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We simulated civilization in minecraft. but me and my hilarious friend are god. this means we can make the dawn of. civilization bent to our will so the. bible is now about us. this was really messed up. i mean we could always drag him. somewhere else i do. now this is a huge trend on youtube at. the minute but today having us as gods. gave this a huge twist it was a lot. funnier first thing we did was split the. 100 players into three tribes the. deserts the snow and france because we. need a clear enemy after one hour the. walls me and my friend built will fall. so the players have to work with their. limited resources to make a base and. prepare for war speaking of civilization. most of the world aren’t subscribed to. me this is a huge problem. seriously please consider subscribing. since it’s just a button but it helps me.

So much now we have to make the decision. are we to be lawful good rulers. or evil it was a really hard decision to. make but then i like. they’ll be challenged here very few. trees okay it looks like this person’s. collecting flowers sweetie divine. oh this could be big for them we can’t. have them going to the nether we can’t. we can’t have them going to hell i. hate that guy i hate that guy. turns out gods can be outsmarted yeah. you snowy are going to pay for. this now us gods getting outplayed. wasn’t ideal but things were only. starting to get more suspicious hey hey. hey hey hey. oh my gosh. we can let’s install a king looks like. there’s now a king among us a leader. among us yes firearms. we’re gonna check in on your progress. very very soon do not. be the imposter but charlie let’s. immigrate do you see how we’re breaking.

Holes in the bedrock walls yeah. remember this for later oh my god wake. up. right i like eat bread. he’s going to be a prime example of the. french hey hey cook oh wait the. friendship gearing up looks like maybe. they’ll be doing less surrendering than. usual. all right let’s go check in this whole. god thing was going really . awesome and suddenly i saw a mongoose. vent. oh dare you def. you think you can bribe me. you’re the imposter that’s your last. chance if we catch anyone trying to make. it from their civilization to another we. will put them on public trial yeah let’s. just say we gave you a task. and that bar didn’t go up it just didn’t. not one bit so we’re having a little bit. of an emergency meeting. oh yeah i literally forgot we were. talking about i was you’ve been a bit. you’ve been immigrating among us there.

Are immigrants why why were you going to. the other civilization they need seeds. that we’re we’re so poor we’re starving. well here i can uh i can help out with. them your mouth your mouth you get wheat. seeds pumpkin seeds melon seeds beetroot. he’s so quick. oh what the it’s really [ __ ]. cool. have you got a rescue. this isn’t very chill maybe if they’re. all banding together he wasn’t such a. bad leader after all tell you what tell. you what if you can among us water. bucket right now you can leave. hey oh that’s bold that’s. i smile the [ __ ] out of it. charlie i know they’re no they’re trying. to communicate with us come here oh drag. to. wait do we do it i mean i we can always. drag him somewhere else if you catch my. drift i do. and i appreciated your innovation but. obviously it can’t go without punishment.

So here you go you’re gonna have one big. friend for a while until you can figure. out how to sort of not act like that. again. um he’s gonna the civilization’s. starting to progress i decided there’s. one thing the world needed religion i. gave everyone a bible for them to write. about me. on the other hand charlie was fire. charlie charlie. just have a look at all the french they. have a huge base and they have the. leadership but look at the other bases. charlie they have nothing frantically. slaughter the other civilizations i. think it’s about time they had a . chance don’t you. fluffer wait he’s got the bible for me. will you read it. tommy this is read it read it read the. bible about it it’s titled the bible. what’s it called it’s titled. the warning the french revolution oh god. damn it guys if you dare to evolve our.

Civilization to a chaos state we will. perish all enemies or friends. i just gave these guys fire. we got to let them simulate how they do. give them back the book. you excellent writer i’m gonna give you. a book and quilt and you know i’m gonna. give you a golden. what you said you needed a word. frog. survival of the fittest ladies and gents. [ __ ]. no bible write me your bible you have. one minute to write the bible ready. begin. pray fear i’ve got it it says done. it it’s just. come on charlie let’s immigrate they. just have signs they’re just playing to. the gods here these people aren’t. looking for god they’re looking for. something else and you know what i say. we give it to him are you thinking what. i’m thinking then i. don’t think that nevertheless. are you scared are you scared because. it’s outside our realm of influence it’s.

