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Since the dawn of Minecraft multiplayer. communities of players have lived. together peacefully but what would. happen if they were split into different. civilizations well today I created a. public server to test how players would. react to different environments like. creating a giant map and splitting them. into three different civilizations. desert jungle and the Arctic each. civilization’s goal is to survive for an. entire month but different events will. be taking place that make this quite. challenging including a dangerous blood. moon that increases mob spawns supply. drops with useful loot inside and. eventually invading other civilizations. everyone is also in hardcore mode. meaning they only have one life which. will become the most advanced region and. what will happen when the borders fall. welcome to the story of Minecraft.

Civilization. so we begin in the jungle region players. started by collecting wood and exploring. their surroundings eventually finding a. jungle village with useful tools armor. and most importantly a huge supply of. food from the straw Huts this but the. jungle civilization in a great position. allowing them to stop mining for. materials the desert civilization. weren’t so lucky they spawned next to a. Mesa mountain in what seemed like an. endless desert biome however on the. other side of the mountain there was a. Gold Rush town which got quickly. dismantled by their players for wooden. tools one player found the town’s. Goldmine and sprinted inside not. realizing there was a slight drop and. became the first player to be eliminated. so now is probably a good time to. explain the role that each player. decided to take when players joined the.

Saga they were given the choice of three. classes bust is farmer which gives bonus. crops and extra loot from mobs the. second option is minor which gives you. permanent fortune and lets you break. stone faster and lastly is Warrior which. lets you deal more damage and move. faster and these clauses would help each. player greatly Advance their. civilization the desert still had no. sustainable food source so the farmers. started planting the crops they spawned. with while the miners quickly gathered. resources from the gold mine and brought. water buckets from an underground Lake. to the community Farm the Arctic. civilization were in a similar boat to. the desert although they had lots of. wood this icy Tundra had no food at all. so players began exploring in a huge. group and came across a giant Gateway. into a Dwarven Fortress this contained.

Food armor and even different ores. inside making them the first. civilization to obtain diamonds but they. still needed a sustainable food source. so led by the best potato farmer way I. read that wrong second best potato. farmer in Minecraft squid kid they built. a huge Farm inside of the Fortress while. the miners came across an ice cave that. they could use as a water source for. growing crops everything was looking. good for these civilizations until the. sun went down and on day two the first. world event began the hunger event every. player now had to survive through. extreme hunger for the next Minecraft. day and in hardcore this was even more. of a challenge than normal but before we. see what each civilization does in this. event let’s Venture into the. civilization of tavat from today’s. sponsor genshin impact genshin impact is.

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Exploring the mysterious and kenomia map. the chests and other secrets so be sure. to download genshen impact this special. code will give you 60 Primo gems and. five adventurers experience thanks to. genshin impact for sponsoring this video. and now let’s continue the desert. civilization needed to come up with some. new ideas for collecting food so a group. of miners had the idea of breaking. cobwebs using the string to craft. fishing rods creating a small pond near. the desert community Farm by catching. and cooking fish they actually managed. to sustain themselves really well the. farmers also had a good supply of baked. potatoes what’s another group of players. with a slightly questionable approach. decided to kill mobs as a food source as. rotten flesh was technically useful now. but this quickly backfired when the.

Angered an Enderman wiping out three. players instantly desert now had the. least players out of every civilization. meanwhile squid kid and the other Arctic. players took a much more agricultural. approach creating giant Farms that. managed to keep everyone alive until a. guy fell off a mountain. and then three players who were. underground starved. in the jungle they not only had an. abundance of food but someone even. predicted that there would be a hunger. event by watching other civilization. videos I kept this cow safe because I. knew that’d be a hunger event but this. region had one huge downside this dense. jungle surrounding them was dark enough. for mobs to spawn and a creeper wandered. into the village wiping out one of their. players no. reminding them that they would have to. be really organized to survive so.

Players begun sharing out buckets of. milk until stall killer gathered. everyone to explore a huge 1.18 cave. that he found. if you guys need some stuff a tunnel to. the deep dark where is it I mean I’ve. made a staircase because I figured we. all want to go back guys it’s a trap. don’t go in. uh no I’m kidding I’m kidding okay what. well all the players from the jungle. Village were distracted their Cal was. assassinated by a mystery player where’s. the cow where’s the cow DB where’s the. cow killed the cow play has begun. wondering was this just a simple mistake. or was someone looking to cause conflict. in this civilization oh diamonds already. there’s no way I’m golden lapis and. diamonds straight away oh yes please be. a giant fan please be yes I can feel my. power so day two came to an end and the. hunger event was finally over this hit.

