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Imagine if the medieval times were. recreated in minecraft with ancient. weapons mysterious creatures and 100. players split into three different. kingdoms well today i created a public. server with a giant medieval map and. split players into three races with. unique abilities their goal is to build. a kingdom and survive through different. medieval world events like the plague. huge orc invasions and eventually. invading other kingdoms players are also. set to hardcore mode meaning they only. have one life which will become the most. advanced civilization and will conflict. emerge between the races welcome to the. story of medieval civilization. so the three races spawned in their own. unique regions the dwarves in an icy. mountain range the elves an enchanted. forest the giants are planes with. redwood trees and to stay alive these.

Civilizations would have to find a food. source quickly the dwarf civilization. were in an especially tough position as. their region was too cold to grow crops. and the only nearby animals were. reindeer which they decided to tame. instead of using his food we ride we can. ride food but after some exploring they. found an ancient dwarven caverns that. was filled with ores and some. underground farms so they started. collecting materials and discovered a. very unique food source coal their. abilities included being able to eat. iron and coal pickaxes being stronger. than swords extra oils while mining and. being one block tall so using the. surface caves the dwarves filled that. appetite with some tasty coal next are. the elves who were surrounded by animals. and they planned on using them as a food. source until they realized their.

Abilities included only being able to. eat vegetables increased archery damage. and the ability to use magic the elves. needed to find a food source quickly so. after collecting some basic tools they. started exploring and came across an. ancient elf library and a watchtower. with chests containing bread magic ones. and spell books. we got one baby this let them use magic. to start growing their crops much faster. and create farms to feed their. population lastly the giant civilization. who begun exploring eventually finding a. barn next to a giant wheat field. seemingly giving them infinite food we. can only eat meat and we can’t board. boats or they will sink. great until they realize their abilities. include only being able to eat meads. increased health and attack damage being. three blocks tall and not being able to.

Swim this made that huge wheat supply. pretty useless the few animals in the. barn wouldn’t be enough to feed all 40. players but after some more exploring. they came across a trading post that. traded wheat for beef and the giants. established a trade route that gave them. a renewable source of food as day 1 came. to an end players from each civilization. begun mining to collect resources which. was very efficient for the dwarves due. to their size and frustrated some of the. giants oh being so big in the caves is. so annoying oh i forgot you can’t swim i. forgot you can’t swim oh no. but surprisingly being too heavy to swim. actually helped them explore underwater. caves. everything was looking good for these. civilizations until the sun went down. and the first medieval world events. begun the plague event one mystery.

Player from each civilization would now. be infected with the plague spreading to. players within five blocks stopping. their natural regeneration and causing. them to take wither damage in the elf. kingdom a player named mindwiz was. infected and the plague quickly spread. to the elves near the farm what does it. do you have the plague who has the. plague you will die slowly if you stay. in your others and if you’re near others. you will spread it so stay away from. everyone don’t come near me stay back. stay back a player named starkiller. stepped up with great leadership. organizing the elves to social distance. as the plague begun without any symptoms. players had no idea when they were. contagious and it quickly spread to. almost every single elf on the surface. in the dwarven caverns a player named. trungledore was infected instantly.

Spreading the plague to a player who. passed by causing panic as they started. taking damage listen it’s okay just eat. your food you’re fine i have no idea. okay i’m gonna build into the walls. i’m with you guys. stay awake. we need milk um do we have can we milk. reindeers but the rest of the dwarves. managed to quarantine in caves. continuing their mining trips meanwhile. the giants were quarantining at the. trading post the blue tent is the. infection zone and they seem to have. things under control so far zero players. had died of the plague so players seemed. safe as it got further into the night. players were about to encounter the. fourth race in this medieval world for. the first time the orcs one of which had. wandered into the mines and was staring. menacingly at a group of infected. dwarves hey mr floyd.

Mr you can fight that thing. you got it you got it you can do it. you’re all champions. after working up some courage the. dwarves begun fighting back and. successfully took down that first wall. and while players fight the many orcs. and goblins that were spawning around. their civilization i want to tell you. guys about dragon city we funded all of. the medieval mobs we had custom made. just for this video so huge thank you to. them guys this is somewhere. dragon city is a freeto-play game for. mobile and pc where you can collect. thousands of dragons with different. rarities and build your own dragon. empire what is that yeah it’s a goblin. bro i stay away from that. oh my god you can collect gold gems and. food to upgrade your city through. different dragons to get mystery eggs. with brand new species inside and even.

