. you know because they don’t heal well. and then you’d always think of me when. playing. it sort of wiped my brain for a second. and when i looked at him like. huh he laughed and kind of made out like. he was kidding. but it was in almost the exact same way. as when. an ex had told me that i had fat thighs. then. tried to retract it when i got upset it. was totally in that. i totally meant it but i’ll pretend i’m. kidding since it made me look like a. psychopath kind of way. i gave him the benefit of the doubt at. first but he’d also made up my mind for. me about. whether or not i was going to make out. with him a little a resounding nope.

I can assure you i told him i’d see him. again and. i think i actually meant it at first but. over the next few days. mauling it over and telling girlfriends. about it made me realize that this guy. was. not good for me in fact hinting at. violent tendencies. having already been to jail over a. stabbing. these were ginormous red flags and if i. ignored them. well i was putting my life on the line. so i just kind of ghosted the guy didn’t. delete his contact or anything. just kind of kept him on the back burner. just in case he changed my mind on it. now there’s a facebook group for girls. in my town and. if one of us is assaulted or roughed up. on a date or just while out drinking for. whatever reason. we can go to the facebook group and warn. other girls about it. now please don’t go thinking it’s some. horrid witchhunting thing.

There’s no mob online justice that goes. on. our priority is liaising with state. police departments to see that predators. are actually. dealt with not a week goes by since my. date with this guy. and a new post starts trending in that. group whenever a post gets traction like. that. it’s usually when something bad has. happened in the form of an assault but. sometimes it’s when something good. happens like when a predator gets yeted. into jail. that time it was something bad really. bad. and it affected me personally a girl had. screenshotted a guy’s tinder profile and. uploaded it to the group. along with a story about how he’d said. the creepiest stuff to her on a date. when she wouldn’t go back to his place. he got handsy. and eventually hit her when she’d called. him some unsavory names over it. it was my jailhouse disney prince and.

That could have been me getting beat. in some walgreens parking lot the cops. got a hold of the guy. and he went right back to jail for. breaching probation. only he wasn’t on probation for anything. like a stabbing incident. it was indecent assault that he’d been. convicted of. no kidding huh girls don’t ignore red. flags. and if a guy mentions being in trouble. with the cops there are ways that you. can find out what about. a lot of court documents are available. for public viewing after a certain date. so. i’m serious when i say that you can look. your data up to make sure. he’s not been on the wrong side being a. messed up pervert. be safe sisters always. back in the spring of 2018 i was living. in a cramped brooklyn apartment with my. best friend in the entire world. we’d each moved to new york city around. the same time two country girls feeling.

Way out of our depth in the big city. and struck up an instant connection once. we’d heard each other‘s accents in the. coffee shop. she’d grown up in kentucky while i was. literally just over the state line in. west virginia. and we’d each had a very similar rural. upbringing. on top of that we had a similar sense of. humor similar tastes and we just clicked. yet there was one major difference. between us. kayla had been sad to leave her little. town behind she’d been sad to leave her. family. sad to leave her friends the big apple. was calling her all right but. she’s still pine for home but for me. i didn’t miss home one bit and my family. is about as messed up as they come. but it’s not really their fault i guess. they’re responsible for their actions. and all but we suffered a family tragedy. when i was a kid and.

It really took its toll either way. meeting her was an absolute blessing but. as much as we enjoyed each other’s. company. we started pining for some more. masculine company if you catch my drift. and since talking to strangers in nyc is. the fastest way to end up bound and. gagged in someone’s basement. we decided to try dating apps on for. size. honestly i found tinder and hinge to be. a little overwhelming. but my roommate had much more luck with. an app called. bumble basically the premise is that. the girls talk first giving them much. more control over their interactions. with the guys they match with. so it was little surprised that she. landed a very promising looking guy. before i did. he was handsome well read and he was. also from the south. but he said he’d moved around an awful. lot during his childhood so.

