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I fell for a scam and i hope this. prevents any of you from falling for it. too you don’t think it’ll happen to you. until it does and then it’s the most. embarrassing worst feeling ever like i. thought that i knew better i literally. lost. all of my money. hey everyone welcome back to inspiro so. today’s video is a bit different but i. thought it was important to share the. online dating romance crypto investment. scam that i fell for to prevent other. people from falling victim to it too i. hope that sharing my experience and. story can help prevent other people from. falling victim to it because i checked. and these people are still successfully. scamming people as we speak trace their. crypto transactions back and these. professional have skimmed over. 5 million us dollars in the last two. weeks alone i literally had no idea.

About this about a month ago when this. happened to me but it’s apparently a. famous scheme in china and asia and it’s. called the pig butchering or kill pig. plate scheme and the other term for it. is the sha jupan scam it’s this huge. elaborate scam they have these scripts. they have a b test to see what works. better and what appeals to your. personality of their target of the pig. they’re trying to fatten up and this. term was trending two to three years ago. in china and asia and now that everybody. knows about it they have shifted to the. north american market i hope that by. sharing this it can help you or anyone. that you know please share and spread. awareness because i wish i knew about. this you know this is on a next level so. with that grab your drink i made a. little sangria here i searched on. youtube and i don’t see any videos about.

This i just see the traditional crypto. investment scams the forex scams and the. pump and dump schemes but this is. specifically called the shajupan for. online dating and romance crypto scam so. it’s the legitimate term for this how it. starts is you meet someone you start. chatting on an online dating platform so. bumble tinder hinge i met this guy on. hinge and i’ll speak about that later. but sometimes they also slide into your. dms on instagram or they randomly. message you by accident on whatsapp or. messenger they get really sneaky with. how they do this most of the men are. usually asian and they present. themselves as pretty wealthy mine was. the ceo and owner of a wine company who. did important exports and they go so far. as to buy. comprehensive social media profiles so. sometimes it’s easy you know you do the.

Full check you do the reverse google. imaging and you see if they have like an. instagram or a linkedin connected and. there are cases where they’ve literally. bought. like full profiles with all this stuff. connected watch out for that they’ve. gotten really sneaky and these people. often also do research on the area that. they are targeting you in so the guy. that i met was based in yorkville so. when i asked him what his favorite. restaurants where he named a few and. downtown toronto on spadina and you know. he said he was in yorkville which is a. wealthy area so everything on the. surface checks out essentially it’s. called the pig butchering scam or you. know kill pig plate which i know is very. gruesome and visual but it’s because. they chat with you and fatten you up. getting you ready for the slaughter for.

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One to three months usually so it’s a. longer term. i think investment then you know usually. on the abs you meet people and they. don’t really want to chat they’re not. really into it at least for me like. where i am the dating scene online is. not that great. so that i don’t know stood out to me but. yeah they usually try to build that. relationship with you and build trust. with you that way and like i mentioned. these people have elaborate as . scripts they have a b testing that went. into this they usually target you and. then they identify the type of. personality you have there’s so much. gaslighting and psychology that goes. into it for me i fell for you know being. gaslit into it worrying about them. losing so much money which i’ll go to in. my story time but these things that made. it harder for me to realize if i had.

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More time that you know it was a lot of. money that i was sending to a person i. didn’t even know so. you know at the end of the day like. don’t trust anyone. but it’s yeah i want to believe in love. you know and the way that these people. build trust over these one to three. months they usually you know message you. every single day they start to say. you know really sweet things to you that. makes them stand out like they really. want commitment they want to win and don. you and they don’t want to you know go. too casually with it which is something. that. kept me talking to them in the beginning. and for the really good scammers they. don’t mention crypto immediately they. almost speak about it as a hobby they. slide it in there and then get you. interested without being super. aggressive or assertive with it so.

They’ll say. it’s their hobby when you ask them like. what are they up to how is their day you. know slowly share with you how well that. they do and eventually they’ll be like. oh like if you want me to teach you just. let me know and so it’s almost like you. opt into it yourself and that’s how you. let that guard down that wall down and. then that’s when they get you there’s a. really good detailed elaborate reddit. post on this so i will leave that link. down below if you want to know more. about the things that they do but. essentially they message you every. single day they message really sweet. things they do the research so it’s. pretty relevant to you know the area. that you’re in or that they say that. they’re in based on their profile and. they’ll also send you you know pictures. of the food that they make so yeah it’s.