The desert and Arctic civilizations the. hardest but they were about to be given. a chance to advance their civilization. much further because on the morning of. day three the next world event began. border expansion players could now. travel anywhere in their region as they. were previously limited to a 100 by 100. area they also get given the coordinates. of an ancient structure with powerful. loot inside including diamonds and. enchanted books the jungle civilization. a player by the name of Starkiller stood. up as a much needed leader after their. was assassinated and organized a group. of five players with the warrior class. to go on an expedition to the nearby. structure come with us so they crossed. the river into this unexplored territory. and carefully navigated the jungle in. the middle of the night eventually.

Arriving at a huge Aztec Temple they. quickly realized that the players they. saw inside of this structure weren’t. part of the Jungle civilization oh oh. These are people. the battle with the natives commenced. but while everyone was distracted two. mysterious players dug into the side of. the temple and sneakily took all the. diamonds enchanted books and other. useful items leaving all of the loaded. items like wheat in the chests to avoid. suspicion and it worked oh my gosh we’re. here oh this this was terrible what the. rest of the players arrived at the room. and just assumed the loot wasn’t very. good leaving the structure and thanded. desperate for more gear guys I have a. gift for anyone who’s Awards I’m a. warrior. in the desert region a group of five. players had just arrived at a giant. desert pyramid and quickly planned an.

Attack against the natives they were met. with even more danger than the jungle as. these Temple Gods wielded fire aspect. swords fire aspect all right although. they were lower numbers they. successfully cleared out the entrance. disarmed the Trap and discovered that. the gods were coming from spawners oh. there’s a spawner however instead of. breaking them they decided to clear out. the doorway and tunnel directly to the. loot room finding a Notch Apple diamonds. and a huge supply of TNT which would. definitely be useful if they decided to. invade another region although they had. a rough start the structures and great. communication in the desert Kingdom set. them on a great path towards advancing. despite their previous losses the optic. Kingdom brought a group of 10 players to. their nearby structure eventually.

Arriving at the giant ice temple they. noticed the native snowmen inside and. this deceivingly friendly name caused. one player to make a break for the. promised loot but this immediately. backfired as he was swarmed by snowmen. then fell into almost every trap in the. temple and met an unfortunate end the. other Arctic players knew they had to. come up with a plan so half of them. gathered on top of the temple and placed. water while squid kid broke into the. side and melted the snowmen using lava. one by one they cleared out the spawners. and while this was happening I flew into. the loot room and decided to check a. chest just to make sure they actually. had loot inside and I set off a TNT trap. that I planted myself somehow I managed. to place water just before it exploded. and genuinely couldn’t believe what just.

Happened oh my so I placed back the. chest while the Arctic players cleared. out the final few snowmen and entered. the loot room finding a Notch Apple. diamonds and other amazing loots the. Arctic and desert civilizations spent. the rest of day 4 trying to advance. further while the jungle civilizations. seemed to just be relaxing in the jungle. Village everyone jump if you like. gentian impact. staying on Surface actually turned out. to be useful for the jungle Kingdom as. on D5 the next world event shortly begun. Town building players now had to travel. towards a beacon within their region and. spend the next 10 Minecraft days. building a town center staff then gets a. vote on each build allowing each. civilization to earn a different tier of. supply drop depending on their position. each contain different amounts of.

Diamonds food and books depending on. their tier and the worst supply drop. also has an interesting surprise inside. and guys before we continue any further. this video took a very long time to make. since everything is custom so if you. want to see more content like this and. help out the channel you should. definitely subscribe if you’re in that. 90 who aren’t already I’m gonna keep. making these crazy videos and you. definitely don’t want to miss them also. if you want to be in these civilization. videos then follow me on Twitter that’s. where I post the applications the Arctic. and desert civilizations knew they had. limited blocks to build with and had to. be resourceful to the Arctic collected. blocks from the dolphin Fortress shed. some leaves and collected snow tease on. that went to town but the desert had a.