Evolve dragons through different stages. to make them stronger. in dragon city you can also train your. dragons by teaching them new attacks and. take them to battle against other. players in combat and arena fights. there’s also alliances where you can. join with other players for events and. complete challenges to obtain chests. with crazy rewards inside. dragon city also has a battle pass as. well as weekly mini games where you can. claim daily prizes and dragons and you. can even find youtubers in dragon city. like wisp and dream. so if you haven’t already you should. definitely download dragon city using. the link down below and if you’re a new. player you get a special free reward of. 30 000 gold 15 000 food and the very. rare flame knight dragon huge thank you. to dragon city for sponsoring this video. and now let’s continue.

With some minor casualties in each. civilization the plague event came to an. end and on the dawn of day three players. were about to be given a great. opportunity to advance during the next. world event border expansion until now. players were limited to a 100 by 100. area and could now explore their entire. region they were also given the. coordinates of an ancient ruins filled. with useful loots including diamonds. enchanted books and huge amounts of food. so the giants board has expanded all the. way to an ancient castle ruins and after. farming some wheat in the new field they. unlocked they noticed the coordinates oh. there’s a nearby structure oh oh nearby. structure i’m going there a player named. sea wats eventually gathered his. warriors and begun exploring and was. slowly approaching the castle meeting a.

Giant orc war boss at the entrance. noticing its slow speed players evaded. the orcs and charged into the structure. finding a huge amount of materials. enchanted books and food to bring back. to their people but the giant orc and. army of goblins tailed the giants as. they left and was slowly getting closer. oh that doesn’t look too good in a panic. they pill it into the air only just. evading the rocks that the goblins were. throwing at them how do we get out of. here there’s no way out luckily for them. reinforcements arrived and some much. more good giants took down the orcs over. in the elf kingdom conflict was brewing. between some ancient rivals starkiller. and two players named saitama and. invictable who both opposed his peaceful. leadership style. screw yours. when they received the coordinates of. the floating elf ruins they started.

Racing towards the structure wanting to. take the loot for themselves but. starkiller and some other elves were. also rapidly traveling towards the. structure until their navigation caused. them to end up directly below the. floating castle allowing invictable and. saitama to collect all of the loot this. is what this had this is so cool this. included diamonds enchanted books and. blocks of materials and the elf castle. also didn’t contain any nearby orcs. which was great for the explorers. instead the orcs had traveled all the. way back to the elven farm and a huge. group of goblins were heading towards. the elves catching them completely off. guard oh guys. kingdom a player named squid kid led. their explorers towards the ruins of a. dwarven fortress i’m going to the loot. seems i found a little reindeer here.

After climbing a huge mountain they. arrived at the entrance finding. materials food and enchanted books. inside which squid could use to make a. sharpness fire aspect pickaxe the rest. of the dwarves then returned to the. caverns there’s got to be some workplace. violation or something here so everyone. watch out while the dwarves who were. still in the mines were also raided by a. huge group of orcs and gorblins. reminded that their kingdom would face. many dangers in the future the dwarves. decided to assemble a secret task force. for future events knowing that future. conflict was inevitable i have to. assemble a secret task force six or. seven of our most elite geared pvpers. the dwarves were slightly struggling to. organize themselves and one player had. already elected himself as king offering. squid kid a position as general and i.

Want to offer you a position. as the generals of the dwarven militia. oh. are you the king are you the king not. yet but i think i have a good chance of. winning live meanwhile the elves were. living pretty harmoniously in that newly. built forest town until that brand new. enchantment table disappeared into the. crowd of players. in the giant kingdom a player named eyes. had just returned to the surface after a. very long mining trip realizing the. giants were definitely in need of. leadership when he found that trading. post had exploded why is everything. blown up tnt goblins have been having. some fun why is there a shark on the. land hello more giants then arrived at. the trading post including sea watts who. the majority of the giants were. currently following as their leader. however they were about to be.

