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Hey guys. welcome back to my. is channel with stars. hey guys welcome back to my channel if. you’re new here caribou channel my name. is cynthia i do lifestyle content and. today is the video suggests we’re going. to be talking about. what we wish men knew and since this is. a juicy topic i decided. let me bring on my girls on board and. without further ado. let them introduce themselves and then. we’re gonna tackle this topic. okay hi guys my name is becca. i’m so excited to be here i can’t wait. to have this thing rolling. hi guys my name is olive and i’m excited. to be here. hi guys so excited to be here and to. discuss this topic. so we’re going to be speaking about what. we wish men you during the dating. period and before we even go and let me. define what the dating period is this is. uh when you meet the guy he has shown.

Intent in pursuing you. you become boyfriend and girlfriend and. uh before engagement before you jump on. to. get married we’re talking about that. period you you understand what i’m. saying from when when you meet him to. before he proposes marriage so that will. be the context of what we are going to. be talking about okay. so guys we wrote down a few points and. that’s exactly. what we’re going to expound on i’m going. to read one point and then the rest of. my girls are going to expand uh whoever. has an experience they can share it. and you know we’ll move on like that. okay so the first point. is the one thing that i wish uh men did. when we were dating and i don’t know. who’s who’s going to this be honest with. your intention. you know i think john is the one who. contributed to this point yeah that was. my point.

Uh i was we’d like you to remain. uh from the getgo are very honest with. the intentions don’t string us along. also if you want it to be longterm say. that from the. getgo let’s just know what we’re doing. as we’re. starting the thing and if it changes if. your intentions change. along the way yes along the way let let. us know yeah. if a man will we will date you and then. they’re like no i just want us to be. friends. yeah i wanted something casual yeah yeah. we got every night yeah and also. i don’t know if you guys feel some form. of rejection when probably you’re ready. to date you met a guy and then he ends. up telling you. i just want to be friends yeah yeah yeah. but i’d rather that than somebody who. strings me along i love. but then they are hey i’m not looking. for anything serious yeah yeah that’s. why.

Just be clear with the intention yes. from the getgo yeah. and actually you can take it just don’t. be like oh you know i’ve had her. feelings. no come on during the trip yeah. yeah all right sorry that’s good all. right guys moving on to. number two we wish men would prioritize. us. when we are dating i believe this was a. becca’s point. because especially when it comes to. making plans. or when it comes to your friends and. sometimes even your family. you know when you’re the athlete would. you like to think questions if you feel. i’m competing with someone then i really. don’t want to be in a relationship with. you. that’s true that’s true so if you make. plans and your friends also come up with. other plans i’d appreciate. if we prioritize our plans first yeah. yeah like. uh sorry don’t cancel on a date if you. had big plans just you know come through.

On that. don’t be like oh you know but the boys. called me and i always do that a lot. you know they just called me oh can you. just go hang out with them. yeah like we had planned to have dinner. like let’s go do that that’s. very true okay what if he cancels. beforehand communicate. i’m going out today oh that’s the point. yeah. yeah even as we’re talking about that i. hate it when like men decide to take you. out. and then and the day off they go m.i.a. and then they split during the evening. that’s another thing it happens. to your secrets. continuous no more right they’re not. even addressing it. oh sorry yeah there’s a time i was um. asked and i did by someone. not too long ago. he’ll be available so he doesn’t talk. the whole day but in the evening i took. the initiative. ladies we put so much effort in yeah. and then he doesn’t start the.

Fuck that tranny ass hard, b.

Conversation yeah. it’s actually very hard for us ladies to. be like oh you know. are we meeting today meaning you know. like i know it’s a hard conversation to. have when you want to cancel especially. if it’s like money related but i should. come up with an. excuse yeah and be like i can’t make it. elena yeah. all right so the next point is we like. when men. make effort especially to look good. for a first date yeah whatever. crocs all the sliders that yeah yeah. with your heels. you know you know you know you go on you. put your. face on yeah and if you’re coming from. welcome picture the powder room you. retouched your makeup. and this one just comes like. yeah i didn’t spring this on you yeah. yeah so make your food look nice yeah. look good as well. special perfume yeah. yeah but this gives you points it. doesn’t matter.

Speaking of which is actually your. favorite nail scent. wow wow just bring that away. i think i just want to say this i think. for me the. bucket by tom ford you know you get your. boyfriend started. guys let’s talk about chivalry i want to. believe. in this country which is not dead but. the way men in this country move. it’s like she will really like that it’s. just like just never like. it doesn’t hurt yeah pull a chair when. you read it does it hurt to open the. door the car doesn’t have to be mute. yeah. yeah some small nuances even. just like stand when they’re walking. today yeah you know. just yeah. you don’t have to ask a lady if she. wants flowers yeah i’m always in the. mood for flowers. yes it doesn’t have to be flowers every. lid is different it could be chocolate. it could be any kind of of a gesture. yeah it will be a date night.

