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Online Dating Horror chavon was charged

Creepy dating site horror stories are  becoming ever more common as scary criminals  . use the trust of others in dating apps to  exploit them for their own nefarious needs  . dating apps like tinder and bumble make it  easy for these individuals to lure their  . victims into a false sense of security  resulting in some scary dating stories. number five. on the 10th of december 2016 a 27 year old man  from waterbury in connecticut who has not been  . named matched with 19 year old shavon avery  betheafraser on a popular online dating app  . and the two arranged to meet up in person while  arranging a rendezvous point to meet up at shayvon  . told the man to meet her in an alley next to a  building on winthrop avenue where she told him she  . would be waiting the man drove to the area at the  prearranged time but when he arrived he realized.

That he had stepped into a reallife dating horror  story instead of meeting with shavon in the alley  . a man named fred adams appeared holding a weapon  adams immediately launched at the man and attacked  . him resulting in a scuffle that was caught  on camera witnesses would later supply police  . officers with the footage which showed the two men  fighting before adam’s weapon is seen flying out  . of his hand as he tries to push the man towards  a nearby building as soon as adams lets go of his  . victim to retrieve the firearm the man took his  chance and tried to escape by running to his car  . a black 2000 honda civic but adams followed  closely behind and caught up to the man  . and forced his way into the vehicle before taking  off after the victim contacted the police a  . general alert was released to patrolling officers  telling them to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

Shortly before 2 am officer david rivera spotted  the car and coordinated with other officers  . to stop the vehicle but adams decided to flee  and ultimately crash the car on sherman avenue  . as soon as the car came to a halt adam jumped  out and tried to flee but he was quickly chased  . down and taken into custody adams was charged  with possession of more than four ounces of a  . controlled substance and chavon was charged  with possession of a controlled substance. number four. an online dating scam was carried out  in south africa and has been put to a  . stop in 2021 by south african police chinanzo  pascal eze a 36 year old man from cape town  . was part of a syndicate that used dating  apps to gain the trust of several women  . who they then defrauded of their hardearned money  a spokesman for the national prosecution authority.

Of south africa stated that the men would create  fake dating profiles under the name of marcos ivan  . michael brandy smart and craig thompson these fake  profiles were then portrayed as wealthy men who  . were in a position to repay the victims creating  a false sense of security during the first of  . the incidents ezen matched with the woman with  whom he then started chatting and sharing photos  . unbeknownst to the victim however she was not  receiving photos of eze but another unknown  . man he gradually gained the woman’s trust and  borrowed close to 21 000 from her between november  . of 2017 and january of 2018. in the second  incident eze worked under the name of smart  . and using the same modus operandi stole twelve  thousand dollars which was deposited by the  . victim into bank accounts that belonged  to four different members of the syndicate.

A third victim was duped in the same manner and  ended up sending 34 000 again into various bank  . accounts held by several people bringing his total  of stolen money to nearly seventy thousand dollars  . the bank account holders were identified and  it was found that the cash was being deposited  . into their accounts for the purpose of money  laundering when eze was eventually tracked down  . he was charged with 23 counts of fraud and money  laundering for his role in the fraud charges he  . was sentenced to four years in prison four of  which are suspended and he received a further  . 10 years behind bars five of which are suspended  for participating in the money laundering scheme. number three. the dating app plenty of fish was used by james  scott smith jr from new york to gain the trust  . of amber garrison resulting in a creepy dating  story that she’s not likely to forget anytime soon.

On the 20th of july 2019 amber smith met via the  popular dating app and they arranged to meet up  . they decided to get together at a truck stop  in pennsylvania where he picked her up in his  . semitruck but as soon as she entered the vehicle  he prevented her from using her phone to contact  . her family and would not allow her to get out  of the vehicle on the 9th of august amber’s  . mom lisa eunice became worried after not seeing  her since the 19th of july 20 days after meeting  . up with smith she told police officers that it  wasn’t uncommon for amber to stay out of contact  . but she decided to open a missing persons report  anyway but on the 17th of august lisa received  . a facebook message from someone using amber’s  account saying that amber’s car was parked in the  . nearby parking lot of a mcdonald’s in pennsylvania  she then started receiving more messages.