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He didn’t consider himself from any one. particular place. all in all he sounded like a nice guy. and after a few dates. my roommate brought him back to our. apartment on the night that i happened. to be awake. i was excited to meet him but even more. excited for my roommate to start. spending nights at his place too. since i got the whole apartment to. myself and in new york city. solitude is a luxury that very few get. to enjoy. anyway so it’s friday night i’m sitting. on the couch watching netflix and. demolishing some pepperidge farm when. i hear my roommate’s key in the door and. she walks with her date and toe. we make some introductions and a casual. but friendly conversation begins. only the more we talk the more i realize. there’s something oddly familiar about. my roommate’s bumble date. and unfortunately this is where my story.

Needs to take a little tangent. see my tenyear-old brother was murdered. and his killer was someone our whole. family knew. i was just six years old when mom and. dad took me over to stay with my grandpa. they told me it would just be one night. and three days later. they finally showed up again to tell me. that ryan wouldn’t be coming home. and that he had gone to live in heaven. with grandma. i’d already suffered through the loss of. my grandmother but at that age. i think death was still a very abstract. concept to me. i didn’t grasp the permanence of it or. even what it really meant. it sucked that i couldn’t see gam gam. anymore but at the same time. it just felt like she and ryan were in. the next room over. not gone just not visible. i was sad about it don’t get me wrong. but i don’t think it really affected me.

Until much later on. when i actually learned about the. circumstances surrounding ryan’s death. i don’t remember exactly when i learned. about it but i know it made me really. angry and sad to think that. the reason i couldn’t see ryan anymore. was because someone. had heard him it made it even worse that. the person that had hurt him was. supposed to be one of his friends. the little tidbit was like the salt in. the wound. like i knew the kid i’d seen him and my. brother hanging out on a number of. different occasions. so when somebody mentioned that it was. troy arnold. that it killed ryan i became fixated on. him. wondering how such a gangly mess of. stick thin limbs and scruffy dark. hair could be capable of causing my. family such pain. i remember his eyes too they were so. dark brown that. they looked more inky black than.

Anything else. and it was those eyes that featured. heavily in the nightmares for a long. time. but not until i actually found out how. and. why he’d killed my brother according to. troy’s confession. he and ryan had been out playing by some. train tracks one afternoon. troy had found an old railroad fish. plate obviously tossed on the side of. the tracks by some careless engineer. the thing must have weighed about 22. pounds but all troy said was that it. felt really heavy in his hand he and. ryan then walked down the train tracks a. little ways. until ryan stopped to tie his laces. troy said he just stared at the top of. ryan’s head for a second. and started to wonder what it would. sound like if he hit him with the fish. plate. so he hit him and ryan started shaking. something awful. troy knew he’d be in trouble for what.

He’d done so he decided to try and hide. it. he bashed ryan’s head with the iron fish. plate until he stopped moving. now look i’ve had time to think it over. and i do actually understand why i did. the first part. kids are dumb cruel and thoughtless so. it makes sense he’d take the cowards. route in that respect. but what i don’t understand is what he. did next. when confronted by the cops troy said. that all the other wounds on ryan’s body. were. the result of him being dragged to the. shallow grave that he dug for him. ryan was dragged for no more than 100. yards but. somehow during the course of that short. journey his dead body. sustained some of the following damage. it appeared an attempt had been made to. cut ryan’s tongue out. both of his eyes were missing from their. sockets fingers were missing. as they’d been ripped off at the joint.

More than one piece of debris had been. inserted into ryan’s rectal cavity. there was catastrophic damage done to. his private areas as. if they’d been repeatedly smashed in an. attempt to pulverize them. and some of that info didn’t trickle. down to me in a clinical fashion. no all i heard were rumors. some of which weren’t all that far off. from the truth. in the end troy arnold was sent away to. juvie in some other state. and since he was so young when he killed. my brother the federal government gave. him a brand new identity at age 18. so he could go out into the world as. quite literally. a different person the nightmares. continued for years after and the more i. knew regarding ryan’s death. the more intense they got it got to the. point where i kept dreaming that. troy arnold would come for me too he got. one sibling.