Slightly different approach bringing the. zombie of their fallen teammate who. suffocated in sand at the beginning of. the game all the way to that new town. location by boat yeah we’ll check on. this guy later eventually after a long. journey each civilization migrated to. their new location began creating the. foundations of that town centers. after the towns had made some progress I. decided to visit each civilization to. see how they were getting along but I. teleported to the Jungle I saw them. creating a panda village with a slightly. small population welcome to Panda. Village there’s two pandas there’s three. there’s four the Jungle Town actually. looked really good their hard work. combined with starkiller’s leadership. gave them a very good chance of winning. the build competition but this is where. the upcoming King election event made.

Things very interesting during this. event one player from every civilization. will be voted as king giving them double. health and elytra built in to their. armor and a protection 5 Crown in the. jungle Starkiller was currently in line. for the throne already being given a. gold crown to wear by his people but. another jungle player by the name of. eyes had been caving since day one. slowly becoming the most powerful player. out of every civilization ah what yes. please be a seven man this looks like. it’s bigger three you’re up at seven. that’s it I’m full diamond oh what how. did I just find a spawner that’s crazy. water protection of all the things I. could have found in the chest water. protection but I’ll take the string oh. water protection two man come on a. golden apple though eyes arrived on. Surface determined to become king and.

Met up with his ally saitama whom. informed him about the player in his way. the star guy is being really charismatic. and like I think we kill him before he. even gets selected they travel to the. island next to the town to secretly. Incheon knowing that a revolution may. have to take place for eyes to get the. throne and they didn’t want to give. their possible assassination targets any. more gear than necessary oh my goodness. I’m incredibly stacked and you know. there’s some funky business going on. over there that we’re gonna have to uh. iron out people think people think. they’re in charge player then stumbled. into them on the beach and they quickly. hit the enchantment table hello sir. you’re you’re kind of low uh I wasn’t in. the cave with the uh called. um they were trying to get into leaves. so they could keep enchanting but he.

Kept talking but we have a lot of stuff. so. um but they might have some stuff over. there on the island so I go there and I. yeah I talk to them buddy yeah okay so. they were finally alone again until. moments later when Starkiller himself. and his second in command crossed the. river to greet eisenstein’s armor into. the civilization with a friendly welcome. that wasn’t very reciprocated okay guys. I can only tell that you guys have done. an amazing job I can already tell do you. guys wait there’s I heard rumors I’ve. heard rumors that you guys have enough. enchantment tables. no I found this in a dungeon. okay. okay gentlemen thank you so much for. what you guys have done the monster oh. my God. this is. great. yeah. oh man I literally I’m enchanted and. he’s like do you guys have an enchant. table I was like no I might have found.

This with Eisen saitama Rising extreme. suspicion stalkula and his friend. returned to the town while their allies. menacingly plotted to take the throne. yeah this guy seems nice but he’s. definitely getting uh drilled and we’re. attacking charge here I don’t know what. they were thinking they decided that. best plan of action was to try and win. over the other jungle members but when. they arrived at the Village they didn’t. blend in too well. do you have apples can I have apples. like crazy yeah this yo yo hello. you. need to drop that enchanting table. because we were like. boy I don’t know she’s talking about I. found this in the chest his dreams of. becoming King was slowly fading as the. villagers somehow figured out that he. was hiding an enchantment table the. enchanted diamond Dalma definitely. wasn’t suspicious after a suggestion.

From saitama finally decided to shed the. enchantment table attempting to win over. the people yo guys I’ve got a public. servant announcement I was trolling here. you go yo guys enchantments but they. still didn’t seem convinced yo guys I’m. not gonna lie I’m gonna lack myself King. sound good. um no I then took a trip to the Arctic. civilization who were getting along much. better than the jungle. you can carve a pumpkin. there’s like three songs. I really like the look of that town. until I noticed the most cussed statue. ever who was making Among Us everybody. slide to the left. it’s just. no you failed you failed you failed. sliding to the left I then checked out. the deserts town center and just as I. arrived this happened. finally arrived at the town after 30. minutes of boating across the desert I. put more dedication into getting this.

