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My Hero Academia Dating Sim App sandwiches still

Is my room a mess yes am I gonna clean. it up absolutely not. yo what is up everybody. I am ami you should go welcome to my. channel I feed it here welcome back to. my channel motherfreaking so as usual I. spend way too much time on the internet. and I was on YouTube the other day I. don’t even know what I was looking up. and I saw this it was like someone made. a dating sim a folk hero with our boys. Bukka the little key and deku and we are. going to play it today I’ll make sure to. have the youtube link in the description. cuz you have to click on a link and then. it’ll take you to like another app thing. but as soon as I saw it I was like oh ho. had to play so we’re gonna play. all three of these bad boys a stupid. waste of time. beautiful title a bnh a fanmade dating. simulator so check them out howdy this.

Is aaron the bored teenager who made. this game back in the summer of 2018. because the school forced me to take a. coding class and I decided to use my new. knowledge to better the world with this. piece of garbage BB I admire your piece. of garbage. please enjoy I put too many hours into. this game well baby I hope this does you. well and let’s play this game I’m so. excited I’ll probably do all three of. them but first all eyes on you pick your. boy I’ll do all of them obviously but. let’s do back we go lift up your. pants me ago kutsuki AKA lord. explosion murder I used all my. creativity on though there tooth piles. just play the game yes yes boo ago. I can’t believe I have to do this you’re. that new student right you’re really hot. yes my name is MC main character how. could ever may i like your hand yes i’m.

The new student that’s gonna get a. private tour from future number one hero. even meaning do I want to be a focus I. want to be a you’re really hot. are you sick or something who would want. to hear that you don’t you must be a. creepy fangirl. no thanks I’m not doing the stupid tour. wait what. he’s left are you serious. vodka goes please select a new Toria. what the why I’m a [ __ ] madman. doing this and we’re gonna go. whether he wants to or not look this. excuse it could kill you. I’m really but we’re gonna play whether. you want to or not okay obviously he. doesn’t like compliments so I’ll do the. normal one yes I’m the new student. that’s gonna get a private tour from the. number one hero flattery gets you. nowhere with me or maybe you’re just. smart enough to realize my greatness. whatever makes you feel better.

Whatever let’s get on with this stupid. tour this is the cafeteria this is where. these pigs stuff their stupid mouth he’s. such an ass oh you bro. who the heck can I call you buck ooh ah. I don’t want him to hate me. I don’t give a [ __ ] right now if. you call me that I will kill you. whatever you say but Cooper ironing I. know this is you love Warren I’ve never. seen you before you new want a sandwich. I made them I told you to stop feeding. people those sandwiches still listen to. that bully eat eat eat eat he fed me. kitty shame i fed you to death sorry. why Kashima. what the is up with this game I. love it but I’m just butter. I lost what’s your user name. Aaron. I think emotions. we’re play here we go again I don’t. care we’re gonna play em I guess die die. die oh no it’s that idiot. Kirishima I made a sandwich you bro.

Hell why haven’t I blow the. guy’s face off yet I mean you could do. whatever you wanted come on eat it eat. it no no we’re not no you’re not gonna. feed me to death. no look so annoyed not right now I have. to give due to that here tour excuse me. the tork why are you giving a tour huh. okay no I requested him I would have. requested someone else why would the. stupid school waste the time of its hero. by making them do dumb tours Wow the. school’s reputation isn’t the best now. maybe they’re trying to please the. public please the public don’t make me. laugh we save their lives that should. make them happy enough do you think but. it’s not that easy I guess I don’t. really get it but as long as the people. are happy I am to rooks do you have any. selfrespect. I guess not since you’re an idiot Manos. bukku mom.

How could you agree with that . bro even though we’re friends I can’t do. that please don’t please don’t didn’t. ask you to at least you two head here. ask common sense let’s finish the story. boo hello hi sensei so many students. have been gone today why did they. schedule so many tours who the kid with. you dude you head or dud I want I want. buck you’re gonna love me. Oh Doody head you could have just said. you didn’t want to tell me kids these. days. yeah oh yeah Zama why did I have to do. the stupid tour why are you letting. strangers pick their guide you’d have to. ask that little furball this is. troublesome for me too anyways hurry up. and finish that tour I guess there’s no. point in telling you to stay out of. trouble too you can see this is a. classroom that’s basically everything. you could leave now ooh what about the.

Teachers lounge what about the quartet. how about it date courtyard courtyard. with all the trees didn’t didn’t we walk. through here already wait what’s with. all the cherry blossoms all of a sudden. so I had no idea my camera wasn’t. filming anymore so excuse me while for. the next couple seconds I’m not gonna be. physically present oh no don’t tell me. you’re gonna confess or something. well please don’t be mad mad I’m not mad. or anything I mean who wouldn’t fall for. me I’m strong handsome brave the list. goes on but if I’m honest I feel. something ah Lord it must be. these anime flowers now that I think. about it there sure are a lot like a lot. is this safe boy Oh me cause I choked on. an anime flower pal and died I’ve got. some words for this creative how do I. how about the teachers lounge you can. find it on your own what theory let’s.

See to find the day so straightforward. sure oh baby like it I heard the other. guys giving tours came here too I know. it was very difficult to get to this. point unless you have the luck of that. stupid Deku and guy here in one try then. ignore that oh hey oh honey I tried. probably every attempt goddamn occasion. I killed me with a sandwich I. don’t know if you chose me for a second. or last but the fact that you’re here at. all means a lot to me oh I hope this. time you spent with me you won’t forget. it I’m not the best with my feelings but. hopefully they’ll get across I hope so. did you have fun be honest yes I did. liar either way thanks for sticking by. despite my coldness now without further. delay let’s go out with a bang leans in. for a kiss you feel warm spread through. your body a lot of warmth burning.

Actually wait what the world has been. reset and you are doomed to never win. these boys hearts happiness is supply in. perish oh you you have reached the. true ending oh so I won okay. I’m gonna go that was it for this video. I’ll leave the YouTube video in the goes. I don’t know how to feel right now I. mean I got the two ends me but then . who go burned me a lie. that’s it for this video um all the. games my brain I cannot right. now so if you want to play whatever the. that was be my guest. but yeah let me know cuz I’m definitely. gonna play this again who should I play. next a little key or deku let me know in. the comments below who should I do next. and hopefully kima won’t feed me the. devil the sandwich that was a crazy. frickin trip but that is it for this. video thank you guys so much for. watching thank you guys so much for.

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