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Online Dating 2nd Date to to    your life     so

What should you do if you’ve been dating. someone and then they no longer text you. again like they goes to so I got a. comment on one of my videos and by the. way while we’re here click like and. subscribe but click subscribe and hit. the bell button so you don’t miss any of. my videos as well if you want to ask me. questions if you ask me in the comment. section then there’s a much better. chance that I will do a video for you so. be sure to put your questions and. comments below and I will they go Stu so. I had a comment from a woman on one of. my videos and she said so I went on a. first date with this guy we’ve been. talking for a couple of weeks and he’s. been texting me and calling me and we. FaceTime with each other and we finally. went out on Saturday and I thought. everything was going great he gave me a.

Hug and told me that we will talk next. time so we went out again on Monday the. date went great no kissing no sex we. just had a good time Tuesday we’ve been. texting each other and I asked him did. you have a good time and he said yeah so. then I haven’t heard from him on. Wednesday and Thursday and Friday should. I be worried or no so I just want to go. through a couple things on this before I. get to my answer which I did actually. answer in the comments as well. a really good idea to if you’re not. gonna meet like almost right away to get. on FaceTime or Skype because people are. really different via text or email or I. am than they are in person. and Skype or FaceTime is a much more. accurate representation of who we really. are. in real life I’ve actually got an. example about this from my own life I. remember quite a well many years ago.

Before I realize all this that I had met. a guy online and he lived in a different. community and we were texting back and. forth for quite a while like a couple of. weeks and we talked on the phone all the. time but we never Skyped her facetimed. and then he flew down to meet me because. he was like quite a ways away and there. was like no chemistry there like it was. so disappointing for both of us because. we had been we were like so invested and. literally he went home on the next. flight because it just wasn’t there like. I felt so bad and then after that I was. like never again will I ever meet. someone without facetiming or skyping. unless we’re meeting like really fast. like my general rule for if you’re. meeting someone if you don’t already. know them through your social life at. work like if you’ve met them online in.

Any capacity even if it’s like through. LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagram or. wherever if you haven’t actually met. them in person then you definitely want. to like keep the online communication to. a minimum before you meet like you want. to meet as soon as possible and if you. can’t meet in person in real life then. you need to get on FaceTime or Skype. as soon as possible never worry never. think about whether or not you’re losing. them your mindset should always be. whether or not you still want them you. still want them do you do i hmm you know. what I’m gonna go have a life I’m gonna. have friends I’m gonna have hobbies. interests I’m gonna have I’m gonna focus. on my career selfdevelopment and. getting out of my comfort zone so that. I’m actually interesting have something. to talk about you should never never.

Never with you’re a man or woman. watching this you should never put all. your eggs in one basket unless they’re. your own basket like so you are you. complete you I always say that I. complete me anybody who comes into my. life is. potentially an added bonus and they. value that because they know that I’m. not with them you’re not with them. because you need to be is because you. actually value them and they add value. to to your life so go out and get a life. okay and then the homework I gave was. exactly along these lines make plans for. the weekend if he asks you to do. something tell him you’ve already made. plans but you’d love to see him next. week. do not break those plans even if your. plans are to read a book all weekend you. don’t you don’t need to tell what your. plans are mystery. remember I always leave them wanting.

More mysteries is enticing but don’t. break those plans even if you have. absolutely nothing that you have planet. plan to spend some time with yourself. and don’t break those plans because when. when when someone starts to pull away. from us then you need to pull away. further for them to want to spring back. again whether you’re a man or a woman. the thing about this is that yeahmaybe. seem like a game but it’s not a game. it’s just basic psychology and if you. were actually super selfassured and you. had a life this wouldn’t even be coming. up for you whether you’re a man or a. woman because you’d already have a life. and you’d be like legit having plans and. not being so reliant on one particular. person also watch my video on and how. many people you should date at the same. time it’s more than one hint okay and.

Then I further said for now do not. initiate communication do be the first. to sign off of any communication that. he’s initiated same with guys don’t. freak out if he needs some time before. he returns same with guys don’t freak. out if she needs some time before she. returns this could be like a. psychological test not a test but a. test to see if you’re actually capable. of being on your own without being so. needy and clingy when we’re clinging on. someone we unconsciously it’s put huge. pressure on them to be our life source. and that’s not attractive like we need. to be able to rely on our partner to be. autonomous and have a life and they’re. there because they want to be. because they’re desperate and then I. said if he doesn’t return he may not. have been getting enough sexual yes. signals from you so this is particularly.

For women giving men signals yeah so you. don’t have to kiss you don’t have to. have sex but you’ve got to keep some. sexual tension there and you’ve got to. let the guy know that at some point in. time he is going to get something so you. could do that by saying you know man you. are goodlooking or wow you’re hard to. resist or like so you make those pants. look really good this is a woman saying. that to a guy a guy can say this to a. woman as well in some cases but having. some kind of acknowledgement of your. sexual attraction to that person. otherwise you’re gonna end up in the. friend zone so I hope this helped and. again like what I just want to really. really really reinforce is that you are. way more attractive when you don’t need. somebody when you’re actually there. because you want to spend time with them.

But you already have a full life so what. I’d like to know from you is what is. something that you’re neglecting in your. own personal life because you’re paying. too much attention to a particular. person in your life that you are. invested in romantically so are you. neglecting a hobby are you neglecting. your health are you neglecting your work. your selfdevelopment your friendships. what’s something that you’re either. neglecting or that you can focus on to. get your mind off of this particular. person so that they have the opportunity. to come back to you of their own free. will write it in the comments below and. as well if you want the map to the love. meadow which will give you the what to. do is in all areas of your life the very. specifics daily to do’s over the course. of five weeks so that you can become.

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