Just like things that make them feel so. human but they start to teach you about. this investment. like platform they link you to something. that essentially is an entirely fake. site that they’re in on okay so mine was. called oasal inch it was osl. international based on i think a. legitimate site. but they basically ripped it off and. they said that this was the. you know english version like the north. american version. every you know few weeks they take it. down and they post it on a different. domain once enough people report that. it’s a scam so that they can’t be traced. so mine was called osl inst.com and now. it’s called oslarl.com. it always shifts in the beginning they. say that they’re basically making these. full plans for you and the way that they. get you in is that they show how. successful it can be so they say oh like.

What if you just put in some play money. you know hundred dollars 500 1 1000 it’s. like nothing because these people appear. to be really wealthy so for me i use. shake pay which is a fully legitimate. app i you know bought ethereum which is. a cryptocurrency and then i transferred. that to their wallet which went into osl. and i did it through their customer. service and he was just telling me the. instructions so it seemed very. safe because it seemed like this entire. platform was separate from him but. actually what’s happening is that the. site. is theirs like they’re in on it the. customer service in them i think usually. are like the same people are they’re. sitting like next to each other in the. beginning they’ll tell you okay i’ve. made a plan for you today like the. trends are good let’s invest so they’re.

Telling you to invest x amount of money. you’ll see your profits rise and that’s. how they build more trust that’s how. they appeal to. you know. i did get greedy you know because it. seemed like. this was legit everybody else around me. was investing in crypto at the time i. didn’t want to learn about it but again. that was a lesson and not doing anything. that you’re not aware of but it seemed. like the trends were going along with. the trends on coinbase so i think they. do a really good job of almost imitating. that on the platform but all the numbers. are fake they will flip a switch or. something. when the trends are good and you’re. learning to invest in it when you. withdraw they’re actually just sending. you money from their wallet but it’s it. looks like you can withdraw from it but. once you send it that money is gone.

They’ve transferred it through four. different accounts but yeah i’ll get to. those details when i do my story time. the other shitty thing about this is. that there’s not much you can do once. you fall for it so i reported it to you. know my local police i try to report it. to the hk police but because these like. wallet transactions can’t really betray. so that’s the thing with crypto that’s. why these scammers love it so much is. that it’s so hard to trace it back to a. source and even with how police. jurisdiction falls depending on where. you are where they are it’s hard to know. where they’re from anyway there is not. much that you can do once you fall for. it your money is gone forever which. sucks and when i was reporting it i. looked at the canadian antifraud site. and there are so many scams happening.

Like in canada alone i didn’t even know. that this was a thing because you hear. about this in the past but. like fraud and scams are such a huge. thing but it’s scary that they’re. targeting. people online like i just wanted to have. some cute summer dates you know and then. i fell for this and i was like i’m. scarred forever that’s essentially what. you need to know about what a shotju pan. scam is what a pig butchering kill pig. plate scan is so please be careful when. you’re. you know dating online and chatting with. people don’t trust anyone and. it’s like dumb to hear me say it because. you don’t think that you’ll fall for it. until you do you know like never in a. million years when i thought i would. fall for something like this i’m a. pretty smart person. but you know it should happen sometimes. so. let’s get into the story time try to.

Save this one that i opened in this. picture. but it’s a d picture because i didn’t. have a picture. i put some kombucha just to give it some. fizz. oh perfect. who’s ready for a story time cheers. so i matched with this guy named aaron. on hinge he was asian he had a cute. sheba and he had really cute dimples you. know. he was i think 29 his profile was in. yorkville i thought he was cute you know. i messaged him first because i was like. whatever the other thing is i match with. another asian guy and then he was like. oh do you have whatsapp so he’s already. on whatsapp. so when it came to aaron. he didn’t even have to ask me first to. go on whatsapp i asked him which. if that didn’t happen i feel like i. would have been saved from all this but. whatever i don’t even use whatsapp i. think i was just like because i was.