Stupid Undead member of our civilization. back to the base and I put into any of. my schoolwork but I mean that’s that’s. fine you know it’s justifiable what. where did he go no wait never mind. everything’s okay oh my God I can see. the Finish Line how did we lose someone. building what this is absolutely. terrible and sad but we have a. replacement teammate so I mean is it. really that bad like in the jungle the. question of who should become king. needed an answer with the king’s. election quickly approaching eyes argued. for aristocracy while Starkiller wanted. the people to decide and the Revolution. was slowly Brewing no says his Stars the. king based on what I say. people elect who they want okay and. they’re gonna elect you because you’ve. been here waffling the whole time but I. just gave you insurance and a full.

Diamond and a warrior so I don’t know. what gives you qualification over me I. didn’t say anything I just said we. should let the people decide I know but. you’ve been here talking them up like. you’re Jim Jones for 40 minutes so. they’re gonna pick you oh all I’m gonna. say is vote for who you want you’re. waffling right now mate. yeah and hey can I please hey can I. please get getting us to enchant table. what do you mean on your own. yeah and if I didn’t do that you would. be man your unenchanted iron you’re. gonna get two hit by the other teams oh. I’m gonna get two hit through do you. know how to combo. oh my God so the town building came to. an end and it was now time for me and. the other staff members to vote deciding. which civilization would get which tier. of supply drop so we begun in the desert. Kingdom who had transformed themselves.

Into a prosperous and resourceful Nation. we’re gonna start here so right here we. have a statue of of you actually oh my. Lord that is a very accurate statue it. looks uh well there’s a second statue we. have our lovely King Throne build inside. a pyramid which actually features an. actual real grass block well and then we. have probably our greatest achievement. the necromancy laboratory where we. somehow brought one of our members back. from the dead I seriously have no idea. how you did this this is literally just. ridiculous. oh my that’s insanely cool yes and yeah. we building. to get us resources automatically as it. goes in and out of the cave which. everyone is actually kind of blocking. the minecart right now. very well next we visited the Arctic. Kingdom who definitely had the most. Spirits out of every nation so here we.

Have the the statue to the source of. everyone in the city right in the town I. don’t know how they feel about this here. we have the principle three the best. tree of the the. says Mastery wow that is a very cool. tree I like the decorations and I like. the star on salt it’s very good and. there you go where we all reunite every. Sunday. uh charge of soup to a gen impact map. wow that’s a very that’s a very Divine. decoration we have some Villages having. a snowball fight looks very good here we. have some uh skiing Sun yo this is so. good oh you have to do this is such a. good ice rink and finally the jungle. Kingdom who had a very aesthetic town. and even lore despite their political. tension as listen in case it wasn’t. obvious enough everyone here Works super. hard on this everyone here has done a. phenomenal job.

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Right here we have a skull with emerald. eyes to honor those who have passed whoa. in case wasn’t obvious we have an. emphasis on emeralds because they are. green that is a lot of them complete. green thumbs the one I’m really proud of. is our food farm thanks to Jack he has. singlehandedly saved us from starvation. that is insane that is a very good phone. this is where this is where those very. brave and pulling. and down here is the docks well that. these are Grand ships oh my favorite. thing is this the monkey statue we have. to honor the monk we are in the jungle. after all monkey monkey giant monkey yes. thank you for the civilization tool this. this will be getting a very strong vote. so the votes were then collected and. here are the results in first place what. the jungle Kingdom. in second place for the desert Kingdom.

Good enough honestly I’ll take it and. unfortunately in last place were the. Arctic. this meant that the jungle got the best. supply drop containing 64 diamond ore 32. golden apples a huge amounts of Food. Lion lapis and most importantly all. netherright ingots it was delivered to. their Town Center on my very advanced. technology the chicken parachutes. players swarmed the supply drop and. starkula’s friend managed to get 64. diamond ore which could definitely turn. the tides in the upcoming election but. lies managed to get four netherite. ingots from the supply drop well then I. also forgot to mention PVP inside of. civilizations also turns on when the. election starts so this was about to get. interesting the desert got the second. best supply drop containing half a stack. of diamond ore 16 golden apples lappers.

