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From hamburg to munich we’ve got you. covered for finding your perfect german. partner. hey welcome to online for love your. number one resource for dating by the. numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top six dating sites for those who are. looking to date a german now i want to. be clear here that this list is for. people who are in germany and german. looking today other germans. but it’s also for people who are living. outside of germany but looking to date. a german person but before we dive into. the top six best dating sites for dating. germans you should definitely check out. our free online dating app quiz. this quiz will pair you with your. perfect online dating site or dating app. it’s free it’s quick it’s fun the link’s. in the description and it’ll totally. match you with your perfect site so it’s.

Definitely worth taking. and then coming back here to the video. after and letting me know in the. comments what you’ve got. finding out the best site for you is a. really great starting point in your. online dating journey so you should. definitely click the link in the. description check out our free online. dating app quiz. while you’re at it make sure to click in. the description to see our deals page. because we here at online forever always. getting all sorts of different deals and. discounts. for different online dating sites and. dating apps and why spend more money if. you don’t have to. so make sure to check out all of our. affiliate links and our deals page which. is in. the link in the description below so. without further ado let’s jump into. number one on our. list which is e darling so e darling is. one of the top and biggest.

Dating sites within germany and it’s for. people who are looking for longterm. relationships. with germans this site has actually won. a lot of awards. and its whole purpose is to match people. based on their compatibility and their. demographics. once you’ve registered you’ll have to. complete a comprehensive questionnaire. which will definitely help narrow down. all of your choices. of people who are compare compatible. with you you definitely want to take. your time. and fully answer all the questions on. the questionnaire because this is really. what’s going to help with your. matchmaking on the site the questions. you’ll have to answer mostly have to do. with. major aspects of your personality and. your life choices like if you have. children. your religion things like that this side. also procures you a. personality profile which is based off.

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Of the big five personality traits so. based off of the answers that you give. that will determine what kind of. personality type that you have. and it’ll help the algorithm match you. with people who are compatible with that. so who exactly is this site targeted. towards and who is it best for so the. target group of consumers for this site. are germans who are. of the age of 35 or older and are. looking for longterm committed. relationships but once again. do not get discouraged if you’re looking. for love in germany but you’re not. actually in germany because. this is for people all over the world so. now that we’re done talking about e. darling we will move on to number two on. our list but before we do that if you’re. enjoying this video so far. please make sure to give us a big like. if you’re liking it and don’t forget to.

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Subscribe as well but. we do really appreciate your likes on. this channel because. when you like our videos it tells. youtube that people are enjoying our. content. and so therefore therefore youtube. pushes our content out for more people. to see so we’d really appreciate your. thumbs up. and your subscriptions so number two on. our list is parsham.d.e. so parship is a dating site in germany. that’s been around for a while it. actually came about on valentine’s day. in 2001. this site was actually somewhat. of a pioneer. site in germany because it was the first. of its kind to offer scientific. compatibility they did this in the form. of a scientific compatibility test. to match people together who would be a. good fit this site offers a team of very. dedicated and committed professionals. who are there to help you find.

Your love on this site and to make sure. nothing goes wrong with your experience. using the site as well. in that same vein the site puts special. emphasis on protection. making sure that every photo and profile. are verified before they go live on the. site. safety is definitely at the forefront on. this site something to note about this. site as well is that you can use it as a. free member but. if you choose to upgrade to a premium. membership where you will have to pay. you will be rewarded with more options. on the site some of them include. unlimited communication with recommended. matches. icebreakers smiles and a full list of. visitors available and numerous other. things. so who is this site best for so just. like the first german dating site we. mentioned. this one is also great for those who are. looking for a longterm committed.

Relationship. there’s not necessarily a demographic. age people of all. ages are on here but it’s definitely. looking for something a bit more serious. since i did mention on the review of. this site that there are paid. memberships available it’d be a good. time to mention. our deals page because we here online. for love we’re always getting all sorts. of awesome discounts and deals for. different. sites and dating apps for you to save. some money through our affiliate links. which are on our deals page on our. website which is linked in the. description. but i mean why save more money if you. don’t have to before signing up for any. dating sites you should definitely go. check out our deals and see if you can. save some money because. why not so number three on our list is. finna.d.e this is an interesting site. because.

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Finia really wanted to have a nofrills. website which gets straight to the point. so they’re offering their website. completely for free you can use their. website for free which is. amazing just like the last site this was. actually started in 2001 as well so it’s. getting up there in age. much like me keeping along with the. theme that they’re going for an easy. nofrills site. to become a member you don’t have to. take any test personality tests or fill. out lengthy profiles however. if you choose to you can there is a test. available and if you do take it it will. definitely help narrow down. the partners who are shown to you and it. can really increase your chances of. finding someone who’s compatible so. we always recommend taking personality. tests that are part of dating websites. or filling out your profile to the full.

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List because. really it can only help you find someone. who will be a good fit for you. because you know if you’re looking at a. blank profile it’s really hard to tell. if that person will be good for you or. not so. fill them out they offer location and. voting filters on this site and. actually it’s somewhat similar to tinder. in the way that you’re going to be. swiping left and right. this platform has received a lot of. rewards and seems to have a user base. of very satisfied customers and you know. if you are going to try out any of these. dating sites you might as well try out a. free one the platform has received. several awards and does seem to have a. pretty happy face of. consumers so who is this site best for. well since it’s completely free and it’s. a nofrills thing that is. resembling tinder in a way this is a.

