My Husband Is Addicted To Dating Websites

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All right what’s happening y’all. dayto-day logic here so i saw a post. that talked about. this girl’s boyfriend she found that he. was on. an online dating website for people that. have affairs. and she’s questioning on what she should. do. how she should feel and the background. is that. you know he messaged back and forth with. somebody. and got caught and he swears that he. would never meet up with somebody he was. just doing at doing it out of curiosity. and horniness. um yeah man so what i would say to you. is okay you need to address those issues. that you’re having with him if he’s. feeling. curious or horny i mean those are your. that’s that’s you that has to be. you’re responsible for that if you’re. with somebody you’re responsible for. them. you know being satisfied in that part of. the relationship so you need to ask him.

Like you know what can i do what do you. like you know do you want to you know. experiment i know i’m kind of. getting into that weird realm um but. these these things are. are healthy and natural and it’s what. makes us human so if he’s curious then. you need to figure out what’s going on. and are you doing all the things to make. him happy and vice versa are there. things that maybe. he’s not doing it has to be a. communication. between the two by you saying and having. an open dialogue on what the. problem is and and then you can go from. there as far as. him being on the website and talking to. somebody else is that cheating. that’s a gray area there’s so many gray. areas within cheating. itself he didn’t physically touch. somebody but. he could have had the intentions to and. then is saying that he never would.

Uh what i would say is is you know now. you. you can either do you know one of two. things and then after these two things. you can do one of two things after that. so the first thing is that you can. either break up with them and not be. with them or you can get over it. and figure it out now if you break up. with them you know you got to cut all. contact. um you know and stop talking that person. if that’s what you feel because i truly. don’t believe in kind of going back. to an ex i think that um. that’s that’s just not a way to do. things and then the second of all. is if you do want to stick together you. have to have. uh one eye open i mean now now you’re. aware and now he has to do things to. to build your trust and that you need to. again communicate with that open. dialogue that hey you did this. you messed up you have broken my trust.

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And it’s going to take a long time or a. while for you to. gain back that trust and you know then. you lay out the steps of what he can do. um along with the beginning of what i. said the dialogue of. of being satisfied within the. relationship itself and him. not being curious so you want to make. him happy and he should make you happy. and to make sure that he doesn’t kind of. leave that realm and and he wants to. you know be with other people or you. know get out of the nest or however you. want to phrase it. um but i think that this is a small blip. in a relationship. i think a lot of relationships kind of. go through this up and down. situation especially with curiosity i. would say you gotta you know. take the l maybe you know figure it out. and go from there if you really love. somebody i don’t think that you should.

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