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What’s going on everybody it’s. bae dating coach elliot scott and as you. can see by the title below we’re. going to talk about what to do if your. finance. got stood up not stood up but he cancels. the day of. the date right you’re looking forward to. this thing you’re watching some elliot. scott videos you took his course. attraction academy you know what to do. to hook this man here’s the opportunity. but he cancels on you he says that his. daughter has a rehearsal. or that he can’t get out of work what do. you do right. now if you haven’t yet please subscribe. just click the red button below i love. you all forever along with the bell. notification if you want to get my. videos right away women always ask. we know how i wish i’ve seen your videos. sooner well then click the click the. damn. bell button okay and if you want to work.

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With your truly. links or down description oneon-one. session okay so. i might be a little different than other. dating coaches. i have the mindset the mantra of i’m not. going to. punish you for a mistake i’m punishing. you for a habit. and what that means is i think. okay under two conditions i think you. should give the guy the benefit of the. doubt the. and these both have to go together not. one or the other they both have to go. together these two conditions. number one is he’s a genuinely. good guy you think it’s a it’s a genuine. art or a genuine excuse things have been. going good up to this point you can tell. he’s. interested just as much as you things. are great. thank everything’s hunky dory he’s not. pulling any . pulling any games or anything like that. things are good between you two. right i would give him the benefit of.

The doubt. number one number two the second. condition is if he. counters with another date right away. so he says something like i’m so sorry i. can’t make it i just realized that my. daughter had a rehearsal i totally. forgot because i was swamped with other. things. is there any way i can make this up to. you or is there any way you’re free this. weekend. if he does these two things you should. be uh. you should be okay with it okay now i. mean you’re going to be pissed you’re. going to be upset because it canceled on. you and you had plans. but you’re still going to i understand. the upset but i don’t. think it is worth canceling this great. thing that you two have. over a mistake now if it’s a. habit and it happens a second time. we or it has or this is the second time. that is a problem you know a lot of. dating coaches will say.

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Well you should never you know this no. you shouldn’t get a man one chance like. this man no it’s all pr it all comes. down to priorities. it all comes down to uh like he knows. you had this state. i completely understand that and it does. come down to priorities so no offense. ladies as much as we love you. you’re not going to have a priority over. my kid uh. in her her rehearsal or my work which i. need to live. sorry you know so i so it is what it is. uh but if it happens the second time. well then i would say okay now there’s a. problem. because this is reoccurring if one time. i understand i’ll give you the benefit. of the doubts. second time i don’t know man you’re. probably doing it because you thought. you can get away with it again. i’m not going to let you so i am a big. believer unlike. unlike a lot of dating coaches i know.

They wouldn’t even give the guy the. first benefit of the doubt but it’s not. worth cutting something off that is. grand that is great that is going well. give the guy the benefit of the doubt. dudes aren’t bad dudes don’t let. some bad dude or a complex you you your. you know that you create in your own. head because of past experiences or . you hear dating coaches or like me for. example. say online making it sound like all guys. or dbags we’re not there’s good dudes. out there. and i want you to assume a guy is a good. dude for the most part if things have. been going well. up to this point and he has been making. effort and things are . awesome uh and this is the first time. him doing it. given the benefit of the doubt say hey. that’s fine and then try to reschedule. it. and women say well i don’t want to be a.

Pushover you’re not a push lace. pushover is continuous context it’s. never one thing. it’s consecutive things so you’re not. needy. texting a guy you’re not needy wanting. to see a guy. you’re not a pushover by letting a guy. take. lead you’re not a pushover by you know. reaching out first. and caving in you know and things like. that. it’s context you’re needy if you. are blowing up his phone you are needy. if you’re sending him. a thousand uh voicemails you’re. needy if if you’re you’re on top of you. know. you you’re saying all these like love. you dub things on top i mean it’s just. layering. you’re not a pushover by saying hey. i’m very understanding the of the. situation. that is not a pushover you’re a pushover. if you let it happen again like i said. don’t punishment the mistakes. correct them don’t punish the mistakes.

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Punish the habits. if there’s a habit that you are not. liking something needs to change. and if he thinks he can pull this. again you got to let him know. you got to let him know that’s not okay. dude. i’m not saying break up with him but you. gotta let him know. and then probably break up with them if. he keeps on pulling them again. like i i personally would not let. someone do it to me twice i personally. would not let someone do it to me twice. but again it’s context if you guys have. been dating for six months and this is. the second time you’ve done it. you’re not i know you ladies you’re not. going to break it with him over that. you’d kind of be stupid to do it. but if it’s if it’s like the second date. in a row and you guys only been. seeing each other for a couple months. and this is like your sixth time.

Seeing them so we’ve done this two out. of six times yeah. that’s a problem you need to let the guy. know but you’re not gonna do this to. your boyfriend. i know there’s too much context there’s. two again you gotta take that all into. consideration. there’s too much substance there’s too. much death there’s too much rapport. you’re not just going to cut it. it has this comes down to value is it. worth cutting a guy off for my own. dignity my own respect. and um the value of this rule is this. relationship worth it. and if you feel like this guy’s a. genuinely good guy. and this is his first time doing it give. him the benefit of the doubt. if you have been talking for a long time. and you’ve been on. a good amount of dates and he’s a good. dude and it’s the second time he done it. i think we both can i guess it’s not so.

Black and white. don’t think of it by the book on what us. dating coaches are saying. i think we can both establish that this. guy’s a pretty good dude if you’ve been. talking for six months. and this is the second time he’s done it. and in between. you know he’s made up for it or he shows. that he’s a good dude or that he. counters with. it and that you know his family and that. he. introduced you to his friends and that. you do stay over and that he’s. uh initiating and that he’s progressing. and he’s not pulling back being a. beta like all that kind of stuff. right like i know you’re not gonna let. this guy go. so ladies to answer the question uh once. for all. what to do i think comes down to context. if you’re in the beginning of the. relationship within a month or two or. you haven’t seen each other. six to eight days we’re gonna do that.

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