Interrupted by something that would. greatly change the course of every. kingdom’s future. the treasure mountain event had now. begun at the center of this medieval. world was a colossal mountain with. gateways leading into an ancient dwarven. city this contains huge amounts of. diamond blocks and insanely powerful. treasure and each civilization had now. been given the mountain’s coordinates. meaning all three civilizations were. about to meet for the first time the. giants charged up a random mountain. slightly slowing their forces bro why. are you going over the mountain you can. just go around it also that seahawk guy. wants to be king and he’s not even full. iron yet he’s gonna get one hit i’m. gonna kill him meanwhile squid kids. dwarf task force set out towards the. mountain but pretty much every single. dwarf followed behind them making their.

Mission not so secret elven forces were. also steadily approaching the mountain. led by saitama and invictable but. surprisingly the dwarves were the first. race to arrive and courageously charged. into the gateway without any idea of. what could lie ahead oh okay guys follow. me we’re rushing man and we’re fighting. for the middle loop follow me task force. follow me just worry about yourself. everyone stick together task force go. left slowly approaching the center of. the mountain they set their sights on. the huge amount of treasure finding it. was protected by extremely powerful orcs. but they weren’t discouraged and. continued forward towards the many. diamond blocks guys mind the diamonds. and get out mind the diamonds and get. out i got i got diamonds i got diamonds. oh no oh no no no. as they were fighting back the orcs the.

Army of giants had just arrived at the. mountain and was storming towards the. dwarves and guys before we continue over. 90 of you aren’t subscribed so if you’re. enjoying this video and want to see more. crazy content like this be sure to hit. the subscribe button it’s completely. free and helps out a ton dwarfs get out. doors or treats whoa wait a minute why. are the giants here why do you think the. giant’s here because i want to be are. you low how low are you mate too low. what did you just eat the pizza coal. what panicking at the giant’s size and. power the dwarf army retreated back to. their gateway with a very nice amount of. treasure okay el midi i’m gonna give you. diamond armor i’m gonna make you fall. down right now okay thank you as they. were leaving the elf forces arrived at. the mountain and used their attacking.

Spells to begin taking down the giants. who were trying to collect the remaining. treasure but i started taking down any. of the elves in his way using his insane. amount of gear and combat experience. get in the bin yeah get out of here. except this guy i want your bow don’t. make me do this yo run away go go you. run away you run away run away you run. away realizing the treasure at the. center of the mountain was gone the elf. and giant forces both decided to retreat. back to their regions and eyes was. confused about the giant’s lack of. players where even is everyone like how. is only 12 of us here we have 30 people. this was because many of the giants. decided not to go to the mountain and. instead some of them decided to form an. assassination plot against eyes so a. certain someone whose name is spelled.

Iz-e is fine to kill you as soon as pvp. turns on well that is problematic a. secret organization of giants had been. forming underground and see what their. leader was escorted to their meeting. place in the deep dark caves i say we. make him a throne and we ask him to take. his place and the spot he sits on the. throne we’ll have a drip stone trap but. also if we mine the wood out from under. it he’ll fall to his death so see what. built a full trap all the way down to. deep slate disguised as a throne and. finished the build writer’s eyes and the. rest of the giants arrived back at the. trading post the dwarves had also just. returned to their caverns and gathered. for another meeting dwarves i have a. gift for you it’s a very intimidating. scary mold okay. stand back guys stand back. no don’t kill it don’t actually kill it.

It’s friendly it’s good it’s good this. is a goblin trader and actually trades. really useful items like ender pearls. and diamonds putting the dwarf. civilization in a great position after. their tactical retreat from the treasure. mountain they now had the most players. out of every civilization but the next. world of them would allow the other two. civilizations to rebuild even with their. losses from the treasure mountain the. kingdom building event players now had. to work together to build a medieval. kingdom and staff will then vote on the. best build allowing each civilization to. earn a different supply drop to. depending on their rank so each kingdom. got to work and begun building their. medieval towns. while players were building i decided to. visit some of the civilizations and took. a trip to the elf kingdom who had just.

Noticed a player bridging in the sky. towards their civilization who is up. there everyone who is that um. wait is he wait is he an enemy no he’s. yes and one player sprinted to the tower. and started attacking. how did he die how did he die i killed. him because he was an enemy what do you. mean he was an enemy i then teleported. to the dwarf kingdom who had built a. house for that goblin trader that i. spawned earlier and given him the. suitably intimidating name grog the. destroyer so we. decided him our prince. no it was an accident i i i definitely. didn’t give up. the giant kingdom ice was frustrated. with the lack of building i mean lads we. need to build stuff go over there and. build stuff he then traveled to the farm. finding cows and chickens that belonged. to a farmer who was currently inside the. barn after checking the coast was clear.