Now was time to get the other since the. only thing i really remembered about. troy was how black his eyes were and how. scruffy his hair was. those became the central features of. this monster my mind had created. until there came a time when the. nightmares would simply be of some tuft. of dark hair with. glistening eyes staring out from it. which brings me back to my chance. meeting. with my roommate’s bumble date because. as good looking as he was. something about the color of his eyes. and the way he carried himself. it brought me back some seriously. horrible memories. not that i said anything of course not. at first anyway. but the longer we talked the more i. started to piece together who exactly we. were talking to. he was reluctant to talk about family. and any attempt to pin down something. about his formative years was quite.

Succinctly evaded when he mentioned. something traumatic happening during his. youth. i almost snapped but then i started to. get this weird crushing feeling in my. gut. something i couldn’t quite pin down. until one horrible moment of realization. it happened the moment i mentioned. growing up in west virginia. the bumble date guy shot me this look. this distinctly guilty look. and what had once been a friendly. conversation turned into an impromptu. staring competition. my roommate was like what’s going on. but her question was accompanied by an. awkward giggle. she could obviously pick up the tension. she just didn’t know why it was so thick. in the air all of a sudden. troy i remember asking. the word just sort of left my mouth. before i could think about the. implications. like the whole thing was a completely.

Involuntary act. jesus christ the way he looked at me. afterward with. those black brown irises that seemed to. take up his entire eye. it was him my brother’s murderer was. sitting right in front of me. my nightmares had come to visit. i should go he said as he began to walk. out. and the words just wouldn’t come to me i. sat there dumbfounded while my roommate. was all like. hey whoa what just happened here your. name isn’t troy who’s troy where are you. going. what just happened i managed to catch. him right before he walked out the door. and. all i could bring myself to say was like. don’t come back. what followed was a complete reliving of. something i tried so. hard to get over obviously i had to tell. my roommate everything and i mean. everything so she could actually. understand a. what had just happened and b why it had.

Such a strong reaction to it. the thing that got at me first was the. sheer improbability of it. of all the apartments in all the cities. and all the world. it seemed like a cosmic joke directed. right at me. one designed by a cruel universe to undo. all the progress i’d made. but my roommate helped me rationalize it. i mean. new york city is the place to go if you. want to be anonymous right. of all the places where a person could. just blend into a crowd. nyc had to top the list. she was a real help and support she. showed during the fallout from the. chance encounter. it only further solidified what an. incredible friendship we had. and still have to this day and if. there’s one takeaway from the whole. online dating thing to be taken from. this. is that you never know who you’re. talking to. i could give you some story about how.

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They’re the second coming of christ but. it’s all just a ruse all just an attempt. to scrub the blood from their hands. blood that will always be there no. matter how much. they try to be rid of it. two summers ago i met a girl on that. dating app bumble. i previously tried my hand at tinder and. plenty of fish but. i found that anyone i’d reached out to. or matched with was less than reluctant. to take our conversations offline. that’s when i heard about bumble now for. those of you that don’t know. bumble is the dating app where women. make the first move. i’m guessing that makes them feel more. comfortable and in control of any. particular correspondence so. i figured it’d increase the chances of. finding someone that actually liked me. enough to want to talk. at first it proved to be no different. than any other dating app.

And i hate to break it to any guys. thinking of trying it but. it’s more than often the same old story. of match. and don’t talk however like most things. persistence is key and in the end i. ended up matching with a girl who seemed. genuinely interested in me. i don’t really want to use her real name. so we’ll just call her danielle for the. sake of ease. and given the embarrassing nature of the. story i won’t be telling you much about. me. either danielle was really really nice. at first. we definitely wouldn’t do the same sorts. of things but that was fine. she had this infectious passion for. things she was into. and that made me want to learn more and. one of the things that she was. into in a big way was japanese anime. i don’t think i’d watched a cartoon. since south park first came out. and i know it makes me sound a bit dull.