Already on it and i didn’t want to share. my number everything kind of checked out. in the beginning you know how you. usually have those red flags that you. kind of screened for in the beginning i. didn’t want to share like the name of. his company which i know some people are. weird about that i don’t either. but i just talk about my job and what i. do it seemed pretty legit. i asked him why he had a washington. number he said that he was there for a. little bit for his company beforehand i. should have checked for that more and i. know like friends who have been in the. toronto scene and you know there is this. whole other lifestyle there of these. pretty wealthy people so i was just here. for a cute date in yorkville you know. what i mean and has he had a really cute. dog and everything super normal. you know initial convos that you have.

With people that you meet online and. then eventually he was like oh like this. is the first time that i’m chatting with. someone that i’m using the online like. dating app so i’m not really good at. this and that alone i think already. lowered a bunch of my red flags with. you know how he would message like. really sweet things and how he wants to. actually have like a nice date in the. sense of a traditional date like you. don’t have it these days this was in the. beginning where kovid was still like a. pretty big thing but like before. everything eased up for lockdown so i. was pretty like i was still like uh. let’s chat for a little while first. before we meet but i also wanted to meet. i don’t know i wanted to share some of. the things that he said that these. people say in their scripts that lowered. my guard um first is that he said that.

You know he came out of a really hurtful. longterm relationship with his previous. girlfriend and then he kind of went. heads down into working on his business. for the past like three to four years. and i could relate to that because i’ve. always been like a high functioning. person that put my career before. relationships and. that was like the first thing that. they got me with the other way that they. fit into this persona is showed me his. screenshots he deleted it i’m gonna date. hinge and. i don’t know i’m just so tired of like. the casualness of online dating. platforms and hinge is the best one that. i found personally out of like bumble. and tinder just with people like. actually wanting to date i feel like. the dating scene is so messed up these. days ask about you know his favorite. restaurants and all of that and he.

Responded with like very specific names. of ones that were just in toronto you. know like a really famous chinese. restaurant spadina and all these things. where i was like okay like yeah this guy. is living in yorkville downtown like he. knows the area but i learned after the. fact that it’s because they do all their. research. and. i’m pretty sure that this guy was based. in china too he also said that he was. still learning english and. he spoke mandarin as his first language. right that also got rid of my. hesitance around sometimes like the way. that he would speak because some of the. times he was using a translator. but i learned that this was to cover. their asses because a lot of the times. they’re translating their script from. asian to english so of course it would. sound weird you know. now i know it’s like no he’s.

Copying and pasting from a script so. yeah he was using a translator but like. no he was translating from a. script come on another thing i learned. too is that with hind you can choose. where you want your location to be so. they could choose yorkville but they’re. not from there where at least with. tinder or something it’s based on your. phone. so. the way that the investment stuff worked. was like they would make an investment. plan based on your principal amount so. he was like oh if you put in like x. amount i don’t want to use numbers. because it hurts he made the plan based. on you know you having chatted about. putting in a total of 5k let’s say but. then i was like oh look i didn’t think. of those what what you meant like i. thought you would meant. 5k in total so i just put in an amount. to make my full deposit up to 5k but he.

Would say like uh i guess it was. miscommunication like i’m sorry my my. english is bad but i thought that you. would put in an additional 5k that’s. what i made this plan for and then to. keep you i guess. invested in that and like still putting. in money. they would match and like put in money. to reach that 5k i guess it was always. like that it was always like oh look if. you put in this much like i can help you. match it or like put in this much which. would always make it. seem a bit better because you felt like. you were both in on it like that’s how. they get you to. almost trust it a little bit more. because it wasn’t just you shelling out. the money oh okay like i guess he’s an. art too he did all this math in these. formulas based on all these things i. don’t really understand. to. you know watch the trends and see which.

Ones to bet on the way that it worked. was you would make bets based on like 60. second increments you would only hold. crypto for the for the 60 seconds of. time so i didn’t even own. any actual crypto it was basically. putting in money based on going from. canadian to ethereum into this account. that would take the ethereum and give. you qcc and that’s where because the. platform is fake. you basically just gave them ethereum. and they gave you this random. wishywashy currency but they would say. that like when you would take like. withdraw and convert it back you would. make money and the other thing he said. was you know when there was a dip in. crypto there was that like little crash. for a bit. because you held the value in this qcc. and not an actual crypto it made it a. safer. investment because it wasn’t as volatile.