He decided to kill some cows for xp and. the farmer was quickly alerted. hey what are you doing i need xp this is. the xp bro this is to keep us alive we. have wheat to keep us alive yeah we’re. the ones that been doing all that we’re. even mining yeah congrats have fun. getting too hit meanwhile sea watts had. just finished his preparations and. gathered his allies that’s the trapped. throne also if you guys want a chance to. be in my civilization videos join my. discord link down below and follow me on. twitter where i post the applications. listen we’re gonna kill eyes okay i’m. almost positive i can do it but while. they were still discussing their plan. eyes was spotted heading straight. towards the throne and the assassination. plan was brought into action we are. willing to make you king. i don’t even care about that we’re dead.

We mean we’re dead bro people are over. there in leather and they’re saying we. need to build dirt i don’t care that i’m. in leather i agree we’re gonna all get. too hit that’s why we need to. rally around you i mean it’s at some. point running around they’re not. listening like i’m not gonna lie i’m. probably gonna defect and you can figure. it out wait wait wait wait wait wait. wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hi. guys wait we’ve been we’re building you. a throne we built you a custom throne. and everything come on we’re gonna have. a ceremony it will unite the people it’s. a lost cause the people over there. dribbling this is the team of seven. people i’m sorry it’s a lost cause and. i’m different wait wait eyes eyes before. you go no. don’t care all right boys this is a.

Massive failure a mysterious player with. no armor then wandered over to see what. no but i have. bro. exactly this guy just go over here with. the plane we need to agree what the. who’s got the plate look at this guy. gave us all the playing and the infected. player sprinted up the mountain never to. be seen again meanwhile isaac just. returned to the farm to talk about his. plans to defect and the farmer whose. cows were killed by eyes earlier decided. to get some revenge. how’s this guy got the plague well step. away from me if you have the plague man. do you have it. no. oh i am what exactly what do i have it. the plague could return to the giant. civilization as the omales player who. spoke to sea watts logged out for an owl. while infected and brought the plague. back to the entire nation oh somebody. apparently somebody left the game when.

Dating A Giant

They had the plague. due to the farmer’s hard work however. they managed to cure themselves using. milk from the cows and gathered at the. trading post to finally begin building. their houses at least until the next. world event begun the winter event this. means every player will begin freezing. and will need to find a heat source. extremely quickly to avoid death luckily. the dwarves had already built a campfire. in the center of their town so they. quickly gathered around and begun. singing campfire songs while they were. being attacked by orcs. the giants however weren’t so organized. and that town’s campfire was immediately. broken. man who broke it like what are you doing. man in the elf kingdom starkiller was. first in line for the throne after. selflessly sharing food with his people. starkiller can i have a couple beards.

Uh yeah there you go. and helping the elves survive through. the winter guys everyone everyone. everyone get fired. this is where the upcoming king election. event made things very interesting. during this event one player from each. race would be elected as king giving. them double health and elytra built into. their chest plates protection 5 crown. and a powerful royal mount so picking a. king was definitely an important. decision it came to the elves attention. that someone had built a gravestone with. starkiller’s name on it they had like a. little like you know like a grave you. know like they see that gravel there. they had that but it had your name on it. so just sounds about right yeah i’m not. surprised a staff member then stumbled. across a mysterious second town of elves. in a different part of their region hey.

Did you make that sign for starkiller. that grave oh yeah we did many of the. elves weren’t satisfied with. starkiller’s peaceful leadership style. and wanted to use their immense combat. power from magical spells to expand the. elf kingdom’s rule over the past few. days ice had been messaging saitama. informing him he wanted to defect to the. elf civilization inside thomas so this. is a perfect opportunity to start a. revolution in the elf kingdom and. overthrow starkiller we’re going to. invite eyes in at the end of building. we’re going to kill starkiller and then. we’re going to try to take control of. our nation and we’re going to like. threaten people and if they don’t come. with us they die but we’re going to eyes. is going to be our muscle eyes knew the. winter was a perfect opportunity to. defect but before leaving he wanted to.