But subtitled films just aren’t my thing. but the thing that i did find compelling. was some of the artwork. like i remember she was into a series. called and please forgive me if i get it. wrong. attack on titan from what i could gather. it was basically just a war between. giants and regular humans but the scale. at which some of the art is drawn. it really makes for some compelling. viewing. so me and danielle went on a couple of. dates and. after the fourth time we’d met up for. food she asked me if i wanted to go back. to her place of course i said yes and. within an hour or so. we were making out on her couch with. some netflix documentary providing a. little background noise. things got gradually steamier and. steamier until suddenly. she jumped up off the couch excused. herself. and then disappeared into her bedroom i.

Thought she might be going to get a. rubber or something. or i don’t know change into something a. bit comfier. but instead she reappeared with her. laptop under her arm. telling me she wanted to show me. something i had my suspicions about what. it was. as she’d hinted at certain lewd. interests of hers. her choice of words not me but when she. actually showed me. wow it was something else. they were all pictures drawn in that. same anime art style. but they were all of girls in states of. semiundress. unusual yeah but i’m not going to lie to. you and say it wasn’t unappealing. i mean it was quite the opposite it was. magnetic. some of the girls had a certain feline. aesthetic to them. which both myself and danielle found. very attractive. she added that it was the exact. aesthetics she wanted to replicate. it was just a case of finding the right.

Guy to try it with. i think i must have blushed so hard that. i closely resembled a tomato. because obviously the implication here. was that this guy. she wanted to try things with that guy. was me. i’d only ever had very vanilla. relationships before then. so the prospect of trying something new. was beyond exciting for me. anyway we continued to cuddle for a bit. and then when we were sufficiently. pooped she invited me to sleep in her. bed with her. for sleeps nothing more and i was okay. with that. but then at the risk of sounding a bit. weird we didn’t exactly finish our. little makeout session if you catch my. drift. so i was left with a rather distinct. urge. the kind that if it went unanswered. would end up causing a distinctly. blue kind of discomfort and for those. who have. empathy and not just sympathy i’m sure.

You know just how painful it can be. the last thing i wanted to do was wake. danielle up by. doing that next to her sleeping body so. i quietly got up. went into her tv room and opened up her. laptop. i knew her password was just mints the. name of the gerbil she’d recently lost. so. i plugged that in and found the folder. with all the lewd pictures she showed me. it turned out the collection she’d. showcased just hours before. had been but the tip of the iceberg. danielle must have saved literally. thousands of those pictures. and had sorted them into a variety of. subgenres shall we call them. some of them were definitely up my. street others not so much. and in the end i found myself perusing. the different kinds of material instead. of focusing on the task at hand. it’s then i noticed that that particular. folder seemed hidden.

Within another all of the folders tended. to be called things that sounded a lot. like japanese words which. i’m guessing were either code or direct. names for whatever they contained. but one was labeled with nothing but a. few punctuation marks and. unlike the others where a few preview. images gave you an idea of what the. folder contained. this one had nothing of the sort at. first i was a little bit reluctant to. click on it. if it turned out to be pictures of. danielle in a state of undress i’d be. mortified seeing something like that. would feel like peeking behind the. curtain when it wasn’t the right time. like i was pent up but not that pent up. yet still my curiosity got the better at. me. i decided i’d double click take a peek. and if it was anything remotely human. looking. i just closed the folder and move on i.

Was way more nervous than i should have. been but in the end. i doubleclicked and take a peek from. out of the corner of my eye. what i see still doesn’t contain any. actual real human beings. to my infinite relief but instead. i saw things that gave me a whole new. reason to wish i hadn’t opened that. mystery folder up. to my initial relief all i saw was more. animated stuff. but on closer inspection this stuff was. much. much different than the other things i’d. seen. the first thing was a gif in which a. girl is going down on the guy. pretty hot stuff so i settled in to. enjoy it. if you catch my meaning only the moment. i get comfortable. the guy in the animation pulls out a gun. of all things. and puts it to the girl’s forehead i had. no idea she was into this weird. nonconsensual stuff for. being scared while being intimate so it.