Online Dating Horror her to get

Stating that amber was in fact not missing and  asked her to remove posts stating that she was  . court documents would later reveal that smith  had realized that amber was reported as missing  . and he instructed her to phone her mother to say  that she didn’t need to look for her any longer  . he also instructed her to email a new york trooper  to tell him that she wasn’t missing on the 31st  . of august amber managed to phone 91-1 on several  occasions from inside a casey store located in the  . 700 block of south division street and attempted  to report her situation to dispatchers but the  . adair county deputy who was sent out to try to  assist her was unable to track her exact location  . and so was unable to help since she  was unable to speak during the calls  . on her third call smith realized that she  was trying to get help and ended the call.

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Himself while holding her captive in his vehicle  threatening her with a blade for over an hour  . she then promised not to contact the police  again and was allowed to get out of the truck  . she went back into the store and officers who  responded to her last call were able to track her  . to that location she was taken to a dairy county  hospital where she was able to receive treatment  . smith’s vehicle was located and searched yielding  enough evidence for him to be taken into custody  . amber later told police that after smith abducted  her he assaulted her on numerous occasions and  . stated that she was forced to stay in the truck  with him as he drove through multiple states she  . also stated she had contracted an infection in her  left forearm and left thong after smith forcefully  . tattooed her against her will he was charged with  firstdegree kidnapping first-degree harassment.

Domestic assault with a weapon and obstruction of  an emergency communication though he insists that  . the relationship between him and amber  was consensual and that he’s innocent. number two  . on the 21st of december 2019  . a man from porterville in california whose  name is being withheld to protect his identity  . arranged to meet up with 31 year old shalina lopez  after meeting her on the online dating app meet me  . the two arranged to get together at 2am at the  eagle mountain casino located in porterville but  . to the man’s surprise shalina had brought  along her brother 39 year old mario garcia  . while spending time together in the casino the  three then ran into another friend of shalina’s  . 27 year old caesar cameron domingo jr domingo was  then invited to spend time with the other three.

After which they decided to drive home in the  man’s car he later told police that during  . the journey he heard the sound of a firearm  being discharged as he looked around to see  . what was going on he realized that one of the  men was pointing a firearm at it he was then  . instructed to drive them to the nearest atm and  he was forced to withdraw cash from his account  . he was also robbed of all valuables and  jewelry that he had on him at the time  . he was then instructed to drive to a different  location where lopez garcia and domingo told him  . to pull over and they finally got out of the man’s  car and allowed him to drive away shortly after he  . contacted the tulare county police department and  reported the incident police officers were able to  . track lopez and garcia down shortly after and they  were placed under arrest they were booked into the.

South county justice center in porterville but  domingo managed to evade arrest at the time the  . tulare county sheriff’s office asked anyone with  information on his whereabouts to contact them. number one. in 2020 the clarksville  police department in tennessee  . sent out a public awareness reminder warning  anyone who was using online dating apps to be  . vigilant after a string of assaults were reported  between the 21st and 24th of august of that year  . they stated that numerous people reported  meeting up with matches from different  . online dating sites only to become victims  of attacks carried out by unknown men  . the first of the incidents took place on the 21st  of august when a man arranged to meet with a match  . at a hotel room at the baymont inn located on  holiday drive in clarksville but shortly after.

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Arriving he was set upon by two men who tied him  up with an extension cord they then proceeded to  . threaten him with a broken beer bottle and forced  him to give them access to a cell phone one of the  . men then accessed the cash app application on  his phone and proceeded to transfer a total of  . four hundred dollars to one of their own cash app  accounts the second incident happened on the 23rd  . of august when an unnamed victim was approached  by a man outside of his clarksville apartment  . the man then offered the victim a ride after  which they drove out to the clarksville speedway  . on needmore road but soon after arriving at the  speedway the man started assaulting the victim  . and once again threatened him with a broken liquor  bottle but this time he also had a hammer with him  . after the assault the victim contacted police  and reported the crime he was later taken to.

The vanderbilt university medical center where  he received treatment for his extensive injuries  . sustained during the assault upon investigation  it was found that the two men responsible for  . the attacks and robberies were cedric morton  and darius hines both 20 years old they were  . eventually identified and taken into custody heinz  was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery  . for his role in the attacks and morton was charged  with similar crimes stemming from an incident that  . took place in jackson tennessee in 2018. he had  been let out of prison on bond in clarksville  . and it’s believed that he participated in  robberies and assaults during this time  . heinz was taken to the montgomery county jail  where he was awaiting his trial in sentencing  . and morton was being held at the  madison county jail police have stated.

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