Great site to. check out if you’re interested in. finding german love but not. really yet willing to cough up the big. bucks for. a crazy membership fee or something like. that this is a great chance to test the. waters. if you’re going to test out any site. mines we’ll do it with a free one so you. don’t. waste any money or hopefully not waste. any time. though you don’t have to live in germany. to use it it will definitely help you if. you. know the german language and you know. i’m saying it for this site but that’s. probably relevant for. all of the sites here if you can speak. german that’s definitely going to help. you out. because this is a free site that does. resemble tinder. you will have people here who are more. on the casual end of things. um on this site people are looking for a. wide range of relationship types for.

Marriage or maybe just. a onetime thing but um it does tend to. be more towards the casual end. before we move on to number four on our. list once again i’ll just like to remind. you to please like the video and. subscribe if you’re enjoying the content. so far. number four on our list is. lovescout24.de. if you’re truly looking to start. something real a longterm committed. serious relationship with somebody then. this. might be one of the best ones on this. list for you this side claims to be. responsible for over a million. couples something that helps this side. stand out from the rest of the others. that we’ve covered so far. is that they actually offer. opportunities to meet people in real. life by hosting events. these type of events are a great way to. meet local singles who you might not. have. ever met otherwise they offer engaging.

Activities like workshops and master. classes which are a great way to just. connect to some people. have some fun and try something. different and hopefully learn something. as well. sometimes it can be very difficult to. meet people in a natural setting. or you know offline so to have an excuse. to do that can be. super beneficial some interesting. features of this. site include that some men actually have. a gentleman sticker on their profiles if. they are true gentlemen i suppose. if you’re not yet comfortable with using. the site visibly you can actually use. invisible mode. and you can go ahead and use links and. gifs etcetera and your messages to other. people which make it a lot more fun. you can tell by all of these things that. the creators of this site are really. going. um for a way to help you have engaging.

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Fun. times with other people and to make the. whole process of online dating easier. and funner. so who is this site best for so. interestingly enough this is great for. people who are looking for something. casual. and for something long term um it you. know they keep it light on this side you. can go as. serious or as non serious as you want so. it’s really up to you. but the site is definitely great if. you’re looking for a really interactive. role. and your online dating instead of a. passive website if you haven’t already. make sure to like and subscribe and. we’re gonna go ahead and talk about. number five on our list which is tina. and andreas so this side is definitely. one that’s serious about helping their. clients. find love this side actually emerged in. 2006. and its goal is to help people find love. of all forms.

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Whether that be a serious longterm. relationship or even something more. casual. one of the first things you’ll notice. when you go onto the website. is testimonials from people who have. found success with them. that’s always a good sign to see when. you have people actually talking about. you know their real experiences using. the site hopefully they’re real. anyway so this side does have a free. option if you want to use the site. without signing up or spending any money. but. as always if you want to get more. features and really get the whole. use out of the site you will have to. sign up for a membership and pay some. money so who is it best for. well this site is to the point but it. doesn’t really have any fancy or special. features necessarily so. it’s sort of just a basic dating site to. help people find love in germany so.

You know might be worth checking out so. number six on our list is deutsche. dating. so unfortunately when you first check. out this site the first thing that might. jump out to you is that it’s pretty. outdated looking which is definitely. unfortunate because. in order to keep up with all the other. dating sites nowadays you really gotta. be on the ball with your site design. i mean everyone is online nowadays and. dating sites are more popular than ever. they’re popping up. all the time so in order to compete they. should really try to step it up a bit. the site’s actually connected with. multiple. other platforms so if you’re looking to. find someone based on location or other. interests or something it could. actually be pretty easy while it is a. free platform which is a plus. the downside is that there are tons of.

Ads the thing that particularly caught. our attention though is the amount of. scammers on this site the good thing. though is that the website definitely. warns you about these scammers they’re. pretty transparent with the fact that. they’re on the site and they try to help. you be able to identify them. that is a good thing because safety is. really the number one priority when it. comes to online dating or really doing. anything. online you need to protect yourself so. definitely keep an. eye out for people who seem fishy and go. with your gut feeling. so who is this site best for well it’s. outdated it does have scammers and we. wouldn’t recommend it as one of the best. ones. to use but if you are just starting out. your online dating journey especially if. you’re just starting out your online. dating journey for people in germany.

Then it might be a good site just to. browse to see what kind of options are. out there and what you might be getting. yourself into. because it is free after all so that. just about wraps up our review of the. top six dating sites for those looking. to date. germans if you’re not satisfied with the. ones we have on here if you want to see. what else is. out there in terms of dating sites. definitely check out our free online. dating app quiz. the link to that is popping up above me. and it’s also in the description down. below. definitely go take the quiz and see what. they recommend is your perfect online. dating sites while you’re at it make. sure to check out our deals page because. we’re always getting all sorts of all. types of all sorts of all types of a. bunch of different discount codes for. different dating apps and dating sites.

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