Was honestly really shocking. but then it got so much worse i actually. gasped when. the guy pulled the trigger and the. amount of cartoon gore that came out of. the exit wound was. absolutely horrific then instead of. ending the horde little affair. the guy carries it on he keeps and. god i don’t even know if this is the. right word but. using her all i could do was watch an. absolute horror as both he. and the jeff finished and the whole. thing began to loop again. i rushed to close it before it could but. then i just leaned back into the couch. kind of shaken at what i’d just seen. i’ve never been the squeamish type. so that wasn’t really the issue and. neither am i some kind of prude. but can you blame me for reacting that. way. i’d never seen anything so horrendously. violent in my entire life. but at the same time i couldn’t believe.

What i was seeing. it was literally mindblowing that. someone out there had put the time and. effort into creating something so. utterly repulsive it was like walking. past a car accident at the side of the. road. and you know you shouldn’t look and you. almost don’t want to. but at the same time you can’t help. yourself. the next thing i clicked on was a still. image but. somehow it was even worse than the first. thing i’d seen. it was like a before and after picture. and included the girl in some kind of. restraining device similar to medieval. stocks. only instead of being held in that bent. over way you’d imagine the girl was. being held in a way that. her head and her hind quarters were. protruding from the same side of the. device. in the first picture the girl was almost. expressionless. no damage on her the second picture.

However totally different. the girl is most definitely deceased. she’s missing appendages. and most of the things that should be. inside her are very much on display. through various gashes and slashes. again the detail was absolutely. painstaking. someone must have put hours upon hours. of work into such a thing. staring continuously at something that. was literally nightmare inducing. and there were thousands of those things. some including things like giant insects. or cannibalism. all tucked away in some nameless folder. presumably it was difficult to find. things online and. that’s why she had to save them to her. hard drive but there was definitely a. moment when i figured she might. be actually making them herself. so by that point i’m thoroughly creeped. out i kind of want to confront danielle. on what i’ve seen but at the same time.

I know i’m being a bit judgmental she. had warned me that she was into some. less than conventional things. and i’d found the idea of that to be. attractive. but that weird like ultra violent level. of weird. i don’t know if i could handle that i. came to the conclusion that. i’d bring it up to her at some point. make it clear that her more. violent tastes weren’t something i. shared then we could just. sort of go on like i hadn’t seen it i. mean. i used to play a lot of gta vice city. back in the day i loved it too but. it didn’t mean that i went on to be a. mass murderer cocaine dealer did it. besides the last thing i wanted to come. across as was some. handbag clutching prude and there was. more to it than just artwork because. before i closed the folders and shutter. laptop. i scrolled right to the bottom of the.

Folder to take in just how much content. was there. and that’s when i saw another folder. with a similarly. gibberish label inside was what i. initially thought was more animation. each file was a video and since i could. only see red lights in a dark backdrop. i figured it’d be another disturbingly. artistic depiction of an execution. or at least something to that effect. but as i opened up the video i instantly. realized that it wasn’t any kind of. animation. it was an execution that much i’d guess. correctly. but it was real in fact every single. video in there depicted a murder or. accidental death. the former being the heavy majority. accompanying the video was a text file. one seemed to feature a commentary on. each of the videos. i couldn’t tell if danielle was the. author of it or not but even then. it made for some extremely disturbing.

Reading. one tract of the text explained how the. author actually envied one of the. video’s victims. adding how the look of postmortem. tranquility in their eyes was. something they wanted to experience. themselves. i don’t even want to begin to unpack how. wrong and disturbing of an idea that is. not right now anyway but what was even. creepier were the strong sensual. overtones that seemed to drift from this. person’s writing. they were getting off on what they were. seeing it was as simple as that. they weren’t just getting off on the. idea of dying either. they were getting off on the idea of. being the one doing the killing too. i had to remind myself that finding this. kind of material on anyone’s computer. would make for a horrendous discovery. but finding it in the same space as more. suggestive material. god that made it extra terrifying in my.