As holding actual crypto i was like yeah. that makes sense. qcc which is the currency they use which. i think is a madeup number but he said. it was a similar. um. currency or value to the rmb which is. the chinese currency or the yuan i guess. i just want to say again that i don’t. need any comments. like calling anything out telling me. that i should have known better like i. know i should have known better like i. wish that this didn’t happen and i. thought that i would be smarter and i. thought that i would be able to catch on. to these things but i think when you’re. in it whether you had somewhere else or. mentally like you weren’t your best or. you’re distracted or whatever or you. simply just fell for it like no matter. what it’s not your fault that you fall. victim to this this is an elaborate. scheme these people are and it.

Is their entire profession and their job. to scam you and to invest in their. relationship with you so that you would. trust them i just want to say that so. the one thing i want to spend a bit more. time on and be a bit more specific about. in the story time is how they. use gas lighting techniques and like the. psychology behind it to really get me to. put more money into it in the beginning. i was investing money that like i. wouldn’t be mad about losing i guess um. because i would come to terms with like. okay whatever if i don’t see this money. it’s fine but then it started getting. like bigger you know and i didn’t. realize it until after the fact i was. like what did i just do. because. it was super emotional they basically. ran this like uh event it was a couple’s. event and in asian culture it’s a thing.

You know like it’s super cute and you do. a lot of these couple things so i was. like oh like it’s fine there was this. event that was messaged in the osl. platform by their customer service and. it was this couple’s event where if you. chose a tier that you would eventually. have that money deposited in your. account you would get a bonus amount for. it and he was like oh like let’s do this. one because the numbers mean you’re. committed to the longterm relationship. or whatever like really adamant about. this tear and i was like oh like. whatever. you can do with this was already when i. was kind of at the cottage and i wasn’t. paying attention or super focused when i. was chatting with him i was really up. front i was like really like can’t. invest any more money than i already. have in this so for me it’s only what i.

Have here but if you want to get this. bonus that the platform is going to give. us like you can put in money into my. account so that we can reach that. threshold and then i will send it back. to you afterwards if you really want to. make that like i was very upfront about. that when the deadline was approaching i. was like hey like um what’s the like. what’s the plan for this like i thought. i told you that i didn’t really have. that much money to invest in it and he. was like okay like i messaged them. though and they said that we can’t. cancel and i was like oh why like there. was nothing that said that and then he. would basically put it on me to message. them i think to build more of that trust. because it was coming directly from the. customer service agent. and they were saying. that because you subscribe like you.

Can’t cancel if you do back out of it. and you don’t meet this by the end of. the month both your accounts are going. to be charged a 30 fee based on your. assets and i knew before based on the. things that he would share with me. because it was his hobby that he had a. lot of money in his balance like a. hundred grand or something something. crazy so for me like that made me feel. so bad i was worried because i’m. empathetic and i’m considerate and i. think they know like that’s literally. the persona that they have by the book. for the script. that’s how they gaslight you into it. because they make you think it was your. fault. that. because i let him agree to this. even if it was based on miscommunication. or whatever that he’s going to lose and. have to pay like 30 of his assets which. would end up to be like a few like tens.

Of thousands of dollars he said that he. would help me with it so it was always. like he would pay 50 60 and you would. pay 40 or he would pay like 70 80 and. you pay like the 20 30 percent so it. always felt like they were helping you. out so it never felt you were like you. were alone and then they basically made. it feel like oh like if i put it in i. can withdraw it immediately so i was. like okay like. that’s fine if you’re saying i can. withdraw it immediately i even confirmed. twice with the customer service agent i. was like hey like if i put this in just. so that we don’t get this fee out like. we can withdraw it right. so i put this money in. this is still when we’re at the cottage. and because of the timeline it didn’t. feel like that much money and also. because i have limits on my etransfers. it didn’t feel like that much because i.