Books and a ton of food one player with. the minor claws used his fortune ability. as well as a fortune pickaxe that he. Enchanted to actually double the. diamonds which was pretty impressive. okay okay and the Arctic got the worst. supply drop containing 16 Diamond door a. decent amount of food a small amount of. iron three books or and um I forgot to. mention it also can contained a rather. drill. Ed. oh God. the diamond guy died the arctic’s. harmony had descended into chaos and. their players were Furious you killed. three of us I’m sorry I’m sorry it had. to be done. but it did it did make some good content. okay. lives to you content is that always. play attempts to calm them down weren’t. working so I started the next world. event and the much anticipated King. election finally begun each Civilization. now had to decide on a player to receive.

The king powers and lead them to Victory. the Arctic Kingdom definitely needed. some strong leadership to recover from. the ravagirl as they now had the least. players out of every civilization so. that people gathered around an igloo to. begin their election. three people stand up and say they want. to be the leader and then so we need. some sort of order we need some sort of. like control we need some sort of. teamwork especially teamwork. I can speak with complete Clarity guys. the people of the Arctic were ruthless. and deemed most inadequate but they. narrowed down the vote to two candidates. and a player named Jungle doll was. chosen as the king thank you for. everyone that believed in me. I will do my absolute best to provide. everything that you could wish for we. will win this competition we will win it.

And we will destroy the enemy kingdoms. there is your crown jungle boy. desert Kingdom had a very organized. election instantly deciding on two. candidates to vote between remember. everyone’s gonna go on a side that they. want to vote for and whoever had no not. yet okay well. I guess this is decided am I care and on. his throne he was crowned as the king of. the desert. on the jungle election was by far the. most chaotic during my tour of the town. build a group of players who believed in. a militaristic future for the jungle. Nation secretly gathered with eyes in. the panda Village pledging their support. for his leadership kill the panda who. cares I’m making a statement yeah I. don’t want to be Ruby it’s just like. he’s just shouting over everything. anyone says NonStop and he’s saying the. same six things like I don’t think we.

Can drop them I can drop them these were. the same players that stole the temple. loots and assassinated The Village Cal. on day one so it wasn’t surprising they. joined forces with these new players on. his side a debate that would decide the. future of the Jungle Nation the gun look. at look at Izzy right here bro look at. the gear in there yeah he’s got ear. that’s the only thing he has that’s the. only thing he has y’all are bowing down. to him y’all are bowing down to him just. because he has gear okay so what is what. does he have over me then if I only have. gear over here what does he have over me. he can he has leadership leadership. he’s made a farm congrats he’s not gonna. help you fight 30 people but what else. do you have what what else do you have. tell me what else do you have. much more experience in a fight if I.

Have the boss I’m gonna have double. health I have the best gear I’m gonna do. the most damage yeah if he has it he’s. in Iron how is that better explain that. to me here’s the thing here’s the thing. it’s the way you don’t have a way to. explain it. you’re trying to make us win if it’s him. we’re not winning I’m being realistic if. it’s you they’re gonna Target you. because you have the king crown and. you’re an iron they’re gonna take it off. yeah and then they’re gonna have two. crimes that’s fair honestly yeah you. know what I I reluctantly stop kill his. followers agreed that I should be king. and he was crowned in the panda Village. and there is your crown. the reign of King eyes had now begun so. the kings were now Chosen and it was. time for them to lead their civilization. through the next world event the Blood.

Moon this means permanent night time for. five Minecraft days and hugely increased. mob spawns so the blood moon Rose and. each civilization began protecting their. Town Center players quickly realized. that it was impossible to clear out the. enemies and the majority of players. decided to hide inside of their Town’s. buildings the ones who didn’t were at a. huge risk and a player in the desert was. called of God by a creeper in the jungle. civilization most players were hiding in. their Town buildings waiting for the. event to be over but one player allied. with eyes used this as an opportunity to. lore Starkiller underground pretending. someone was trapped down there and. assassinated him. foreign. how’d that guy die. um bug maybe well the people of the. Jungle paid respects and shards I saw. this as the perfect opportunity to take.

Complete control of the civilization and. make a decision that would greatly. change his people’s future he decided it. was time to go to war the star has gone. unfortunately so now it’s me inside them. a second in command we’re gonna go and. prepare to assault Arctic immediately so. we leave now we’re ready to cross the. border the second Blood Moon. this was an extremely risky decision as. they would have to cross through a huge. jungle and over half of the Arctic. region but since the coordinates of. supply drops were recently broadcasted. in chats they had the exact location of. the Arctic Town meaning this Ambush. could be hugely successful in the Arctic. Kingdom the new King chongaldor used. this Blood Moon as an opportunity he. wanted to gain resources and Advance. their civilization so he gathered all of.

