On Line Dating Scammers

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Hi everyone this is ingrid welcome back. to my channel are you in an online. meeting. well you clicked the right video then. guess in today’s video i’ll be sharing. with you on how to spot. and avoid an online dating scammers. if you are in an online dating make sure. that the person you are talking to. is actually a scammer to avoid mishaps. and being a victim online dating scams. are prevalent in many. of the majority of dating sites nowadays. so it’s really important that you are. aware of these red flags. okay without much to do let’s start. number one sign is that. he has a limited profile information. there are a few signs that you should. look for. when looking for a potential matches. online dating profile first is that. their profile have very few images that. seem to be model. or glamour stock photos second is that.

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Despite looking for singles in your area. they always work or live in another. country third is that. many scammers. claim to be in military deployment in. another country also most of these. scammers dating profiles are not linked. to their instagram or other accounts. number two sign is that. he would take the conversation elsewhere. online dating scammers especially those. who are. using fake profiles will quickly ask you. to move to another form of messaging. outside the platform where you met. oftentimes scammers will want to. communicate with you via written. messages. in social dating apps like facebook and. instagram however they may also choose. to message you via sms or an app like. whatsapp so be really cautious to anyone. you haven’t met yet that wants to move. the conversation to another platform. number three sign is that he would.

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Profess his love early on online dating. scammers tend to move very quickly in. terms of professing an emotional. connection with you and take note. these are all just emotional. manipulation to their possible victims. it’s the reason why people who are. vulnerable and isolated are their. desirable targets since they are longing. for connection so you should look out. for any matches that are overly. flattering and overly devoted early on. in your communication when you haven’t. even met yet. number four sign is that he wants to. meet you but there’s always something. comes up the common line among online. dating scammers is that they want to. meet you in person but when the time. comes there’s always an expected issue. it’s because. he is. fake he’s not the one he claims to be. and the reality is he doesn’t have any.

Plan to meet you in person this is also. the reason why many online dating. scammers claim to work in another. country. or in a military deployment it gives. them an excuse for not being able to. meet up in fact many of these scammers. use photos of military personnel and. soldiers in their profiles the inability. to meet you. may even be the supposed reason he’s. gonna try to solicit money from you he. may claim that he needs some money to. buy a ticket to travel and meet you or. sometimes some of these scammers would. say that the border officials detain. them. and that they need money for their. release number five sign. is that he avoids video chat completely. he would avoid phone calls and video. chats however. there are scammers who can. really fake their accents no matter what. he would not appear in video chats or.

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Video calls. because. he’s just using a fake profile images so. be really cautious if your match is. never willing to appear in. vehicles or has always um excuses that. his camera is being broken or has poor. internet connection some people though. may. initially hesitate to appear in the. camera. out of shyness but it’s a different. story if he already profess his love for. you yet. won’t let you talk to him in video after. weeks of communication. number six sign is that he would request. money from you he would invent variety. of scenarios from family emergencies. health issues or travel problems as this. is the ultimate goal of scammers. to deceive you to. eventually perform their motive there. are even scammers would trick you into. sending them money by apparently sending. you a package that requires customs fees.

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You know what. scammers don’t necessarily work alone so. you may receive a phone call or a. document from someone posing as a third. party. to request fees so be really careful. if any kind of financial request from. your online suitor. or something related to them such as. package or business. this is the biggest sign. that you are a target of a scam number. seven sign is he asks for your help with. financial transactions. other scammers instead of trying to get. money from the victim. they make you as an accomplice in money. laundering such as the scammer would. send you money. and would ask you. to send it to another account for them. or sometimes. they may ask you to open a bank account. for them if your online suitor would ask. you to get involved into this kind of. financial transactions it is likely that. he is a scammer.

And is trying to persuade you. into illegal activities. and lastly the number eight sign is that. he would send you a link to another. website. this is especially true in online dating. apps where bot profiles are common this. is often a tactic to get you to supply. your financial information. or. for you to download a malicious software. this is basically the online dating. version of fishing and it’s a very. popular tactic for scammers. on dating apps such as. tinder bamboo and match. so. if you are in an online dating now it is. very important to be very mindful of. your privacy this not only helps you. avoid scams but also protects you from. creeps and cyber stalkers so be sure not. to share too much information that will. give these scammers an idea. to pick you as their potential target. and that’s all i hope you enjoyed and.

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