Deal a lethal blow to the giant. civilization and was carefully watching. sea watts for the perfect time to strike. why are you killing me. adios eyes immediately left the giant. kingdom and begun traveling to the elf. region yo isaac what happened why’d you. kill siwa you tried to kill me twice the. giant civilization is just in shambles. i’m over man they can figure it out man. when i was there they didn’t want to. listen and after a long journey through. the harsh winter he met up with saitama. in an elven forest next to their town. and they came up with a plan all right. we got to kill starkiller because i. think i think he’s going to take control. he’s not going to take kindly to me. showing up he’s going to get so mad he’s. going to scream oh bro going gonna be. bad eisen saitama descended into the elf. down forever changing the future of the.

Elf kingdom no are they actually gonna. do it. thomas killing me he said tom is killing. me. listen this is the best for us okay now. the starkiller’s going we need a. military commandant this is our only. chance guys that plan was successful ice. was accepted into the elf civilization. and a new age of the elves was about to. begin right as the very eventful kingdom. building event came to an end so it was. now time for staff to vote on each. civilization’s kingdom and decide which. race would get the most powerful supply. drop we began in the dwarf kingdom. featuring small winter houses with one. block tool doors and an orc that they. befriended and named froblenstein look. at him look at him he’s so beautiful. isn’t he there’s also a tower home to. grog the goblin trader we traveled like. hundreds of blocks to bring in this.

Little guy here we went through a raid. it was awful and he’s still standing. except for that one time he killed him. but he’s still standing the wolves also. had some useful defenses in case of an. invasion and their kingdom earned 19. points in the competition next is the. elf kingdom who had built a beautiful. forest town despite their political. tension featuring houses made from. enchanted and cherrywood as well as a. watchtower there’s also a town center. with shopkeepers along the nearby paths. oh my what is this hello are you selling. anything i haven’t had time to. transport. and a church where the elves formed an. interesting religion this is the church. of the bleeding leaves this is where we. worship our god our savior the crab on. the first day the crab was born and on. the second day it shed its shell.

It’s an actual crab the elf kingdom on. 21 points putting them above the dwarves. and lastly the giant kingdom consisting. of beautiful farms castles and houses i. think so over here we got our farm not. sure what happened it’s burning fire oh. my god it’s the slash and burn technique. of farming okay all right so over here. we got a castle peep this we got a. silver. phrasing statue made of moss no way that. looks just like me they also had a grave. for that fallen leader yeah we got a. cross this is a great for uh see what. god help us all we got the traders on. deck you know they’re always here. supporting us we got the big totem so. the results were announced with the. elves in first place followed by the. dwarves and lastly the giants each. civilization then received their supply. drops give an insane reaction okay.

I’m so excited. oh my god i can’t. containing increasing amounts of. materials catapults and ballistas. depending on their position and the. elves military power now hugely exceeded. the other kingdoms with that brand new. huge supply of diamonds and even some. netherite eyes also had the exact. coordinates of the currently. unsuspecting giant kingdom the only. remaining step before launching their. invasion was to elect a king and the. election event shortly begun in the. dwarf kingdom players gathered around. that speech podium to begin a democratic. election i’m gonna say i am not the. greatest but i play a lot of strategy. games age of empires mainly this guy’s. playing the wrong game what’s he even. saying. i’d like to tell you a joke. i know what i’m doing with minecraft i. know how to kill i’ve been around this.

Rodeo a couple times yeah tungle door. i gave so many of you guys your armor. that’s on your back right now and after. many speeches the vote came down to two. players almighty and squid kid and. almighty was the victor you’re the first. queen in minecraft civilization history. i’m about to do something real cool. getting the dwarfs royal wolf mounts. which is the fastest of all three mounts. the giants however were slightly less. democratic the ones with diamonds stay. on the ones with iron come off what. about the one with ideas surprisingly a. player with iron armor one over the. giants with strong leadership and his. ideas for the future but a very stacked. player in diamond armor greatly opposed. this choice and decided to take action. luckily another strong leader named. thinker stepped up in a second election.

