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Marysville Ohio Dating of the rain during the

Hey guys welcome back to the channel or. if this is your first time to the. channel. thank you for tuning in today we’re. going to change things up a little bit. usually i love talking about all the. positive things that columbus ohio has. to offer. but today we’ve got to talk about some. of the negatives. so if you’re thinking about moving to. columbus sit back. relax grab an adult beverage because. today. we’re going to talk about the five worst. things about living in columbus ohio. let’s go. what’s up everybody my name is brad. winter and i’m a local real estate agent. located. right here in columbus ohio if this is. your first time to the channel. and you want to know what it’s like to. work and live in this incredible city. make sure you tap that subscribe button. below and click on that bell so you get. notified.

Every single time i do a new video. honestly. i get so many phone calls emails text. messages. instagram dms every single day from. people that are moving or relocating to. columbus. and i absolutely love it so if you’re. thinking about moving or relocating to. this incredible city. make sure you give me a call send me a. text message. shoot me an email however you want to. get a hold of me. do so because i’m going to be the guy. that picks up the phone call. that answers those text messages and. more importantly i’m going to have your. back when moving to this incredible city. all right number one taxes to me. that is almost as bad as of a word as a. swear word. i hate taxes i hate paying taxes i hate. when there are tax increases. but i also understand that there is a. need for taxes it provides great schools. you know it goes towards different.

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Programs in our community. it provides you know our highway systems. to be. you know worked on and upgraded and you. know have airports developed and. you know all sorts of different things. the tax money goes to. so i certainly understand that there’s a. need for it but again. nobody likes looking at their paycheck. and seeing how much tax you really pay. so when you move to columbus there is a. income tax that you’re going to have to. pay not only is it state. which is at 4.79. but then you also get hit with a city. income tax of two and a half percent. so really you’re getting taxed twice on. your income. which comes out to about 7.29 percent. that you can expect to pay with your. income tax. when living in columbus all right so not. only are you going to pay. you know a pretty high income tax you’ve. also got to pay a.

Pretty premium on the sales tax as well. so with the state. sales tax you’re looking at 5.75. and then you get the city tax on top of. that which is 1.2. so really you’re paying 6.95. on a sales tax so again when we kind of. look at the whole what we’re paying in. income and on the sales tax. we are you know we’re not the highest in. the country but we are definitely. in the upper echelon when it comes to. cities and how we are being taxed. so if you’re thinking about moving here. and you’ve got a great tax situation. where you currently live just remember. that’s all gonna change when you move. here so. expect your taxes to go up number two. let’s talk about crime. nobody likes to think of their city as a. place where a lot of crime happens. but unfortunately we’ve got to talk. about it because it’s something that you.

Marysville Ohio Dating

Should know. when you’re moving or relocating here. because it might dictate. you know where you live and what part of. the city that you choose to you know. raise your family. in or settle down and so when we look at. property crimes we’re about 47 higher. than the national average. so you know that’s not real great we’re. actually one of the highest. in the united states for property crimes. committed. and then when we talk about violent. crimes unfortunately we’re about 24. higher than the national average so. again you know. i have lived here for a very long time i. do not think you know that this city. is a violent city or we you know there’s. all these different crimes going on. um however it is prevalent it is. something you should be aware of. so when again you’re moving here you. kind of think about where you want to.

Settle down. you know if you’re going to live in the. city or outside of columbus. and kind of make those decisions you. know based on. how you feel about the area that you’re. looking at. so again you know unfortunately columbus. we do have our fair share of crime. um and it’s just something you gotta be. aware of all right number three. this is something that you know living. in the midwest is what we deal with all. the time and that is the weather. it is pretty hit or miss you know living. in the midwest with the weather. especially in columbus you know we do. have all four seasons. but all four seasons has its challenges. um you know so if you’re you know coming. from the west coast. where it’s warm and sunny all the time. and you’re moving here things are going. to be a little different for you. so much so that we only average 178 days.