A tv scam stay all are it’s a risk tommy. but we gotta see what they’ll do if. it’ll be different if they can even. stand up to. france. go my children. oh that other isn’t able to bring them. to their demise wait no okay we’re gonna. destroy the portal if you are now in the. nether you are trapped in here they are. now stuck in the nether there is no. rescuing little to my knowledge uh god. charlie had other plans hey hey guys all. right i’ll leave you with this one gift. okay. from me all right use it how you will. but if you take my advice i would wait. do not tell him while charlie was. betraying me i noticed a typical problem. that occurs at the dawn of civilization. a famine now you know i’m good i could. have just fed them but instead kayode. you say your village is starving yes if. you’re on the blue you’ll have a stack.

Of seeds and 30 bread but one member of. your entire civilization will be banned. if you go on the red you will get two. seeds now i’ve seen the france they’re. gonna kill you it’s up to you k only do. you value your team. well we can lose one it could be you. benchtree. oh keoni well done well done you’ve. shown you’re a traitor you’ll get five. bread and you will be teleported to. france france tony will be living with. you from now on you could treat her as. an ally you can exile her the rest of. the desert congratulations you’re gonna. get three seeds look at all this i’m. spewing out at you ah some breads. netherrack. the desert is looking bleak i think they. need some of our fine seed. oh. you this completely invalid. that charlie no no no no no charlie. don’t make me use my gold powers on. another ground in my little man before.

He takes them i cleared you. i cleared you i just cleared you. did you do that i did slash clear slash. i’m not telling you. you hey you know what well i have. to take to say this but you know what. you bro you did not just smite me i. just smoked you did nothing. yeah yeah for sure could you just like. could you just look straight upwards. like this yeah yeah um could you just. keep looking just totally just stop me. sorry sorry sorry yeah just stare at you. yes stare at me charlie um when you do. these things to me i don’t like it have. you seen them i can just set you to. survivors. i shouldn’t have been standing there. anyway i don’t feel guilt i’m god now. the prisoners of the nether had somehow. made their way back only to bully the. other factions into giving them food. armor. is that is that like hacking even worse.

Minecraft Civil it says it

Than hackers the french they become. powerful united and restless when the. walls fell they’d immediately destroy. the weak desert snow nation which. provoked an unexpected change yo uh what. what’s pog mortals. i’m gonna give it to you straight right. now let’s just say france is gonna take. a little bit of a wee on you we’ve. decided since the franchise is going to. kill you we’re going to take down the. wall between the desert and the snow we. want you all head to the how do they. charlie. how do they have nether right. i uh you know sometimes things just. happen in civilization and uh uh go back. to hell squad am i willing to help. retreat hell squad squad retreat wait. why is the time it’s not your time all. right i’m gonna use i’m just gonna erase. my memory that was i’m gonna pull down. the wall all right and i want you two.

Civilizations to work together so. everyone on each side head to the wall. can we make a sound when we pull down. this wall like it’s really hard right. i’ll put that in a second. oh. was preparing for doomsday the tension. between me and charlie had grown. unbearable let’s make it here charlie. let’s make a little feedback station. just like floating above the unity gap. can you help you know since you’re. watching yeah i don’t know this is green. man this isn’t this is clearly blue this. is blue. you are colorblind this is fully blue. this is blue this is not this not blue. it’s green this is blue it’s more green. it’s more blue it’s way more blue okay. hang on hang on let me let me do. something for you you’re gonna . get the paint dial and then tap a pixel. i’m gonna kill you okay. okay let’s get feedback while we’re up.

Here uh. oh why are you like full nether right. i don’t know that’s weird. okay let’s chuck a bit hello quacks jay. how are you good how are you yeah yeah. more important this is this is going to. completely determine your face what. color is this more like green or blue. this black no no really think really. what color is this. so far has been a big choice this is. like it for you i’m gonna i’m gonna. hover around the slash band. no no no no listen no pressure just. answer right yeah no pressure at all. just be not stupid what color uh. green yeah baby. you. hey hannah what’s swagging any . evolving lately or anything. no. no i didn’t think so. hannah we have two questions we’re still. wondering it’s all for what went well. and even better if you know on your side. of on yourself yeah because from our. perspective we want to hear from you you.

Guys did kind of like kill the desert’s. leader which is where i’m from so that. was kind of you know not okay. well that happened before no one saw it. all right okay complaints killed leader. all right what would you be doing wow oh. no when charlie dropped all his seat on. uh. whoa. what have you been doing in civilization. all right i don’t know about all that. what would you say if you could do one. change if you were god for a day what. would you do what would you do um. probably feed my people. uh okay hannah she said the same thing. wasn’t so weird. can you can we can i bribe you to just. not. have some netherright you know what’s. crazy is that i’m recording this entire. thing no you’re not so. hannah no. no no. no have you never right you know you. we’ll see you soon hi. three things you change about how we run.