Their players with the minor class in. the basement of the Town Center and they. began exploring the caves below jungle. doll also elected a player named. Superstar General and he decided to. create a giant tunnel as an escape route. wait for them to go through and then. like the last person just comes through. and just like spams walks and then they. can’t like dig on you quickly while. another player created a trap inside of. an igloo as the jungle Warriors move. towards the lake two players were insta. killed by creepers. no bro are you guys quick we have to go. now because people are dying yeah we’re. not doing great on players yeah I know I. mean everyone just became headless. chickens there and didn’t listen like I. was only seven of us here what are they. doing and their invasion was immediately. halted only half of their players.

Successfully crossing the lake as the. rest of them decided to defy their King. and stay in the town we’re staying here. they’re leaving trying to attack the. Earth it’s going to hell eyes was faced. with a huge decision continuing The. Invasion with only 10 players or moving. forward without them yeah let’s just. follow me just start following me we’re. gonna be here he decided the Ambush was. too valuable to lose so he led his brave. warriors through the hordes of hostile. mobs but after players were told not to. go in shads he snapped what is this guy. saying don’t go is this guy the trader. I’m about to go back there and kill him. no I’m going back and killing this guy. so while his army waited at the edge of. the Jungle he sailed all the way back to. their town and threatened to kill anyone. who didn’t join The Invasion yo hello I.

Don’t know who died and made you the. leader but get over here or you’re dead. bro if you don’t do it now you’re gonna. get out here anyway it’s now or never if. we’re gonna die from the Arctic okay. bro I do you don’t understand go go to. the chords and impressively he recruited. nine more players this may have been. against that well but the morale of the. jungle army was slowly increasing at. least until they reached the terrifying. horde of mobs waiting for them on the. beach the Army sprinted through them. with one of their players being. eliminated that population falling even. further below the arctics during a Blood. Moon these were minimal losses and after. an extremely long and exhausting Journey. the first party of players crossed into. the Arctic region and waited for their. second group on a hill as the blood moon.

Was slowly setting put your hearts into. this battle okay this will be this will. go down in history we’re into this I’m. putting my soul into this spot yes yes. but then a player mentioned Starkiller. and eyes wanted to stamp out any. disloyalty Starkiller wouldn’t hear. Starkiller wouldn’t have wanted to do. this who’s saying this right Starkiller. who’s who is it say what your chest who. is it don’t be quiet now who’s saying it. who’s saying this right now about our. Starkiller wouldn’t do this yeah no. Starkiller would do it have you sit in. the island until everyone else kills. each other they’re all geared and. they’re coming slaughterier like pigs. that’s what they do listen it is what it. is it’s happening it’s either now or. nothing let’s go now refocused on the. common goal of invasion the jungle army.

Began crossing the icy Tundra slowly. approaching the Arctic Kingdom and after. a long journey they passed the ice. temple and regrouped in a valley less. than 100 blocks away from the arctics. Town Center I’m not gonna lie where. Kamikaze in this either we win or we. don’t so don’t run away don’t get scared. and run away we’re going in and we’re. going in that’s it with the jungle all. me Spirits High okay go go The Invasion. begun as the jungle army closed in on. the Town Center two Arctic Scouts who. were positioned on the hill immediately. spotted the Invaders all right we’re. gonna try to like just pick out noobs I. don’t want to fight any big teams oh my. God oh my God retreated bite to their. Village to spread the word of invasion. in a panic over the clear imbalance of. gear in this battle wait why do they.

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Have a light straw and enchants the. jungle’s Kings sprinted off to the. Arctic Scouts forcing their military. General to block up his tunnel and hide. the rest of the jungle army descended. into the town and the people of the. Arctic frantically spread the word of. invasion. there’s a huge group here then without. time to think they retreated towards the. dwven Fortress for defense but the. bloodthirsty jungle army charged towards. them killing the Arctic players who. weren’t fast enough. Altec eventually arrived at the Dwarven. Fortress but their players panicked and. didn’t know where to go allowing the. jungle Warriors to single out three more. of their people. the leg oh the lag oh the oh the. remaining forces scattered into the. forest where squid kid was singled out. and chased down by two players as well.

