Muslim Rules On Dating

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Oh. people say tell me from the Quran where. it talks about girlfriends and. boyfriends give me the exact words and I. always say this about other things where. people come up to me say told me no. Quran where it says crack cocaine. hashish marijuana is forbidden one like. your chef you give me the exact word and. I’ll give you up in my life. I’ll give it up but the Quran doesn’t. address your terminologies words of the. street today and it’ll talk about stunk. and weed in the Quran it talks about a. word which entails everything that will. come in time it talks about Hummer. Hummer is an alcohol hammer is malleable. aachen whatever takes your mind away. so anything that takes your mind away it. becomes Hummer becomes Haram but for. those people who aren’t exactly. girlfriendboyfriend relationship I’ll. tell you where is in the Quran today the.

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Quran says well I’m OCD then certain man. in the fifth chapter verse number 5. don’t research oppressor women who don’t. take boyfriends that’s the news. translation so there is from the Quran. given to you now that the Quran is. unlike what the opposite mentioned as. well men who don’t take women as the. girlfriend’s have we mentioned inside. the Quran as well when this is a common. trend in this society because they make. us feel abnormal they make us think that. you don’t have a relationship you’re. abnormal that’s a natural thing that’s a. natural way of a madman would isn’t to. fornicate and commit adultery manhood is. to restrain yourself and control. yourself. that’s real manhood in the Sharia so. these people are trying to promote in. our society and Muslims as well did. mercy holidays know how there’s love.

Before marriage the Sharia talks about. love after marriage when things break. down things get difficult children come. in the family hardship of work losing. one’s job. written that you find surrounded by this. rule of a shallow understanding of love. my man buys me a rose rides Minnie’s VM. convertible takes me here takes me there. where’s your integrity when real man. real man you find the Koran preaches. about the original core Munna and at. Missa. men are more dominant upon women because. the world Kalama means to take care of. the house. my man can’t even wake up in. morning you thing is a man my man can’t. even work for a day’s living lives off. the dole lives of the government Rob’s. people is a crook and you think that. he’s a man real man is the one who takes. chaffee’s affairs takes care of his. house takes care of his family friends.

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