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You. this is a story about what to do on a. date it begins one early summer. afternoon it begins with Jeff mkay and. men. of course you may not have a problem. about what to do on a date but Nick well. he has a real dating problem if he took. k out on a date what would they do where. would they go just a minute Jeff I’ll. get my tennis racket okay next but hurry. hey what about asking k to come to the. community center with us on friday to. fix up that scavenger sale we could make. it a double date what you heard what I. said that’s no place to take a girl on a. date helping to fix up the scavenger. sale is it why not on a first date first. date yeah okays a swell girl I was gonna. I was thinking of calling her maybe ask. her to show Friday good picture wagon. train well hurry up in caller on let’s. get going I still have to get my things.

Yet call her now sure you know the. number don’t you okay. what if she says no oh hell ok this is. Nick Baxter oh hello Nick how are you. fine thanks SE que next Friday would you. like to see wagon train at the movies oh. I’m sorry Nick I suppose you’ve got your. mind made up to see it you’ve seen it. she’s already seen it well ask her about. the scavenger sale go ahead oh ok you. wouldn’t want to help get the scavenger. sale ready at the community center would. you oh I’ve been hearing about that yes. I’d like to very much you would all. right i’ll call for you then about seven. bye I sure didn’t think she’d go to a. place like that for a date where’s my. rack Oh ready you know you better think. some more fellow about what to do on a. date do you think she’ll have a good. time what do you suppose all I have to.

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Do. you. now you may not have thought of this. sort of thing is a place to take a date. but it looks like it could be fun. you. a group doing things together pretty. good idea for a first date plenty to do. plenty of people to talk to but let’s. see if nick and K are enjoying no man. make this thing work any older well that. is an oldtimer. can you help me put this sign up oh sure. I can’t quite reach that far how’s this. that’s about right say okay are you. really having a good time of course I am. I’m tragic loss I’m here so mom I mean. yes it was a good idea okay how about. helping with refreshments for the game. alright see you later oh yeah sure got. any more tax I think but over there by. the door yes it was a good idea to come. here how does Jeff get ideas like that. hey what’s this maybe this is where Jeff.

Gets ideas a list of coming activities a. bike trip that could be a lot of fun a. chance to do things with a group to get. acquainted it does look like a good time. if your partner likes it. would k enjoy a bike trip or a weenie. roast another group date a chance to. learn the give and take of working and. playing together not much arranging. needed not much expense and that can be. important could be a fine date if K. would like it wonder if she’d like to go. to a baseball game a date that’s not to. involve one you can carry through. comfortably and there are all sorts of. other sports events inexpensive dates. most of them swimming meets for example. you can find many good ideas for dates. dates that give you a good chance to get. acquainted and dates that you don’t have. to worry too much about in advance it.

Was a good deal coming here tonight. double dating with Jeff and Phyllis when. all four are good friends and enjoy the. same things double dates can be lots of. fun or you can ask a to go on dates with. you alone if you plan for what she. enjoys hey you loafer what are you doing. over there you’re right there fine thing. as soon as K isn’t around to supervise. you go off in a vacation you know. maestro I don’t think your date ideas. are so original what about what to do on. a date I mean but what I’d like to know. is how can you figure out what a girl. would like to do a certain girl I mean. well you might ask her yeah yes looking. for you is he good company he always. seemed so quiet we get along all right. he’s got a good sense of humor and we. haven’t run out of things to say yeah. he’s kind of cute you’re gonna date him.

Again I don’t know besides you haven’t. asked you George get out of there I’m. hungry if you want to do something take. the coax out there ok cause for Eagle. come on hi stranger I decided to come. out of hiding see this looks good you. make us sandwiches we go rock how about. over here Oh. your table mom yeah you’re sure you like. to do things like this sure I thought. all girls wanted fellows to take them to. fancy places spend lots of money girl. you know I sort of like things like this. to you won’t laugh I like to go on. bicycle trips to do you in miniature. golf do not face yeah and weenie roast. and square dances and baseball games and. tap people I think they’re swell say you. like to do lots of things don’t you say. K next Friday there’s gonna be a weenie. roast or there will be a bowling party. if you’d rather do that or we could go.

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