After two assassinations a player named. ex budgie was elected as king are you. ready. you have to tame it you have to tame it. gaining the giants royal dragon mounts. making them the only civilization with. access to flight in the elf kingdom. eisensite armor had a cunning plan. during their assassination on starkiller. invictable pretended not to be involved. as saitama and eyes planned on making. him the seemingly peaceful king of the. elves who was actually a puppet for. their own ideals that worked so like. we’re actually just chilling i think we. win i like how nobody cared like. everyone was was a defending star killer. invictable was given full nether right. honor and the elves gathered around. their campfire to choose a king. all right fastest king election you’ve. ever seen with no players daring to. oppose invictable was elected as the elf.

King and was given the elven royal mount. a mystical creature called a noodle. branch that could travel on land and. water the elf king also gained an. extremely powerful solar strike spell. casting a beam of light at its target. causing a huge explosion which was a lot. more powerful than the existing heal and. magic missile spells that the other. elves had learned and here’s uh the. royal mount. this is a rare elven cretia is that a. furry after taking a screenshot with. their new pets the elves launched their. invasion okay everybody we’re gonna go. get off my mount or you’re getting. stabbed. get out of the mouth oh okay that’s. unfortunate man down all right onwards. and that 24 players set out on a long. journey towards the giant kingdom who. currently had the exact same population. as the elves meaning this wall could go.

Either way the elf army successfully. navigated through forests and around. their great lakes the darkest jesus. and eventually crossed into the giant. region arriving at a mountain very close. to the enemy kingdom oh it’s duty right. it’s through those trees the giants are. right there through those trees after. regrouping the elves charge towards the. kingdom’s walls and that ambush and the. giants begun they’re here they’re right. here they’re right here they’re right. here you just fell as first and up. here’s your boost they got a dragon. there’s people coming noticing name tags. outside their walls the giants tried. spreading word of invasion but half of. the giant players were still underground. collecting diamonds for their people as. the elves broke down their wall and. charged into their kingdom with complete.

Confidence in that army. over here in a panic the heavily. outnumbered giants fled their kingdom. once one player wasn’t fast enough and. the elves got their first blood. the giants fearfully scattered. throughout the plains with many. retreating to the mines the ones who. didn’t were at the elves mercy take them. down. okay i got one. eyes saitama and invictable had their. sights on the giant king and chased him. into a forest shredding through his. dirty hearts with overwhelming power. that’s okay. the elves had now captured the giant. king’s dragon and had taken down six. players without a single loss but over. in the dwarf kingdom they noticed the. giants were losing players to the elves. and while many dwarves decided to use. this as an opportunity to advance their. military a group of very wellequipped. dwarves decided to start an adventure.

All the way to the giant kingdom. attempting to intercept the war all. right we got this oh it’s grass i. haven’t seen grass in three hours yo. after exploring some redwood forests. they found a stray group of elf warriors. oh okay there’s like five of them i’m. gonna purl in and without hesitation. started attacking them and took down two. elves got one one of the dwarves then. chased an elf who was trying to find. back up for an entire five minutes. they all just started running you’re on. your own kid. got him. there we go the dwarfs quest succeeded. and when they returned the dwarves were. still giving speeches for some reason i. don’t think we should mine anymore. because the next space could happen at. any moment and he was correct the next. world event then begun castle defense. during this event players would now have.

To defend their kingdom from new. extremely powerful orcs but the only. players still in their kingdom were the. dwarves and a huge army of orcs were. marching towards them there’s going to. be a raid there’s going to be a rage i’m. scared if you’re not cute stay back i’m. watching the fleet using catapults they. managed to lower the orc numbers guys. i’m taking on the big guy i got him get. him but some explosive goblins created a. breach in the wall and an orc war boss. broke into their kingdom. oh no. oh no that poor guy but eventually the. dwarves defeated the orcs and continued. advancing their military with a great. population of 30 players giving them. hope against the bloodthirsty elves who. hugely outgeared them back in the giant. region ice had spotted a name tag. underground oh one of them’s hiding in.

There there’s one of them in there the. elf forces came across a secret tunnel. under a barn this led to an underground. cave system where over half of the giant. forces were hiding the elves started. investigating the tunnel just missing a. giant who hid in the side of a wall but. at the bottom of the staircase they. found a strip mine leading directly to. the giants oh i see though. the entire elf army were now crouching. below the unaware giants. and were slowly mining towards them soup. then broke into the cave and this time. the giants didn’t hesitate to fight back. chasing soup through a cave but after. realizing the entire elf army were. behind him they started retreating the. elves followed closely behind using. spells and archery to take them down one. by one. that’s a bit tough that’s kind of tough. that’s tough.

