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Hey guys welcome or welcome back to my. channel i’m. queen and in today’s video you guys i. will be telling you. six things you should know when dating a. nigerian man. now you guys like i do in all of my. videos well. most of my videos i like to put out a. disclaimer the things. that i say to my video are based off of. my personal opinion and my personal. experiences. so everybody’s opinion and experience. may be different. and i’m just giving you guys these. things that you should know based off of. like. my personal experience with dating. nigerian men and you know everyone will. have their own opinion. but from what i’ve seen i feel like. these six things are definitely six. things you should know. but let’s just get straight into the. video all right you guys. number one be quiet. and when i mean be quiet i mean like.

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Doesn’t mean you can’t talk. or you don’t talk at all just don’t talk. too much. you know they like for you just to talk. enough. but not too much and if you do it. honestly will start to annoy them. and i’m telling you this based off a. personal experience because. i could be a little mouthy myself but. i have learned from dealing with them. that sometimes you just. just breathe and just learn. when to say something and when not and. just just be a little quiet. that’s all number two be catering. nigerian men they just love like love. love love for you just like to cater to. them. and i know like it’s 2021 and people. were like you know what he’s not my. husband. or whatever well if you want to be with. a nigerian man. and you want to see yourself being with. him and you may. want him to be your future husband then.

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You’re gonna have to just show him. certain things. about yourself that he knows that you’ll. be doing when you’re his wife. like that’s just how they are like if. they’ve had a long day. and you know they haven’t ate anything. you can say oh do you want something to. eat. they love the fact that someone is just. being considerate. and catering so number three. give sweet compliments nigerian men. love for you to make them feel special. and i know you guys are probably like. that’s everybody but no like when you. compliment. a nigerian man it makes him like feel. really really good and it’s definitely a. good way. to get on his good side number four. if you don’t know the nigerian culture. and you haven’t ever like dated one. before or you don’t. have the most knowledge on it if you’re. dating one and you see this really going.

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Somewhere. my best advice to you is to be very open. about like learning about the culture. and also being very. understanding because there are like a. lot of differences. number five be open to try nigerian food. and also when he offers you food just. eat it even if you’re just gonna try it. like taste it just be open to like just. trying it. or whatever because that once again goes. back into. being open about the culture. and the cultural differences and these. things are very important. number six be sure if you’re dating a. nigerian. and you want this to be something. serious be honest with yourself. is family something you want like do you. want kids. and do you are you looking to like you. know get married have a family. and the only reason i’m saying that is. because these things are very. important to nigerian men it’s just very.

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