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Middle Eastern Dating little bit piece

What’s up Beauty gang is yes the aka ybv. and I’m back with the new video for you. guys and today I’m drinking you guys a. part three because part one their. numbers up to big numbers so it’s when I. give you guys a part three I’m gonna be. asking these folks. what’s the race they wouldn’t date and. why now once again this is not meant to. offend anyone. don’t take it personal if you don’t one. I watch the video they click off before. you do leave a like make sure you guys. comment down below make sure you guys. share this video if you’re new to my. channel welcome it’s already subscribe. and welcome back to my channel we’re. almost at 50k once I get the 50k I’m. doing a giveaway so make sure you guys. stay tuned for that yep got my cameraman. what’s your name come Ori Imani D banger. sorry Bo okay what’s a race you guys.

Will not date and why white white. crackers probably White’s too because. like you know big pears be dumb racist. I’ll go over to the house and they see. my hair they kind of get scared but. they’re also all white white girls cuz. unless they race I’ll be buying me. Jordans or nothing I would make her own. a virus little Asian be way out of. pocket what do you gain from. don’t discriminate you don’t. discriminate okay now what you want. white people what’s a race that you guys. would date like your type horse yet it’s. handson um are they always to set white. latina top layer mixed goes so far I do. not care okay Mexican black and Filipino. thank you Filipino right okay what’s. your name. Dom Jose Kalin Donovan okay my first. question is what’s your guys is like. type like preference to date like latina. latina okay white keep her for a day way.

Yeah he doesn’t care okay now what’s the. one race you guys would not date you. know why I’m not gonna answer that why. not just your opinion. I mean it’s an opinion but it’s kind of. Jose he’s the Jose’s the racist or he. can answer no I’m not a racist. black girls you one day biker girl why. not I don’t know I’m just not attracted. to them. I tried to sit up yeah black you one day. black yeah what. they’re just dark I say hold up wait a. minute something right is what’s your. guys is like tight like preference okay. okay now what’s one race you guys when I. date and why black one day black yeah. wouldn’t they guys you want to date guys. that’s not a race no what race would you. not date you said guys I don’t really. care so I guess I don’t really care what. you’re in discriminate today is it Vinci. brawn right okay what’s a race you guys.

Would not date and why Caucasian woman. well why not the same thing you and me. they crazy as hell crazy my mom wouldn’t. allow it anyway okay so just yeah okay. now what’s the race you guys would date. my beautiful African Queens my Geryon. princess Mexicans Indians all that okay. not only J probably my Latino females in. mind you feeling my black my buddies the. Queen on it out it wasn’t rape. is a ok what’s the one race you were not. a and why why you can’t do wait you. can’t yeah bad experience with them. her grandparents is races like that was. like you could do so much better. I like wow ok so then what’s your. preference like your type like some that. my mama told me I’ve got to stay with. black girls and Mexicans okay what’s. your name hey Cameron okay what’s a race. you guys will not date and why black.

Black when they’re watching yeah Indian. why not but they can shave it off they. could shave it off though you’re Indian. Yeah right. you don’t you dumb ok so ok what race. would you guys date like your preference. Mexican nice again probably Mexican . okay thank you I appreciate it. ok what’s your name Catalina Dana ok. what’s the one race you guys wouldn’t I. date and why would a any race I’m not. alone odd that you wouldn’t right I mean. wait there’s not a few what any date no. no no here’s undiscriminating. no okay so what’s the race you guys. would like your preference your type I. mean I have a boyfriend he’s white but I. don’t really have like preference. he’s Native American okay. I mean I don’t really have a preference. at all it’s just what were you like yeah. okay thank you your name no Ari I’m. Blanca.

Okay what’s the race you guys we’re not. dating why. I’m not really sure you’re not sure. you’re not sure what’s the race you. would date okay you want to go for it. what’s the race I wouldn’t date a white. boy can’t date a white boy I don’t know. it’s just not my like it’s like your. type not my time keep it like in your. culture for sure okay I don’t know I. agree with her you agree yeah so you. guys don’t discriminate you guys keep it. in your own culture yeah it’s just. easier I think we’re mixed and yeah she. likes mixes what’s your name my name. Dave yeah okay what’s a racy wedding. date and watch what’s the race I. wouldn’t date and wives unless that’s a. tough on me look I like all my race. okay it’s tough it’s tough okay so. what’s a race I like your preference. like I’d say oh my sisters knoweth no. offense but not about my sisters thank.

You. yeah the camera okay give me what’s your. name Jaz Devante what’s the racy wedding. day and why wait what what’s a racy. wouldn’t date uh probably like white. people you probably not why I feel my. bad white guys because because now your. tight little they got a little bit piece. what’s that racing wouldn’t day and why. I don’t discriminate discriminate okay. so what’s like your preference like your. type I prefer a lightskinned I prefer. that little Mexicans you yeah me yeah. okay what’s your name. nya Anna okay what race with you guys my. day and why everybody yeah cuz it’s all. personality for me care about looks or. like culture or anything like that it’s. just like the way that you carry. yourself as a person. many more people like I don’t know I. don’t lying dude you’re [ __ ]. lying. I’d love for me it’s like I like.

Everything I don’t really have a certain. reason I don’t like that’s just me. it’s us apparently okay what’s your name. it hasn’t Sam Quinn okay what’s a race. you guys won not date and why why why. why not. no no just not my type yeah yeah i’ma. sit why wait I’m Wyatt boy okay why not. just why why why my your type. okay now what’s a race you guys would. day like your preference. probably Hispanic or I don’t know yeah. promise manner Hispanic like tied. Spanish or black Thank You Sierra. Madison okay what race would you not. date and why I don’t know you don’t know. yeah I don’t have a racy one date then. what’s a racy would they like your. preference I don’t really have a. preference I don’t think I do either but. like maybe Mexican your preference or. okay what’s your name Miguel I’m an okay. what’s one race you would not date and.

Why me no I’ll do any race you. undiscriminating no okay how. discriminate me there. really okay so what’s your guys’s. preference I’ll race you would date like. makes me Mexican Latino okay okay what’s. one race you wouldn’t date and why I. like it more hango why like a mom I like. more I don’t discriminate you’re under. scrim innate no bruh okay but so what’s. like your preference I like my Spanish. women Dominican Puerto Rican cute little. mvar I like Amaro okay what’s your name. Elijah Jordan what’s a racy wedding day. and why I race I wouldn’t date is black. females why not because on a real I. think I just don’t get harder for them. get hard up mmhm. unless you’re like Hello lights candy. okay alright I’ll say why white girls. can’t do aegyo yeah it could be like oh. I know they kind of played a victim the.

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