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Hey guys this is Kevin and I just. started a series on dating and marrying. a Filipina and this is something that I. think I have a good grasp of as far as. the topic goes because I’m married to a. Filipina and I lived in the Philippines. for 11 years so for today’s video what I. want to talk about is age gaps the. phenomena of Filipinas marrying older. men and I think I can tell you the real. deal on this and you know maybe it’ll be. helpful especially if you’re dating or. thinking about getting involved with a. Filipino who is a bit younger than you. my wife is 15 years younger than I am in. while I was preparing for this video I. asked her I don’t remember if we’ve. talked if she and I’d even have even. ever talked about this topic but I asked. her did it bother you or did you think. about the fact that I was significantly.

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Or I am significantly older than you and. she thought about it for just a second. and said no it did not bother me at all. because for me you don’t look old so. that was my wife’s perspective on that. and she told me some other things that. I’m going to get into in the video but. let me let me share some general things. that I observed after being the. Philippines for 11 years even before I. got married first is is that most. Filipinos are going to date and marry. someone kind of within their age range. that’s just generally what most of them. do just like here in the u.s. I worked a. lot with students while I was there and. most of the students tended to date. other students just like they do here so. that’s you know that’s what most. Filipinos are going to do chances are. she’s been a data guy and marry a guy.

Who is within you know her age range. having said that I have noticed that and. I don’t know if other. people have commented on this in YouTube. but I have noticed that generally. speaking a Filipinas are open to dating. older men they have an openness to this. that I don’t necessarily see here in the. West back to my example when I married. when I married Mary Chris I was 39 and. she was 25 for us this age gap has just. not been a big issue at all at the same. time you know I think about this and I I. think about being 39 if I was here in. the u.s. when I was 39 instead of the. Philippines I’m not sure I would have. met many women in their midtwenties who. would have been open to dating me I. could be wrong on that but that’s just. my my yes so just in general Filipinos. are open to dating guys who are older. and it’s not just Americans sometimes.

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You will hear of her people say well as. long as it’s an American it’s not a big. deal to them my observation has been. that filipinas will date older Filipinos. older men of other nationalities and. it’s not just Westerners I hope that. makes sense because they’re you know. I’ve I’ve known of filipinas who date. over guys let’s say the guy has lost his. wife. it needs a way to her and he’s looking. for a new wife looking to start all over. again especially if he’s relatively. goodlooking and successful younger. women will be open to dating him and I. think there are a few things that go. into this that one is that I have been. generally impressed with the maturity. level of some filipinas even very young. ones back to the example of my wife when. my wife. nineteen years old she had already. graduated college filipinos used to.

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Start college at age sixteen that. has changed but my wife started at. sixteen and was able to finish in three. years and by the time she was 19 she was. working as an executive assistant for a. CEO of a airline near in Clark and she. was using her salary in part to send. money back to her family to help her. younger siblings I don’t know that. there’s there are a lot of 19 year olds. that do that anywhere especially here in. the states so with you know with. filipinas some some of them are really. mature not all of them but some of them. are in for me when I think about my wife. being 19 and already working and helping. her family that taking on that type of. responsibility that has a way of. maturing you very quickly so you know. what I met her I did not feel like I was. dealing with a child or someone with. with no life experience I think even if.

I had met her in her younger days when. she was just 20 or 21 I think she was. already fairly mature even at that age. so that’s one thing is that some. Filipinas a grow up really fast because. they don’t have a choice another thing. and this is what my something my wife. and I were talking about is that. Filipinas had this idea or have this. perception that older men are going to. be more responsible and loving and. caring and my wife has told me that when. we were talking about it and I’ve heard. other Filipinos tell me that just my. friends when I was living over there. that one reason they were open to dating. guys who are a little bit older is they. wanted someone who is responsible. someone who is not just playing around. and keep in mind that many Filipinos are. very marriage my. they’re not wanting to just play around.

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And hop around in clubs for the rest of. their lives a lot of them are really. serious about you know finding a husband. starting a family and because that is. their goal some of them believe that a. guy who’s a little bit older and more. experienced it is better for that in. obviously there they’re aware of some of. the biological realities in that for a. woman there is a limited timeframe in. which she can have a child there’s a. window. whereas for men generally you know they. can become fathers at almost any age so. that’s you know that those are some of. my thoughts on that and some of my. observations my general advice for you. if you’re dating someone younger or. thinking about dating someone younger is. just remember that the more significant. the age gap is the the greater the age. gap then the more wisdom you’re going to.

Have to use in pursuing this. relationship again for my my wife and I. we have from a wife of me we have not. really encountered any problems from the. age gap it has been an issue if if. you’re going to date or marry someone. who’s thirty years younger than you were. 40 years younger than you you really do. have to think more seriously about that. and you know there’s I’ve talked about. this on my blog before there you know. biblically there’s nothing wrong the. Bible never says anything about the. right age to you know or age gaps within. relationships but for me it’s a question. of wisdom it’s something you just need. to be wise about it you need to think of. the different issues that may be. involved like will I be able to relate. to her what will happen to her when I’m. gone these are just things you need to.

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Think about one final thing that I will. mention here is that though Filipinos. are. open to dating older men you know the. your looks your general health those. things are going to play a role in other. words if you’re 70 years old and 200. pounds overweight don’t expect pretty. young girls to be lining up to date you. I mean that’s just reality but if you’re. especially if you’re in your 30s or 40s. or maybe even 50s and you’ve stayed in. really good shape and kept yourself. healthy and you look really good then. you’ll find that women who are younger. are going to be really open to you and. that’s my experience just based on my. own marriage and observing other other. couples with an age gap so hopefully. this this videos giving you some insight. on that issue if you have a question or. a comment feel free to leave it in the.

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