Was sending it out in batches but. after i reported this to the police they. have so much money and i didn’t realize. it because there was no time for me to. be like hold on what am i doing here. where am i sending this money a few days. after like when that all happened i was. like okay hey like we got the bonuses. everything’s fine you didn’t have to pay. 30 of all of your assets and your. balance i like to withdraw. and then they pull out this which i. even sent them screenshots and i was. like hey legally like you told me this. this is a misunderstanding and they were. like pulling up all this fine print like. whatever which i was like. like what the heck you know based on the. way that the platform works. you have to invest like your balance in. this is the way that we avoid scams and. like fraud. fraudulent behavior on our website you.

Need to actually invest the amount that. you put in before you can withdraw which. for me i was like okay. like fine i guess that makes sense like. that was always in the fine print but. they didn’t tell me that when i invested. that money in for this couple’s event. thing. so they lied. so i tell this guy i’m like hey can we. make an investment plan so that i can. get this money out and then he all of a. sudden goes oh but the trends are bad. now and he was he’s gonna watch the. trends make a plan for when they’re good. again so still when i thought the. platform was real you know and like that. dip just happened with like crypto the. crypto market so i was like hey like i. guess that makes sense but then later on. like that’s when. my friends friends actually like found. out that this is a scam i didn’t. actually find out through this but there.

Was still nothing that i could do at. that point right he kept dragging it on. being like oh but the trends are still. bad you can try for yourself which i did. but literally because they control the. platform no matter what i did no matter. how much i learned about crypto like the. numbers. like literally would never set me up so. that i could invest enough to get my my. balance. met so that i could withdraw and then. also. you probably can’t withdraw anyway it’s. all controlled by them you know which is. so up they almost helped me like. get a way out but this was when i knew. that it was a scam so he was like oh. like i’m not sure what to do we either. wait until the trends are good but he. doesn’t really know when the trends are. good which i was like how do they go. from good to bad but he was like it’s a. volatile market it’s crypto.

I was like oh like message customer. service to see if there’s anything else. we can do but like i said they’re. internet together you know i messaged a. customer service agent about how like. they said that i could withdraw after i. put in this money and then they were. like oh i talked to my company and my. managers and this is what we can do we. have this. like vip tier so if you put in this. amount. you’ll be able to withdraw one time. without having to meet that like. transaction. uh that transaction rule i guess of. investing the amount that you’ve. deposited so that you can get it out you. can can you take that from my balance. but the thing is because it’s a scam. they can’t take it from your balance you. have to put in more money. so that is literally the final stage. where once you do that they’re gonna.

Like. off forever and i’m so glad that i. knew it was a scam before that because. there was a certain. like few. hours where i was like okay like i. should just do this so i can get my. money back but no that’s literally how. this game works but they almost make it. feel like oh you’re safe everything’s. gonna be okay like you know and at that. point if you don’t know with the scam. you still think that this guy is. literally just trying to help you and. it’s this like investment platform. you over when this like vip. thing this like membership. solution was presented i was like oh. like you you mentioned before that you. could take out some amount so can you. help me just transfer a little bit of. money because he has helped transfer. some money before you know and he was. like oh but i already did it for this.

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Month you can only do it once a month. and i was like oh. why don’t you ask me before that because. you knew that i needed this money for. something else. and yeah that’s basically what happened. that’s how they got me to invest so much. money. and. that was. the script that they used for me and if. you are also a high functioning person. who doesn’t really date a lot because. you put your career first and you’re. pretty picky with who you date and you. know you just want that cute. traditional like committed noncasual. dating experience i feel like that is. the persona of the script that i vote. for that’s what happened that was a scam. that i fell for i think i’m gonna be. online dating also because before this. like the scene was already not great but. just remember that at the end of the day. it’s not our fault it’s these.

Who literally are professional scammers. and wanna everybody in the world’s. fault you know i wish that they would do. this to billionaires like come on at. least help us. derail the system that exploits us. the only thing really that you can do in. the situation is. report it. talk about it spread awareness about it. so i’m doing the best that i can i. report it to my police i try to report. it to the hong kong police if you’ve. been scammed if you’ve fallen for. similar please leave it as a comment. down below so that everybody who’s. reading can get exposure to it so that. we all know and the best way to get. revenge is so that people know so these. can’t keep winning you know like. i can’t believe they made over 5 million. usd in the two weeks that i was checking. on this i haven’t checked on it recently. this was still about two three weeks ago.

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