After eliminating every last giant the. elf shed out their armor advancing their. military even further the elves then. returned to the surface and came across. some giants who were hiding in a. mountain and they had stolen back their. dragon while the elves were underground. i’m so sorry this dragon yeah yeah maybe. you don’t go with a dragon inside a. castle that’s probably not a good idea. the royal elf mounts then had to be. respawned and for some reason it was now. purple. does that look like barney it’s like we. went to the gta paint shop the elf army. then regrouped and reflected on that war. with the giants the players who opposed. eyes and fueled his rage had now been. eliminated the elves realized that the. dwarves outnumbered them and the giants. combined yeah we we would much rather. team with the the giants and kill them.

Because the dwarves are yeah there’s. also 30 of them i didn’t even realize. yeah i know there’s 30. at the edge of. this world the remaining 10 giants set. up a fortress at the top of a mountain. and the elf king sent a message offering. to have talks about a peace treaty the. giants agreed and these players actually. got on well with eyes in the early. stages of their civilization wait should. i go should i go like ahead and make a. peace offering and then the team rolls. up behind would that be awesome i mean. my boy gunji so invictable set out on. his dragon to meet them and flew all the. way to the edge of the elf kingdom. arriving at the fortress i come oh i. just hit the wall hold on give me a. second okay i come bringing peace we. would like to team up with all of you to. take down the doors because that’s.

Exactly what we we would like to accept. that we would like to accept i’m so glad. we could reach this agreement the elf. giant alliance was formed and that army. was now extremely powerful making the. next world event very interesting which. was just about to begin the netherite. mountain event a loot chest had now. spawned at the center of treasure. mountain containing insane amounts of. netherite the army in control of this. loot would be almost unstoppable oh my. god start running start running knowing. this the dwarves charged towards the. mountain while the elves and giants had. a very long way to travel currently. positioned at the edge of the map but. surprisingly both armies arrived at the. gates at the exact same time as the. dwarf’s size made them slightly slower. on foot you know what i love doing i.

Like bringing dragons in the mountain oh. okay go in we’re gone the two armies run. through the gates meeting at the center. of the mountain what they have like a. dragon okay there’s a dragon invictable. sword forward towards the nether right. chest and landed on the platform finding. an insane amount of loot for his army. okay we’re rich we’re rich we’re so rich. but before they had a chance to share. out the netherrite the dwarves took that. opportunity to attack some bravely. taking down giants and elves. i got him i got him. are the dwarves completely overwhelmed. by the difference in gear. the dwarves enchanted pickaxes allowed. them to escape hastily when in danger. and using their tunneling strategies. lowered their enemies numbers from 25. all the way to 14. but the remaining giants and elves were. by far the most powerful players in the.

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Game and managed to eliminate eight. dwarfs. although the giants and elves only had. 13 players with the dwarves at 21 the. dwarf leaders knew that the only. remaining giants and elves were. notorious warriors many of which. survived to the final battle in my last. civilization video and were now wearing. full netherrite armor the dwarf’s only. hope for defeating them was to retreat. and build defenses for a final battle. and the dwarf queen had a great idea of. building a huge tnt trap at the entrance. of their minds put a lot as much as you. can we’re going to wait till to the. right moment to press the button. meanwhile squid and the other dwarves. set up catapults and ballistas along. their walls and created even more escape. tunnels back at the treasure mountain. invictable had shed out the netherites. and had complete confidence in the power.

Of his army i’ve just yeah i’ve realized. i think i’m kind of a mortal one along. the dragon by the way because the. dwarves can’t get decided at me that’s. kind of funny though ready for battle. they set out towards the dwarf region. for the first. they then traveled through the cold. mountain range eventually approaching. the walls of the dwarf kingdom and begun. their siege let’s go let’s go the giants. and elves were faced with a barrage of. catapult boulders meaning this. battlefield would be extremely tough to. cross but invictable led the attack on. his dragon and smited a dwarf on top of. the wall instantly eliminating him wait. someone just died invictable then. recharged his mana and took down another. dwarf with perfect accuracy. the other giants and elves then. skillfully fired catapults directly at.