As king eyes himself eventually falling. to the Jungle seemingly Unstoppable Army. yo let’s go the old take had lost over. half of their population so they. regrouped to the entrance to the dwven. Fortress and noticed that even they’re a. manga statue had been killed an. interesting intimidation tactic by the. Jungle the remaining Arctic players. started strategizing but more jungle. forces then emerged from the forest. decimating the remaining players oh. we’re still dead. Oh indeed one player aided Notch Apple. to defend himself but was so intimidated. by the jungle that he didn’t even fight. back the one remaining player from the. group hit on the ground while two jungle. players menacingly taunted him from the. surface hey buddy. we know you’re here including the battle. King changledor was then slain with a.

Player named ogabath taking his crown to. confuse future enemies oh how do you. feel about eliminating the king oh I. feel dude I had it in the back. simple like in the desert Kingdom the. players had slowly been advancing using. this time to increase their military. strength they watched in chat as the. Arctic players fell one by one oh man. ice is not doing good. I think it’s Civil War to be honest. what’s they assume this was due to a. civil war within the Arctic as the. jungle still hadn’t lost a single player. making them completely unaware that they. may be their next Target. seven players what the heck I think they. have the Civil War the jungle army. regrouped with their Invasion being a. complete success they still hadn’t lost. a single player in battle and had. reduced the arctic’s population from 21. all the way to five NGL don’t ever.

Starkiller because if we listen to. Circular we’d still be on the uh we. still be in our village eating carrots. so yeah honestly honestly I like the guy. but good thing that he died that once. doubtful Army were now completely loyal. to their King however soup the military. general of the Arctic refused to call. this the end and begun scouting outside. of the Arctic region eventually finding. a lone jungle play. this kid is so dead. yeah that’s right buddy drop your armor. right now drop your armor right now drop. your armor right now I’ll let you live. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. right now. oh no oh my God right off to the kill I. teleported to soup and reminded him of a. game rule that gave the Arctic survivors. hope soup is what you’re gonna do it’s a. rule where you’re allowed to join other. civilizations so. um if you want you can like you can like.

Can I inside them no no no you have to. be accepted by the king but you can. secret I just I mean I just picked off a. jungle by myself I like completely. betrayed him his kill on the jungle. player broadcasted to the desert. civilization that this was in fact an. invasion the desert player broadcasted. their coordinates to all of the Arctic. survivors so that they could travel to. their Kingdom and seek Refuge to the. remaining five Arctic players begun this. extremely dangerous Journey soup then. crossed into the desert region and. eventually crossed plots with another. Arctic player yo who is this. oh is this a skeleton ah wait who is. this oh is this the Arctic guy oh yeah. it is we need to find the the desert. people yeah after greeting each other. they continued towards the desert. capital and splitted a player in the.

Distance yo hello person over there slow. down yeah hello yeah hello gold helmet. guy yeah slow down dude with that party. of three it seemed as if they could get. to the town safely in the Arctic region. the king decided to such the town for. any survivors as well as the tunnel that. soup disappeared into Alia after. realizing the remaining players were. long gone he came up with a plan of. action against their new threats the. desert Kingdom The Invasion had not only. Advanced the jungle’s equipment but. their High morale and experience in. combat was now extremely deadly. unfortunately for them the Arctic. players joining with the deserts could. turn the tables in military strength so. King I is prepared to stop that. possibility yeah murder everything. murder everything so the jungle army. began charging towards the desert.

Capital in an attempt to Ambush them. while joining forces or even better take. out the Arctic before they get there. soup and the other Arctic warriors were. slowly getting closer to the desert. capital and were on track to reach it. safely until old they spotted a player. with enchanted diamond armor and this. time it was an enemy and they were from. the jungle Kingdom yo hello yo yo yeah. yeah yeah yeah dude who’s there who’s. there who’s there are you Arctic I’m. dead I’m jungle okay I’m jungle but I’m. here to make Alliance I’m I want to join. desert I I I hate my my leader he’s so. cocky and he’s annoying so don’t think. just kill don’t think just kill just. kill just kill just kill kill kill kill. kill kill kill no no kill kill kill kill. kill kill. he’s dead he’s dead showcasing his. ruthlessness military General soup.

