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Yeah what is up everybody I am on me you. should go welcome to my channel if. you’re new here welcome back to my. channel mother wake up y’all have been. waiting for part two for so long and. mama is here y’all ask y’all shall. receive today we are playing part 2 of. friggin beautiful amazing airons amazing. boku no hero dating sim game you guys. just loved to watch me pink suffer I saw. all y’all freaking cops on part one I. see you and now it is time for my. favorite Bob this boy you like I never. would forget shirt thing whatever I. went to round one I never win anything. the one time I played the stupid crane. game I get the total if you figure and. I’m like oh my god I made a video I. played a friggin Bach who vote dating. sin which was an amazing game to play. like Aaron I can love you for making. this game boy it like killed me like I.

Was mentally not okay about it like I. was not okay after this game it did. things to me and why am i subjecting. myself to doing this again I don’t know. I have no clue but at the end of that. video I had you guys pick what rod I did. next and the winner of course was mr.. Tolar dokie BB so that’s what we don’t. do today a stupid waste of time a boku. no hero academia fan made dating sim. game and me up fam I’m ready. picky oh boy we pickin freakin mister I. see thought let’s go Todoroki shelter. the son of the new number one hero with. fire and ice powers this boy oh can be. Liddy but can be a little cold will you. try to melt his frozen heart or simply. go with the flu I will do whatever I can. do to get this boy hi I’m gay. Todoroki is my favorite I love him so. much he’s so fine he’s. beautiful I love him and can you be.

Catchy hello sir let’s start told it. okey. welcome to UA I’m told an Okie shuttle. yes we know BV I was instructed to be. your guide today I’m happy I will gladly. go to school for Todoroki I already go. to school and hospital fee is not there. we need to fix that honestly it doesn’t. make sense why I a student in the hero. course is giving a tour to a student in. the general course but I guess it would. waste more time to argue the logic than. just give you the tour that is right. where do tours even start I guess this. is the entrance. I guess so you’re a lot different than. you seem on TV I can see that more I. actually asked that you be the one to do. the tour I don’t know cuz I’m like well. duh of course this is the entrance I. actually asked that you know what to do. why would you do that oh is it because.

Of that man I call my father. daddy I won’t get you an autograph. like I in want one I guess we should go. somewhere midoriya is better at this. kind of thing you should have asked him. well no I’m picked you this is class 1a. of the hero course since you picked a. hero in training I figured you’d like to. see the others I don’t want to see. anyone well what’s that is that a. transfer student I didn’t know that hero. of course allowed those I’m Sarah. better known as cellophane what’s the. AIRC work i’m quark list I can make a. mean sandwich you told that I’ll keep in. comes I’m gonna scream I also has tape. elbows I can make hot boys fall for me. winks at table hooky I can make people. disappear when I close my eyes. I’ve tape elbows I also have tape elbows. there can only be one are you already. like two husbands and I’m already doing.

This again to be fair as soon as I. called buck ago hi in the first one he. was like like the friend spongebob me on. the head out take your boy donkey hello. so faint dick ass since you even owe me. money I make a mean sandwich off I. can make a mean sandwich that’s a quirk. how do you fight villains with. sandwiches they’re not in the hero. course I’m just giving them a tour oh I. guess that makes sense well have fun on. your door I will not this is the. teachers lounge. if you have any questions the posture up. can’t answer just come down they’ll help. maybe. that’ll want the Logie to go away can. you just stay breathe can ask you. questions I guess I probably won’t be. much helpful an honest boy. oh this teacher is not gonna help me. anyway but he is for the daddy category. oh so this is why you weren’t in class I.

My Hero Academia Dating Sim App saw right through you wait

Hoped you were doing something semi. important I’m a joke to you and not. causing trouble again what’s your name. kiddo you know ain’t care either way. sandwich maker seven five four like you. care see yo King care I just realized I. don’t care you folded okay you’re. responsible for this student while. you’re giving the tour keep them out of. trouble oh okay go jump off buildings. I’ll try good well run along finish your. tour so you can get back to training. whatever well that’s all the important. stuff anywhere else you want to go I. don’t want to go too fast I mean last. time with Bob to go out we went like eat. or something a cafeteria you hungry I. guess it is lunchtime sure let’s go. that’s strange giddy Shiva oh no no. no we ain’t doing this again uh. kitty Sheila seems to be selling. sandwiches is that even a lot oh no.

Oh he’s heading over well I’ve never. seen you before you know what a sandwich. I made them all this is happening I. can I told you to stop feeding those two. people don’t listen to that bully eat. eat eat eat. Kirishima I loved you I called you best. boy in my husband does video why are you. gonna do me like that I’m not prepared. yeah pick a boy let’s start this okay. yeah okay I’m gonna be flirty because I. didn’t want todo ki I can make hot boys. fall for me is there something in your. eye. totally totally they’re not in y’all. might Oh might I guess you would sorry. bud I don’t know where he is of course. you don’t totally make sure this piece. of doesn’t doing stupid whatever. you say daddy are you my secret love. child I think last time for baka go I. asked him just to go on a date and he. was like that’s pretty straightforward.

And I think I won so maybe I just. overthink this too much I shouldn’t just. think can we go on a date be a little. straightforward how about we go on a. date a date oh I see sure let’s go I. know this great cafe where we can be. unknown wait why did okay we do eyebrow. wiggle we’re finally alone. I’m sure you’re overjoyed yes I am baby. too bad I saw right through you wait. what wait what you’re a villain aren’t. you no no no baby I’m not I’m not I’m. not a villain I’m not a villain I don’t. have my license yeah so I can’t do. anything but I have a friend who can. wait I was going on she’ll make sure you. pay for trying to infiltrate the school. wait. I’m so confused what what is she doing. here oh my god if you were like a. longtime subscriber. you might remember back in the day when. I did dokidoki literature Club.

Videos like doing the game and like. doing the voices this is gonna be really. cringey if you want to click away. you know I’m do it now you thought you. could get away from me in another game. huh I love this game so long ago. I already told you only Monica only. Monica how dare you go after another oh. this [ __ ] dude just Monica just. Monica we’ll be together forever but it. was admitted with a brother that’s one. of these was a woman a gentleman mother. would say that something’s I’m expecting. the RDAs anything EDM vaccine right. someday and I just have a word I just. have a question why is it when I play I. get like every bad ending usually when I. play my other teen dating since I’m. usually hella good and like the boys. Beach drop it for me but this game I. don’t know what the to do what am I. doing wrong.

Am I too late and I do another Thursday. hoe for you probably your wife through. here right now I guess the only option. left is there a garden or something is. there a garden or something quick. well it’s no garden but there are some. trees if I choke on Daisy. I’ll come lose my are these to your. liking yes there’s nothing compared to. your beauty my what the real reason I. chose you total key is thank you I like. you a horrible decision really excuse me. I’m trying to confess my love to you. okay but do am i to reject your. affections I guess I could give you a. shot please do cuz I blush intensifies. told the donkeys burning passion was too. hot for you you were burned alive but at. least you died in love. oh did I win I guess that’s it. IIIi won I’m gonna go my inner turmoil. kid not handle this game go I’m gonna go.

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