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Of sun throughout the year the national. average is. actually 205 days so if you’re coming. from like i said before. california denver you know one of those. awesome. west coast or mountain states that get a. ton of sun. guys it’s gonna be pretty cloudy here. half of the year almost. so just make sure you understand that. and kind of prepare yourself that that’s. what you’re getting into. now as far as rainfall um you know we. average about 39 inches of rain. throughout the year. i’ve lived here you know all my life and. i’ve never really thought of ohio as. having you know kind of a rain. problem it’s not like living out and. maybe seattle washington where they get. a ton of rain all the time. but we do have our fair share so you got. to be prepared for that as well. especially if you’re coming from a. you know maybe a southern state out west.

Arizona or new mexico or texas that. maybe doesn’t. see a ton of uh rain all the time. definitely going to have the fair share. of the rain during the spring months. so something to keep in mind and let’s. talk about the snow. you think living in ohio we get a ton of. snow and actually. you know probably the last decade i feel. like we barely get any snow. we do average about 22 inches throughout. the year. but more importantly it’s just freezing. cold during the winter months. which if you’re like me i would rather. it be cold. and snow than just be cold and windy and. gray out you know that’s not any fun. so again you know our weather isn’t. awful but it is going to be a little bit. different depending on what part of the. country that you’re coming from. number four public transportation it. sucks. we don’t have subways we don’t have.

Trains. we just have buses and you know those. buses. they do serve a great purpose for the. downtown and kind of. metro area of columbus but other than. that. you know our transportation system is is. just not around. like you know maybe some other big. cities have we’re a. fairly young city so you know we did not. have the. subways that run underneath maybe like. you know new york or. boston or chicago has and we certainly. don’t have. you know trains that run on top of the. city anywhere. so really your only option as far as. public transportation. is going to be using the bus line. and that’s not going to even take you. out really to the suburbs you know. i actually looked on the map the other. day i guess it was on the. you know the city of columbus public. transportation map because i was curious. on how far the buses did go out.

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And it looks like they pretty much will. stay in the downtown. metro area and then run as far. up as where 270. the outer belt kind of makes it circle. around you know downtown columbus so. it gives you a little bit of variety but. again it’s not going to reach. you know kind of deep into the suburbs. that maybe some other cities. have available to them so. if you’re thinking about public. transportation and. maybe you don’t own a car now and you. don’t really want to. you know you’re probably going to have. to look at maybe living a little bit. closer. to downtown columbus so you can uber you. can ride your bike you can hop on one of. the lime. scooters that are around you’re going to. have to look at getting around a little. bit differently if you’re coming from a. city. that has you know different types of. public transportation.

At your fingertips all right so the last. thing and the fifth thing that we’re. going to talk about. on the worst things about living in. columbus ohio is. we really do not have a lot of things to. do. outside of going to the restaurants. you know hanging out at the bars doing a. little shopping. going to some sporting events we don’t. have. i guess the outdoor experience that. you’re going to get. if you lived in colorado and you have. all the mountains to. ski and snowboard and to hike and to do. all those different activities or you. know if you’re in california. or in florida you know we’re not going. to have the ocean. or big bodies of water to surf and. you know get out on the boat and do all. those different things now. we do have some manmade lakes that are. pretty solid around the columbus area. that are always fun to go.

You know get on the boat and hang out on. but. as far as you know what kind of columbus. and the surrounding area can provide as. far as activities. just not a ton to do again i don’t want. to. put a damper on columbus we have our. fair share of. you know bike trails and and different. areas that we can. hike and there’s plenty to do here. as far as those magical experiences that. you get in the mountains you know or. going. out west to the different coasts or. anywhere else that maybe has. different terrain as far as what the. land looks like you’re just not going to. get that in here in columbus. it’s as flat as it’s going to be and. again we just don’t have a lot of water. around. to do you know major types of activities. so again there are plenty of things to. do in columbus. heck i even made a video about what are.

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