Backstabbed yet another jungle player. and a quiet full diamond armor as well. as Diamond Alma for his teammates we are. still the core team here we do not want. desert to win we want to win the desert. Capital was located less than 200 blocks. away from them just pause to terracotta. Mountain the lightning from soups kill. lots of the desert Kingdom the other. players were extremely close by. so a large group of desert players begun. climbing the mountain to Scouts in case. of an invasion by the Jung goal they’re. all here okay they’re gonna join pretend. like we are on their side okay and they. were quickly relieved by the slides of. soup and the other Arctic players jungle. came in they all had like sharp three. swords they had like insane gear they. came in. and you guys killed none of them. gosh the desert were hesitant to accept.

The Arctic players into that Kingdom but. after being informed about the power of. the Jungle Nation the desert king. decided to let them join listen I’ll. take them I’ll take in these refuge for. now but if I see any Shady activity. going on I won’t hesitate to go little. did they know as this conversation was. taking place the entire jungle army were. gathering on a mountain with a very. clear view of the desert and Arctic. forces. with that King leading the charge the. jungle army sprinted forward catching. their enemies completely off guard once. again the final battle had now begun. while ice distracted the desert’s. strongest Warriors avoiding their. attacks with his elytra the rest of the. Jungle forces descended into the village. to prey on the currently unaware desert. players. nope oh my God jungle had now killed.

Five desert players without losing. anyone and the desert begun to panic. while soup and another Arctic player. decided to completely ignore the. invasion with their loyalty still to the. future of their own Nation. they use this as an opportunity to steal. the deserts and Shaman table I’m. grabbing the loose we can leave but. eventually assisted the desert in. attacking the jungle forces making them. lose their first player please. goodbye the jungle army begun to take. their first losses but the king. continued to destroy every single desert. player in his path. however the desert’s strongest Warriors. begun strategizing and after realizing. they were being distracted they decided. to Target the weaker members of the. jungle’s army and using their. overpowering gear brought down the. jungle’s numbers one by one.

In the village the jungle King’s second. in command then entered a house and was. ambushed by two desert players throwing. an ender pearl to escape but he landed. on the Statue of my head and died of. full damage giving the desert Kingdom. even more gear he died of fall damage. this brought the jungle army down to. five players allowing a group of. extremely good desert Warriors including. their King to 5v1 the Jungle King his. daddy’s dead nice eyes then dropped his. sharpness three netherite sword. so now he only had a trident as his. weapon and when things seemingly. couldn’t get worse for the Jungle King. the abstract zombie escaped from his. boards and started chasing eyes joining. the team of eight desert players who. were trying to take him down why is he a. zombie what. the abstract zombie angrily charged.

Towards the king determined to get a. kill for his Nation but the king’s hope. returned when he noticed soup in the. distance he decided to betray his desert. allies and assist the Jungle King. but they were completely outnumbered so. they tried to escape into a Cave System. you can try to Kai with me come in here. come in here get in Escape get on Escape. get his stuff. no. the remaining jungle players were then. spotted in the desert’s Town one was. instantly eliminated by invictable’s. fire sword the other one managed to. Escape The Mineshaft but was quickly. taken down this left the jungle Kingdom. with only one player who was somehow. completely lost and I found him next to. the world border but I crowned him as. the new king of the jungle and gave him. the task of winning for his Nation Jack. TBC I have a I have a gift for you all.

Right you are you are now the new king. of the jungle there is a new Crown now. when. when you just kill uh just 11 of them. that’s easy enough where are they with. the TNT that he collected he traveled. all the way to the desert capital and. hid inside of a building what’s the. desert army spotted him immediately wait. the last jungle guy’s over here he tried. to run and was captured and brought to. the desert Pyramid inside of the pyramid. their notorious Zombie Warrior was. waiting to finish him as a lost Stan the. jungle player attempted to explode the. pyramid but this didn’t work and he was. backed into a corner while their zombie. slowly approached. so the desert Kingdom had achieved. Victory defeating the warmongering. jungle nation that I was kind of rooting. for let me know in the comments which. civilization you like the most by the.

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