Mind. i gathered up my things got dressed and. went home. there i deleted all of danielle’s. contact details blocked her various. accounts. then just chalked the whole thing up as. a loss i have to admit to. getting a little bit attached to her. over the five or six weeks we were. dating and. it really felt grim that i was severing. all ties with her. but what else could i do start a. relationship with someone who. secretly harbored violent erotic. fantasies. go on to get married and have some kids. with someone who was quite evidently. excited by some of the most horrifying. images i’m ever likely to see. i understand if someone isn’t strictly. neurotypical as they say on twitter. these days. but i’m certainly not about to start a. life with them. or create life with them either. not when they have a very distinct. interest in snuffing it out.

So this is actually my friend’s story. but since she’s not a subscriber and has. zero desire to write this out. i’m telling it for her with full. permission. a few years back she matched with a guy. on bumble the two of them really hit it. off. she said they were flirting back and. forth for quite a while and it got. increasingly hot and heavy. until they were basically saying some. pretty lewd things back and forth over. text message. according to her she was super into it. he was kind of aggressive about it but. in a really hot way. like he seemed to know exactly what to. say at any given moment. he’s real confident real cute so they’re. soon arranging to meet up for a first. date. only the thing is when she actually. meets the guy. he seems super shy like the total. opposite of what she was expecting. given the way in which the pair had been.

Talking that’s not a huge red flag i. mean. i guess he could have been kind of shy. about it some people talk a big game and. then. it’s a lot to live up to you know. besides. my friend is feeling the exact same way. so she just powers through and. gets started with some regular sort of. conversation. over the course of the next hour or so. the pair of them loosen up and. the guy turns out to be just as charming. and sociable as she’d hoped. and they’re into the same music so they. focus on that. then they start discussing exes and. stuff at which point the conversation. takes a distinctly flirty turn. my friend then sees an opportunity to. reference one of the things he’d said. while they were texting back and forth. nothing too forward just kind of a hint. at something. according to her anyway but as soon as. she does.

The guy turns super shy again. and with a face like a cardinals jersey. he says. i have to admit something the person you. were talking to on bumble was. my mom i’m not too good at dating stuff. so. she handles it for me. she thought he might have been joking at. first like. he had to be joking right nope. deadly serious he had literally no idea. what he had said. not a clue my friend had been texting. back and forth flirtatiously with this. guy’s. mother then she just passed on the time. and place for their date without giving. him so much as a hint. of what to expect my friend said she. felt the blood literally. draining from her face when he said it. how she felt all woozy like she might. puke. it was so bad that he started saying. stuff like. are you okay did i say something wrong. dude did you say something wrong.

Are you kidding me i i can’t even. imagine what she went through. my friend told the guy she was going to. the bathroom then just made a beeline. for the exit of wherever they were. she said the whole way back to her. apartment she was just numb. then burst into tears as soon as she. walked through the front door. the first i heard of it was when she. called me a couple of hours later. still in floods of tears and i literally. couldn’t believe my ears at first. that whole episode was without a doubt. the creepiest. and cringiest thing i’d ever heard and i. thank god that it didn’t happen to me. to think there’s actually mothers and. sons out there. with that skin crawlingly sickening kind. of norma. norman bates relationship gross. i guess she’s lucky he was good enough. to be honest about it. in another universe the guy is super.

Malicious and sinister about it. and she ends up being a skin suit by the. end of the month. hey friends thanks for listening click. that notification bell to be alerted of. all future narrations. i release new videos every monday. wednesday and friday at 7 pm eastern. time. and if you get a story be sure to submit. them to my subreddit. r let’s read official or send me an. email. and maybe even hear your story featured. on the next video. and if you want to support me even more. grab early access to all future. narrations for just one dollar a month. on patreon. and maybe even pick up some let’s read. merch on spreadshirt. and check out the let’s read podcast. where you can hear all these stories in. long compilation form. and save huge on data located anywhere. you listen to podcasts. links down in the bio thanks so much.

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