Don’t ask yeah it just happens. it takes the knee out of it yeah it does. it actually does. and speaking of opening doors i remember. uh this one time i went for a date with. somebody because the first time meeting. them. and they’re actually not driving they. came to pick me up using a car. and this guy got out of the car and then. he opened the door. for me to get him i was so so impressed. because i was like. open doors it was really nice to set the. tone for the rest of the day. yeah yeah so great goal should we make. that effort yeah. no more money how much let’s start. valentine’s. day. yeah he does he does uh i was saying. like at um kinder you know sometimes. doing he’s at the club. and then you come join him later like. should be nice if you could come. get me yeah. yeah also just to other men or their. flowers on the road like a small bouquet.

It costs 400 shavings that’s it. so moving on simply the next thing we. want to address is issues. with your eggs i think i’m gonna let go. and take this one up. oh okay for this point it was a bit like. you know sometimes you get to meet a guy. and he’s so. maybe mostly it happens when the girl. was hurt by the eggs. so they are still hung up on that heart. you know. they they’re comparing you to the eggs. they’re like you know my ex did this and. that so. i’m very cautious about. such kind of people because we don’t. care what your ex did. we’re in a new relationship we expect. you to keep up yeah. yeah and then it’s unfair it’s compared. to the current girlfriend if you keep. bringing up. whatever you would like to use to do. yeah. yeah also do you normally feel when a. guy brings up the ex so much. then it’s a sign that he’s not going to.

Be in a new relationship. yes he’s not over that situation yeah. he has a major red flag majority yeah. he’ll heal before. starting something else yeah here we go. before starting something. else and also i remember watching uh i. don’t know. watching the series it’s called put a. ring on it it’s on on it’s like oh. yeah yeah it’s like this couple was. ready for so long but they’ve never like. put a dream on it. so this particular guy was asked to go. on a little somebody else i don’t know. other than the girlfriend right. and the whole time this other person was. asking him about the girlfriend and this. guy was so turned off. you know he just kept saying in the. confessional that she was more. interested in. actually my ex as opposed to. unless i ask you just leave it in the. past and if you’re not here don’t start.

Something. right right yeah yourself uncomfortable. it’s difficult but hold yourself. accountable yeah all right guys so the. next point is. i hate it when a man flexes you know how. much they have how much they’re making. where they live when we first meet. please. don’t do that you know don’t don’t do. that yeah. yeah i feel like it just shows you very. materialistic. like you know there’s more to life than. yeah. those things yeah yeah so it’s best and. also it just feels like. you’re trying to impress me with the. money yeah with the money. you don’t even know if that those are. things that impress me yeah yeah. and you’re just starting up on the wrong. food yeah i’m trying to know you i’m not. trying to know who you know. yeah and also sometimes i don’t know if. men will know this but like. our age group it’s really hard to find.

Somebody in our bedroom who’s really. like. made it so sometimes when you’re flexing. i know that’s your mom’s car yeah. how much what what car you’re driving. like. before 29 and you’re driving around. rover unless you may find it too. disruptive yeah. an invention and made all this money and. i would have known your name by then. but and that probability is probably. your dad’s car or your mom’s car so. drop the flex in yeah and also most. times men end up saying um she’s here. for the money i think. you use your money as a selling point. yeah yeah it makes no sense yeah. and so the final point on this video is. going to be. uh about intimacy we don’t like it when. men. bring up the topic of intimacy too. quickly. you know also i like it when the lady is. the one who brings that shopping cart. and not the guy and then there’s beauty.

In mystery. so see the person you’re talking to. you’ve already told me what you’re here. for. yeah at least take your time get to know. me what i like what i don’t like and. then. maybe it will it will go there yeah but. if you tell me that’s the first thing. you tell me. yeah does that contradict the point oh. yeah. elena no that’s no you don’t have good. intentions like you can want to marry me. and stuff. but don’t bring up the intimacy stuff. get to know me first. what if his intention is to just be. there casually yeah. okay and now he wants to pursue you and. be in a relationship with you. yeah so now he’s prepared his intention. okay so even after you declare the. intention kindly don’t. bring up the sex because now yeah. relationships. are yeah you know is that timeline. what do you know no no no time let it.

Flow let’s explore yeah because you’ve. heard of the guys who’ve like. read the room yeah yeah. maybe not quite related to that is uh. when we first meet we’re getting to know. each other stop asking for. a full dedication oh yeah. that’s a very good point. i was just telling them how this guy. told me can i do a video called. wow what do you want to see well. when someone asked me for a picnic and. then i might look at my brother yeah. on such a bad level such that if you. tell a woman that. probably she’s not comfortable she may. get a bit turned off. you know also just to tell the fastest. you’ll see me like. in action yeah yeah. so guys we’ve come to the end of this uh. topic and i know it’s very juicy so. ladies if you have something to say. please drop down in the comment section. before you leave and also if you’re new.

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