This but both of you speak at the same. time go it’s cold. all right got it make it hotter. this is totally possible there’s there’s. there’s no fish. no fish getting out fussy in there get. our foot in there people into the. pleasure leslie last thing it’s it’s i. don’t think we’re going to do very well. so i’d like the french to die. i would also like the french to die. let’s all go down together. kill him it’s. fine more fish a little hotter a little. fishier let’s do it let’s charlie i’m on. it get comfy get comfy get comfy get. comfy nice and totally charlie i feel. like you just sort of set that base on. fire oh it does look like that doesn’t. it should we go check in on the french i. feel like and i feel like we’ve had oh. god oh my god they have walls holy . man and they’ve got an airdrop coming oh. i forgot to say they’re just sometimes.

They’re just airdrops what is this pubg. do you want to check on the other place. just to see if they’re doing that i kind. of want to abduct floppy and ask him how. he’s running his country let’s take him. up here flop you how are you finding. being a leader i find it actually. kind of kind of good i get everything i. ask for and nobody. questions it tommy can i talk to you. absolutely absolutely. what. what oh my god turn around turn around. they love him they never break us out. dude astounders and well jealous of the. french’s loyalty to an overlord. i needed to know how floppy did it uh be. more nice to other people. france was only growing and the snow. team was well look at the snow. team they’re doing all right over here. they’re kind of how are they this small. compared all of the scientists say down. with the french.

This is awful oh what have we done this. was it they spent all this time building. working together loving one another all. for this moment. the walls to fall uh now before we do. this who has the bibles on each team lee. does lee is liam do you have the bible. it says it says done all right this is. it it’s the fate of the bible everyone. we’re putting the wraps on it after this. okay this is still it just still said. do you feel that i think i think. the power from the bible it’s time we. drop the walls charlie. without a sound can we we can’t do it. without a sound. boom. now let’s watch charlie what just can’t. as you choose wait look wait so they. have all of them up there and the french. there’s actually less of the french yeah. no but the french are powerful pvp is. sloppy here’s the reason he’s the leader.

Dude holy . how are you gonna one versus like thirty. i have no idea. holy someone just died a pup i. think there’s a traitor wait are. they all turned on each other tell me. the french have turned on each other. they’re all just wait a second guys guys. guys the french’s base is totally intact. yeah you guys are just killing each. other wait why are you all killing each. other also just like in real life i now. realized you can’t even tell what team. people are actually on but why are they. team killing this is all around going. pretty poorly all right i’m gonna set a. timer on my phone the end of that time. if no one base is destroyed i think you. can kiss them all goodbye a book. come log day one we need food van might. die we don’t believe in tommy or charlie. day two british jay has died i told. tommy you i was then called.

Transparent as by jolly you still. don’t know what that means the book is. now come and i look up and then. in the process of reading that book the. person who gave it to me was burnt let’s. go inspect the basis charlie i’m looking. around in spectator and i see a lot of. the souls of the dead mossy boo bloom. bro lingus now i’m gonna see how many. souls of the dead are over france but. wait they’re alive so the french base is. completely fine dude it looks pretty. good like the french could. rebuild in a day now i’m going to do one. last thing i’m going to tp at a to me. and i want to see if they’re all going. to fight in the center of just. outside the walls of france are you. ready everybody here we go. okay we’ve got a couple couple fights. but it looks like oh no everyone’s. kicking the out of each other.

Oh no no no no no no no no oh my god. he’s the leader flop yeah he’s just. surrounded in the blood of others all. right the french people if you want to. retreat back to france i’d say this is a. comfortable french win well i’m going to. give you all a book and if you could say. you learn anything from this experience. the winners what would you say fallopia. oh chloe. this is what they learned from us i. learned to slaughter all them all. commit manslaughter we are a. dictatorship oh boy man what the . did we have in here there’s still a. chance. what did floppy learn what did flop what. did you learn hand it to me flop you i. committed manslaughter. and tried to do some sketchy stuff where. nobody was looking but it’s fine smile. what the hey tommy yes would i have. a meeting with me okay can we just have. a little meeting can i just ask you.

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