The dwarf walls i got hit off oh my gosh. with the battle’s momentum heavily. shifting in their favor the elves and. giants stormed into the kingdom the. dwarves had no choice but to retreat. into the caverns and activate that tnt. trap of course you guys have a weird. underground place of course. oh my god. why you always have to have some weird. underground stuff but many of the dwarfs. were intercepted before they could get. to the caverns yeah see this guy watch. them explode watch. get this guy get this giant. oh my gosh i’m digging i’m digging the. remaining dwarves started digging escape. tunnels with the elves and giants. following closely behind no they’re. crawling get him get the king but the. elves and giants power was unstoppable. and the dwarves realized that oneon-one. combats wouldn’t work. get out of here colin go go later see.

You later one by one that’s worth spell. losing 10 players with the elves and. giants now outnumbering them despite the. dwarf’s location advantage however the. dwarves had lowed the giants and elves. extremely deep into their mountain and. this was the perfect opportunity to turn. the tables so they worked up some. courage and took down their first giants. hey man where you going no blocking no. blocking off you’re not fast enough for. that are you little get him don’t let. him get away i’m sick of this oh. come back get away from me the dwarves. briefly took down two more giants. angering eyes with their new battle. tactics okay i’m gonna i’m gonna freak. out whatever you guys do it kill him now. did he go through a hole again. come here little rocks get out of there. get out of the holes get tnt now with. just seven of them remaining the dwarves.

Knew that they needed a new plan to beat. the giants decided to flee to their. mountain fortress structure to use the. high ground and tunnels that they. created earlier to outmaneuver the. giants even further run they’re coming. the giants and elves charged after them. catching up to two dwarves who had. fallen behind i’m sorry sir not really. oh this is a dwarf over here oh there we. go. the final five dwarves climbed to the. top of the fortress and prepared a plan. to try splitting up their enemies and. take them down one by one what do they. call them i don’t even know where they. are these remaining five dwarfs were by. far the most powerful and they just. about had enough gear to stand a chance. a lone elf then entered their structure. and the dwarf’s final plan begun kill. him. the dwarves then found the giant.

Separated from his army and sprinted off. to him he’s too big he’s weak. hey don’t do that don’t attack one at a. time oh the dwarfs then lord another. separated giant into the mountain coming. for your toes boy. courageously the dwarf queen distracted. six enemies by herself better take it. away kill her now kill her now. kill them kill the small one meanwhile. squid kids singled out another two. giants the queen’s distraction gave them. the perfect opportunity. and they successfully eliminated the. last of the giants the dwarves had. finally turned the tables of this battle. with five players remaining and only. three elves in their way but to win. they’d now have to face three of the. most skilled warriors in the elf army. eyes invictable and soup all three in. netherright armor while the dwarves were. still in diamond the dwarf queen was.

Still distracting eisen soup and was. trapped selflessly fighting three giants. by herself meeting an unfortunate end. the other dwarves tried avenging her and. eyes was furious deciding to leave the. fight whatever okay let’s just go sit. over here whatever speak to my throne. game i’m just standing over here in the. middle whatever the dwarves chased after. them and singled out soup who tunneled. underground soup’s behind. back to surface and the lone dwarf who. followed was teamed up on by the three. elves his head is going to send its gun. once squid kid and the other dwarves. came to the rescue and stupid invictable. fled the fight now was their chance to. take down eyes. i got him i got him with the most. powerful of the elves eliminated supern. invictable sprinted to the top of the. mountain and built a sky base to use the.

Elf races archery and spells to gain the. upper hand sue what is this it’s where. i’m gonna make my last stand squid. bravely towered up to the sky base and. managed to hit a bull shot knocking soup. all the way down to the bottom of the. mountain no way. soup then attempted to hide he’s in the. walls once three dwarves found him he. was heavily outnumbered no i’m dead i’m. so dead no. we got him. the only remaining elf was that king who. flew down from his sky base trying to. catch them off guard odds the dwarves. chased him down and begun the fights. that all of the fallen dwarves gave. their life for he’s low he’s low. i shot him i’m actually at full health. still so unfortunately unfortunately i. think i’ll be pulling this back. all right. we got him. that is where the story comes to an end. if you enjoyed this video be sure to.

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